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5/24/2012 #1

Name: Skyther

Type: Big Sister

Age: 16

Looks: Big Sister suit ( Long black hair, ice blue eyes

Weapon: ADAM needle

Plasmid: Incinerate, Winter Blast, Electro Bolt

Personality: (Regular) Calm, happy (Hostile) protective, violent

Bio: Skyther is a proto-type Big Sister, much like Delta, and she is bonded to a Little Sister, Nico Lucy.

5/24/2012 #2

Name: Nico Lucy

Type: Little Sister

Age: 9

Looks: Typical Little Sister outfit (BS2 style), Blond hair, red eyes

Weapon: Big Sister (Skyther), ADAM needle

Personality: (Regular) Happy, lovey dover (Slug) comatose, skittish

Bio: Though she dosent remeber it, she is bonded to Skyther because they are blood-related sisters. Nico has no memory of her life before Rapture.

5/24/2012 #3
The Silver Tongued Rose

Name: Bronwyen (Wyen for short

Type: Human

Age: 23


Weapon: Sword, shotgun (Had too XDDDDDD),

Plasmid: Winter blast.

Personality: Sweet, yet violent. Extremely bipolar XD

Bio: Wyen stumbled upon the Rapture when she was sea urchin diving, She has no living relatives anymore because they were all dool

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5/24/2012 #5
The Silver Tongued Rose


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5/24/2012 #7
The Silver Tongued Rose

.... Meanie...

5/24/2012 #8
Super Kami Zantar

name: Epsilon

Type: Modified Rosie

Age: let's say 37

Looks: a Rosie with modified gloves that allow for the use of plasmids

Weapon: Rivet Gun

Plasmid: Decoy, Insect Swarm, Gravity Well

Personality:he's pretty much your average mechanic but is easy to fight in combat if anyone approaches him

Bio: a Big Daddy created solely for maintenance purposes of Rapture rather then the safety of Little Sisters with so many other caretakers out there and most other Rosies already bonded to a Sister. He was the last in the series to date and was given plasmid capabilities so that he could defend himself better if he fell under attack, though only an idiot would attack a Big Daddy without a Little Sister it was still possible if they needed resources from his corpse or believed that he did have a Little Sister

5/24/2012 #9

Good job, accepted.

5/24/2012 #10

Name: Malachai "Malac" Stanton

Type: Big Brother

Age: 17

Looks: Big Brother Diving Suit. ( (

Weapon/ Plasmid: Drill. Electro Bolt

Personality: Cold and Collected to regular people and Splicers, Kind and Compassionate to Little Sisters and Big Sisters.

Bio: One of the few survivors of the Little brother project, Malac was asigned to watch out for fellow little sister in places where Big Daddies could not reach. Unlike little sisters, Malac was able to see the world around him for what it was, and as such he was much more open to what was actually happening. This caused his attitude towards People and Splicers alike.

His Suit is mostly self built, based more upon the Bouncer than the Alpha series as the Big Sister Suit was.

5/24/2012 . Edited 5/24/2012 #11

Interesting. Accepted :)

5/25/2012 #12
A Slowpoke's Dopey Face

Name: Sally

Age: 6

Species: Little sister

Alignment: Neutral

Appearance: She is a bit taller than little sisters her age. Blue little sister dress. Normal weight.

Personality: A very hyper personality, can't sit in one spot for long, so gathering atom can sometimes provide a problem. Other than that, she is very protective of her daddy. She tends to be a bit mischievous.

Gene tonics, and plasmids: None

Weapons: Little sister needle

Love: none

Bio: Born in Rapture by one of the last few sane people, but kidnapped and turned into a little sister, and has never known who her real parents were


Name: Type c-7337, or Cyclops

Age: 50

Species: Big daddy

Weapons: Drill, crossbow, rivet gun

Gender: Male

Allignment: Neutral

Plasmids: Bee swarm (or whatever it is called), shock, freeze

Tonics: I can't think of any..... The frozen drill one

Looks: A bit short, a little on the hefty side, hazel eyes, buzz cut, scar running down the left side of his face.... uh....... hrmmmm....... if his hair was grown out, it would be brown

Clothes: Big daddy 'Bouncer' suit.

