Awesome Criminal Minds Roleplay :D
There are not enough of these, and so I'm going to make one for me and my CM fangirls. That means you, Holly :D
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Spike's Number One Pet

"There'sgonna be DNA in the glasses" She smiles happily

5/31/2012 #181

Spencer smiles a little back, and calls the crime scene to tell them about the glasses.

5/31/2012 #182
Spike's Number One Pet

Amalia smiles for the first time, then sighs

5/31/2012 #183

Spencer puts down the phone and sits still, his hands unconsciously fidgeting with the paper on the table. He rips a corner off and twists it in his fingers. He does this a lot- when he's stressed, or just tired. That's another symptom of Asperger's.

(is Amalia very clever like Spencer?)

5/31/2012 #184
Spike's Number One Pet



5/31/2012 #185

"Yes?" He doesn't look up. Too busy concentrating on his paper.

5/31/2012 #186
Spike's Number One Pet

"I wish I could be of more help"

5/31/2012 #187

"You've helped us a lot already."

5/31/2012 #188
Spike's Number One Pet

(Ready for spencer like stuff :D)

"Yes but stats say that the unsub will have tossed the gun and gloves by now, and the rubbish lorries came this morning so they are probarly at some land fill by now,"

5/31/2012 #189

"Actually, judging by how fast the trucks moved from one house to the next, and how long each stop would take- and considering the unsubs comfort zone that I've gathered from the geological profile- (Up to 3.56 miles in either direction triangulating from your house to other dumping sites), then I'd say that they have not even been picked up yet,

though I'd say that they will be in the truck in 46 minutes, and on the landfill by 10:23 tonight."

5/31/2012 #190
Spike's Number One Pet

Amalia is amazed "Wow..."

5/31/2012 #191

Spencer doesn't even look up. He just continues to write.

5/31/2012 #192
Spike's Number One Pet

" know that statistic about me not getting adopted cuz of my age. How high is it?"

5/31/2012 #193

"Only 1 in 274 children over the age of 15 get adopted every year." He supplies.

5/31/2012 #194
Spike's Number One Pet

"And do you know how many over 15's there are in foster homes?"

5/31/2012 #195

"63 million in America alone; 479 million world wide."

5/31/2012 #196
Spike's Number One Pet

"And what happens to me if i do not get adopted?"

5/31/2012 #197

"Then you stay in the system between care homes and foster care until you turn eighteen- by which time, you'll be an adult and free to go."

5/31/2012 #198
Spike's Number One Pet

Amalia nods

5/31/2012 #199

Spencer gets up and hesitates. He was about to head home for the night. "Do you... do you have anywhere to stay tonight?"

5/31/2012 #200
Spike's Number One Pet

She shakes her head. "I dont suposse i'll be allowed home"

5/31/2012 #201

"Would you like to stay with me tonight? I mean.. I have a spare room." He stumbles over the words awkwardly.

5/31/2012 #202
Spike's Number One Pet

"Thank you Dr Reid, I promise I wont be any trouble"

5/31/2012 #203

"I know." He leads her down to his car.

6/3/2012 #204
Spike's Number One Pet

Amalia follows him

6/5/2012 #205

They drive home and Spencer lets them into his apartment. "Um... The spare room is just through there..." He points to a door on their left and hands her one of his clean t-shirts.

It's long enough that it'll be like a nighty on her. "You can wear that to sleep in..."

6/5/2012 #206
Spike's Number One Pet

She smiles. "Thanks Dr Reid." She rushes to the bedroom, and tries it on for comes to her knees. she's greatful that it fits. She puts her jumper back on top

6/6/2012 #207

He puts a mug of hot chocolate on the table for her and then heads into the bathroom to have a shower.

6/6/2012 #208
Spike's Number One Pet

She slips into the living room once she hears the shower running, she looks at the bruises of her sholders from where she was grabbed. She sits down at the table

6/6/2012 #209

When he's finished in the shower, he gets dressed into a plain white shirt and dark slacks. He then goes into the kitchen and makes some coffee.

Caffeine has no effect on him. He can drink it just before bed and then fall straight to sleep.

6/6/2012 #210
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