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Fuzzy Teeth

Just making this for the board. If I get anyone wanting it to be expanded I'll make a actual form but here's a basic one.







5/25/2012 #1
Stargazer 559

Name: suki akari



Looks:Hot pink twin ponytail,asymatrical black shirt w/skull&crossbow,short hot pink plaid skirt with striped black & hot pink stockings with high heel black boots

Fightingstyle/powers/weapons:twin kantas and magical ablities based on nature

misc:dancer in the dark (luka megurine )

6/2/2012 #2

These are a double-edged sword for me.

If an OC is humbly-written, an actual character, and doesn't overwhelmingly supersede the actual characters from the medium, I can very much enjoy it. In fact, I daresay some (but of course, relatively few) of my favorite fan-fictions used a fan-character.

Unfortunately, most OC protagonists and/or main characters I read about are all-perfect, 'uber-OMG-I-iz-all-powurfl-lawl' beings who completely upstage the 'true' characters, who are in turn completely helpless without him. They very often have the same personality, too: Bad-@$$ rebel without a cause, completely flawless, members of the opposite sex becoming putty in his hands on-sight, (Those last two parts I really hate, more than anything else), etc. Those make me very upset, personally.

This is how many readers are, friends. Please keep this in mind.

6/12/2012 #3

Now, with that disclaimer out of the way, I do have an OC idea or two for SG. Here's one:

Goku 'Eat-your-Babies' Norris

Full Name: Chuck-Goku Epic-I-Hate-my-Mom-and-Dad Screams-a-lot von Twinkletoes-Norris.

Age: 30

Appearance: 6'10"

Basic Personal Info: A Professional MMA fighter, both in and out of the legal ring; Has his own Death-Metal Band; Completely unhealthy lifestyle of booze, tobacco, and God-knows-what-else; sleeps around a lot; Misogynist; Unholiness-worshiper. As his name and love of Death Metal may suggest, he's violent, and hates everyone, including Divines, their representatives, children, pets, and his own fans.

Reason I made him: Not a serious character. I just want to see him and his likeness be target practice for all the real Skullgirls characters. I'd love to see his face when he gets owned by real women. Especially Double. Tehehe!

6/12/2012 . Edited 6/12/2012 #4
Fuzzy Teeth

to the first form expand it a little please

the second one is in only for the lulz.

6/12/2012 . Edited 6/12/2012 #5
Fuzzy Teeth

Also Forgot to add this.The In-game characters, even non-fighter, are up for grabs.


well after giving a small showing of you can actually portray them

6/12/2012 #6

Now, I'm going to have to argue with this. We're just fans, and this thread is about ideas for O.C's for the Skullgirls fictional universe. In-game characters already exist, and comprise the very essence of the experience that is "Skullgirls". So it's for the best that we don't go claiming them as our own characters. That'd be immoral, unwise, and would bring no benefit to any of us.

Now, if there's a thread/forum to discuss the already-existent characters, that's another, far better story. And/or if people must go claiming Canopy Kingdom's residents as being their own, I suppose there's nothing physically stopping them. I beseech you all, though: let's try not to make ripples of madness, okay? I've seen people get incredibly stupid and mean over stuff like this, and newcomers to those fandoms, as well as the fandoms themselves, have suffered for it big time.

I don't want that for this game's fanbase, especially when we're just starting to take root. So please, remain rational everybody.

6/13/2012 #7

@Animegirl Get the f*** outta here.

6/29/2012 . Edited 6/29/2012 #8

An OC idea I've been playing around with for a while. Any and all criticism/suggestions are welcome and encouraged to help me develop the concept more.

Name: Marcello "Marco" Salviati

Age: 26

Looks: (Subject to change)

Physique: Standing six feet flat, approximately 160 lbs. Has a reasonable physique for someone his age.

Facial Features: Clean-shaven face, average features, rough complexion. His hair is oiled back, keeping with what is considered the 'normal' mafia style. His jaw has been broken twice, leaving him with a slight underbite.

