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Hey guys! So this is a thread to post some alternate universe type stuff. Heres an example:

Youd say 'What if... Ex: 'Daniel got out instead of Valia.'

Then you'd post you story thing, kind of what we do in flashbacks

But this has no affect on the forum as a whole.

7/16/2013 #1

Cady ran out of the bushes and began swinging her sword at Colden. Meredith knew she should've let her...but if she did she'd regret it for the rest of her life.

"f*** no." Meredith muttered as she pinned Cady back and swung her axe through her heart. Blood splattered onto her forehead but she wiped it away with the back of her hand.

"You saved my life..." Meredith heard Colden mumble and it broke her heart. She did...but now she would have to kill him herself.

"Id rather me kill you than watch her kill you, but honestly I wish I didnt have to." She lied easily. The truth was that was probably Merediths only chance at killing Cady, while her mind was preoccupied, while she let her guard down, while she believed she was gonna win.

"I don't want to kill you either." Colden replied sadly. They both knew the other had to die. Her hand fell to her hip and suddenly there was a sticky, warm feeling. "Oh no." She mumbled. "no NO no NO!"

"Meredith, what happened?" He asked, "My god did Cady cut you?" Colden stared at Meredith in shock.

Oh I cant...I cant Colden i cant!" she cried. "If I die they're gonna die too!"

Colden took a deep breath, and looked at the cut. His hands gently touched her side as he examined it to find it was deep. "Meredith... They will be fine." He whispered, his face getting pale.

"Colden I dont want to die." Meredith squeaked. "i promised Johanna id come back,I told my family I would-I;I made it too far to lose!" Her legs began getting wobbly, and weak from loss of blood.

"Why don't you sit down and relax Meredith, your going to be fine." Colden said as he helped her lie down. Both the kids knew she wouldnt. Reaching over she grabbed her jacket and applied pressure to the wound.

"Wheres my st-st-stitching thread?" She inquired knowing she had to fix this fast. tears tried to flow as she struggled to blink them back. Both the kids tried not to cry as Colden said what they both feared.

"Meredith... It's gone." She wanted to scream, kill Colden, run but it hurt too much. two things was on her mind Johanna...and home.

"I used it all on that ungrateful b***h who refused help!" Meredith exclaimed as her breaths became thinner. Slowly, and carfully Colden set Meredith in his lap, his arms wrapped around her fitting like a puzzle piece.

"I'm so sorry Meredith."

"Dont lie to m-me. If you caredd you-you would kill her th-then yourself." Meredith said her breaths getting shallow. "All you care about is that f*****g promise."

"Meredith please.I do care... I do care about you."

"I dont wanna die Im soo close.So close to winning."

"I know Meredith." He whispered. "I know."

She began gasping for air her body fighting death as she gripped his arm.It twitched in pain and struggle to live. "C-colden."

"Yes?" Colden asked.

"Hold me." Was all she could make out as she struggled to breath. Each breath became shallower and shallower. His arms wrapped around her holding her tight as the tears rolled down both their cheeks. They fell turning the fry dirt around them slowly into mud as the tears blended together, as one.

"Don't be."

"Hold me." She begged feeling cold, and distant. The moment was too great to let die.

"Im so sorry dad...and henery...and Leah and peter,and Cataleen. Im so sorry Jo-johanna...and I am so. so so sorry mom. I failed you." The small spot of mud grew bigger as her tears added more moisture to the dry dirt.

"I love you." Colden whispered. Meredith knew he was trying not to cry, for her sake, but it wasnt changing anything, wasnt helping.

"I love you too." She whispered. Then Colden's hand gently caressed her cheek as he pulled her lips to his.

Meredith kissed back using all the air and energy she had left. Then she pulled away with a gasp before coughing up blood as her body went still. It was cold, and she felt cut off from the world. A loud cannon boomed confusing herself, she was still breathing, still in pain. He sat there, for a few moments holding her. Finally he gently set her down, and walked off.

"C-colden." She mumbled pulling herself up, and coughing up more blood. "Colden come back." She couldn't yell for him, it wasn't working. Why did the cannon go off?" Standing with every ounce of energy she had she stumbled after him blood trailing behind her. Finally Meredith made it and saw Colden clutching Andy. The other girl was still. Leaning up against the tree she coughed up more blood her hair now coated in blood. "Colden? Is she-"

He looked up face pale. "I promised....I promised Nolan I would-"

"I told you someone has to break there promise..." She looked down in shame. But it wasnt her choice, she had made it clear from the beginning she had to win. A look of hurt fell across his face.

"You did this?"

"Yes...I swapped your blueberries with nightlock...Im sorry, Colden I told you I didnt have a choice." He looked down accepting this but stood the tip of his sword pierced the ground. "I'm sorry...I love you but it has to end this way."

Colden took a deep breath it was obvious he wasn't sure what to do.

Colden took a deep breath it was obvious he wasn't sure what to do.

Meredith fell to the ground the blood now pouring out from her walk. The edges of her vision faded in and out. She thought she was going to die, was sure of it. But then she felt his lips on hers and everything felt better.

"I love you, go home and take care of your family." Colden whispered before Meredith heard the last cannon of the 80th hunger games boom. She was sure it was her's until she struggled to sit up and saw his hands clutching the dagger that pierced his chest, right where his heart once beat.

"Colden!" Meredith screamed as she tried to shake him awake, holding him close her body shook with tears.

"Congratulations to the victor of the 80th hunger games! Meredith Jane Gardner!"

The rest was a blur to Meredith as a peacekeeper had to carry her out of the arena due to her blood loss. As soon as the hovercraft door closed everything went black.


"Congratulations to the victor of the 80th hunger games! Meredith Jane Gardner!"

The rest was a blur to Meredith as a peacekeeper had to carry her out of the arena due to her blood loss. As soon as the hovercraft door closed everything went black.

7/17/2013 . Edited 7/18/2013 #2

What if Toni and Nolan's plan to help people escape the arena had worked?

Nolan looked around, most of the people had made it into the tunnel. The plan that Toni had came up with had somehow worked, they got rid of the trackers everyone was present everyone but Lila.

Peeta saw Lila and Slade fighting, hate filling him. He pulled out one of his knives throwing straight at Slade.

"No!" Lila screamed, Slade turned in time for the knife to go through his stomach he gasped in pain Lila's eyes widening with horror.

"SLADE!" Lila screamed as the career gasped for breath slumping to the ground struggling to breath.

"It's gonna be okay Slade, we'll stop the bleeding I promise we'll stop the bleeding-" Lila said before looking to the sky, "Help! Please anyone please give me something!" She screamed.

Peeta stared at the two of them, Gale next to him watching sadly. "She's not one of us, she never was." He said shaking his head grabbing Gale's arm pulling him away.

"PLEASE!" Lila screamed tears running down her cheeks.

"Just get out alive." Slade managed to say.

"Slade don't, don't say that you're going to be fine." Lila said shaking her head.

"P-please." Lila said exhausted from crying, her throat dry unable to scream or beg for help.

"G-get out alive Lila, I love you."

A loud canon sounded for Slade's death.

Lila shook with tears holding Slade's limp body in her arms.

Peeta watched trying not to show sorrow on his face. Gale and him slowly approached her, "Lila-" Gale started.

"You. You did this." Lila said darkly looking up glaring at Peeta.


"And you, you did nothing to stop him." Lila growled standing up taking the knife from Slade's body, "This is your fault, you killed him!" She screamed charging at Peeta with the knife.

Peeta shoved Lila away before grabbing Gale and running, they ran until they couldn't see her anymore meeting up with Toni Valia and Nolan.

"Was Lila-" Valia started.

"No, Slade." Peeta said simply, "But Lila's gone too, she's not coming back."

Gale leaned against the side of the tunnel looking out with the slight chance that Lila might appear to run back to their district with him, even if they didn't love each other as much a they used to or even still loved each other, he couldn't go back to District five alone, he couldn't.

"We don't have anytime Toni." Nolan said quietly.

"I know that, but I can't let this happen to him." Toni said looking at Gale.

"We don't know if she's even willing to come with us."

"I have a feeling." Toni said shaking her head, "It's just a feeling but I know she will."

"You don't even like her, I know that we were all close in the training centre but we can't take a chance like this, Valia is due any day now we need to-"

"You know how you feel about Valia?" Toni asked, "How you can't stand to see her sad, you'd do anything to see her smile again even if that meant she needed to be with someone else?" She asked, "I have to do this Nolan, I can't not Nolan I can't." She said.

Nolan paused think before nodding, "Try to get back as soon as you can."

"No I'll take all the time I need." Toni said sarcastically, receiving an eyeroll from Nolan which made her grin wickedly. "If I don't come back, or if someone is chasing me when I get back and I can't get in go without me alright?" She said.

Nolan paused about to protest before nodding, "Good luck."

Toni nodded, looking at Gale who didn't notice her out of his one eye then left with her sword.

Toni wandered the jungle for a few hours, she cursed herself, this was a stupid idea. Throwing herself in a death zone to find a girl she didn't even like. She wandered for a few more hours before she made it to the Village where she found Lila alone.

"Get back!" Lila yelled only having the one knife from Slade to defend herself, she looked around trying to find the other members of Toni's alliance who she thought were ready to jump out and ambush her.

"It's just me lover girl." Toni said staring at Lila.

"Liar." Lila challenged.

"Have I ever been one to lie?" Toni questioned.

Lila was silent and just glared at Toni.

"Nolan was right this was a stupid idea. We're leaving now, and we can leave with or without you." Toni said.

"...What do you mean?" Lila asked quietly.

"I mean we're getting the fuck out of here." Toni said quietly to Lila, "And we can go with or without you."

"Is Peeta there?" Lila asked.

"Yes Peeta is there, I'm not asking you to be friends with him I'm asking if you'd rather die here or in District five." Toni said before turning and walking away, "The choice is yours."

Lila stood still watching Toni leave thinking.

Toni stopped walking for a moment, "He's miserable." She said, she waited for a response getting none, "He's devastated." She said, "You don't even have to still love each other he can't do this alone you know he can't." She said with a sigh, "I can't be with him in District five, you're all he's got left when we leave." She said wiping her eye, "So I swear to god you don't have to marry him, but at least come back with him and prove to me you're aren't as big of a jerk that I think you are."

Lila glared at Toni's back but walked up to her, "Lead the way." She said.

Toni took a deep breath before walking out of the village.

The two girls walked through the jungle silently not speaking a word to each other staring straight ahead. They walked before they heard something land at their feet. Toni looked at it for a moment before her eye widened, "Move!" She yelled pushing Lila ahead running forwards herself before the device exploded nearly knocking them off their feet.

"I was hoping to find you." Greg said holding his mines in hand. "You, you killed him." He said looking at Lila.

Toni grabbed Lila's arm and ran, not bothering to let her answer.

Greg chased after them throwing mines to attempt to knock them off their feet.

They could see the tunnel, Toni shoved Lila farther ahead "Get into the tunnel!" She yelled.

"Toni-" Lila called out almost in the tunnel.

"I swear to god get in the tunnel now!" Toni yelled running as Lila made it inside she realized she wouldn't make it unless they wanted a mine trapped with them inside the tunnel, "Nolan close it!" She screamed.

Nolan watched Toni waiting a moment longer hoping she would make it.

"Nolan close it!" Toni yelled again as a mine was lobbed at her feet.

There was a hesitation before there was a loud crumble of rocks closing the entrance to the tunnel, Toni could swear she could hear Gale calling her name before the mine went off destroying her in seconds feeling the pain rush from her legs up her body until she couldn't feel anymore. Freedom at last.

(God I know it's corny but I really wanted to kill Toni, also write a scene where Slade died before Lila! xD)

4/7/2014 . Edited 4/7/2014 #3

What if Velventina Vega won the 84th Annual Hunger Games? A.K.A. In Which Velventina Doesn't Get Exactly What She Deserved

(I had to leave Velventina's death speech in because it was so awesome, but I edited it. I might do a Dayta one sometime too, but after the 86th maybe cause then it will have more effect once you guys get to know her brother who has turned into sort of a wackjob…. Anyhow I'm leaving everything the same up until Velventina's confrontation with Thaddeus and Odette. Odette also doesn't cut off Velventina's arm in this one because I really don't want to figure out how a one-armed girl could possibly have won the Games.

Maybe I'll write a sequel where she goes all serial killer because frankly that's what I think would have happened.

Also I had to do some editing, but a lot of the deaths are kinda unchanged because I loved them. Trust me it was weird creating a death for Thaddeus and moving around the deaths of Odette, Morgan, Arthur, Thaddeus, Phalanx, Farrah, Mara, Yuki, Chase, and Daniel. Anyhow enjoy.)

(Also if you want the scene before please read around page 62 of the 84th Hunger Games. A lot of these quotes aren't mine. I copied a lot in the beginning from the actual rp so I hope that's okay).

Odette stared at the mutt that had taken Thaddeus's form, "THADDEUS! THADDEUS!" Odette screeched.

Thaddeus's head shot up as he bolted towards Odette leaving Morgan and Farrah behind. Velventina stared at him and followed calculating how she could use this situation to her advantage.

"No! Oh gosh no. HELP! Somebody? Thaddeus?" Odette cried as she tried to stop the mutt's bleeding. "Thaddeus please wake up, please." Her hands shook and tears welled in her eyes.

Thaddeus ran over to Odette with Velventina on his heels, "Odette what's wrong?" He asked.

Odette looked at Thaddeus and then at the mutt. Realizing that Thaddeus was alive and it had only been a mutt she began to cry. "I just don't know what's real anymore!"

Velventina snorted in contempt and rolled her eyes. What a pathetic career.

"It's okay," Thaddeus comforted his friend, "I'm real. Come on Odette." Velventina smirked, "Look Odette, we're not going to kill you yet. We're real, just don't mistaken me for anything and attack me- or anybody else for that matter. We still have more tributes to hunt down before the pack splits."

"Bu-but I killed you and now," Odette stammered. "Am I even awake?" Thaddeus looked at Velventina, "We're not going to kill her at all. In fact Odette, care to share a kill?" Odette smiled and wiped away her tears, "If you'd be a gentleman and help me up, I'd be delighted to." Velventina rolled her eyes, "We'll see about that. Besides we have more important things to worry about." She pointed nearby to where Phalanx from District 5 was. "It's shitty sock puppet boy."

Phalanx saw the group and commented, "Shitty rumors for shitty puppets."

Thaddeus helped Odette up and said, "Should you start or should I?" Velventina laughed and stared at the District 2 tributes with alert green eyes, "You will do no such thing. Besides, Thaddeus you stole my kill. I was supposed to destroy Cord, he was an abusive dick. Want to hear more?"

"Really? Cause I'm sure you can't take one of us, much less both." Thaddeus sneered.

Velventina laughed, "Anyways, I wasn't friends with Bethany at the time, so when Chord came to me asking for a hook-up I gladly complied and sold him to- er maybe 10 girls. Well it wasn't my fault that when she broke up with him he spread all of those nasty rumors. I mean I could've stopped them after all he was the whore in the situation, but I didn't. Because it's much more fun to watch people suffer. Well we became friends and I began to regret what I did. And you know what the worst feeling in the world is- regret. I had never regretted anything before and I hate it. Sure I probably inadvertedly caused several people to contract STD's, ruined several lives through rumors I knew weren't true, gotten a few people addicted to drugs, and teased the hell out of a few leaders. But for some reason I regretted this. But I knew that murder? Murder was something I wouldn't regret, so I vowed to kill Chord no matter what. The Games would grant me victor immunity to being executed, but the perfect opportunity arose when he volunteered instead of Bethany's boyfriend Jace, I believe you know him Thaddeus."

Thaddeus rolled his eyes, "Reality check no one likes you." He got his bow and arrow out and fired it. However, Velventina dodged just in time and the arrow only grazed her neck.

Velventina dodged the arrow, but it grazed her neck "Oh I know that no one likes me- they love me. But honestly, I was also planning on killing her other abusive ex. She didn't want me too, but you know I attacked him once and left him injured. But honestly Thaddeus, this doesn't surprise me coming from a boy- you're only good for reproduction and dying."

"I call narcissism," Phalanx commented while watching the confrontation.

Thaddeus raised an eyebrow, "Honestly you need to get it through your head that NO ONE CARES." He pointed out to the sky, "They love me, the vicious son of Enobaria, no you. You're nothing to them or to anyone." He said. "Your just dead weight, you're the one that's only good for reproduction of dying."

