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5/18/2012 . Edited 3/9/2014 #1
Raudhr Blodhgarm


7/14/2012 #2

(Wow, am I the only person with a person from D10?)

Camryn wandered District 10 looking for something to do while everyone else prepared for the Reaping.

7/16/2012 . Edited 7/16/2012 #3

(I feel the same way all the time!I think i'm the only one with a character from 6!)

7/16/2012 #4


7/16/2012 #5
Raudhr Blodhgarm

(Four gets alot of people, so I'm NEVER LONELY!)

7/16/2012 #6

(im getting ready to make one from 10)

7/19/2012 #7
Raudhr Blodhgarm

(Isn't that where Roger's from? 10 is livestock...)

7/19/2012 #8
Joseph Haney

"Ronan," Kaylee Falco called to her son as he walked across the yard toward the chicken coop. "When your finished with the eggs, help Ashton with the cows."

Ronan muttered a curse under his breath, prompting his mother to ask him what he had said. "I said, 'Yes, ma'am'" he called back. His mother nodded and walked back into the house.

"And so begins another day in District 10," Ronan muttered as he walked into the chicken coop.

7/23/2012 #9
(No he's from 11)
7/25/2012 #10
Raudhr Blodhgarm

But that's farming... WUT?!

7/26/2012 #11

(Another pointless cap from Raudhr.)

7/26/2012 #12
(Yep mainly farming but there's farms so mainly farms not ranches aka redneck capitol) :)
7/26/2012 #13
Raudhr Blodhgarm

(No, Chase, it had a purpose. I hate you. *Sobs in corner* I'm done now.)

7/26/2012 #14

(Yes, I win the cap)

7/26/2012 #15
Raudhr Blodhgarm



7/26/2012 #16

(Suit up)

7/26/2012 #17
Raudhr Blodhgarm

(NOPE! Chuck Testa.)

7/26/2012 #18

(I love Suiting up)

7/26/2012 #19
(XD that sounds like a Hunter comment chase)
7/26/2012 #20

(It's a Barney comment)

7/26/2012 #21
Raudhr Blodhgarm

(Wanna know something? NEWFAGS ARE FRUSTRATING! Nobody here, don't worry.)

7/26/2012 #22
(Ik but it sounds like something hunter would say)
7/26/2012 #23


7/26/2012 #24
Raudhr Blodhgarm



7/26/2012 #25


7/26/2012 #26
Raudhr Blodhgarm

It wasn't a penis joke I swear.

7/26/2012 #27

Nolan woke up to the fresh air of District 10. today was the reaping day. He couldn't help but be nervous. Nolan got up and threw his work uniform on. It may be the reaping today but apparently it doesn't stop him from working, at least until one. Nolan walked out of his room to find his mother rocking back and forth in a rocking chair just staring at the wall. Ever since his father and sister had died in the fire HE started she had never been the same.

Nolan walked up to her and knelt on one knee. "Hey ma, i'll be back. I have to go to work." Nolan said.

Nolan's mother just stared at him, not responding just rocking back and forth. Nolan had to work three jobs every day just to barley provide for his mother and himself. They never ate breakfast Nolan couldn't afford it even if he worked three jobs. He could afford a small lunch and then an average size dinner.Nolan was a butcher at the farms he worked for. Over the years Nolan had become sick and twisted slowly killing the animals he butchered.

Nolan sighed when his mother never responded and got up and walked out the door to head to work.

11/9/2012 #28

Nolan still couldn't beleive that he had to work this job. He held his butchers knife and chopped the bloddy meat in half. He was getting bloody. Nolan continued to chop at the bloody meat that animal had given him. Poor thing din't know what hit him. He sighed and continued chopping. He had to work all day... Every day. He thought for once, just once he could have a day off. But no. He had to work. He sighed and stopped hacking. Nolan bit his lip and walked out of work. He didn't want to do this. Just one day is all he asked for. He turned and walked back home with blood all over him.

11/12/2012 #29

I opened the door and walked into my house to see my mom still rocking back and forth. "Im home mom." He said knowing she wouldn't respond. Nolan sighed and got in a tub of warm water and began to bathe. The reapings were soon and he couldn't be more nervous. He got out and made himself look as presentable as possible. Now was the hard part. He had o give his mom a bath. He walked back to her and slowly coaxed her up. "Come on mom, we got to get ready for the reaping."

11/17/2012 #30
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