Sonic OC RolePlay Station
This is my first RP forum. In this 'station', we do role-play with our Sonic OC. Anyone is welcomed with open arms. Note that we mostly go for T-rated. Admin (and maybe Moderators and members) of this forum also do not tolerate lemons and trolls.
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This place is the only place unregistered authors can talk on. If for some reason they want to call or talk with someone from here (especially when suddenly you can't send PM due to the max limit), they can use this. Also, it can give you sneak peaks about this forum before joining in.
6/6/2012 #1

What do you mean by unregistered authors? People without OC's?

BTW, Check your Inbox.

6/8/2012 #2
No, people who doesn't sign up. People who signed up but still have no OC can still chat on Author Chatting Area.
6/8/2012 #3
Pure Omega Shenron
6/21/2012 #4
Alright. What is it that you want to talk about?
6/21/2012 #5
Pure Omega Shenron
Well how about some dealing for me to stop swearing.
6/21/2012 #6
Not only that, but also about following rules.
6/21/2012 #7
Pure Omega Shenron
Right and what about signing up
6/21/2012 #8
That includes following the rules. Go to User : Sign Up. Also, common RP rules : in RP topics Author Comments are in parenthesis.
6/21/2012 #9

Ello mate

6/23/2012 #10

Hi, I see you've found your way here.

6/23/2012 #11
Nobody is on on my forums right now..... mind if i just stay here for a bit, Levinski?
8/24/2012 #12
Spectacular Super Nova

In truth, Levinski's not here (Restriction from his parents :\) Odly enough I just got here So I guess if you want to join there's a place where you can sign in :) (Oddly enough I just woke up, so you're in luck, hehe)

8/24/2012 . Edited 8/24/2012 #13
Rocky Stone


8/24/2012 #14
I dunno if i wanna join though.... not the biggest fan of Omega Shenron to be honest...... that and the posting goes FAST here, that i dunno if i'll be able to keep up on my phone....
8/24/2012 #15
Rocky Stone

'tis ok X3 I'm not too fast at times either. XD

8/24/2012 #16
Spectacular Super Nova

Omega was banned, and not all posting here goes fast, sometimes they go pretty slow in truth.

Hey Pencil! :D

8/24/2012 #17
Rocky Stone

hi :D finally we get to talk! X3

8/24/2012 #18
Spectacular Super Nova

Yeah, but I have school soon :( And btw Pencil, you're the fastest one here! :p

8/24/2012 #19
Omigosh, Omega was banned? wow..... well.... i guess i'll sign up.... i may pop in from time to time if my other forums are slow. which topic is the general roleplaying?
8/24/2012 #20
Rocky Stone

i am?


8/24/2012 #21
Spectacular Super Nova

Yeah, we had a voting, everyone said Aye. Um.. For general, as in all around Roleplay, that's Play: OC Area :)

Hahaha, you are Pencil. Xp

8/24/2012 #22
Rocky Stone

oh ok! X3 by the way i'm making a bomberman comic.

8/24/2012 #23
Okay. and Lev once told me about the banning poll. i laughed
8/24/2012 #24
Rocky Stone


8/24/2012 #25
Spectacular Super Nova

Heh, well, He's a softy (I am too, not to offend him if he goes back to read this.. :p) and you're gonna get the full greeting, from one person...

8/24/2012 #26
Rocky Stone

(um, which person is that?)

8/24/2012 #27
uhh..... do i want to know what this greeting is?
8/24/2012 #28
Rocky Stone

*shrugs* i think i know, but i think it's a secret. 0_x

8/24/2012 #29
8/24/2012 #30
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