Odette faded into the background and snuck up behind Velventina. "Look the sky is pink." Velventina swung around and missed Odette's sword. She then picked up her own sword and stabbed Odette in the shoulder, causing her to fall to the ground.

Then Velventina laughed and insane strange laugh, "You know no one really ever loved me at home. The Games are my route to love, I was conceived to win and win I will. If you kill me I'm dead anyways in a few years. There's this disease that runs in my family it's really rare. I may have it may not, but when you're an adult you stop being able to sleep. And when you get so sleep deprived after months you die. I want to achieve glory first."

Phalanx looked upwards, assuming a Camera would be were he was staring. "...Must be a very dramatic and intresting fight for you. Satisfied?" He said to air.

"You both will die," Velventina taunted, "And no one will remember you, just like they'll forget about me. But for right now." She dropped her sword and walked over to Thaddues, who dodged the kiss. "You know what, I could have been a good girl. But I f***ing love being bad." She kicked Thaddeus in the nuts and then approached Odette, "How about I kill schizo here first." She laughed, "Even if I die, I want to do something memorable."

"Honestly, I'd say your speech is pretty memorable." Phalanx butted in, "You've earned my respect for having balls… that came out wrong." Velventina flipped around, grabbing the blood and staring at Phalanx. "You know after I bleed out they'll just kill you idiot. But thank you."

Suddenly, Odette leaped at Velventina pushing the District 1 girl to the ground. The two wrestled for a bit before Velventina stabbed Odette in the stomach. Over and over again.

"Stop!" Thaddeus yelled and Velventina obeyed laughing that same crazy laugh.

"One in ten chance of survival," Phalanx nodded realizing that Odette's canon would fire soon.

Velventina then took a knife out from under her jacket and flung it at Phalanx hitting him in the neck. A canon went off for Phalanx.

"Odette?" Thaddeus muttered shaking and recovering from Velventina's kick.

"Thaddy?" Odette murmmered.

Then Velventina took off running as fast as she could. Another canon fired to signify that Yuki Seeger had bled out.

Thaddeus picked Odette up and Odette spoke, "Thaddeus, am I dying?"

"N-No of course not silly." Thaddeus said, holding her In his arms, brushing her hair away from her face, "Y-Your gonna be just f-fine you hear me?"

"Shhh shhh it'll be alright," she coaxed. "Feel this?" Odette grabbed his hand placing it gently over her heart, "Feel it beating? I want you to hold me until I die alright? When that heart stops beating and that cannon goes off you are going to get up. You are going to win this alright? Not for your mother, not for me but for yourself. Because your life was taken at a young age and now you get to get it back."

"No." Thaddeus said, "I-I can't do this without you Odette." He said, "You aren't...." His eyes flickered back and forth, staring at her, "You can't leave me.... I... I can't lose you too. You're going to be fine..."

"Don't you get it Thaddeus?" She asked becoming weaker now, "I never planned on leaving this arena. I came here for one reason and that was to show my mom I did what she wanted. I fear now this isn't what she had planned....but I realized that all too late. I'm sorry for dragging you down with m-me," her muscles twitched, "No strings attached right? That's what they teach us," Odette chuckled a bit to mask the pain. "B-but then I met you. And I selfishly wanted a friend here. I'm sorry I had to choose you but -I had t-to. And I love you my friend. Because I've n-n-no d-oubt you're strong. No doubt you c-ca-ccould've taken them yourself. But when you feel like you need to be strong for someone you grow stronger."

Tears began forming in Thaddeus's eyes as he fought them back, "Odette..." He croaked, not knowing what to say or how to respond, "You're my best friend.... Please..."

Odette gripped onto his arms in as close of a hug as possible. She shivered obviously close to death and her skin was pale, "and T-T-Thaddeus?" She began, "When they ask-" Her words cut off as she was seconds away from death. She saw her mother and then she said, "I see Pink." Then her heart stopped and a canon fired.

Thaddeus frowned, and shook Odette a little, "Odette." He said as a cannon went off, "Odette w-wake up." He whispered and the tears began coming out, he quickly buried his face into her neck so if he was crying the camera couldn't see it, "I'm so sorry Odette." He whispered as he held her. "I am going to rip your head off Velventina Vega," He vowed to himself.

That night, Thaddeus found Chase and tortured him in the same way that happened in the real world except for the fact that Phalanx was already dead. (Approximately page 72 in the 84th Annual Hunger Games). In addition, Morgan killed Farrah in the exact same way (about page 75 or so).

When Velventina hear the two canons fire she laughed to herself secretly hoping that one of them was Thaddeus.

"Attention tributes," a voice crackled so all of the tributes could hear, "There will be a feast tomorrow morning at the bridge at dawn. We'll see you there and may the odds be ever in your favor." Velventina, Thaddeus, Morgan, Arthur, Daniel, and Mara all prepared themselves for the feast.

The next morning, Velventina was the second to arrive at the bridge. She confronted Mara and stabbed her sending Mara flying over the edge of the bridge and into the waters below. A cannon boomed.

Then Morgan died like how she originally did (about page 79). Velventina heard the others and snuck to where she saw Arthur, Daniel, and Thaddeus.

"Morgan?" He said, "Morgan?" Thaddeus asked again and squeezed her hand, but nothing. He wanted to cry so bad, but he couldn't. "You would of looked Flawless in the green dress." He whispered and then carefully got up, laying her down.

The canon had snapped Arthur back into reality, looked at Morgan he stumbled towards her, he dropped to his knees in front of her carefully holding in arms starting cry quietly. He started to hold her tighter crying harder as he did, he wasn't supposed to be alive she was always meant to win and prove that she was strong to Father why was he alive?

Later that day, Arthur died in the same was as in the rp. Velventina snuck up behind Daniel and stabbed him.

Then she fought with Thaddeus in a fight that the country of Panem would never forget. Blood flew as the two careers pummeled each other. Both then lay bloody on the ground at the end of the confortation.

Dizzy, Thaddeus noticed that Velventina was drifting in the fine line between consciousness and unconsciousness. He pulled himself over and stared at his enemy whose blond hair was soaked in blood.

Velventina opened her one green eye that was left (the other was laying nearby on the floor). "Kill me," She whispered. "But I'll haunt your dreams for the rest of your life. Go on be your mother's puppet. Nobody cares about me right? I'm just a girl nobody cared about." She then convulsed and Thaddeus knew what he had to do. Lowering himself he embedded his teeth in Velventina's throat doing exactly as his mother had wanted him to do. Her blood was red, warm, sticky, and the nastiest thing Thaddeus had ever tasted.

Soaked in blood, Thaddeus collapsed as Velventina's canon fired.

"Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the victor of the 84th Hunger Games- Thaddeus Moore of District 2!"

Thaddeus lay unconscious, but he would live. After all, the Capitol wouldn't let one of their precious victors die.

(Plot twist! Did you really think I'd let Velventina win lol XD nope. So we can think of this is An Alternate Way for Thaddeus to Win)

5/4/2014 #4

What if Isaac won the 85th Games?

(And other details that would of been more realistic)

Cause c'mon let's face is Isaac would of killed California easily, Mason less easily but would of done it and Faith would of killed Seline and Seth pretty easy

All deaths are exactly the same leading up to California and Mason's. Hope you enjoy!

Faith had her arrow ready as she watched Isaac charge at California. She would stay out of the way, knowing how badly Isaac hated California and Mason. She did to, but her hatred was towards the Borns twins. Seth had killed Briar, and after they get ride of these two scum bags it would be her turn to have some fun.

Isaac ran towards California, swinging his sword to slash at her back.

California ducked out of the way, barely making it out. She swung her dagger back at him, aiming for his throat.

Isaac easily knocked the dagger away from him before swinging the sword back to slash at the stomach.

California wasn't able to dodge this and his sword went right into her stomach. She gasped out as Isaac pulled the sword out and kicked her right in the stomach, making her fall down.

A cannon goes off for California's death.

Mason had returned from collecting firewood and his eyes widened, dropping the fire wood, "California!" He yelled and grabbed his sword, running at Isaac.

Isaac plucked the dagger from California's hand, "This is why we don't get attached Mason!" He yelled throwing it straight towards him directly at his chest, "Didn't youwarn me not to get seduced by those lower districts? It was you Mason!" He yelled he looked at Faith nodding at her for her to attack with her arrows.

Faith hesitated for a moment and fired an arrow, hitting him in the shoulder and then another, hitting him in the leg. She would still allow Mason the satisfaction of killing Mason.

"I can slaughter you like a pig!" Mason yelled as he jumped away from the knife but couldn't dodge the arrows. He still ran at Isaac with blind rage.

"You know I might of believed that once, but I'm finding that you're not very consistent with what you say!" Isaac said and grinned a little, swinging his sword at Mason.

Mason swung his sword up to meet Isaac's.

Isaac kicked Mason's knee to trip him, twisting his sword to pull Mason's out of his hand.

Mason's hands hit the ground and he tried to scramble up but Isaac plunged his knife right into Mason's back. He kicked Mason in the face, making him fly backwards and just watched him for a few moments and turned away, "Let's go." He said to Faith and walked towards her.

A cannon goes off for Mason's death.

Faith took the lead and pushed past Isaac, walking back towards the camp, she was freezing cold and very satisfied with watching California and Mason's death, it almost made her feel better about Briar's death. Almost. She was ready too take revenge, she knew she could kill Seth and Seline and the Reed's if she wanted too. It would be a slaughter house, her and Isaac could do it. They could win. She had kept herself under control, for Isaac's sake, but they both knew that they were going to have to kill the others. She continued walking until they mad fit back to camp, she spotted Seth and clenched her teeth, taking an arrow out, having plenty now that she took California's, and aimed it right for Seth's head, firing the arrow.

Seth didn't see the arrow, he was staring absentmindedly at his axe which was stained with blood on it.

Seline saw the arrow from the corner of her eye pushing Seth out of its path, her reflexes set in, she reached for the throwing stars tucked into her belt and chucked them in the direction the arrow had come from looking to see Faith standing their she glared.

Faith quickly turned in a circle, dodging her throwing star and as she did so she got another arrow out and fired another one straight towards Seline.

Isaac stood to the side, waiting to help Faith of she needed it knowing that killing Seline and Seth was as important to her as killing Mason and California was to him.

Seline took it in the shoulder gritting her teeth pulling it out painfully looking at her "Killing me from a distance" she called to her "Stop being a coward" she taunted "I bet your district is ashamed to have a tribute like you"

Faith smirked a bit, "Fine." She said, "Come and get some."

Seline leaped at Faith with her dagger, slashing at her stomach.

Faith quickly turned, dodging it and grabbed Seline by her hair and smashed her head against a tree, she had been wanting to do this since the moment she stepped into the arena.

Seth scrambled to his feet, "Seline!" He yelled and ran towards them, flinging his axe at Faith.

Faith smirked and used Seline as a body shield, Seth's axe going into her stomach. She quickly took Seline's dagger and cut her throat, so Seline's death would be claimed as her's and not Seth's, throwing her body to the ground.

A cannon fires for Seline's death.

"No!" Seth screamed and took one of his tomahawks and chucked it for Faith. Faith dodged it and in a swift motion she pulled an arrow out and fired at him, hitting him right in the head.

A cannon fires for Seth's death.

Amber had found the group and was pissed that Isaac had killed Mason. She saw Orianne and stab her right in the stomach with her sword and then stabbed her right in the neck, almost killing her instantly. She looked around for Isaac and Faith and spotted them.

A cannon fires for Orainne's death.

Charles had applied the cream he had gotten from "District 10" which really was Nolan back in District 10 but Sally-Ann hadn't moved.

A cannon fires for Sally-Ann's death.

Isaac heard two more cannons and was slightly confused. He looked over, seeing Amber standing their, looking pissed. "You killed Mason!" She snarled, she was holding Mason's sword. "And now I'm going to kill you!"

Faith charged at Amber and dodged her swing, kicking her in the back and down to the ground. She looked to Isaac as if to ask if he wanted to do it but he just shook his head. She always wondered if killing bothered him. Amber at turned around onto her back but Faith released an arrow into her throat and watched her for a few moments.

A cannon fires for Amber's death.

Isaac looked at Faith, staring at her for a few moments, "Faith-" His voice sounded almost happy, neither of them had counted how many cannons their were, which meant neither of them knew how many people were left. Their were so many deaths in such a short period of time. "Faith!" His eyes widened.

Charles came up behind Faith and rammed his club with spikes on it into her lower back, she gasped out and he pulled it out, Faith falling to the ground.

Isaac lurched forward and took his sword, swinging it at Charles who dodged it and swung his club at him, looking very pissed and hurt. Isaac ducked away from the club and rammed his sword into Charles's chest, pulling it out and rushing to Faith, pulling her over and sat down next to her quickly, "Faith..." He said again.

A cannon fires for Charles's death.

Faith cracked a small smile, looking very much in pain. "That's three times... you've said my name." She said.

Isaac's eyes flickered across her, knowing their was nothing he could do for her, "You're going to be ok." He said, sounding very convinced and looking really upset.

Faith paused for a moment and laughed, which turned into a bloody cough, coughing blood out into the air which landed on the snow, "We both know... that's not true." She watched him for a few moments, "Isaac..." She didn't finish her sentence, laying their cold and dead.

Isaac frowned a little and ran his fingers over her eyes, shutting them and gently pushed her body away onto the ground.

Ladies and Gentlemen the victor of the 85th Annual Hunger Games!

Thaddeus stood nervously at the platform where Isaac was to be dropped off. He looked over at his mother, who looked more then displeased.

"You won't talk to him." Enobaria said, "You won't go near him, you will have no association with Isaac." She said coldly and looked at her son, "Thaddeus, do you understand me?" She asked.

Thaddeus stared at his mother for a few moments, "I'm a Victor." He said, "And Isaac is a Victor now..." He gave his mother a cold look, "You can't touch me, and you can't touch him. I'll do whatever I damn well please." He snapped. He had never really stood up to his mother, and it felt... good. Thaddeus turned and watch the hovercraft land. It opened up and he watched Peacekeepers walk out, followed by Isaac and more peacekeepers.

Isaac spotted Thaddeus and smiled and then looked over at Enobaria who looked very displeased. He paused for a moment as she leapt towards them, but Peacekeepers grabbed her and began pushing her back.

Thaddeus approached Isaac slowly and they stared at each other for a few moments until Thaddeus engulfed him in a hug, pulling him close to him. "It's ok." He said, more for his sake then Isaac's, "It's all over now..." He murmured.

8/9/2014 . Edited 8/9/2014 #5

What if Slade Blair had won the 79th Annual Hunger Games

(Yes I did one of this but this is way better, trust me. You're going to want to read to the very end ;) Please tell me how you like it.)

Slade was in the jungle, sharpening his bronze sword that Lincoln had given him. The time grew near for him to kill everyone. How many were left? Katniss, Peeta, Toni, Gale, Jasmine, Valia, Nolan, Greg and Tanner? Things couldn't of been easier. Toni and Gale were half blind anyway, what could they do? Valia was a knocked up slut who was about to go into birth any time. Katniss was... Well he hadn't seen her the whole games now that he thought about it. Greg was no real, Jasmine could do nothing and as for Tanner, he was just a pretty boy stuck in his own reality that he actually mattered. Then Farm boy, he posed no threat. He was the weakest of them all, letting 'love' blind him. Slade had loved someone once... Lila... And Peeta had killed her.

Slade heard a scream off in the distance and he smiled. It was Valia. He picked his sword up and ran through the jungle towards the sound of the scream. As he grew closer he heard her scream yet again, but this time it was louder and more blood curtailing. Slade wasn't thinking clearly ever since Lila died, I mean it was what, 6 against 1? And if Katniss showed up then it would be 7 against one.

Slade kept running as fast as he could, when he saw someone standing there looking off towards where the screaming was. It was Greg. Slade laughed and when Greg's back was turned and swiped at Greg's feet, causing him to fall backwards and land on his back he then took his sword and drove it into Greg's chest.

A cannon goes off for Greg's death.

Slade turned and kept running until he came out of the jungle to the Village. His eyes scanned around to see Toni, Jasmine, Peeta, and Gale all standing around Valia who had a look of panic but also a look on her face that said 'get these people away from me, or so help me I'll kill them all' or at least that's what Slade thought it said.

