Is There Another Way To Go? A Les Miserables Rp
A Les Miserables Rp where anything could happen. Change the fate of your favorite Amies. Allow some to live, kill others. It is a free for all rp, anything is possible. Oc's are accepted. Come join the June Rebellion and help turn the tide of battle.
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Cosette Fauchelevent

"I think that would be a good idea, Kayls," Cecile said, "I need to know if the bastard knocked me up, or I was just worried about a certain someone who left..." she said, staring at her, eyes with a faint glow of red.

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Feral Piper

Joly grumbled something inaudible, tumbling out of the chair and landing heavily. He winced as he got to his feet, shooting a death glare at Gavroche and Grantiare, who were both killing themselves laughing.

"Oh ha ha...very funny. Now, are any of you hurt?" The medical student asked, getting to his feet and dusting off his pants.

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halloween princess

Enjolras rubbed his temples; he didn't exactly want to know if Cecile was pregnant. That would just make it yet another thing to worry about.

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Cosette Fauchelevent

"I swear," muttered Cecile, "if the bastard got me pregnant I will voyage to hell, kick the crap out of him then come back, proudly proclaiming that I went to hell and back"

6/4/2012 #1,234
Feral Piper

Joly walked over to Enjolras and rested a hand on his shoulder.

"Are you alright? You seem...different." He asked, frowning slightly.

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Girl in the Tiger Kimono

Angel grolwed at Cecile as she yelled.

"CECILE! KAYLEE GOT ATTACKED BY BIRCH! HE CUT HER UP REALL BAD AND HAD NIGHTMARES WHERE SHE WOULD WAKE UP SCREAMING! JUST LIKE THE THREE TIMES BEFORE! She just isn't pregnant because Grantaire and i hauled ass seeing as how my sister is loud motuehd crazy Frechie!" She yelled the last part instead of screaming it. Angel went pale and slapped a hand over her motuh.

"I am SO sorry!!! I wasn't supposed to say anyhting to everoyone!" Kaylee sighed and slapped her sister in the arm playfully.

"It'll be fine, I am okay now." She asid taking Cecile back into the other room behind the horse asn she scanned erh from signs of pregnancy and said.

"None that i can tell, no swelling or anyhting but i'll check you in a month just to make sure..."

she said clinically. Sighing she walked abck out grabbed a beer and smiled before smirking.

"I look like i was scribbled on wiht a crayon." She sighed laughing a bit.

"It is kind of funny!" she giggles as Angel grabbed erh bottle.

"No, no more booze for the Sister." She sighed.

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halloween princess

"Just...tired, I suppose" he suggested.

6/4/2012 #1,237
Cosette Fauchelevent

"Jeez, Ange, calm down! Don't think I wasn't worried out of my wits when she vanished, ya know! Look, you two are the closest I;ve ever come to loveing family, hell, my own sister never paid me attention, did she? I'm sorry I'm being such a self absorbed chienne, but I think we all know that this whole rebellion thing is as stressful as the day is long, right?" Cecile saud calmly, not the perturbed by Angel's outburst.

6/4/2012 #1,238
Feral Piper

"I told him to rest! But did the great Apollo listen to the measly drunk? Of course not!" Grantaire chimed in, before receiving a smack to the back of the head by Gavroche. Joly shook his head and turned to face Enjorlas again.

"You should rest. You're of no use to anyone if you're asleep on your feet." Joly said calmly, chosing to ignore the screaming and shouting in the background.

6/4/2012 #1,239
halloween princess

"I've rested enough!" Enjolras protested.

6/4/2012 #1,240
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

Kaylee goraned as her horse nibbled her dress.

"I think i am taking up Grantaire's habits but damn it all! I want a beer!" She sighed she looked at Cecile.

"The only reason you aren't fraeking is because you were semi there one time i think you five when it happened, you told Angel... It was really awkward... Anyways.. I'll check on you in a month and we can see if you ARE pregnant, if you are do you want me to get rid of it? I suppose that is the next question..." She muttered darkly before sighing into the horses face as it nuzzled her shoulders.

"oof! Samuel, your getting to big to do that, be careful!" She warned. she got up hugged the huge stallion and sat in Grnataire's lap. she snuggled into him looking out at everyone as she waited for somethign else to happen.

6/4/2012 #1,241
Feral Piper

"Obivously not!" Retorted Joly, a dark frown on his face.

"Enjolras, rest right now or I swear to god..." He muttered crossly.

Grantaire chuckled quietly, shaking his head.

(Really want to be an evil bitch and start the next attack...*evil grin*)

6/4/2012 #1,242
Cosette Fauchelevent

Cecile had a horrible vision of her best friend sticking a knife into her bloated body. Her hand flew to her stomach protectively.

"No, no, if it's there, don't get rid of it. It would still be mine, after all." she whispered before curling up on a couch and closing her eyes, slipping away into sleep.

