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Hetalian Miss

Okay guys! Here's where we're gonna write songfics! Anything goes here, even lemons. But you must fill out this form:




Warnings (if any):



And of course, no one in this forum owns Hetalia or the songs.

6/2/2012 #1

((We're doing BelaRuss for Paparazzi, ja? I guess I'll make the form now!))

Pairing: BelarusxRussia

Genre: Humor/Horror

Rating: T

Warnings: Stalker!Belarus

Song: Paparazzi

Authors: The Emo In Disguise, Bela Rose Wolf

Summary: Natalya has always loved the Russian, Ivan. But one day, she takes her obsession to the extreme...

6/2/2012 #2
Hetalian Miss

(Okay, were good to go. I guess I may as well start now.)

Russia had always known Belarus was crazy about him. But lately, her behavior had gone to the extremes. He was more afraid than ever.

6/2/2012 #3
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(Galt doesn't get it, got it?)
6/2/2012 #4
Hetalian Miss

(This is a cowriting thread where any number of authors can create a songfiction.)

6/2/2012 #5
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(Que es songfiction? Do they sing?)
6/2/2012 #6
Hetalian Miss

(It's a story inspired by a song. Like I wrote a Robin/Raven songfic to Avril Lavigne's Sk8er Boi. Usually the characters kind of act out the song too.)

6/2/2012 #7
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(So if it was a songfic about Spongebob and Gary and the song is I will Always Love You by Whitney Huston, what would happen?)
6/2/2012 #8
Hetalian Miss

(Um, maybe Gary runs away and Spongebob sings that no matter how far Gary goes, he will always love him.)

6/2/2012 #9
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(Oh i get you know!!)
6/2/2012 #10
Hetalian Miss

(Yeah, considering one for Japan and Vietnam to I Hope You Dance by (I think) Lee Ann Womanick. *I KNOW I misspelled something.*)

6/2/2012 #11
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(So if i think about making a songfic about Puerto Rico liking Italy, but him not liking her back, what song should that be?)
6/2/2012 #12
Hetalian Miss

(Hmm...well, it doesn't HAVE to be Italy doesn't like her too.)

6/2/2012 #13
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(But something with that vibe. The Humor/Romance.)
6/2/2012 #14
Hetalian Miss

(Humor/romance...*looks through YouTube playlist* Well...Dirty Little Secret, IDK how THAT would work out...)

6/2/2012 #15
Hetalian Miss

(Maybe the song What Makes You Different by the Backstreet Boys?)

6/2/2012 #16
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(I dunno, i searched up random stuff to find music. I just wanna make one of these though... Bht with no idea for who.)
6/2/2012 #17
Hetalian Miss

(No, that's more fitting for somone...bolder. Um...oh, Winner at a Losing Game by Rascal Flatts. That might be a good "I like him, he doesn' like me" song.)

6/2/2012 #18
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(Yahoo answers says Tear drops on my guitar.)
6/2/2012 #19
Hetalian Miss

(I guess that could work...And why can I not stop watching this? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-blZT5AnuZE&list=FL9KnAUg9VwhNJu7FGdktpzg&index=23&feature=plpp_video)

6/2/2012 #20
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(Its strange.... HSM??? So who should be like in it?)
6/2/2012 #21
Hetalian Miss

(Germany, Italy, and PR, mainly.)

6/2/2012 #22
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
(It's a Trio Pairing!!! A Triring!)\Pairing: ItalyXPuerto RicoXGermany\ Genre: Humor/Romance\ Rating: T\ Warnings (if any): Dunno yet....\Song: According to Yahoo, Tear Drops on my guitar\ Authors: Galt64 y The Emo In Disguise
6/2/2012 #23
Hetalian Miss

(KK, lets go! Start nice and couple-y)

Germany and Italy sat together in the park, watching the clouds.

6/2/2012 #24
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
Puerto Rico was leaning against a tree in the park, discretly watching them. She didn't like being a crazy stalker, but Italy just made her go love crazy. No, love was too strong a word… like crazy?
6/2/2012 #25
Hetalian Miss

Italy looked over and smiled at his friend, waving to her.

6/2/2012 #26
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
Puerto Rico faked a casual smile and waved back
6/2/2012 #27
Hetalian Miss

He walked over to her. "Good afternoon, Puerto Rico!"

(Oh Kami...*nose bleeding* Fangirl can die happy now.)

6/2/2012 #28
Much Swag-Very Wow-Amaze
Her smile became more real, more joyful. "Hi, Italy. How are you?" She asked
6/2/2012 #29
Hetalian Miss

"I'm-a fantastico! Germany finally agreed to come here with-a me!" He gushed.

6/2/2012 #30
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