"Valia!" He heard someone scream and he turned to see Nolan had just came out of the jungle like he did. Slade smiled and punched Nolan right in his face, sending the smaller boy falling to the ground.

"Farm boy! It's so nice to see you!" Slade laughed and twirled his sword in his hand.

Slade turned his head to see that Toni, Gale, and Peeta were all looking over at him. Peeta had grabbed his knife and Toni and Gale reached for there weapons. Slade blinked but wouldn't dare say he was outnumber, "Well this is going to be fun..." He muttered under his breath, kind of bitterly.

"It's going to be ok Valia." He heard Toni say.

"Hey Vallie! I got a little offended when you didn't invite me to my nephews birth!" Slade called over, "So I decided to invite myself!" He said with an evil smirk.

Slade heard someone, undoubtedly Valia, mutter "Go to hell."

Slade looked over to see Nolan stumbling to his feet, "He's mine." Nolan said, looking at Slade and holding his face where he punched him.

"Nolan." Peeta hesitated, "Can you take him?" He asked.

Slade chuckled a little, "You think a little kid from District 10 can take a trained career from District 2?" He laughed.

Slade looked over to see Toni had grabbed a long knife, a dagger really and Gale had grabbed hi sword and they were both walking towards him. Slade's eyes flickered between Nolan, Toni, Gale and Peeta as panic hit him as he finally realized he was outnumbered. Though in the simulation he had taken on a lot more then two half blind people and two people from a far lower district.

"You're going to have to go through us." Gale said.

Slade smiled wickedly, "That is what I am counting on."

"Alright Slade, you really think you can take all of us?" Toni asked.

Slade smiled, "Let's find out." He said.

Toni charged at Slade and Slade side stepped and dodged her, as Toni ran past Slade he turned and jabbed the sword right through her back, coming out her chest. He took it out and Toni fell to the ground and he just smirked, keeping his back to Peeta and Gale.

A cannon fired for Toni's death.

"Toni!" Gale screamed and ran at Slade, his sword in hand.

Slade smiled and he swung his sword around. Gale charged and swung his sword but he quickly dodged it and as he slashed his sword at him it slit Gale's throat and he dropped to the ground.

A cannon fired for Gale's death.

Next was Peeta, he charged at Slade, and flung a knife at him. Slade dodged it and leapt at Peeta, pinning him down easily. "You should of died in your first arena." He spat. "But instead you lived which resulted in Lila's death." He snarled.

"Peeta!" He heard and turned, seeing Katniss run out of the jungle. She released an arrow at him but he dodged it with ease, hoisting him up and held him in a head lock like Cato had.

"Reminds you of anything Catnip?" Slade sneered of anything. "This time their isn't any mutts around."

Katniss took a few steps closer to him, having an arrow in her bow, "Put him down." She hissed.

"See... I can't do that." Slade said, "He killed the only person who has ever cared for me. And now, I'm going to take yours away." He slit Peeta's throat but held his body up as a shield.

A cannon fired for Peeta's death.

"Peeta!" Katniss cried out.

Slade eyed Nolan who stood off to the side lines, he was stunned that Slade had killed Toni and Gale and now Peeta. He began circling around Slade, knowing Katniss was holding him at 'gun point' or arrow point.

Katniss inched a little closer to him, holding her arrow as tears of rage streamed down her cheeks. She was going to kill Slade, she had to.

Slade chucked Peeta's body over to Katniss and launched himself right after her, Katniss had dodged Peeta's body but was startled and Slade drove his sword right through her back, "So much for the girl on fire." He sneered, taking his bronze sword out of her.

A cannon fired for Katniss's death.

Slade turned and saw Nolan leap at him but Slade swatted him away, causing him tumbling to the ground. "Stupid pathetic boy." He laughed and kicked him, sending him flying onto his back. "Thinking you are in love, if you haven't noticed Valia Gore is a knocked up slut who's engaged to another man." He sneered, "Ih except she has already made out with you, and Tanner."

Nolan tried to get to his feet but Slade kicked him right in the face. "You're nothing but pathetic." He took his sword and drove it right into Nolan, pulling it out, dropping Nolan's body to the ground.

A cannon fired for Nolan's death.

Slade smiled a little, he had just killed six more people. He had already killed Luna, Sapphire, Scout, Andrew, Fern, Rose, Sam, Nathan and three unnamed Tributes. He had 17 kills under his belt... He smirked viciously, he hadn't even thought about that. He just beat his own mentors record, Enobaria. He was a legend... He was going to win the games.

He turned quickly and walked towards Jasmine and Valia, Valia letting out another screech.

"Just breathe, it going to be ok." Jasmine said to Valia.

"Oh really?" Slade asked and grabbed Jasmine by the neck and hoisted her up.

Valia let out another scream as she watched the scene. "Valia don't lo-" Jasmine was about to say but Slade slit her throat with his sword and threw her onto the ground, another cannon going off.

"Just another annoying Bitch." Slade laughed.

A cannon goes off for Jasmine's death.

"Eighteen Vallie." Slade smiled.

"Slade!" He heard someone yell, he looked over and saw Tanner.

Tanner walked towards him, his eyes scanning the area, seeing all the dead bodies. Tanner quickly swung his sword as Slade did and they met. Slade kicked him in the gut and punched him in his face. He threw Tanner down on the ground and rammed his sword into Tanner's stomach. "You were the most annoying of them all." He laughed, "You're just a pretty boy who thought he was a career and acted like he was important... Or as if he actually had some important roll in this world."

A cannon fired for Tanner's death.

Slade turned to Valia, who was still in labor, he sighed. "Last one." He said as he walked towards her, his sword dragging on the ground. "You know Valia I have been waiting for a long time." He bent down next to her as she screamed again

He stared at her and thought about everything, about his older brother, about watching his brother die, about playing with his brother and all the good memories. "He was taken away." He said to Valia. "It was all your fault. You took him away from me. It's your fault!" He screamed. "Daniel should of won, but instead you watched as they tortured him. You didn't even care." He said, "And now, no one here cares about you. No one will remember Valia Gore in the long run. Only me, they will remember me." He laughed, undoubtedly psychotically.

Slade paused a she heard a baby cry, and he watched as Luke came out. "Push Valia." He commanded and she did. Finally he came out, Slade cutting the cord and holding the crying Luke. "I have been waiting for this for so long."

"Luke." Valia said, "His name is Luke." She croaked.

Slade smiled, "Luke Blair." He said and looked at her, "

Slade smiled and picked up his sword, "No matter, time to die." He said and looked down at Valia, "Goodbye Valia Gore." He said and raised his sword. "Words don't explain how happy this makes me." He swung his sword and cut her head clean off. "Unfortunately I didn't get to torture you."

A cannon fired for Valia's death.

Slade held Luke in one arm and rocked him, throwing his sword down onto the ground and smiled at the boy who was pretty much covered in blood, "Death... to them all." He smiled a little, setting Luke down on the ground, and picked his sword up and then brought the sword to his throat and slight his own throat, his body falling limp to the ground.

"Ladies and Gentlemen..." The voice was hesitant, "The Victor of the 79th Annual Hunger Games... Luke Blair?"

(Plottttt Twist! Hope you enjoyed!)

8/10/2014 . Edited 8/10/2014 #6

What if Sally-Ann had won the 85th Annual Hunger Games

Seline took it in the shoulder gritting her teeth pulling it out painfully looking at her "Killing me from a distance" she called to her "Stop being a coward" she taunted "I bet your district is ashamed to have a tribute like you"

Faith smirked in amusement, an lowered her weapon, "Come at me then," She said.

Seline walked forward cautiously but fastly till she was a couple of meters away holding her axe in one hand she just watched her one hand behind her back.

Faith heistated and then brought her bow up, firing another arrow at Seline and quickly got another.

Seline quickly spun out of the way of the first arrow not anticipating the next her eyes widened before the arrow lodged itself between them, going straight through her head.

Seth stumbled to his feet, seeing his sister stumble back fearing the worst, and he was right.

Seline stumbled backwards before falling, revealing the arrow in her head to her allies and her brother.

A canon goes off for Seline.

Faith smirked looking over at Isaac who had a matching expression they began to walk towards Seth, Charles and Sally-Ann's unconscious body.

Seth kneeled over Seline's dead body, he shook his head whispering apologies to her over and over.

Isaac and Faith continued to walk towards Seth. Charles looked between the three before calling out "Seth!" To warn him.

Seth looked up to see Isaac's sword coming down towards his head, he quickly rolled out of the way by instinct. He took Seline's axe from her lifeless hand, before swinging at both of the careers.

Charles quickly got his club, bringing along Sally-Ann's knife. He managed to sneak around the heavily engaged battle, to behind Faith who had loaded an arrow at Seth waiting for Isaac to move out of the way. He took Sally-Ann's knife and stuck it into her back making her drop her bow, the arrow setting loose and grazing Isaac's cheek.

A canon goes off for Faith.

Isaac instantly turned to see Faith fall. He was about to scream when Seth plunged the axe into the back of his neck. His eyes widened, stumbling forwards a bit before spiting up blood and falling forwards.

A canon goes off for Isaac.

Seth looked around at all the carnage nearly out of breath. He looked sadly at Seline but looked away soon after not able to see his sister so lifeless. "That's it Charles we did it we-" He was cut of by his own gasp of pain, from the knife in his back.

Charles pulled out the knife with his shaking hand, staring at Seth sadly as he let his soon to be fallen lover bleed out.

Seth stared at Charles, hurt and betrayed and more disbelieving then anything.

"I'm sorry." Charles whispered.

Seth tried to speak but found that he couldn't make a sound, everything was going dark and he stumbled forwards before falling.

A canon goes off for Seth.

Charles looked down at Seth sadly but soon took a deep breath of relief. He had did it and it was finally over, he would go home he would see Madison, Andy, the Twins and Sally-Ann. He paused before he looked over at Sally-Ann's unconscious body almost with horror having forgot she was in the arena with him. He slowly walked towards her, still holding the knife he had just used to kill twice. His hands still shook and he knelt down beside her, he put his ear to her chest listening for a heart beat. He found a very faint low one that threatened to fade and stop. He sat up and looked between her and the knife in his hand. He closed his eyes not letting himself cry, kissing her forehead before taking the knife and slowly pushing it into his chest.

A canon goes off for Charles.

Sally-Ann remained unconscious, they took her out of the arena the same way they did dead tributes.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, The Victor of the 85th Annual Hunger Games, Sally-Ann Reed."

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What if Alec Klassen won the 81st Games alone?

(A few details are different. Like Amelia doesn't get bite by the zombie, which impacts quite a lot. Read and find out :) Also if the rebels never came in)

Amelia had gotten lost in the school arena and had been separated from her group for a while now. She sighed a little as she heard another cannon go off. It had been about three hours and she had heard five different cannons. She held her dagger close to her, the twelve year old girl really frightened. She turned a corner and saw Alec and broke into a smile. "Alec!" She exclaimed, not realizing there was a zombie behind her that was about to bite into her neck.

Alec looked up and smiled wide as he saw Amelia. "Hey little A how you fe-" His words were cut off by a zombie behind her. "Fuck no!" He yelled grabbing his ax hurled it at the zombie.

Amelia's eyes widened, thinking Alec was trying to kill her, "Alec!" She exclaimed and shut her eyes, but when nothing happened she opened her eyes and Alec engulfed her in a hug.

"There was a zombie behind you." Alec said, taking a deep breath.

Amelia was shaking a little, and pulled away and looked at the zombie, "Oh..." She said, "Alright..." she took a deep breath. "Where is Juno and Wisty?" She asked.

Alec shook his head no. "Well I know where Mercy is...We need to find Juno and Wisty. Come on. We also need to find food and are we still going through with the felix plan?"

Amelia sighed and began walking with Alec, knowing that their plan was for her to lead Felix somewhere to kill him. He had only let her into their pack because it got to Alec, and then Johanna devised a plan for her to betray Felix and lead him to where Wisty, Juno and Alec would kill them.

"Why don't we head downstairs?" Alec offered.

Amelia nodded, "Sure." She followed Alec downstairs, letting him lead the way through every turn, holding her dagger close to her.

Suddenly Alec stopped. Turning the the right he swung his ax thinking something was there. Once he realized they were alone he wiped sweat off his forehead. "Sorry...this place is messing with my head."

Amelia smiled, trying to lighten the mood up, "Don't worry big guy, I'll protect you." She laughed.

Alec smirked and just rolled his eyes and lead her to the cafeteria, "Do you think their is food in here?" He asked.

Amelia glanced around, she hated how eerie the school was, "It was the cornucopia and it is a cafeteria, so I assume so."

Alec guided Amelia back into the cafeteria and they both found a lot of food and ate.

"So..." Amelia began, "What's our next plan of action?" She asked.

Alec thought for a moment, "Find Wisty and Juno and take out the careers." He said, "As far as I know it's Evanora, Felix and Sapphire. I believe Mercy is alive as well."

Amelia nodded for a second, "Alright, let's get out of here and go find the other group." She said and walked out of the cafeteria, this time she began leading back upstairs and through the hall ways.

A cannon goes off for Mercy's death.

Amelia jumped, a little startled by the cannon. Alec laughed and decided to take the lead, "Relax little A, it was just a cannon." He said. Amelia didn't reply, hating what that cannon meant. Another person dead. She wondered who it was, not knowing Felix had just killed Mercy.

Evanora turned a corner, she was looking for Sapphire and Felix and was about to head into the boys bathroom and spotted Alec and Amelia. She smirked a little, "Hey hot stuff."

Alec tensed a little and stood in front of Amelia protectively, "Evanora." He said coldly.

Evanora fake pouted, "Oh come on, don't be so cold Alec." She said. "I know you loved it just as much as I did. How bout we get ride of the little girl and maybe do it in the boys bathroom hmm?" She asked, walking towards them.

Alec glared at her, "It was a mistake the first time. Something that shouldn't happen again. Something that won't happen again... And you won't touch Amelia." He said and took a step towards her, gripping his axe.

Evanora batted her eye lashes, "I know you want-" She gasped as a sword came out through her stomach, and then it wa spilled back out, Evanora falling to the ground.

Wisty stood where Evanora was, Juno behind him. "Alec, Amelia." She said.

Alec was slightly stunned, and let out a sigh of relief, giving Evanora, who was on the floor, slowly bleeding out, a sad look. "Well... Now that were all together, their is six of us left. Let's go kill Felix and Sapphire, shall we?" He offered.

A cannon goes off for Evanora's death.

The group set off to go find Felix, who they actually found right away. He was wandering the halls to find Amelia.

Felix paused as he looked at the group, spotting Amelia. "I should've known." He muttered.

Wisty lept at Sapphire, slashing her sword at him but he deflected it easily and punched her in the face. Juno swung his weapon though Felix dodged it and punched him in the gut, he brought his sword down towards Juno but Alec flung his axe at Felix, cutting his hand clean off. He let out a loud scream.

Sapphire heard the scream, "Felix!" She screamed, her eyes widened and began running through the halls to find him.

Wisty recovered and swung her sword, cutting Felix's head clean off.

A cannon goes off for Felix's death.

Amelia paused for a moment as she watched the blood go everywhere and almost threw up.

Alec took a deep breath and looked away from his body as well, Sapphire turned the corner and saw the scene, "No!" She screamed.

The group looked over towards her and bolted towards her. The chase obviously led to the roof.

Alec turned to Amelia as they made it to the stairs, Wisty and Juno already running to go kill Sapphire. He took a deep breath, "Stay here, ok?" He said. "This is going to turn into a blood bath, only one person can win. You stay here, and whoever comes down these stairs, you stab with your dagger. Do you understand? Don't hesitate." He insisted.

Amelia paused, "I'm not going to stab you." She said. "Anyone else I will kill if they come down here.

Alec nodded and turned and followed the rest of the group up to the roof.

Sapphire looked around on top of the roof, having no where to go and pulled out her sword.

Wisty chucked a knife at Sapphire as she came onto the roof, followed by Juno. Sapphire dodged the knife and shot an arrow at her, but she dodged it quickly and it went into Juno's shoulder. Wisty brought her sword down at Sapphire but she put her bow up, being made of pure metal, it didn't go through. Sapphire kicked Wisty in the stomach.

Alec came up on the roof, seeing the scene and paused. "Hey Juno!" He called over to him, knowing he had to do it.

Juno turned and an axe went right into his chest.

