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A Topic for Awards for people that are due! And reserved Tributes!

SS: Reserve one tribute

Teddy: Reserve one tribute

Reserved Tributes:

District 10 Female of the 89th Games goes to Avid

District 1 Male of the 90th Games goes to Teddy

District 2 Female of the 90th Games goes to Teddy

District 2 Male of the 90th Games goes to SS

District 4 Male of the 95th Games goes to SS

6/25/2014 . Edited 2/16/2015 #1

Wait, why do I get to reserve a tribute??? I don't remember winning anything.

6/25/2014 #2

But if I could reserve the District 4 female of the 88th Games that'd be great :)

6/25/2014 #3

Sure! You got it cause Dayta came in fourth and that was fourth place prize.

6/25/2014 #4

Oh I didn't know there were prizes but okay thanks!

6/25/2014 #5

How do you get two finals in one game?

6/27/2014 #6

It was one of the prizes for the DTG I just never announced it cause I forgot. They were;

First Place: Get your tribute out, put someone in the 86th Games, Have two finals in one games, reserve a tribute

Second Place: Put someone into the 86th Games, have two finals in one games, reserve a tribute

Third: Two finals in 1 games, reserve a tribute

Fourth: Reserve a tribute

6/27/2014 #7

Will there be any more events that could allow you to get 2 finals in one games if you get a high place.

6/27/2014 #8

I am scheduling another DTG after the 87th Games so yes.

(That doesn't mean you get both out it means you could get both to the top two poll and you decide who you want.)

6/27/2014 #9

(I know.)

6/27/2014 #10
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