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Mrs. Frank Hardy

Hello! First of all, I want to thank you for checking this forum out.

I thought this through fairly hard and I came up with a game plan!

To Contribute:

So, since this is a Alex Rider prompt forum, you should firstly give your suggested prompt name (it is fine if you don't have one) and then the summary for the story, poem or one-shot you would like to share.

You can post more than one prompt in your message, but if you do this, it is suggested to find a name for each. It can be generic such as AR Prompt, Breacon Beacons and Alex Rider, et cetera. Please note that if you get a hit on your prompt, you will be informed of so.

To Use:

Using prompts is simple; find a prompt you like and reply to the message it was located in telling the submitter you would like to use their prompt.

If you reply to a message that has more than one prompt, then please specify on which prompt you would like.

If there is a title for the prompt, you do not to keep it the same; you can change it as you see fit when you write the prompt.

Finished Products:

After you finished your prompt and want it to be somewhere people can see it, let me (Mrs. Frank Hardy) know about it and I'll put it in the A.R.P.F Community!

5/20/2012 #1
Mrs. Frank Hardy

Pranks Are For Pansies

The K-Unit and Ben pull an intracate prank on the Sergeant, and the Sergeant tries to get back with the help of J-Unit.

5/23/2012 #2

Double-o-Nothing - crossover (spoilers)

What if, in Skyfall, when James came to M's house there was another presence, hiding and watching? He was there, too, when Eve 'took the shot'.

After Scorpia Rising, Tulip sent Alex to recuperate with her friend over in Thames House. That's who it was.

Later when M is kidnapped, Alex follows James to Skyfall.

He arrives too late to stop her death, but ends up saving James from drowning in the lake.

2/13/2013 #3
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