Sapphire shot her arrow at Wisty and it went right into her heart, she fell to the ground, pulling it out and looked over to Juno, "Juno..." She croaked but her wound was fatal.

A cannon goes off for Wisty's death.

"Alec." Juno said spattering blood everywhere as he talked, "Your a bastard. But I'm glad at least one of us will make it out..." he smiled, not caring about the fact his lungs where filling with blood as he spoke. "T-Tell my sister something when you get out...Tell her Dad's Not coming home...and niethers her brother... Also...Fuck you Sapphire, You dumb bitch..." Juno said As he lied against a wall, watching the two as he himself was bleeding to death.

Alec frowned, gripping his axe that was covered in blood, "I'm sorry Juno." He said, "You were a good friend.

A cannon goes off for Juno's death.

Sapphire jumped and squeaked seeing blood go everywhere, her eyes widened and she quickly ran in the direction she came away.

Alec turned and began chasing Sapphire.

Sapphire heard him run after her making her run faster around a corner of a large brick thing on the ceiling. "Sapphire quit hiding!" He called. "Come out from wherever you are and lets end this! You cant honestly be afraid of a boy from seven? I mean come ON your a career." Sapphire leapt at Alec as pinned him to the ground.

"Me? Afraid of you? I've been training my whole life for this!" She pulled out her dagger holding it against his neck. "Say goodbye Alec-" Sapphire let out a scream as Amelia drove a dagger into her back, Sapphire fell off of Alec and fell onto the ground.

Amelia's hands shook as she watched Sapphire writher on the ground, she looked at Alec and he jumped up and hugged her, putting his hands on her shoulder. "Amelia... You saved me." He breathed.

Amelia smiled, "That's what District partners-" She gasped as an arrow went into her back. Neither of them had thought Sapphire had enough energy to fire an arrow at them.

"Amelia?" Alec said in confusion and saw the arrow in her back. "Amelia!" He exclaimed and took his axe and drove it into Sapphire's head, "You stupid bitch." He hissed and then picked Amelia up and dropped to the ground.

A cannon goes off for Sapphire's death.

Amelia shook as Alec held her, she looked up at Alec who was fighting off tears. She smiled a little, "You did it..." She breathed.

Alec shook his head, "No..." He said, "No Amelia, we did it..." He whispered.

Amelia smiled a little and her eyes flicked over to the sky, "We did... didn't we..." She smiled a little and looked back at Alec, "I love you Alec." She said.

Alec frowned, not being able to fight the tears off anymore. "I love you to Amelia...' He said.

Amelia went cold and died in his arms.

A cannon goes off for Amelia's death.

Alec shut her eyes and laid her down on the ceiling, looking over at Sapphire, and then Wisty and Juno and then back down at Amelia again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the victor of the 81st Annual Hunger Games!

8/11/2014 #8

What if Colden was the sole Victor of the 80th Hunger Games?

Colden stood there in shock as the canon for Cady rang, he looked at Meredith, "You saved my life..." He said.

Meredith shrugged, "I'd rather me kill you than her, but honestly I wish I didn't have to."

"I don't want to kill you either." Colden replied sadly.

"I'm too close now to take pity on you." Meredith said.

Colden nodded, feeling the same.

"If I kill you now I get to go home." Meredith said with a sad smile, "I'm sorry, I need to get back to them."

Colden gave a small, hollow laugh "Andy may not look it but she won't go down without a fight, she could take you." He said.

Meredith froze immediately frowning, not meeting Colden's eye "No she can't." She said.

Colden paused, "Don't under estimate her-"

"She can't Colden." Meredith said cutting him off forcefully, still not meeting his eye.

Colden was silent, looking at Meredith confused but like he had already figured it out "What do you mean?" He asked trying to stop his voice from shaking.

"There wasn't any other way." Meredith said.

"Meredith!" Colden said, his tone slightly angry.

"I'm too close now." She said matching his tone.

Colden walked over to Meredith, forcing her to look at him "What did you do?" He growled.

Meredith frowned staring at him silent for awhile, "The berries." She said.

Colden took a second to process what Meredith had said before his eyes widened and he took off running towards their camp calling Andy's name, trying to warn her.

Meredith watched him just as he ran out of sight a canon was heard. She stood still for a moment before walking after him. As she approached their camp she saw Colden cradling Andy's body in his arms trying desperately to wake her up. She watched him with a frown for a moment before alerting him of her presence, "It was nightlock, she was dead the moment I switched them."

Colden gripped his sword his knuckles turning white, "You killed her..." He whispered.

"I had no choice."

"There's always a choice!" Colden yelled standing up, "You killed her!"

"I need to go back home Colden! They need me!" Meredith yelled back.

"You'll go back in pieces." Colden growled walking towards her.

"Colden." Meredith said, a warning tone in her voice.

Colden was silent, glaring daggers at Meredith walking towards her sword in hand.

"Colden!" Meredith yelled, as he ran towards his swinging his sword at her.

Meredith turned to run, not wanting to fight Colden like this.

Colden didn't care, and swung his sword, slicing a deep cut into Meredith's arm.

Meredith screamed grabbing it, trying to stop as much bleeding as she could as she ran.

Colden continued to chase her swinging his sword again, lightly slicing across Meredith's back.

Meredith screamed and fell the to the ground, she quickly turned onto her back so she could see Colden pushing away from him frantically, shaking her head.

Colden looked at her with no sympathy, bringing his sword down onto one of her legs.

Meredith screamed loudly, seeing Colden as he stabbed her with little to no remorse was the worst pain of all.

Colden pulled the sword out, having the same empty expression on his face before stabbing Meredith straight through the stomach.

Meredith looked at him hurt shaking her head, "I w-was so close," She said out of breath, "And-and I still love you even after this." She said spitefully.

Colden just stared at her, watching as she struggled for breath until a loud canon sounded. He slowly walked over to their camp, Andy's body had been removed already.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, the Victor of the 80th Annual Hunger Games, Colden Slate!"

His face remained broken and empty as he was taken out of the arena. He hated breaking promises.

8/11/2014 #9

What if Morgan James won the 84th Games?

(Also if Thaddeus killed Velventina)

Thaddeus stood near Odette, who had just had an attack and looked over towards Velventina.

Velventina smirked, "Look Odette, we're not going to kill you yet. We're real, just don't mistaken me for anything and attack me- or anybody else for that matter. We still have more tributes to hunt down before the pack splits."

Thaddeus looked at Velventina, "Were not going to kill her at all." He said, "Infact, Odette care to share a kill?" He asked, smirking at Velventina. He had decided he was tired of the annoying pest and wanted her gone.

Odette smiled and wiped away tears, "If you'll be a gentleman and help me up. Id be delighted to."

Thaddeus helped Odette up and swung his sword around, "Shall you start or shall I?" He asked Odette, looking at Velventina.

Velventina laughed, "You will do no such thing." She backed away slowly her green eyes alert. "Besides," Velventina continued, "Thaddeus, you stole my kill. I was supposed to destroy Chord. He was an abusive dick. Want to hear more?"

"No, I really don't." Thaddeus said, "And besides, their are two of us and one of you, plus I could take you with one hand tied behind my back." He laughed a little.

"Maybe so," Velventina said flipping back her blonde hair, "But I've trained all my life. Girls in my District practically worshipped-"

Thaddeus lurched forward and rammed his sword into Velventina's stomach. She gasped out and grabbed at it, looking at Thaddeus. She wasn't really expecting that at the moment. He pulled it out and looked at her, "No one cares." He said, "And no one will ever care." He watched as she fell to the ground and looked over at Odette, "Shall we?" He asked, offering her his arm.

A cannon fired for Velventina's death.

Odette took his arm happily, "We shall." She said and they walked off, still aiming to find Arthur at the bridge.

"Oh wait a second." Thaddeus turned around, taking his bow and arrow out and shot Phalanx in the throat, who had been watching. "I swear Odette their are more annoying people in these games then their has ever been in any games." He said.

A cannon fired for Phalanx's death.

Odette giggled a little and continued walking, "I know." She chirped.

The careers were making their was towards the bride to meet up with Arthur, both Ferrah and Chase died in the same way they originally died in the games.

Thaddeus walked towards the bridge, humming a little as he looked around. "Finally." He said, and spotted a girl, Mara. She turned and saw Thaddeus's her eyes widened and started crying almost right away. He took his bow and shot her in the eye, the arrow going into her brain and killing her.

A cannon fired for Mara's death.

Odette laughed a little, "She started crying as soon as she saw you."

Thaddeus rolled his eyes a little, "Blubbering girl. She was another annoying tribute. She just needed to die." He laughed a little. "And I barley talked to the kid. Not like I really even wanted to."

"You mean like Velventina and Phalanx?"

"Exactly." Thaddeus smiled at her.

Daniel and Arthur had been venturing towards the bride together as well. They were almost their. "Arthur." Daniel said.

"What is it?" Arthur asked quietly.

"I don't want you to die. I want you to run if things don't look good, I can hold them off fine." Daniel said. Or long enough for you to get away.

"It's the other way around Daniel." Arthur said.

Daniel paused for a moment, knowing he was right. Daniel was no career.

Morgan looked around spotting Arthur her voice hitching in her throat.

Thaddeus glanced and turned, seeing Arthur as well, "Is he with..."

Daniel sighed, "No, you have a chance if you run one on one, I don't." He hadn't seen any of the careers, he was staring at the ground as he walked.

"Yes you do so just-" Arthur stopped his eyes widening when he saw Morgan.

"Ten." Morgan said.

Daniel stopped and looked up in confusion, "She's alive..." He said, shifting. There entire journey to the bridge was because they thought Morgan was dead.

Thaddeus hesitated for a second, "Why is Arthur with him? Maybe brought us back a toy." He said.

Arthur didn't say anything completely shocked.

"I doubt it." Morgan said almost angrily, holding her sword starting to walk towards Arthur.

"Arthur." Daniel said and pulled out the small axe.

Thaddeus hesitated and followed behind her slowly, taking his bow and an arrow out, he had plenty since his mother sent him those things.

Arthur blinked "Stay back." He said walking towards Morgan.

Morgan reached Arthur, they both hugged each other tightly lowering their swords.

Daniel took a couple steps forward but then stopped, and took one back.

Thaddeus stayed an equal distance away, eyeing Daniel carefully.

Morgan hugged him tightly "We have to do this now." She whispered in his ear.

Arthur paused "I understand." He said quietly pulling away looking at Morgan sadly.

Thaddeus hesitated, "Morgan?" He asked, glaring at Daniel.

Daniel clenched his teeth, he wanted to run at Thaddeus and kill him but he knew he would lose profoundly.

"Do you remember our deal Thaddeus? In the training centre you gave me your word that when we needed you to you would keep out of it?" Arthur asked.

Morgan was silent not looking at Thaddeus.

Thaddeus clenched his teeth, "I didn't think that was an actual option." He said, his eyes didn't leave Morgan, "But fine." He said and in a swift motion he pointed hi bow and arrow at Daniel, "No one said he could live."

Daniel hesitated for a second, he flinched for a second, "Arthur what are you talking about?" He asked.

"Kill him Arthur." Morgan said.

"Daniel get's to live." Arthur said.

Morgan looked at Arthur communicating silently, "Fine, then you better run Daniel or I'll make you wish you had." She said.

"No." Daniel shook his head, looking between Arthur and Morgan, Odette and Thaddeus, "I'm not leaving you with these people. They will kill you."

Thaddeus took a few steps closer, his bow and arrow pointed at him, "Why does he get to live? What is he to us?"

"He's nothing to you which is why he gets to live." Arthur said to Thaddeus defensively, "They won't." Arthur said to Daniel, "If Thaddeus is a man of his word, and not his Mother's dog then he won't." He said looking at Thaddeus.

Thaddeus scoffed, "I promised I wouldn't interfere with you two." He said, "And I'm keeping my word, you never said anything about him." He said sternly.

Daniel shifted, "Arthur... I can't leave you here."

"Daniel if Thaddeus is willing not to interfere you have to be." Arthur said, "Go."

Daniel took a breath in and finally caved in, running off but hide behind a car.

Arthur watched Daniel leave turning not noticing him hide.

Morgan raised her sword "Are you ready brother?"

"No tricks just skill." Arthur said raising his own.

Morgan and Arthur charged at each other, striking their blades together. They fought too in sync, their moves were too predictable for the other to follow. It looked as if they had planned each move before hand and were carrying them out like a dance together. Each fought ferociously to out strength and outwit the other in battle though it wasn't all about them. This would prove everything to their Father. Show him the brutality he put them through and the consequences of it. Morgan would prove she's stronger and better then he thought she was, Arthur prove he was as strong as his Father and he would not be contained by him. They continued moving around each other strike after strike, attack defend attack defend.

They continued this for what felt like hours for someone watching, but to them it felt longer. Every second into a minute that dragged on, though their attacks were far quicker then they thought.

Morgan turned swinging her sword around her ankle twisting in an awkward position giving out beneath her. She fell her sword dropping out of her hand, Arthur holding his sword to her chest hesitating.

"Morgan..." Arthur spoke barely audible.

"Do it." Morgan said quietly, when he didn't respond she repeated herself screaming this time "Do it! Do not back out now let me die how I please! Prove to me you aren't weak prove to him you aren't a coward!" She yelled at him rapidly, "Do it Arthur! Do it-"

Morgan's voice was cut off as she watched an arrow go into her brother's chest.

Morgan was shocked and almost confused, Arthur began to spit up blood dropping his sword and falling forward. Morgan got up in time to catch him before he hit the ground completely. She lowered him to the ground cradling him in her arms, her hands shaking.

Thaddeus watched for a second and lowered his bow slowly. He couldn't stand to watch Arthur kill Morgan, wether it broke his promise or not. He sighed a little and watched Morgan, unsure what to do now.

Morgan was in complete shock shaking her head frantically trying to keep Arthur awake.

Arthur kept spitting up blood, trying to talk but only making small noises, his eyes fluttering.

Morgan felt herself crying but didn't care, "Arthur please." She begged shaking him slightly.

Arthur moved his hand up to Morgan's cheek, with a small bloody smile before his closed.

A cannon goes off for Arthur's death

Daniel looked out of his hiding place and saw Arthur on the ground, "No... Arthur No..."

Thaddeus frowned a little and leaned against a car, still deciding wether or not he should go over to her. It was now down to him, Odette, Morgan and Daniel. He sighed and then walked towards her, "Morgan..."

Morgan kept her head low, close to her younger brother's "Stay away from me." She said in a dangerously low voice.

"Morgan... I couldn't just watch him kill you." Thaddeus said, "I'm sorry."

"I said stay away from me!" Morgan snapped standing up, holding her sword in her hand tight enough that her knuckles were turning white.

Thaddeus paused and took a few steps away from her, "I just want to talk." He said, but knew what came next. "I really am sorry Morgan... I just couldn't watch him kill you." He insisted.

"You gave us your word." Morgan spat, refusing to look at him, "You promised us you would stay out of the way when we asked."

Thaddeus clenched his teeth, "It wasn't a promise I was able to keep." He said.

"You lied to me." Morgan said walking towards him glaring daggers at him, "You're a liar!" She yelled.

Thaddeus gripped his sword and didn't move, "I couldn't watch Arthur kill you... I'm sorry but I had to." He said again.

A"You lied to me! You lied!" Morgan said drawing nearer, "You stole him! This was everything to us!" She yelled.

Thaddeus let out a sigh, "You mean everything to your father?" He asked almost accusingly, not moving from his ground, "Who makes their own children kill each other? My mother isn't even that cruel. Don't you see that Morgan?"

"He didn't make us, we chose this!" Morgan said, "We wanted to be in control for once even if it was how we would die, you just stole that from him! That's all we wanted unlike you."

Thaddeus continued to try to stay calm, "Morgan... Please, I couldn't watch Arthur just kill you." He said, "I guess I'm not as strong as you thought I was." He countered. "Besides, could Arthur of really killed you? Could you really of killed him? What kind of family does that make you two." He said almost impatiently, finding the whole idea stupid.

"Makes us better then you!" Morgan yelled, "This was our independence, we were separating from our father unlike you who'll trail behind his mother like a bitch!" She said

Thaddeus glared at her, "Excuse me?" He spat, "I could tear you limb from limb!" He spat and took a step forwards threateningly, but he really didn't want to. "What kind of sick and twisted siblings try to kill each other!"

