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Hybrid Dragon-Wolf

Want to find out information about a character? Here's the place!

MUC Characters:

Andrew- 17 years old. Male. Short brown hair, with blond highlights in it. Glasses, dark red in colour. Bright blue-gray eyes. Tall, 6'1". Thin, but not too thin. Has a habit of putting his hands in his pockets. Favourite colour is red.

He recently moved into town. He moved from Florida. His dad lost his job. His mother tried to support them, but in the end they were forced to move. He lives three house East from Hi's house. After he came into contact with the Virals, he became one of them. His parents do not know he is a viral, and he hopes they never will.

Jerry- 19 years old. Male. He was the next to become a viral after the original virals. He hates being one of them, but deals with it. He has a crush on Tory, which annoys Ben. That's the only reason he sticks with them. Tory.

Blond haired, tall (6'4"), and gangly, he never really fit in with anyone. Still doesn't. He is over-confident that Tory will break up with Ben, and date him. Dull brown eyes, favourite colour is green, and he has a habit of being very sarcastic to people.

Kileen- 16 years old. Female. Long strawberry blond hair, blue eyes, tall, thin, and acts like a b**ch. The Virals kicked her out, and she's out for revenge now. Mostly trying to get at Tory, who first voted to kick her out. Sarah, her best friend, left with her, and together, are causing havoc on the other Virals.

Sarah- 16 years old. Looks almost like Kileen, except a bit shorter, has a really bad temper, and has black hair, with brown-black eyes. She left with Kileen when she was kicked out of the Virals. She wasn't willing to ditch her best friend since she was four.

Howard- 12 years old. Male. He is suspicious of the Virals, but does not overly care. Too big glasses, dark blue in colour, and short, slightly curly, blond hair. Already broad shouldered, and medium height. He is in 6th grade. Gray eyes.

Jackson- 12 years old. Male. He too is suspicious of the Virals. He hates Howard, and has since the first day they met. Unlike Howard, he wants to know what the Virals are. No glasses, stocky, but not too stocky. Ice blue eyes. Popular. Ladies man. 6th grade.

Perry- 13 years old. Male. Jacksons' best friend. Glasses (Black in colour), wiry body, fast, agile, un-popular, suspicious of the Virals.

Larry- 11 years old. Male. Howards' best friend. Agressive. Blond hair, blue eyes. Stocky too, and sarcastic. Doesn't really care about anything, except (mainly) if he looks hot (Which causes people to roll their eyes).

Rosie- 15 years old. Female. Light, straight brown hair. Kind, wears contacts. Has a younger sibling, Christie. Short, and thin. Good friends with Tory. Light blue eyes.

Christie- 6 years old. Female. Curly, dark brown hair. Sweet, no glasses, or contacts. Her older sister is Rosie. Likes the Virals. Especially Tory.

OC Character's:

Crystal- 6 years old. Female. Sarcastic, friendly, playful, hyper (And the list can go on...) Virals. Pale blue eyes. People sometimes mistake her pale eyes, for the eyes of a blind child. She has glasses, silver and pink in colour. Despite being hyper, she's actually quite good at keeping quiet, and 'ghosting around', as the other Virals call it. She's the youngest of the virals, but that doesn't stop her.

Her parents moved there 7 years ago, and then gave birth to her. She didn't want to be a viral at first. But she warmed up to it. The other virals still feel aweful that they took away her normal childhood. She justs scoffs at them. The wolf in her seems to have taken over her a bit more than everyone else. She had these sudden urges to just rip apart someone... Then eat them! That was the only part she hated. As long as she had some kind of meat every two hours, she's fine. She also ghost's around, too silent for a normal person.

Loves to stalk innocent birds. Hiking, reading, drawing.

The wolf takes over her more. She can growl, normal or flaring. Her canine teeth are sharper than the others. She can hear very well.

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