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this is basically just a private rp unless we change our minds yup yup
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So what are we going to do here? Should we start an AU-ish sort of thing? That would be really freakin' cool, and we could do our own fanart and everything.

It would be awesome.

Then I can make topics and everything. My old forums were so neat and organized, I can totally do that for this one too.

5/20/2012 #1

I think an AU-ish sort of thing would be cool. But I suppose what sort of AU we want would be the next problem!!! And it'd be so awesome to have our own fanart and shit and fuck okay I'm really down with this idea

((also i made a new account for this but it can't reply till tomorrow which is gay but that's what's happening wow but it's pistolponyrodeo for future reference okay))

5/20/2012 #2

Okay! I'm trying to stay really grammatically correct on here 'cause I always used to but damn the Tumblr way of speaking really sticks omg.

But I'm honestly a sucker for good ol' highschool AUs. Would that be a problem?

Also omg I have to show you one of my old forums. See how organized it was and stuff.

I really wish I could sign into that account ugh I forget the email though. But anyway yeah.

5/20/2012 #3

I know exaCTLY what you mean about typing grammatically correct and how tumblr fucked us over on that omfg I'm trying really hard right now and it used to come so naturally to me and it actually used to be hard to type not grammatically correct? Now... sighs very hard.

But no, a highschool AU would be so okay oh my god would it be I lOVE HIGHSCHOOL AUS??

Holy shit it's really organized in there jegus fuck!

5/20/2012 #4

YES OMFG it's just so weird now. I used to HATE when anybody did something not grammatically correct, but now I'm like. Sup.


I know omfg. I loved it.

So are we gonna have them like, having never met before?

5/20/2012 #5

Me too oh my god I was that person everyone hated for correcting grammar that was literally me.

Hmmm. I mean we could. We could definitely do that!! However, I also love the sort of like "we were childhood friends but you moved away but now you're suddenly back and maybe i like you (or you like me)???" idea but that's probably just coming from the fact that I recently reread Find a Temple, Build a Temple omfg.

5/20/2012 #6

Omg me to a tee.

Yes okay?? Omg that's brilliant yes I love that. I haven't read that fic actually?

5/20/2012 #7

Oh my god that simply will not do you have to read this fic it is reaLLY GOOD!!!

Also okay good I'm glad we got that sorted out. Are there details we need to do or what I haven't planned an rp in like two years jeesh

5/20/2012 #8

Downloading it now. u v u

I haven't either omg.

I don't think there's really anything, except for where we're starting them out so I can make a thread?

5/20/2012 #9

Hm. Well where should we start 'em?

5/20/2012 #10

I dunno, that's what I'm asking you!!

5/20/2012 #11

Ahhhh you got me normally people fall for that one!!!!

I guess we could start it... like God I don't know!! In a class or before class or something!!

5/20/2012 #12


Should it be like the beginning of the school year?

Omg they could like be seated next to each other in CHEMISTRY wonk wonk??

5/20/2012 #13

Wonk wonk indeed that sounds fiNE!!

5/20/2012 #14

Okay, I'm gonna go make the thread now!

5/20/2012 #15
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