"Less sick and twisted then you and your mother or rather your mother and her obedient little slave!" Morgan yelled, "I'm not some stupid career Thaddeus, Arthur and I were trained by our Victor guardian as well, we just decided to make our own choices for once!" She hissed.

Thaddeus rolled his eyes, "Then you are stupid!" He spat, "And sick, you are more twisted then these games. Why don't I just kill my own family?" He laughed a little, "Yeah, that makes total sense Morgan! You're more foolish then your brother!" He said cruelly. Yeah he killed her brother, but he also saved her life.

"He wanted us to find out who was stronger pushing us against each other, this was our turning it on him finally show him the consequences of his actions! We knew we would have to die and we wanted our Father to know before we did, and you were stupider then I to ruin that for us!" Morgan spat bringing her sword down towards Thaddeus's shoulder.

Thaddeus didn't expect this at all as Morgan's sword went into his shoulder. He quickly tried to back up, but stumbled as he felt extreme pain in his shoulder.

Morgan pulled the sword away but continued walking towards Thaddeus, "You're a liar." She said thrusting her sword forwards towards Thaddeus.

Thaddeus was stunned as Morgan's sword went into him and he gasped, his sword dropping out of his hand and he grabbed at the sword for a second.

Odette screeched, "Thaddeus!" She exclaimed and rushed forward with her dual sword.

Morgan let go of her sword leaving it in Thaddeus, picking up Thaddeus's turning to Odette swinging the sword in a way her Father taught her to, that would turn Odette's sword in such an angle that she had to let it go.

Thaddeus dropped to his knees, clutching his wounded as he spit up blood.

Odette's swords were yanked from her, but she still tried to leap at Morgan.

Daniel watched from his hiding place and walked over towards Arthur, and then began running. He bent down near him and frowned, reaching out to touch him.

Morgan grabbed one of the swords before they fell and held them out so Odette impaled herself onto them, "I've always despised pink." She spat.

A cannon fired for Thaddeus and then another for Odette a few moments later.

Daniel flinched at how Arthur already seemed to be growing colder, "I'm sorry..."

Morgan let the swords remain in Odette as well, picking up the other dual sword she had let drop. She turned looking at Daniel "Don't touch him." She said dangerously low and strangely calm from what had just happened.

Daniel looked up and took his hand away from Arthur, his eyes glancing over at Thaddeus and Odette's bodies. He took a deep breath but didn't move.

Morgan walked towards them, still holding Odette's sword not saying a word.

Daniel hesitated and grabbed Arthur's sword and flung his small axe straight toward Morgan.

Morgan leaned to the side, moving out of the way continuing to walk towards Daniel.

Daniel clenched his teeth and didn't move, taking a few steps backwards but knew it was pointless to run. "Sorry about your brother Morgan." He said flatly, knowing he had his own family to get back to.

Morgan didn't respond taking a few more steps before running towards Daniel ready to kill.

Daniel hesitated and when he thought she was close enough he swung the sword at her.

Morgan brought her sword up to block, and pushed the blade trying to twist it out of Daniel's grip.

The move worked, Daniel not having any knowledge of swords but still he tried to throw a punch at Morgan.

Morgan let the punch connect but brought her foot up to kick Daniel to the ground.

Daniel fell back onto the ground, but caught himself with his elbows, glaring up at Morgan.

Morgan looked at him, her face indifferent before she swung her sword down to slash his neck deeply.

The sword slashed his neck open, his hands immediately going to his neck and began gasping for breath.

Morgan stood over him watching mercilessly.

Daniel continued to grip at his neck before going still.

A cannon goes off for Daniel's Death

Ladies and Gentlemen the Victor of the 84th Annual Hunger Games, Morgan James!

Up to where Morgan sees Arthur get killed was written by me! The rest was RPed by SS and I! It hurt to watch Thaddeus die but ohhhh my gosh this was so entertaining and sooooo much fun!

8/18/2014 #10

What if Myxini Roe Won the 85th Hunger Games?

*In this AU, Myxini never died as she went another direction after killing Emyd, never meeting up with Faith and Isaac; and therefore, Faith could not kill her. So after Emyd died, basically everyone died the same way up to Amber and Orainne's deaths, which is where we start.


Myxini hid in a snow-covered tree above where the remnants of the anti-career pack camped. She was right above the girl from District 10, and had a good aim to jump on her back and kill her. However, Myxini noticed her ally, Amber, hiding in the nearby foliage.

Knowing it would give herself away to contact the District 1 tribute, Myxini waited until Amber made her move.

Suddenly, Amber jumped out and swiftly stabbed Orainne in the stomach area. Retaliating quickly, Orainne punched Amber in the face as she fell into the snow bank.

Meanwhile, Faith and Isaac of District 2 were facing off against the Borns twins from District 7. Faith had fired an arrow, which Seline deflected with her axe.

With teeth clenched Seline asked angrily, "I can kill her now right?"

"Kill the bitch," Seth growled, his leg aching in pain.

"Focus on your breathing, just focus on your breathing," Orainne muttered to herself, trying to regroup. Once she had, she charged at Amber, bleeding from an open wound in her stomach which hurt like Hell. But Orainne was determined to make it home for her brother and sister.

Ducking from more of Faith's arrows, Seline pulled a throwing star out from under her coat and flung it at Faith. Turning out of the way, Faith fired an arrow into Seline's shoulder.

"Killing me from a distance?" Seline called, "Stop being a coward. I bet your District is ashamed to have a tribute like you!"

Faith smirked in amusement, "Come at me then."

Seething with anger, Orainne stared at Amber and shoved her knife into the District 1 girl's chest. Shrieking, Orainne fell back, her eyes filled in horror at what she'd done.

A cannon fired for Amber's death.

As Faith and Seline began to fight hand to hand, Myxini smiled. She was content to watch the chaos from up here in the tree. With Charles beside his dying sister, District 10 bleeding out on the ground, and Districts 2 and 7 fighting, most of the tributes would likely be dead very soon.

Gripping her stomach, Orainne faced Charles and Sally-Ann, "Don't help me," she gasped, "I'm not worth it." She saw the fight in the distance and let out an umph of pain.

"Whoever, wins please make sure Berenjena and Res Vasquez are safe please," Orainne screamed to now one in particular falling down on her knees panting.

Orainne stared at her bloody hands, her blood. It was thick, warm, and red. "No one liked me in my District save for my siblings and a dog." She looked at her allies, "I like to think that in an alternate universe somewhere we'd be friends. Our whole alliance. Friends, I haven't had those in ages." She turned around from them with the last of her dying strength and used a tree to support herself standing up. "This is for you President Snow and the whole Capitol." She quickly raised her bloody hands up with two solitary middle fingers. "F*ck you!" She screached and fell down almost immediately into the snow.

She looked at Charles and smiled, "Charles Reed I was a little bit in love with you. It was stupid, but... but... but..." she broke off and lay still for a few seconds, "Death's just the next great adventure right?" She closed her eyes and her head rolled to one side. She exhaled and Orainne's poor, tortured soul left with it. But on her earthly body, two middle fingers still flipped off everyone who had ever hurt her.

A canon fired for Orainne's death.

Seline kicked Faith to the ground. "Say goodnight princess," she spoke bringing her axe down into Faith's chest.

A canon fired to Faith's death.

Amber, the girl from 10, and Faith, Myxini smiled broadly there were three less tributes in the arena now.

"There's only 6 of us left," Seth told Seline, a little surprised at her aggression.

Frowning, Seline removed Faith's supplies from her dead body. "Looks like Orainne and District 1 were the other two victims. Meaning it's the boy from 2, the girl from 4, the Reeds, and us."

Holding back tears, Isaac threw a knife towards Seline as he saw Faith's corpse. Reacting quickly, Seth dragged his sister out of the knife's path. Then, Isaac took off in the opposite direction before collapsing. He was still freezing from his fall into the lake earlier.

Charles sat by his sister's form, hugging her tightly. The cream wasn't working, was it? No, it had to, it had to work.

A canon fired for Sally-Ann's death.

After being silent for a moment, Charles whispered, "Who was it? It had to have been Isaac or the girl from 4. It was probably one of those yeti things, the ones that killed Demens from 10."

Up in the tree, Myxini knew the truth that Sally-Ann was dead. She was happy, one less tribute until she got to go home. Plus, Isaac was in no shape to fight even a puny fourteen-year old, albeit a puny fourteen-year old who also happened to be a trained murderer.

Seth also knew the truth, "Charles," he said quietly walking over to him.

Seline was still a bit dizzy after hitting the ice when her twin pulled her away from the knife. She rubbed her head and watched Seth heading towards Charles. She also looked into one of the trees and noticed the crazy girl from 4, who seemed to be enjoying herself a little too much.

As Charles began to cry, Seth spoke, "I'm so sorry…"

Glaring at Seth, Charles yelled, "This wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for your stupid plan."

Seth hesitated before retorting, "I didn't know the ice would break."

Charles stood up and continued yelling, "You put them all in danger, YOU KILLED HER!"

By this point, the sun had almost all but set, ruining Myxini and Seline's view of the confrontation happening between Seth and Charles.

Seth flinched, "Charles just calm down... I-I didn't know it would go wrong," He Insisted.

"She died because of you!" Charles said shoving Seth back.

Meanwhile, Isaac was leaning against a boulder, trying to cuddle his limbs together as he lost feeling in his body entirely. His lips were blue and he shivered frequently, drifting in and out of consciousness. At some point, he thought he heard a canon fire.

"She's dead!" Charles yelled, "I didn't go and kill your sister! Why did you kill mine? You knew exactly how it would feel for me!" He screamed.

Slumping against the boulder, Isaac's body gave one last shudder before he lay still forever.

A cannon fired for Isaac's death.

Seth scrambled too his feet, "Charles I didn't mean too! I-I didn't know that would happen!" He tried, "Please just calm down."

"Calm down?!" Charles yelled, "You killed her! You killed her!" He screamed moving to shove Seth again, getting angrier and angrier.

Seline's eyes widened as she tried to stumble to her feet "Seth get away from him!" She yelled at him seeing what was going to happen. She stumbled over closer and closer to them.

Myxini smiled watching the fight in the moonlight. Thankfully, the clouds had stopped obscuring the moon and she had a decent view.

Seth stumbled backwards before Charles could shove him, but he neared him again, "Charles please I didn't mean for that to happen! I don't want to fight! Either Isaac or District 4 just died, we need to go find them."

Charles grabbed his large club gripping it so his knuckles turned white in a matter of seconds, "Does it matter, what if I just accidentally killed Seline with my club just now?" He questioned angrily, Charles had never gotten this angry before, the games had broken him. "We're going to have to fight anyways, we're the only three left!" He yelled before swinging at Seth with his club. Seth didn't move in time, the club with spikes went right into his stomach, and he stumbled backwards. Charles pulled back looking at Seth's stomach paling, almost dropping his club.

Seline stumbled over to her brother. With blood pouring out of his mouth, Seth chocked, "Seline."

Seline watched blood come from his mouth pushing through the dizziness she ran over as fast as she could falling down next to him "Nononono" she said softly tears pouring down her face "It's okay, your fine, everything's going to be okay" she sniffed shifting his head onto her knees and stroking his hair

A little more blood came out of Seth's mouth, "I-I'm sorry..." He got out, "You were r-Right Seline... You're always right..." He murmured.

Seline shook her head tears coming heavier "It's okay" she whispered "You didn't know...This is not your fault" she told him

Seth's eyes flicked back and forth, looking at Seline, tryin to keep his sisters face in his mind, knowing that she could make it out an kill Charles. "I love you Seline," He said too his sister, giving her a light smile, blood stained his teeth.

Seline looked into his eyes "I love you to" she whispered tears falling onto his forehead, reaching down she took his hand in hers and held onto it tightly her other hand stroking his hair

Meanwhile, Myxini had creeped down from the tree and walked over behind where Seline and Seth were, but out of Charles's sight. Silently, she threw a knife into Seline's skull.

"Myxini is fully sorry to interrupt this cute brother-sister moment, but Myxini had the monopoly on cute when Myxini was a little girl and it turned to creepy. But Myxini isn't creepy."

A cannon fired for Seline's death.

"Myxini," Seth growled as Myxini walked up to him. Smiling wickedly, she tried to drag his form away, but he was too heavy.

"Myxini can't lift you," Myxini frowned, "But Myxini will just have to kill you in front of District 8." Myxini yanked Seth's head up and strung her necklace around his neck and strangled him. It was a quicker death than when Emyd died, but Seth fought against the District 4 tribute with all of his dying strength.

A cannon fired for Seth's death.

After the cannon fired, Charles ran up to Myxini and yanked her by her honey-blonde pigtails and dragged the small girl up. Myxini screeched. "Ow that hurts Myxini. Let Myxini go."

Furiously, Myxini kicked Charles in the nuts and he doubled over in pain, dropping Myxini on the ice. Falling face forward on the ice, Myxini screeched as her nose was busted up and began to gush blood.

However, this didn't faze the girl. She rushed forwards and Charles, pulling a knife out of her overcoat. Throwing her bodyweight into the District 8 boy, she couldn't knock him over. So she started to stab him in the stomach. Once her knife entered, Charles grabbed her hand and yanked it away from his body. He pulled the knife out and threw it at Myxini.

"Nice try, but Myxini is harder to kill," Myxini taunted dodging the knife. She smiled, "Do you want to hear a song? I have one more song for the arena?"

Bleeding and confused Charles asked, "Song? What?"

"Yeah a song," Myxini smiled, "Myxini wrote it herself! It'd be a shame if Myxini didn't get to sing it."

"I don't want to hear you're stupid song," Charles growled.

"Too bad, Myxini will sing it anyway." Myxini said with a smile. She began to sing as she approached him. "Myxini had a pearl necklace, pearl necklace, pearl necklace. Myxini had a pearl necklace with pearls as white as snow. She tied it around another's tributes neck, tribute's neck, tribute's neck, she tied it around another's tributes neck and he was strangled to death."

After the last note, Myxini threw herself onto Charles and took two small, pocket knives and shoved them into his eyes at the same time. Charles hollered and tried to push Myxini off, but she flipped it over and began to wrap the necklace around his neck.

She smiled, "Myxini made it especially for her final kill, which is you. Think of it as a death day present."

Charles gurgled in pain as Myxini strangled him and cut off his windpipe. It only took a few minutes before Charles Reed fell limp.

The final canon fired and an announcers voice came over the loudspeaker in the arena, "Ladies and gentleman, I present to you the victor of the 85th Annual Hunger Games- Myxini Roe of District 4."

Myxini stood up, still bleeding and hurt and cold- she really hated the cold and never wanted to be cold again in her life.

"Victory," She cheered holding the wicked necklace that had once belonged to her deceased mother up in the air.

Revenge was sweet for Myxini Roe.

11/28/2014 #11

Spring Awakening AU

Those You've Known

(Super long!! And not really like the AU's it's based off of the Broadway musical Spring Awakening, I changed the last names a bit to have them fit in more with the time and place setting! It might be a bit confusing if you haven't seen or heard of the show but hopefully it gets across!)

19th Century Germany

"Troiae qui primus ab oris. Italiam fato profugus Laviniaque venit,"

"Very good Herr Robel, Herr Moor continue."

Thaddeus Moor, stood and continued to recite in latin the scriptures they had been studying. He looked straight ahead, making sure not to glance at his teacher Herr Sonnenstich who was strict and easily set off.

"Better Herr Moor, Herr Samuelle." Herr Sonnenstich prompted.

There was silence in the room, as the other students turned to look at Herr Samuelle, Isaac who's head was down on his desk. The students held their breath as Herr Sonnenstich slowly turned around.

"Herr Samuelle."

Isaac still didn't stir, until Herr Sonnenstich brought his thick teachers cane down onto Isaac's desk, the student immediately waking up.

Isaac paused, looking up at his teacher, "Y-yes sir?" He asked slowly.

"Continue Herr Samuelle."

Isaac paused looking around before standing; he took a moment before slowly starting "Litora multum enim-"

"Multum enim?"

Isaac paused swallowing a bit, "Multum onim…?" He said trying again.

"Multum onim? Onim?" Herr Sonnenstich said, his tone growing angrier, "Herr Samuelle do you have any idea what you are saying?"

Isaac stood like a deer in headlights, too petrified to answer.

"Herr Sonnenstich perhaps you heard him wrong," Thaddeus spoke up, rising to his feet, "Or perhaps Herr Samuelle is referring to a plausible conjecture of the text."