Personality: Calm, strong-silent type, intimidating because of this fact. The few who have gotten him to yell never lived to tell the tale. Rather warm-hearted, but rarely smiles. Guards a little sister, when given one, fiercly

Bio: Lived in Miami, Florida, born and raised, but at the age of 36, he was kidnapped, and sent to Rapture to be a big daddy, other than that, a rather average life. He got the scar from getting into a fight with another big daddy.

Companions: Sally

Love: None

I know this OC is shit, but I tried, I really did

6/9/2012 #13

Cool,ur in

6/17/2012 #14
Seraph Darkfire

((I know that there is already a Big Brother type of person on here, but I have always liked this idea. And if you look at it, both of them are two completely different types of Big Brothers))

Name: Jason Alteria

Type: Big Brother (Freaker Type)

Age: 20

Bio: The Big Brother program was created after the Big Daddy program, though quickly canceled it as the Big Brother's were unpredictable. They weren't completely focused on protecting the Little Sisters, always wandering off and looking around. When tested, they would protect a Little Sister if she was in danger, but for the most part, just ignored them. They were mostly Freakers, ones that would change into strange human like creatures when their Little Sister was in danger, or if they themselves where attacked. Though Freakers died shortly after changing once they were done fighting they would die out.

One didn't die, no matter how many times he changed, even as a little kid he was dangerous. But this one was even more predictable, he would change and attack people for no reason. The only time he was calm was when he was put in a room with one or more Little Sisters. Even in the Little Sister aspect he was odd. He didn't ignore them and seemed to love being around them. Occasionally he would go off, though he always kept his Little Sister in ear shot. Eventually, he would come back, bearing presents for the little girl.

Being so unpredictable caused those who created him to seal him away in a Vita-Chamber, one that would keep him asleep and unopenable from the inside.


He is barefoot. In his Freaker mode his hair is wild. His eyes become slitted and his finger nails grow longer.

Weapon: He uses his hands to fight as he is abnormally strong and fast and anything he feels like picking up, though he won't use them for long.

Plasmids: He has three plasmids Electro Bolt, Incinerate, and Winter Blast.

Tonics: Tough Skin, Little Sister Endurance.

Tough Skin: He has increased toughness in his skin, making it hard to harm him without force.

Little Sister Endurance: The more Little Sisters that are near him, the longer he can fight and the faster he heals.

Personality: Quiet and nice to anyone. If a Little Sister is hurt, he becomes full of rage, aiming to kill the offender before he calms down.

6/22/2012 #15

Ok, this sounds awesome. Accepted. Do you know how you want to bring him into the storyline?

7/12/2012 #16

Name: Dante

Type: Splicer

Age: 25

Looks: Wears a Diving suit under a black hooded jacket and white face mask.

Weapon/ Plasmid: Knife, Revolver, Incinerate, Freeze and Wasp swarm. Also, using a modified Super soldier serum gave him above average reflexes, durability and strength, so He can go toe-to-toe with a brute splicer.

Personality: Dante is deadpan, sarcastic and a bit of a snarker, He is also schizophrenic, but not as crazed as most splicers.

Bio: a disgraced Soldier, Dante traveled to rapture to escape the shame, volunteering to take a super soldier serum, However, it had a side effect: Voices

9/16/2012 #17

Alright, you're in!

11/21/2012 #18
Name : subject Zero/Drake.......................Type : big brother prototype ( looks like big sister but the large Adam needle spins like a drill) ..............Age : 17............Appearance : Dark blue big sister suit modified , spikey black hair and fiery orange eyes..........Weapons : spinning Adam needle , shotgun.......Plasmids : telekinesis , insect swarm , incinerate.. .....Personality : outgoing , happy ( normal... For him ) , ( enraged ) angry , crazy............ ...... Bio : Drake was a young not that was friends with a little sister , one day the scientists found him and used him in their project. Over the years they trained him in basic plasmid usage and put him in a dark blue big sister suit with the Adam needle modified to spin. They brought in his little sister friend and ordered him to kill her . Instead he killed them and took the little sister to the vent where she escapes to the orphanage. He takes off into rapture....( sorry , I have a phone so I used the periods for the gaps )
4/19/2013 #19
Fi the Meme Queen Supreme


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