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Hybrid Dragon-Wolf

Please post the following information. Please do not post anything until you have talked to Wolf, or else it will be ignored.

-------------------------------Human Sheet--------------------------------------

YOUR Name (We need to know who is creating this):

Characters Name (Last Name Optional):

Gender (Yes, you MUST have one):

Age (No Younger than 6 years old):


Side (Normal Human, or joined with Kileen and Sarah?):

DETAILED Descrition:

History (Their past, before this point):



---------------------------Viral Sheet-------------------------------------------

YOUR Name (We Need to Know Who Is Creating This):

Character Name (Last name optional):


Age (No younger than 6):


Side (With the Virals, or with Kileen, Sarah, and their baddies?):

DETAILED Description:



Powers (Example: Is their eyesight better? Can they hear better?)


7/4/2012 . Edited 7/4/2012 #1
Hybrid Dragon-Wolf




6 years old (Youngest in the virals)

Sarcastic, friendly, playful, hyper (And the list can go on...)


Pale blue eyes. People sometimes mistake her pale eyes, for the eyes of a blind child. She has glasses, silver and pink in colour. Despite being hyper, she's actually quite good at keeping quiet, and 'ghosting around', as the other Virals call it. She's the youngest of the virals, but that doesn't stop her.

Her parents moved there 7 years ago, and then gave birth to her. She didn't want to be a viral at first. But she warmed up to it. The other virals still feel aweful that they took away her normal childhood. She justs scoffs at them. The wolf in her seems to have taken over her a bit more than everyone else. She had these sudden urges to just rip apart someone... Then eat them! That was the only part she hated. As long as she had some kind of meat every two hours, she's fine. She also ghost's around, too silent for a normal person.

Stalking innocent birds. Hiking, reading, drawing.

The wolf takes over her more. She can growl, normal or flaring. Her canine teeth are sharper than the others. She can hear very well.

Favourite colour is blue.

7/5/2012 . Edited 7/5/2012 #2
Hybrid Dragon-Wolf


7/5/2012 #3

Akira (Rainbow Unicorn Skittle Girl)

Character Name (Last name optional): Alex Swenson

Gender: female

Age (No younger than 6): 12

Personality: Spunky, smart, and shy around others. But once you get to know her, she doesn't seem shy at all, but she is pretty quiet. Alex can be funny, and she is a good problem solver.

Side (With the Virals, or with Kileen, Sarah, and their baddies?): Virals!!!

DETAILED Description: Striking green eyes, and very, very dark brown hair that goes a few inches past her shoulders. She often wears it in a pony tail. She usually just wears a t-shirt and shorts (not short shorts) or jeans. She also has a thin scar that goes from just above her left eyebrow down to her temple. Nobody knows how she got it, and Alex refuses to tell anyone.

History: Alex's mom died when she was five, and her dad abused her. Two years before becoming a viral, her dad was arrested and she moved to the island with her foster mom, who decided to adopt her. none of the other virals know she was abused, and Alex plans to keep it that way.

Hobbies: Alex loves to do pretty much anything outside, and is good at sports. She does not like to be cooped up inside.

Powers (Example: Is their eyesight better? Can they hear better?) She has pretty good eyesight, but not quite as good as Hi's. Her hearing is amazing, better than Shelton's. It is her best power.

Extra: Alex is pretty attached to Crystal, sometimes sees her like she's her little sister. When Alex flares, the scar on her forehead burns really bad. She doesn't know why.

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7/10/2012 . Edited 8/9/2012 #4

Oh oops! Sorry Wolf I didn't even realize that Crystal has really good hearing! If you want me to change it I will.

7/10/2012 #5
Hybrid Dragon-Wolf

You don't have to, and accepted. Sorry it took me so long to reply! I have another account and I'm trying to set up a few forums on there

7/26/2012 . Edited 7/28/2012 #6

Don't worry it's fine! I have been gone for a week anyways, so I haven't done anything on fanfiction for a while, either.

7/29/2012 #7


YOUR Name (We Need to Know Who Is Creating This):emily

Character Name (Last name optional):tanii wyte


Age (No younger than 6):16

Personality:bubbly crazy funny miscevious

Side (With the Virals, or with Kileen, Sarah, and their baddies?):virals

DETAILED Description:long butt lenghth wavy bright red hair much brighter than torys and turqoise eyes like big sister to crystal

History:mum and dad got jobs at LIRI and she had no friends at old school so she was happy to go to the island because her fav animals are wolves and her mum told her bout whisper and the pack.

Hobbies:reading, running, writing, listening to rock music and piano music (she also plays piano)

Powers (Example: Is their eyesight better? Can they hear better?):run at max of 70km per hour

Extra:plays piano and hates cats loves to play with cousin mia who comes to visit each week

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8/8/2012 #8

YOUR Name (We Need to Know Who Is Creating This):emily

Character Name (Last name optional):mia-hannah brown


Age (No younger than 6):6

Personality:cute, agile, funny and the spirit of the group

Side (With the Virals, or with Kileen, Sarah, and their baddies?):virals

DETAILED Description:brown eyes, long brown hair pretty and cute

History:same story as tanii but moved to island after she became a viral on her visit for the week her parents know coz she cant keep a secret and they understood and they moved to the island

Hobbies:dancing and singing(good at both)

Powers (Example: Is their eyesight better? Can they hear better?):amazing balance (agile)

Extra:tanii's cousin , loves to dance

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8/8/2012 #9

YOUR Name (We Need to Know Who Is Creating This): Akira

Character Name (Last name optional): Jan Swenson


Age (No younger than 6): 35

Personality: Jan is pretty much the opposite of Alex's dad. She is really nice, and always tries to be there for her daughter. She feels guilty about often having to go to work early and come back late. Jan likes to think of herself as adventurous, but is nothing compared to Alex in that league :) And, of course, she's smart.

Side (Normal Human, or joined with Kileen and Sarah?): Normal human.

DETAILED Description: Wavy auburn hair that goes just past her shoulders, light brown eyes, pale skin, and glasses that are light blue and black.

History: Jan has been working at LIRI for seven years. A year ago, she became foster mom to Alex, who was extremely quiet at the time. Jan fell in love with her (as a mother, NOTHING ELSE) and adopted her. She is so glad that Alex made friends quickly, although she doesn't know just how close they are. As Alex began to open up a bit more, the mother and daughter developed a close bond.

Hobbies: Gardening, reading on the front porch with a glass of lemonade during her free time :)

Extra: She is 75% Norwegian, hence the last name. For some reason Alex became fascinated with the Norwegian rosmaul in the house, and Jan is trying to teach her how to do it.

8/9/2012 . Edited 12/3/2012 #10

soooo... when are we going to start rping?

8/16/2012 #11

Your name: WriterHorse32, but you all can call me WH

character name: Jane Barton

gender: female

age: 15

personality: she's an outgoing person and is extremely creative, but can hold her own in a fight even though she's not a viral.

side: normal human who just happens to know a lot about weapons and fighting.

detailed description: blood red hair, blue eyes, pale skin with a few scattered freckles

history: Jane grew up without much, her mother was a singer and her dad was a police officer. Her mother was murdered one night and her dad was never the same after that. She mostly took care of herself and her dad enrolled her in self defense classes in order to keep her safe. After a couple of years he moved her and himself to the island. Jane was bullied because she still did not have much, but she has what she needed.

hobbies: singing, dancing, fighting, writing, and drawing.

extra: she is bisexual and handy with guns.

12/2/2012 #12
Hey WH! Goldie out
12/3/2012 #13

Heeyyyyy WH!

12/3/2012 #14
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