"I am quite positive that Herr Samuelle was not referring to any such thing." Herr Sonnenstich hissed.

"With respect sir, are you suggesting there is no room for any critical thought or interpretation? If not then why do we even need-"

Thaddeus was cut off as he was struck in the chest by Herr Sonnenstich's cane, "I am saying no such thing, I am confirming the error that Herr Samuelle has made, and I am asking, no demanding you to stop defending his faulty text. Do I make myself clear?"

Thaddeus said nothing only looking straight ahead. Isaac still stood as well, looking a bit shocked still speechless.

"Herr Moor?" Herr Sonnenstich asked, waiting for a response before striking Thaddeus again harder, reinforcing.

"Yes Herr Sonnenstich." Thaddeus said before taking his seat, Isaac sitting as well and class continuing.

Soon the bell rung and the boys left the classroom, Isaac and Thaddeus lingering behind.

"Thank you Thaddeus" Isaac said quietly as they packed their books.

"It's nothing Isaac." Thaddeus said.

"Still, I'm sorry you didn't need to-"

"Isaac really, it's fine." Thaddeus reassured.

"I should have known it though, litora multum ille." Isaac said shaking his head, "I didn't get any sleep, none at all I had such a horrible dream last night, a nightmare really." He said as the two walked out of the classroom and out of the school building into the cold autumn air.

The two walked, "Sixty lines of latin, and all of those equations I'll be up all night again and still won't get through it, and if I try and sleep I'll be haunted again by a stupid dream." Isaac said shaking his head.

"What kind of dream?" Thaddeus asked, a bit amused with his friend and how easily he was put off by things.

Isaac hesitated, "It was, it was about a man."

Thaddeus stopped walking for a moment, surprising Isaac he looked at him, "What do you mean a man? Like… Sexually?" He asked carefully.

"No! I mean yes, but well sort of." Isaac said struggling to explain, "I'm not sure…"

"Do you mean you're, you're a homosexual?" Thaddeus asked a bit unsure of what to think.

"No, no I don't know." Isaac said, "I think, I think I'm just curious… I don't really know very much… You could tell me!" He said.

"Why do you think I would know?" Thaddeus asked almost defensive.

"Well, you're so smart Thaddeus, the smartest in our class and your mother let's you go to the library anytime you want." Isaac said.

"Yes for reading and such, not to research something like this."

"I'm hardly ever even allowed out, with studying and my mother worrying all the time, please Thaddeus would you just look into it for me?" Isaac pleaded, his face looking desperate.

Thaddeus's face twisted a bit, but he sighed "Alright then, I'll go see what I can find and I'll write it all down for you if it will help you sleep at night." He said.

Isaac smiled genuinely, "Thank you Thaddeus."

Thaddeus sat, writing in his journal and fixing the "essay" he had written for Isaac. He leaned against a tree even though the weather was getting colder and winter was coming he could still enjoy a few more days outside alone in the woods.

"Thaddeus Moor?"

Thaddeus looked up, quickly tucking away the essay "Morgan Jaemes? What are you doing out here, alone?"

Morgan glanced behind her for a moment hesitating, "Father is working, I thought I would leave the house. And you?" She asked.

"This is my favourite spot, for thinking." He said.

"Oh, I'm sorry-"

"No, no it's fine." Thaddeus said waving her back, "How have you been?"

"Well, this morning was lovely the youth group made baskets of food and clothes for the children on the streets. You should have seen their faces, how much we brightened their day." Morgan said, smiling softly.

"I've actually been thinking a lot about that." Thaddeus said.

"Street children?" Morgan asked, sitting down next to him.

"No, our Sunday school and church. How much do they really help? Do their little acts of charity really make a difference?" Thaddeus asked.

"Well I think they have to, I don't know what other hope those people have." Morgan said.

"I don't either, but I don't think that there is any actual help for them anymore. The world is changing and turning against them."

"Turning against all of us then?" Morgan said.

Thaddeus paused before nodding, surprised that she seemed to understand.

"Does your mother know that you feel so against the church?" She asked with a small laugh.

Thaddeus smiled a bit shaking his head, "I can only imagine what she would say."

Morgan smiled, "Well it might be best to keep that opinion to yourself."

"I don't see why I should, or anyone really." Thaddeus said.

"Well, that's just the way things are right now." Morgan said with a shrug, "Maybe one day it will be different."

Thaddeus paused looking at her and nodding, "All these years of knowing you and I don't think we've truly talked."

Morgan nodded, "Well we don't have many opportunities, now that we're older." She said.

"Well maybe one day, boys and girls will be able to go to school together." Thaddeus said shifting slightly, closer to Morgan "Wouldn't that be something?" He said.

Morgan smiled nodding, "What time is it?" She asked.

"Nearly four I think."

"Oh, I thought it was later, I have to be home by five." Morgan said starting to move.

"Then can't you stay a bit longer?" Thaddeus asked moving as well as Morgan stood.

"The sun is setting soon, I really have to go." She said.

"Then can I walk you?" He asked.

Morgan hesitated, "Only to the bridge, I'll walk the rest of the way myself." She said.

Thaddeus nodded, the two began to walk through the woods and home.

"Sorry I'm so late." Isaac said entering Thaddeus's room holding his books and bag, "I threw a coat on and ran here as fast as I could." He said a bit out of breath, his hair a mess.

"Were you asleep?" Thaddeus asked sitting on his bed motioning for Isaac to sit next to him.

Isaac sat down slumping on the bed, "I'm exhausted, I was up until three in the morning reading the things you gave me."

"Did they help at all?" Thaddeus asked, grabbing a cigarette from out of his bedside drawer, handing it to his friend.

Isaac shook his head, taking the cigarette his hands shaking a bit pulling out a match from his pocket, "I can focus on anything anymore, the essay you wrote only made things ten times worse!" Isaac protested, "I can't keep dreaming and thinking these things I'll go insane and it's not-"

"I have tea for-" Enobaria Moor stopped seeing Isaac with Thaddeus, she pursed her lips a bit "Ah, Herr Samuelle I didn't know you were stopping by I'll bring another cup." She said a hint of irritation in her voice.

"Thank you Frau Moor." Isaac said with a nod, a bit nervous always being slightly afraid of Frau Moor, but then who wasn't.

Isaac lit his cigarette inhaling a bit to calm himself down, "Your mother hates me." He said shaking his head.

"She doesn't." Thaddeus said leaning back.

Isaac shook his head but didn't press any further, "What did you think of the stuff you found?" He asked.

"What do you mean, like what I thought of, well two men?" Thaddeus asked a hesitating slightly.

Isaac nodded taking another drag from his cigarette.

"I don't think it really connected with me I guess, like just reading about it didn't make it any less unknown to me." Thaddeus said, "It's something that I would have to experience." He said before glancing at Isaac who didn't look at him, "Not that I'm saying I myself have ever, or would want-"

"Not that I'm saying I wouldn't want… Would ever want to not - Would ever not want…" Isaac said struggling and stumbling on his words still not looking at Thaddeus.

"Isaac?" Thaddeus said softly.

"I have to go." Isaac said quickly, standing up and reaching for his bag.

"Isaac wait-" Thaddeus started.

"I can't, I'm sorry," Isaac said grabbing his things.

Thaddeus stood up as well, and grabbed Isaac's arm to stop him.

Isaac paused looking at Thaddeus before pulling his arm away and quickly leaving.

Thaddeus sighed sitting back down on his bed and leaning back.

"Did you get caught?" A classmate asked.

Isaac shook his head, "No, no thank god." He said.

"But you're shaking." Another pointed out.

"Of joy, pure joy." Isaac said grinning.

Thaddeus walked into the classroom to find many of the boys crowded around Isaac, all talking in excited murmurs they all greeted him with a nod as he entered. "Isaac I've been looking for you." He said.

"He snuck into headmaster's office!" A classmate said.

Thaddeus looked at Isaac shocked, "Isaac what were you thinking?"

"I had to know, I just had to but the good news is I passed the midterm examinations!" Isaac said excitedly, practically jumping forwards and hugging Thaddeus.

Thaddeus was a bit surprised, it wasn't unlike them to hug, but since the other day they had been a bit distant.

"I know I still have the final examinations but just this, knowing I passed." Isaac said excitedly, "Heaven must feel like this." He said.

Morgan was sitting by the tree, weaving some wild flowers into a small crown, the flowers were dying and slightly damp from the weather but they looked nice enough. She had begun to meet Thaddeus here since the first time they talked here.

Thaddeus approached, holding a book to read smiling seeing Morgan already there. He sat down next to her opening his book, "That looks nice." He said looking at the crown.

Morgan smiled, "Thank you," She said holding it up as she finished it.

Thaddeus gently took it from her hands and put it on top of her head. "Oh, you're braids coming loose."

Morgan's smile instantly faded, she quickly reached up to fix her hair but Thaddeus gently took her arm.

"Leave it, it's a nuisance to keep in and it would look better down." He said.

Morgan shook her head, "No, I can't." She said pulling her arm away, though finding Thaddeus had a good grip and winced slightly.

Thaddeus paused letting go of her arm seeing that she was in pain, "What's wrong with your arm?" He asked.

"It's nothing really." Morgan said holding it.

"Let me see." Thaddeus said, taking Morgan's arm gently and rolling up the sleeve of her dress, revealing ugly bruises and welts, Thaddeus's breath got caught in his throat for a moment, "How did this happen?" He asked swallowing.

Morgan looked down, "They're nothing, just when well when I don't do as he likes…"

"Your father?"

Morgan nodded, "He'll take out his belt, not always a belt though."

"Morgan you have to tell someone." Thaddeus said,

Morgan quickly shook her head, "No I can't, he'd throw me out for sure."

"I can't just let you go home to that." Thaddeus said shaking his head.

"Please, just don't say anything." Morgan said.

Thaddeus paused, before finally nodding not saying anything else but pulling her close to him holding her close.

"Herr Samuelle, I need to speak with you." The headmaster said, calling Isaac into his office.

Isaac stood still and straight, not wanting to get into any trouble.

"It's unfortunate but I will go straight to it, I regret to inform you that you have not passed your examinations and you will not be allowed to continue into the next grade."

Isaac froze, unable to speak from shock.

"Herr Samuelle?"

"Th-that can't be right." Isaac finally said.

"Pardon me?" The headmaster asked.

"I mean, I just… Can I see my examination?" Isaac asked, knowing that he had passed.

The headmaster paused, "No, no you may not. I'm sorry there are only 30 spots for next years upper grade, and you simply won't be one of them."

Isaac felt like he was going to throw up, he started shaking his head, "That can't be right." He said his voice giving out.

"Thank you Herr Samuelle you may go."

Isaac eventually made his way home, his mother was preoccupied with a small embroidery by the fireplace she greeted him with a small nod, not looking up from her work. He slowly made his way to his father's study where he found his father at his desk.


"Isaac." His father said not looking up, he waited a moment expecting Isaac to speak but there was silence, "Yes?" He asked a bit irritated.

"Well, well I was wondering… Hypothetically speaking what would happen, what would happen if…" Isaac said nervously.

"If?" His father said his tone warning.

"If one day I failed? Not that-"

"You're telling me you've failed?" His father said angrily standing up.

"No, no I only meant-"

"You've failed haven't you?" His father said walking towards him.

"Father no! I-"

Isaac's father raised his palm and slapped Isaac across the face hard.

Isaac stepped back a bit, a bit surprised his cheek stinging "Father please I-"

His Father struck him across the face again, and then again harder until Isaac stopped protesting and a few more times after that practically knocking him down before turning away from him.

"I should have known it would come to this. I can't say I'm surprised." His father said, "Failed." He spat disgusted.

Isaac flinched, shaking his face red and already seemed to be bruising.

"So now what are your mother and I to do? How can I show my face at the bank? How do we go to church? What do we say? My son failed." Isaac's father said practically growling, "Thank god my father never lived to see this." He said before stalking out of his office.

Isaac shook, on the verge of tears but swallowed them down, he stood up moving to his father's desk going through one of the drawers, his hands shaking.

Dear Herr Samuelle,

You were right to think that we are not friends, I do not think of you with any fond regards. However you are somehow close to my Thaddeus. It is unfortunate that your exams did not come off as well as you hoped and you will not be promoted come this fall. I must say though, fleeing to America is a foolish solution and even if it weren't I cannot and would not provide the money you request. Do not confuse my refusal with my lack of affection for you, as Thaddeus's mother I have tolerated you because of his fondness towards you. Still Herr Samuelle, one thing in your letter disturbed me. Your, veiled threat, that should you not be able to escape you would take your own life. I assure you that any drastic measures need not be taken, I will write your mother to convince her that you did work as hard as you could last semester. In the meantime keep your head high, it will not do you or Thaddeus nicely to mope.

Frau Moor

Isaac nearly ripped the response to his letter he sent to Thaddeus's Mother. His hands shook and he crumpled it and stuffed it into his coat pocket. He felt the other thing he had taken from his father's desk, other than the paper and ink needed to write to Frau Moor. A small gun, one that fit into his jacket and his father would never notice missing. He held it in his pocket for a moment before letting it go and walking off, heading for the woods.

Thaddeus sat in a hayloft in a barn, near the tree where Morgan and him would meet. Ever since the snow fell they needed a new place and the barn was old and empty.


Thaddeus sat up straight, not expecting anyone else to be there. "Morgan? Shouldn't you be with the youth group?" He asked

"I snuck away." She said entering the barn, moving to sit next to him.

Thaddeus was quiet, not really in the mood to talk.

"Your friend, Isaac Samuelle is absent. Someone said he's been missing all day." Morgan said.

"He's probably had enough of church or his family. Either or." Thaddeus said, not knowing that Isaac wasn't living at home anymore.

"You should come outside with me, it's dark and stuffy in here. I don't mind the snow." Morgan said, sitting down next to Thaddeus who automatically leaned against her.

"I can hear your heart beating." He said, moving Morgan's hand gently to his chest holding it there,

"I can feel yours." She said quietly.

Thaddeus looked up at her for a moment before leaning up and kissing her.

Morgan hesitated but kissed him back, the two continuing to kiss until they were lying down. The two of them spending the night in the hayloft together.

Isaac ran into the forest, nearly slipping many times on the ice and branches. His heart was racing and he felt like he couldn't breathe. He couldn't go home anymore, he didn't have one he felt like he was going to puke but there was nothing to throw up, Isaac not remembering the last time he ate.

He finally fell, sticking his hands out to break his fall didn't help as he slammed his face into the cold ground. He felt like he was going to cry he sat up, his knees getting soaked from the wet ground. He pulled his father's gun from his pocket looking at it his hands still shaking. He began to lift it until he heard a voice.

"Isaac Samuelle?"

He turned quickly, hiding the gun in his pocket, "Faith?" He said shocked, "Y-you scared me." He said.

"What are you doing out here? Did you lose something?" Faith asked walking forwards, "What are you looking for?" She asked.

Isaac shook his head, "I don't know." He said.

"Then what's the use of looking?" Faith asked, Isaac looked down noticing she wasn't wearing any shoes.

"Why did you run off Faith? The doctors they could have helped you." Isaac said quietly.

Faith frowned, "We would never be able to afford the help I needed, and Papa was drinking." She said shaking her head, "I didn't want to stick around there." She said, "Besides I'm much happier now out here." She said, "What about you Isaac? Still in school?"

Isaac frowned shaking his head, "This semester I'm through."

Faith's face twisted a bit, "I'm sorry." She said, as Isaac waved her off.

"I'd better go." Isaac said shaking his head.

"Let me walk you to your house." Faith said.

Isaac shook his head, "I have to be home quickly." He said, "There's no use."

"Walk me home then?" Faith asked.

"I wish I could."

"Then why don't you?" Faith pushed.

"I have homework, goodnight Faith." Isaac said turning to leave.

"Goodnight?" Faith said, "Isaac please just for an hour."

"Honestly I wish I could." Isaac said turning, his tone colder this time though.

Faith frowned, "I don't have much time left Isaac, sooner or later I'll be lying in some trash heap dead." She said before turning and leaving quickly, upset.

Isaac frowned turning around to see Faith leave, he paused before moving to run after her before slipping again hitting his face on the ice. When he brought his head up again, Faith was long gone and the sky seemed to darken.