6/4/2012 #1,243
halloween princess

Enjolras scoffed "Joly, as I recall, you were the one who just got out of a coma. Now, which one of us should really be resting?" he dared.

6/4/2012 #1,244
Feral Piper

Joly rolled his eyes.

"Enjolras, who's the doctor here? I'll rest when I see fit." He said, folding his arms across his chest.

(Start the next attack? Yes or no?)

6/4/2012 #1,245
Cosette Fauchelevent

(mmm, I'll be a chienne and vote HELL YEAH!)

6/4/2012 #1,246
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

(i'll help!!)

Kaylee nuzzled into Grantaire before looking hatefully at Enjloras.

"Come one, if the two doctors say sleep, then dammit sleep! Or else i will put you under so please do as we ask i am not beneath drugging people to sleep!" She growled.

"Okay no worries. I gotcha. Let me know if you feel any changes." She said.

Kaylee got her demonic glare on.

"Better yet both of you sleep befoer i am going to resort to crappier motives..." She threatened.

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #1,247
halloween princess

"My God..." Enjolras groaned as he walked away, slumped down on the ground and closed his eyes, leaning his head against a wall. "There. Everybody happy?" he muttered.

6/4/2012 #1,248
Feral Piper

"I'm afraid that will have to wait!" Gavroche called down from atop the barricade.

"We have company...and they really don't look happy." He said, slidding down the barricade as the first shots rang out. Joly rolled his eyes, grumbling.

"Honestly? Right when I get back? Dieu..." Grantaire chuckled, tossing the student a gun.

"Welcome back to hell mon amie."

6/4/2012 #1,249
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

Kaylee smirked.

"Hell? I find this almost boderline fun."

"HEY CAN YOU AIM YET!?" She shouted grabbing ehr shout gun and shooting hitting the front two.

6/4/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #1,250
halloween princess

Enjolras grinned and pulled himself off the floor, grabbing a gun at the sound of gunfire.

6/4/2012 #1,251
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

Kaylee waited shooting calmly like nothign happened, Jesse and Kail were gone so they must be at her house or whatever...

"Come on! I am not even trying! General have you played War wiht them at all yet?!" She taunted still out fioring the newly trained army.

6/4/2012 #1,252
Feral Piper

Armel stood towards the back, talking to a small group of soldiers. His voice was hushed whisperes, then men nodding. They all had fear in their eyes. They had the hardest part of the entier attack. Sneak around the back, get in and hope to god they didn't get shot.


Joly missed his first couple shots, before settling into a steady rhythm. He winced at one point, holding his head and sliding down the barricade.

"Were the guns always this loud? I'm getting a headache!" He complained. Grantaire sighed and grabbed the medical students coller, hoisting him back up.

"Keep shooting and it will end faster."

6/4/2012 #1,253
halloween princess

Enjolras shot a few rounds halfway up the barricade. This couldn't possibly be the whole attack-- they'd waited to long to have this be a simple exchange of fire.

6/4/2012 #1,254
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

Samuel stayed at the back. Kaylee was slightly worried. It was HER horse after all. She'd be devastated if he was shot at...

"I find," She smiled.

"That this'll help." She said shooting the shot gun twice before handing Joly cotton to stuff his ears.

"Works for Angel." She said as the blonde shot quickly.

"Kaylee! they huddled again!"

6/4/2012 #1,255
Feral Piper

Gavroche slunk around the back of the barricade, content on not getting shot again. He sat down, listening to the sounds of the fight. He frowned and picked up a small stone, hurling it over the barricade.


Joly smiled, accepting the cotton and effectivly ending the sounds of the fighting. He found it much easier to shot now.


Armel turned and picked up a gun, firing rapidly. (Well, as quickly as you can with one of those guns) He scanned the barricade, aiming for whoever was a difficult target. The soldiers hadn't left yet, remainning within the ranks and aiding in the fight. They would soon leave to try and break in.

6/4/2012 #1,256
Cosette Fauchelevent

Cecile's eyes fluttered open at the sound of gunfire. She grinned, grabbed a gun and jumped on the barricade and began to shoot for all she was worth.

"Oh, I've MISSED THIS!" she yelled savagely, hitting a few redcoats squarely in the chest, eyes amethys with excitement.

6/4/2012 #1,257
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

Kaylee taunted the General again.

"STILL CAN'T HIT ME!!!" She smiled shooting by his feet with the shot gun, getting two men beside him.

6/4/2012 #1,258
Cosette Fauchelevent

"Oi, Kaylee, is the general being an idiot again?" asked-screamed Cecile, who was having more fun than she'd had all week.

6/4/2012 #1,259
Girl in the Tiger Kimono

Kaylee smiled.

"Still can't hit a girl!"

6/4/2012 #1,260
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