He looked around, sitting up he pulled the gun from his pocket. The night had washed over and the only thing that gave light was the first few stars in the sky. Isaac looking down at the gun in his hands and slowly brought it up, cocking the hammer. His hands shook as he set the gun in his mouth, his finger lingering over the trigger.

Thaddeus stood over the grave, his face pale a stricken with grief. He couldn't move from his spot. He could hear Isaac's mother sobbing off to the side, and straight across from him he could see Isaac's father standing perfectly still his head low staring at his son's grave.

Other friends of Isaac dropped flowers into his grave, Morgan, Faith, even Thaddeus's mother.

As everyone began to leave, Enobaria moved to Thaddeus's side and started to lead him away. As they passed Isaac's father Thaddeus noticed him crying.

As they arrived home, Enobaria hugged Thaddeus tight and they sat in his father's old study, which Enobaria had taken up as her own private room. Thaddeus sat in a chair next to the desk, as Enobaria sat by the fireplace sewing. Thaddeus let his eyes and mind wander, not really wanting to think on anything important.

He looked around the room, uninterested though until he noticed an opened letter on the desk, his eyes scanned through it, noticing it was from Isaac and he slowly grabbed it reading the whole thing through.

Enobaria finally noticed what her son was doing and she stood up, "Thaddeus." She said.

"You knew?" Thaddeus asked, his voice quiet.

Enobaria scowled, looking away.

"You knew he was going to do that, and you did nothing." Thaddeus said his voice breaking.

"Thaddeus." Enobaria said walking towards him.

"Don't! Don't come near me!" He yelled standing up before running out of the room and house with the letter.

"Thaddeus!" His mother called after him but didn't follow.

Thaddeus ran as fast as he could, finally making it to Morgan's house knocking on her door quickly waiting a moment before knocking again impatiently. The door finally swung open, Morgan's Father stood towering above Thaddeus glaring down at him.

"You're Enobaria's boy." He said.

Thaddeus nodded, "Is your daughter, Morgan home?"

Morgan's Father's face darkened, "She's busy. You'll have to come by tomorrow." He said starting to close the door.

Thaddeus quickly put his hand out to keep it open, "I need to see her, I'm not leaving until I do."

Morgan's father glared at him, closing the door in his face. Thaddeus glared his hands shaking as he started banging on the door.

Eventually the door opened to Thaddeus's surprise, Morgan had opened it though barely and she hid behind the door.

"Morgan I-"

"Thaddeus you have to go home." Morgan said.

Thaddeus was a bit surprised, "Morgan, I can't I can't go home right now. Please I need to talk to you."

Morgan winced slightly at that, "I'm sorry, I can't you have to leave."

Thaddeus paused, "Morgan, open the door."

"You have to leave Thaddeus I'm sorry." Morgan moving to close the door, Thaddeus putting his hand out to keep it open and slowly pushed it open Morgan not resisting letting him open the door.

"Morgan." Thaddeus said softly when the door opened, showing her full face complete with a swollen eye and a split lip.

"You have to go Thaddeus." Morgan said shaking her head, "My father doesn't want to see you."

Thaddeus shook his head, "I'm not leaving, not now."

Morgan frowned starting to close the door, "Go home Thaddeus." She said closing the door.

Thaddeus was a bit shocked and waited a moment. Standing outside of Morgan's door until it started to get dark. He eventually turned and left walking slowly home unsure what to do.

As he arrived home he was shocked again, to see the headmaster talking to his mother who was holding a pile of papers that he immediately recognized as the "essay" he had written for Isaac.

"Ah, Herr Moor." The headmaster said seeing Thaddeus, "Yes you are just the person I was looking for."

Thaddeus didn't even look at the headmaster, keeping his eyes locked on the papers in his Mother's hands.

"Well, two days following the young, the young…" The headmaster began seeming to forget Isaac's name.

"Herr Samuelle." Enobaria supplied.

"Yes, Herr Samuelle. Two days following the young Herr Samuelle's death, his father had went through the boys effects and found those, which made the cause of the young Herr Samuelle's death, due to his moral corruption."

Thaddeus couldn't believe what he was hearing, he shook his head.

The headmaster seemed a bit surprised, "Are you meaning to say that you did not write this?"

Thaddeus shook his head, "Just give it to me." He said starting to reach for it.

"Thaddeus!" Enobaria nearly screeched.

"Did you, or did you not write this?" The headmaster asked, matching Enobaria's volume.

Thaddeus remained silent glaring at both of them.

"I will ask you one last time, did you write this?" The headmaster asked his tone warning and threatening.

Thaddeus paused looking between them, "Yes." He said, he could almost swear there was a hint of a smile on the headmaster's face, while his mother looked horrified.

"I suggest a reformatory for the boy." The headmaster said starting to talk to Enobaria.

Enobaria glared at the headmaster, "My son is neither a criminal or degenerate." She snapped, "I will not have him locked up with them." She said.

Thaddeus's mind began to wander as the two adults began to argue over his fate. He was so tired he just couldn't handle it anymore. He stood staring at the wall until there was a knock on the door, and his Mother went to open it.

A young boy handed Enobaria a letter. The headmaster continued to talk at her as she opened and read it, doing so she began to grow pale and looked as if she were about to faint. "Do what you will." She said, Thaddeus snapping out of his daze to look at her shocked, "A reformatory." She said before leaving the room to her study with the letter.

Dear Thaddeus,

I only pray that my letter reaches you. I have written so many and heard nothing back. This evening after my Father falls asleep I will leave and come to you. I will find you in that terrible place. They will let me see you they must, I have such news. I hardly even understand myself, and of course my Father does not approve at all but I know-

Thaddeus's letter from Morgan was ripped from his hands by one of the other boys at the reformatory. "Who's this from?" The boy sneered looking it over.

"None of your business." Thaddeus said quickly moving to snatch it back, just missing the paper.

"Is it from your slut?"

"You shit!" Thaddeus yelled lunging at him, knocking him to the ground but the boy had passed the letter off to another.

"A letter from the bitch" Another boy laughed and began to read it a loud. The boys continued to pass along and read the letter as Thaddeus punched and kicked trying to get it back.

"I have so many dreams, of the better world we will build together with our child-" A boy began to read.

Thaddeus froze, "Child?" He said aloud shocked, he had never been told the letter that his Mother had received was meant for him as well, meant to inform him of what had happened.

"He didn't know? You impregnated the bitch and you didn't know!" One of the boys, Mason started to laugh.

Thaddeus glared and immediately punched Mason square in the nose knocking him back. The other boys leap at Thaddeus grabbing at him and punching him as he fought back.

"Father where are we going?" Morgan asked quietly.

"To see a doctor." Her father responded barely able to look at her. He knocked on what looked like a normal house, the door opening revealing a sleazy looking man.

"Ah Herr Jaemes, yes I'll see her now." The man said taking her by the arm and leading her into the house.

"What's going on, Father?" Morgan asked beginning to panic.

"I'm fixing this mess you've gotten us into." Her father said coldly glaring at her.

"Father, please what's going on?" Morgan asked, trying to pull away from the man.

"I will wait for you here."

"Father please, please don't leave me!" Morgan screamed as she was practically dragged away.

Morgan's father ignored her screams and watched as she was dragged to the back of the house and through a door, hearing the click of a lock. He glanced around before closing the curtains of the house and locking the door.

Dear Faith,

I've been on the run for days, but I was finally able to sit somewhere safe and write. I know that someone will be able to get this to you. I will be back tonight, and I beg of you to bring Morgan to the graveyard behind the church, I will be waiting for her there at midnight.

Thaddeus Moor

Faith read over the letter she was given frowning, before crumpling it and throwing it away.

Thaddeus stood in the graveyard, holding his coat close to him for warmth. Winter was just ending but the cold air still remained. He walked around almost a bit aimlessly until he came upon a certain grave.

Isaac Samuelle

He kneeled down and looked at it sadly, "I'm so sorry Isaac." He said barely a whisper, "But I won't let them get to me, or Morgan, or our child for that matter." He said shaking his head, "We're going to get away from here and all of this, I'm sorry you couldn't." He said touching the grave lightly.

Suddenly there was loud chiming, signalling it was midnight and Thaddeus looked around standing up waiting for Morgan, seeing no sign of her. He started to walk looking at the graves, all the small ones like for Isaac, and the fresh ones. He leaned in a bit to read one of the fresh graves epitaphs.

"Here, Rests in God Morgan Jaemes-" Thaddeus began to read but then froze, he quickly dropped to his knees, wiping off the dirt on the stone to read the rest, he shook his head not believing this was happening. He felt like he was going to pass out, he wanted to scream. He bent over the grave shaking his head until he noticed something out of the corner of his eye.


Sure enough, sitting on his own grave was Isaac, or what appeared to be. The boy was in his funeral clothes, his hair neat for once but there was blood coating the back of his head. He looked over at Thaddeus giving a weak smile.

Thaddeus looked at him in shock shaking his head, feeling himself crying "Well you had the right idea." He said, taking out a razor blade from his jacket, holding it up to his throat noticing something else almost right next to him, turning to see Morgan in a similar appearance to Isaac, in a white funeral gown her hair done neatly but her skin was pale and bruised.

Soon Isaac was next to him as well, and both Isaac and Morgan put their hands on Thaddeus's, lowering them from his neck taking the razor from him. He could have sworn they felt so real. Morgan smiled a bit, and wiped Thaddeus's tears. Thaddeus took each of their hands, holding them in his own as close to himself as he could closing his eyes.

He sat there until morning, the sun just coming up when he opened his eyes to find Isaac and Morgan gone, his hands still as if he were holding theirs. He knew he would go on, he would continue to live without them but with them. They would walk with him, their thoughts would be with him, their names in his heart. He paused looking around the graveyard, the grass was green and alive, flowers just starting to bloom; spring was returning.

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What if Alec Klassen passed away? (Part 1)

4-5 months before the 93rd Games

Juliet sat in her home in the Capitol, she was cleaning up after Duncan's birthday party, he had turned 3. She picked her phone up again and dialed Alec's number. She waited and yet again, still no answer. He had left earlier this morning and was supposed to come home tonight. Everyone had asked where he was and she obviously couldn't answer. The phone went to the voicemail and she took a deep breath, "Alec Klassen, I swear to god you better call me back. What the heck am I supposed to say to your child? You should of seen the disappointment in your three year old sons face when I finally told him you weren't showing up. Did you just happen to forget your son turned 3 today?" She asked angrily and hung up the phone, which she obviously knew he hadn't. This topic was specifically a soft spot seeing the many birthdays her own father missed of not just hers but her siblings.

She walked out of the kitchen when there was a knock at the door and she walked over to it and opened it, seeing two peacekeepers. She froze for a second as she looked between the two. "Ma'am, is this the home of Alec Klassen?" The peacekeeper asked.

Juliet's breathing stopped for a second as she looked between the two of them, getting lost in her thoughts.

16 year old Juliet walked through her home, tiptoeing around, making sure that her younger siblings were asleep. She walked into the living room, seeing a huge pile of wedding gifts that needed to be returned. The wedding had been just a week ago and she was still feeling the sting of Tanner leaving her. She looked over at her mother and opened her mouth when she heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it." She said, knowing the past week had been really rough on her mother.

Her father had been missing two days now. However neither one of them were really shocked about it, he would go missing a lot. But only she knew the real reason her father was gone, because they had gotten into a fight and Juliet had said a lot of things she wished she didn't have. But that was in the past now, what he had done to her was far worse.

She opened the door and saw two peacekeepers, "Is this the home of Hank Summers?" The peacekeeper asked right away.

Juliet paused for a second, thinking he was probably just drunk in the justice building. "It is. He's my father." She said. "Is he ok? Did he try to steal something from the store again while drunk?" She asked coldly.

"Is your mother home?" The peacekeeper simply responded.

Jennifer looked up moved to the door and looked between the two, "That's me." She said. "Jennifer Summers, Hank's my husband. What's going on?" She asked.

The peacekeepers looked between each other, "Ma'am I think you should come with us."

Jennifer hesitated for a second, "What do you mean? I can't... My kids there... There asleep I can't just..." She watched the peacekeepers, confusion spread across her face.

Juliet watched her mom for a second, "I'll wake Jane up. She can watch the others."

"Ma'am, is this the home of Alec Klassen?" The peacekeeper asked again, snapping her back to reality.

"Yes." Juliet said, clearing her throat. "He's my husband." She said as she looked between the two, anxiety starting to rise in her chest. "Why? Is everything alright?" She asked, thinking he probably got arrested for speeding or something.

The peacekeepers exchanged a glance, "Ma'am I think you should come with us." He said.

Juliet paused for a second and blinked for a few times, staring at the two. "I... I have children... I can't just... My kids they're asleep." She said and then there was a few awkward moments of silence. "I... I'll be right back." She said and quickly went to go get Kara and Duncan.

Juliet gently woke the two up and managed to get them out the door, with great struggle. She looked between the peacekeeper, holding sleeping Duncan and Kara rubbed her eyes. "Is he ok?"

"We're not sure ma'am. We were just told to bring you to Panem Memorial Hospital." The peacekeeper responded. "Please, come with us."

Jennifer stood in an elevator, rocking her feet back and forth as she looked to Juliet. "Juliet... I don't know if I can do this." She said.

Juliet looked at her mother and took her hand, "It's okay. It'll be okay." She said and closed her eyes. She walked down the hallway with her mother and turned to the right into a room and smiled when she saw her father.

"Hank." Jennifer let out a long sigh of relief and quickly moved to his side. "What happened to you?" She asked almost angrily.

Juliet however couldn't contain her excitement as she stared at the two and Hank had a large grin spread across his face. "You know me... I tend to out drink everyone in that pathetic bar." He said with a chuckle.

Jennifer hit him a little, "Don't joke about that. I was worried." She said seriously

Hank grinned and then his eyes rested on his daughter, "Jewels-"

Juliet opened her eyes as the elevator door opened and she walked down the hallway with her mother slowly towards the room number. She turned into the room and saw her father, eyes closed, mouth wide open with a tube down his throat. Jennifer moved a hand over her mouth as a small gasp came from her and she let go of her daughters hand and moved to her husbands side. The doctor was standing in the room, "Mrs. Summers-"

"What happened?" Jennifer's voice cracked. "What happened?" She repeated. "He was drinking to much, wasnt he?"

The doctor paused, "His blood alcohol test was off the charts and he was pronounced brain dead six hours ago. I am very sorry for your loss."

Juliet stood in the elevator, holding Duncan's hand with one hand and Kara's in the other. She prayed with every ounce inside of her and kept her eyes shut, willing Alec to be alive. She walked down the hallway and turned into his room and right away when he saw Juliet he smirked a bit, but obviously looked exhausted. "Daddy!" Duncan exclaimed and ran over with Kara.

"Hey." Alec said with a smile.

Juliet smiled at him, "Hey. What did you do?" She asked as she walked over to him with a small smile.

"What I always do." Alec grinned a bit, "Except this time I almost got by self killed doing it." He said with a small laugh/

"Stop it." Juliet said as she put a hand on his forehead, "I was worried." She said.

Alec looked at him and smiled softly, "I know, come here." He said and opened his arms out and she gently laid down in the bed next to him.

Juliet opened her eyes as the light came through the elevator, the elevator beeping, and she took a deep breath. She paused and stepped off, walking down the hall as she saw Percy standing outside of the room, his arms crossed over her chest. He looked up and over at her and stood up more. She walked closer to the room and looked at him, Percy looking back at her and glanced down.

"Hey guys." Percy breathed, "Let's go play in the kids room, shall we?" He asked.

Juliet tensed a bit as Percy took both of her kids and walked away. She slowly turned into the room, seeing Alec there, his mouth wide open, a tube down his throat. Her breathing caught in her throat, Lexie sat in a chair next to him. She looked up, her cheeks stained with tears, her eyes red. She looked at her for a few seconds and then looked over at Alec, her eyes resting on him. She paused for a few seconds and looked back at her half-sister.

"Juliet." Sasha said, walking into the room, "May... I speak to you." She said. "Privately?"

Juliet turned around and saw Dr. Montgomery as Lexie stood up and walked out of the room and waited outside. "What happened?" Juliet asked.

"He was driving on the outer parts of the Capitol and-"

"He was driving to fast wasn't he?" Juliet asked, looking at her, crossing her arms over her chest.

"No... actually, the opposite." Sasha said tentatively, "He watched a car crash, a really bad one... And he saved everyone, got them out of their cars and everything. Then his car was hit by a semi. He... He had a massive brain bleed that wasn't detected and a massive hematoma in his chest."

"Wasn't detected?" Juliet asked, looking at her, "Why wasn't it detected?" Sasha paused for a second and didn't say anything, "Doctor Montgomery!" She almost yelled.

"We had an intern working on the case, a newbie. They were a little frantic so they skipped a few steps since he was bleeding in his chest. However I've seen the scans, even if I could of gotten him to surgery in time I'm not sure I could of saved him. I think he was most likely brain dead by the time he arrived here."

Juliet didn't say anything and pursed her lips as she looked over at Alec, just laying in the bed. "What was the intern's name?" She asked.

Sasha paused again and said nothing for a few moments until she looked back over at her. "It was Lexie... It was your sister. She was so frantic and desperate to help him that she-she made a mistake but like I said I don't think anything could of been done."

"Thank you." Juliet said. "You may go." She stated.

Sasha paused, "I am very sorry for your loss." She said and exited the room.

Lexie moved into the room after Dr. Montgomery left, looking at Juliet, her eyes red and puffy. "Juliet... I am so-"

"Go." She said and took another deep breath. "Pull yourself together. Then go take care of my kids." She said and didn't even look at her, staring down towards her brain dead husband.

Juliet had sat with her mother for hours and had gone to the bathroom and walked out, taking a deep breath. "It's been hours. I wish they'd just pull the plug already, the ICU needs a bed." A nurse said to another nurse. "I mean I have sympathy for them I do but we've waited over the required hours to declare him brain dead."

Juliet walked out behind the corner and both nurses froze as she glared hard at them and she returned to her mother who was sitting outside her fathers room. She sat down next to her. "Mom?" She asked, "Are you okay?" She asked gently as she took her mothers hand. However Jennifer just stared forwards a little, not saying anything.

The doctor walked over, holding a clipboard. "Mrs. Summers? Do you have a moment?" He asked and Jennifer looked at him but didnt say anything. Juliet looked up at him and nodded simply. "I thought now might be a good time to discuss... some options. It's going to be difficult."

Juliet took a deep breath and looked at him, "Okay. What are the options?" She asked.

"Well... There's only one of two. Either you can ship Mr. Summers to a long term facility or you... you can pull the plug." The doctor said slowly and Juleit started to tear up a little.

Juliet cleared her throat, "So what does that mean?" She asked.

The doctor took a deep breath, "Well it means that... we would withdraw all curative intervention. We would discontinue any and all routine monitoring... and terminate all life sustaining measures." He said as he looked between the two.

Juliet sniffed a bit, "Give me the papers." She said.

"Ms. This is something your mother-"

"Give me the papers!" Jennifer spat out of no where and lurched forward and grabbed the clipboard from him, making Juliet jump. She signed each place, "Come on Juliet." She said and stood up and walked into the room. Juliet stayed quiet as they entered the room and Jennifer handed the nurse the clipboard. The nurse looked at the clipboard and the signature and then began turning the blinds and shut the door and began turning the monitors off.

Juliet watched as her mother had tears stream down her cheeks as she moved a hand to her husband's cheek. "You go Hank... We'll be fine." She whispered as the tube was slowly pulled out of his mouth. Juliet watched as her father breathed his last few breaths and she took her mothers hand and shut her eyes tight, trying not to cry.

Juliet sat outside of Alec's room, Kara and Duncan asleep on her lap, she hadn't told either of them what had happen yet. She just didn't have it in her... And for once, them being there, was comforting to her. She thought about the people Alec had apparently saved during a car crash. Apparently it was two women, a man and a child he had saved from two different cars before he had got hit by a semi. She kept her eyes closed, wishing with every ounce in her body that those four people had died. She didn't even think about if that was messed up to think about, but she didn't care. She wished with every fiber of her being that he had just kept driving and left them for dead. But Alec wouldn't of been Alec if he had.

Juliet heard a hospital phone ring as she heard footsteps come close to her. She paused and slowly opened her eyes, looking up to see a male doctor she didn't recognize. She wasn't sure who it was, it wasn't Doctor Montgomery. She hadn't seen her since when she first came in and she told Juliet about Alec being brain dead. "Ma'am... I thought if this was a good time I'd talk to you and explain how this all works." He said.

Juliet took a second and looked down at her sleeping kids as he sat down on the bench near them, "Where are the papers?" She asked.

"Mrs. Klassen there are some things you need to know. Some things we need to discuss. Difficult things."

"Juliet Summers." Juliet correct, "I'm sure you know my half-siblings, right over there." She said and gestured to Lexie and Percy who hadn't stopped hovering. "They're surgeons here. Good ones from what I understand. I know death. I know how this works. You've waited the requisite number of hours and now you can officially declare him brain dead. So... The ICU needs a bed... and those most be the papers." She said and gestured to the clipboard he was holding. "The papers you want me to sign to decide what to do with my husband. Now that he's dead, but not really dead. Do we ship him off to a long term care facility and cross our fingers and hope for fairy tales and magic? Or do I pull the plug? Stop all curative intervention, discontinue all routine monitoring, end any and all treatment that might provide comfort to the patient. Terminate all life sustaining measures... and behave as any sane woman would behave?" She asked, her eyes burning into the doctor. "Does that about cover it doctor?" She asked as almost all of a sudden tears began filling her eyes again, "Is that what you wanna talk to me about? While I sit here with my sleeping children? You wanna talk about killing my husband? Give me the papers." She said firmly as her voice cracked.


"Give me the papers!" Juliet spat and lurched forward, grabbing the clipboard from him, almost waking up her kids. She looked at him, tears streaming down her cheeks and then flipped the clipboard opened and signed where she was supposed to sign.

Juliet signed where she was supposed to and then tentatively stood up. She walked into the room where the nurse was and Alec and looked at the nurse. "There's a social worker out there with my kids... incase this takes long." She said and then slowly handed her the clipboard.

The nurse paused and looked at the signatures and then closed the blinds and shut the door and began turning the monitors. Juliet moved to Alec's bedside and watched the nurse turn the monitors off and reached for the tube. "Wait." Juliet said urgently.

"... Ma'am-?"

"Just wait!" Juliet spat at her and then looked back down at Alec. Tears filled her eyes and she looked down at him. She moved her fingers across his cheek a few times. "Alec..." She breathed. "Alec..." She breathed out and closed her eyes.

Juliet had her suitcase packed and everything, she smiled as she looked at her brothers, sisters and mother, all of them were on the verge of years. "Aww come on." She said, "Don't be upset, I'll be back before you know it." Juliet was leaving for the Capitol, her family was in big time debt and if it wasn't paid off then certain threats would come down on her family. "I love you guys." She said, hugging her mother, then two younger brothers and sisters. She smiled and walked out of the house, towards the train station, she was upset about leaving but she couldn't help but be excited.

Alec walked around deep in thought. He didnt even notice when he nearly ran into someone.

Juliet dodged Alec, "Hey! Watch it!" She said.

"Oh my gosh Im so sorry." Alec said looking up from his shoes.

Juliet rolled her eyes, "Whatever." She said and turned, and began walking towards the train station.

Alec blinked and watched her walk away with curiosity. Suddenly without much thought he caught up to her looking at her heavy suitcase. "My apologies. At least let me help you with that. " he said motioning to her luggage.

Juliet hesitated, "No I'm fine, thank you though...?" She said, asking for his name indirectly.

"Alec, Klassen." He said smiling. "But really let me help you with that

"Oh. Yeah you... The Victor." Juliet said, "Anyway I really am fine." She said, "But thanks again."

Alec sighed. "Seriously let me help you."

Juliet clenched her teeth, "Alright..." She said, "Fine." And handed over her suitcase.

"So where're you off to?" Alec asked as he walked.

Juliet hesitated, not sure if she should tell a stranger where she was going, she knew nothing about him besides she won the games, and that his name was Alec. He didnt even know her name. "Out of town." She said.

"No really?" Alec said in a jokingly sarcastic tone. "Its cool I understand you don't wanna share...Can I at least know your name?"

Juliet laughed a bit as they arrived at the train station, she looked at him, "Juliet." She said.

"You know there was guy named Shaksphere. He had a play called Romeo and Juliet. Its supposed to be romantic but when I watched it in the capitol it was quite morbid.

Juliet raised an eyebrow, "What are you getting at?" She asked with a smirk.

Alec shrugged. "Just saying if you go to the Capitol you should go see it."

Juliet smiled and took her bag back, "Thanks." She said, "I guess I'll see you around Alec." She said.

Alec smiled giving a short nod. "You too."

Juliet turned and walked up the stairs, with her suitcase in hand.

Juliet was in her house, making dinner for her family, it had been a week since she got there and she wasnt sure if she was gonna go back to the Capitol.

Alec had cut up some logs and unbuttoned his shirt and got some dirt on him and knocked on the door, waiting.

Juliet walked over to the door and opened it, seeing Alec, she blinked a couple of times. "Alec..." She said.

Alec smiled. "I brought you some logs."

Juliet looked almost confused, "You brought me... some logs?"

Alec sighed. "You know to build a fire."

Juliet blinked a couple times, she opened her mouth to say something.

"Juliet, who is-" Jennifer, Juliet's mom, said, coming to the door, "Oh my word... Alec Klassen..."

"Did you say Alec Klassen?" Jane, Juliet's sister said.

"Alec Klassen!" Lori, Juliets younger sister squealed.

Juliet sighed, "You should go before my sisters sink there claws into you Alec."

Alec chuckled. "I handled the arena. Im sure I can handle a few girls. Not that im going to hurt them." He added quickly.

Juliet sighed, "Well it was nice seeing you-"

Jennifer pushed Juliet out of the way, "Mr. Klassen! It's so nice to meet you, would you like to come in? We have dinner ready."

"Sure-oh wait you're eating dinner. Im sorry I didn't mean to intrude."

"Oh nonsense! We haven't even stared! We'd love to have you!"

"You sure?" Alec asked. "I can pay you back..."

Jennifer laughed, "Oh no need! Please come in!" She said, opening the door for Alec.

Juliet's four younger brother and sisters, Jane, Ben, Lori, and Nathan, made a lot of noise and walked towards the door. Juliet stood in front of them, "No. You four. Go set the table. Now."

Jane, being 16, glared at her but obeyed.

"May I help?" Alec asked kindly.

Juliet shut the door behind him and sighed, "Come with me." She said, leading him towards the bathroom.

Alec followed a bit confused, and cracked a joke to break the tention. "I prefer beds. Theyre much comfier but if bathrooms are your thing..."

Juliet gave him a look, "Are you serious?" She snapped, luckily none of her family had heard it as she took him into the bathroom. She didnt shut the door. "You cant eat at the dinner table looking like this." She said and began buttoning up his shirt.

"Sweatheart your supposed to unbutton not re-button." Hes aid then chuckled. "Im joking, im joking." He said unrolling his sleeves, then re rolling them in a neater way.

Juliet rolled her eyes and hide a smile. She took a paper towel, wet it a little, and then slowly began to wipe the dirt off his face.

Something made Alec want to kiss her, badly. But he refrained. "So...friends?"

Juliet scanned his face for a moment and then nodded, "Friends..." She said awkwardly and turned the sink on, "Wash your hands." She said and walked out.

Juliet walked to a near by park bench and sat down.

Johanna Mason was walking to the market to buy some dinner for herself when she saw Juliet, "Your Juliet Summers, arent you?" She asked, she had sobered up after Alec left.

Juliet looked up, "Yes I am... And your Johanna Mason." Juliet said.

Alec walked into the kitchen and began cooking, bored.

Juliet smiled awkwardly, "It's nice meeting you Ms. Mason..."

Johanna smirked, "Back to you blondey, hey you seen your boyfriend?"

Juliet sighed, "He's not my boyfriend." She said.

"Whateveeeerrr you say sister." Johanna laughed.

Alec hummed to himself a song by maroon five as he cooked.

Johanna smiled, "Ta, ta." She said and dropped her cellphone, on 'accident'

Juliet picked it up, "Ms. Mason! You forgot your cell phone!" She called, but Johanna was already gone so Juliet looked at the latest text, which was sent by 'Alec' it read "I cant do this anymore Johanna, I'm sorry, I love you."

Juliet's face turned as white as a ghost and she dropped the cell phone, running towards the Victor Village as fast as she could.

Juliet had made it to the Victor Village, "Alec!" She screamed frantically, her heart racing a mile a minute as she flung the door open, not even knocking, "Alec!" She screamed.

Alec turned around. There was stuff all over the counter, flour on his face, and he was standing by the oven wearing an apron. He looked a bit confused. Then he paled seeing her face. "Are you ok? Whats wrong? Is it your family?"

Juliet let out a sigh of relief and ran to him, wrapping her arms around him and burying her face into his chest, letting out a small cry, she wasnt crying but she was still upset and could hardly think straight.

Alec was confused but accepted the hug, holding her close. "Is everything alright?"

Juliet was taking heavy breaths, nodding as she pulled away from him, looking up at him, "I-I'll date you..." She said, her entire body was shaking.

Alec looked a bit confused. "Th-thats great." He said smiling. "But are you ok?"

Juliet nodded, "I-I'm fine." She said, "I have to g-go." She said, she was on the verge of tears, and the last time she cried was after Tanner left her and her father died, Juliet did not feeling like crying, every inch of her told her to hold it in.

Alec Tilted her chin to face him. "Juliet are you ok? Whats upsetting you?"

"I-I umm..." Juliet was trying to find words, "I saw your t-t-text to Jo-Johanna..."

"Ohh..." alec replied. He didnt want To sound stupid for not knowing so he pretended he did.

Juliet took a deep breath and wiped a tear away before he could see it, "I-I have to go... I'll um... I'll see you later..." She said awkwardly.

Alec kissed her forehead. "Ok. See you later."

Juliet turned and walked out of the house, shutting the door and then ran home.

Juliet got of the train, taking a deep and shaky breath, that session with David was hard.

Alec was waiting close to where they met, planning on 'accidentally' bumping into her.

Juliet was tierd and it was late, and dark. She walked towards her home, yawning a little.

Alec walked past hood up and bumped into her.

Juliet stumbled a bit, "Watch where youre going." She snapped and turned and kept walking.

Alec smiled charmingly taking the hood off. "Sorry I was just on my way to pick up my girlfriend

Juliet stopped and turned, seeing it was Alec, "Oh... Sorry..." She said awkwardly.

"Its alright" he smiled a bit nervously

Juliet hesitated, "I should uh... Tell you something..."

"Me too." He replied trying to form words.

Juliet blinked, "Ok." She said, "Uh you first or me first?"

"I'll go first." He said worried she was going to break up with him. "Umm..." alec took a deep breath and grabbed her hands, "Juliet from the moment I saw you I knew there was something different. Maybe it was the way you walked, the things you said, or that you didn't care or I was a victor. But little did I knlw that a month or two later I would be madly in love with you. You challenge me, you make me fall over myself in a humiliating way yet I love it. I love you so much. You are my Jewel...I guess what i'm trying to say is..." he reached into his pocket and pulled out the ring. Getting on his knee because that was the traditional thing to do, "Juliet Summers, How would you like to be Juliet Klassen?"

Juliet's heart stopped, that was the last thing on earth she was expecting to hear,"I..." She looked at him. "I'd love too... It's just..." She was at a lost for words, "I don't know... I don't think... That I could be a wife..." She said, "I just... My family needs me and I need to put them first... I don't think I could be a good wife when I'm never even there with you... We see one another about once a week..."

He stood cupping her face in his hands, "We don't have to get married for at least a year. You're family needs you and I understand, I want to help tgem too I really do. This is just a bump in a few months things will simmer down."

Juliet's heart was racing, "Y-Yes." She said, "I'll marry you." She said, looking up at him.

His eyes lit up at the unexpected answer. It sounded like she was going to say no. He wasn't sure what to say so Alec pulled her close and kissed her.

Juliet opened her eyes slowly as a tear rolled out of her eye and she moved her fingers against his cheek slowly, "Alec..." She whispered, "You go... We'll be fine." She croaked a little and looked up at the nurse.

"Are you... Are you ready?" The nurse asked.

"No... No..." Juliet breathed, "But go ahead." She said with a nod as she stood back up and put a hand on her chest. The nurse moved the tube out of his throat and she listened and felt Alec's last breaths. "I love you." She whispered as another few tears leaked out and she just shut her eyes, wishing this was all just some cruel nightmare.

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