Clothing (Even more subject to change): Staying away from the flashy and gaudy fashions of New Meridian, Marcello wears a waistcoat over his creased shirt, being careful to match them with his ironed pants and polished shoes.

Background, Bio:

Foreword: Most of this character's back story was inspired by the infamous "Pazzi Conspiracy", a brutal chapter of history where a number of Florentine Noble families attempted to assassinate Lorenzo de' Medici and his brother Giuliano, and topple the Medici family. Giuliano was slain, but Lorenzo managed to escape, even with mortal wounds. The Salviati family were amongst the more active members of the conspiracy, and were ruined by its failure.

Born into of one of the smaller crime families that controlled separate districts in New Meridian, joining the mafia was a given future for Marco. The Contiello Massacre occurred when he was very young, and the exact details were vague to the rest of the criminal units. Initially, the Medicis feigned innocence in the matter, suggesting that all the crime families should band together against the 'common threat' of the new Skullgirl. Incidentally, Lorenzo was unwilling to return the control invested in him afterwards - citing vague reasons and occasionally taking action against his more active critics.

Regardless of the Medicis' best attempts to cannibalize the other crime syndicates, they've never truly gained enough respect to hold authority over their new regime. With mobsters dropping like flies and public retribution rearing its head, things for the mafia have gone downhill since the Medicis assumed complete control. Marcello is not the first to consider breaking ranks, and he won't be the last.


Marco's actions bear a dangerously Machiavellian slant. He is arrogant and mostly self-serving. Quite cynical of society and human nature, holding onto the belief that his personal needs take precedence over others. Although he insists that he conducts himself to a moral standard, he'll often bend and twist the rules to suit himself, usually having a pre-made excuse ready beforehand.

He can run a glib and amiable facade when needed, but personal gain is the underlying motivation for everything he does. He believes a well-crafted lie is better than a simple truth, and he avoids giving away his true motives where possible. In short, if he thinks he can get away with it, it's worth a shot in his books.

Not trustworthy by most means, his duplicity and arrogance make a poor impression. He has particular trouble with those who have particularly independent personalities, or those who can see through his pretenses.

Marco has a habit of becoming impatient and conspicuously nervous when things aren't going his way, or if he feels that he isn't in control of a situation. This pattern can give away his intentions at inconvenient times.

Fighting Style/Powers/Weapons:

Growing up as an active member of his "family business" allowed Marco to learn his way around a knuckle-duster and an array of other "concealables", but there's nothing that distinguishes him above an average adult human. The best way to survive in the mafia isn't to know when you should pick a fight; it's knowing when not to. He isn't a fighter on-par with the main cast.


I'm doing my best to craft this character into a narrative device, as opposed to a more typical "imdabes swagswagswag" OC. The one qualm I have about the main arc of Skullgirls is that the definitions of 'good' and 'bad' are far too inelastic: the antagonists are always selfish and cruel to a point of theatrical excess, and protagonists are always incorruptible and self-sacrificing. There are a few characters who straddle or attempt to cross this line - like Cerebella, who does dishonest things simply because she's been misguided, or Valentine, who seems to have such an ambiguous motivation that it can't really be said why she does what she does.

Critique is welcome.

5/15/2013 . Edited 3/7 #9

Name: Ookie "Death Hoolahoop" Yukieto

Age: 18

Personalty: Loudmouthed and cocky, Ookie is always ready to take on any challenge, claiming "My hoolahoop techniques are as deadly as an entire army."

Looks: Ookie has a lightly tanned skin-tone and is very slim built, along with being kind of tall. His clothing consist of a big monkey skull mask(which is secretly his parasite) on his forehead, long and white-striped hair flowing behind him, blades decorated in the hair and placed by steel clips which makes them almost impossible to cut off. a green vest over a blue and green-striped t-shirt, tattoos of monkeys and tropical themes covering his arms, an eye-patch(please don't ask...), screamingly orange jeans and no shoes.

FighitngStyle/Powers/Weapons: A lot of jumping and close-up combat is what drives this fighter onward. He uses his own "Monkey" style to perfection. An acrobatic fighting style.

Misc: He's an old friend of Cerebella and has had a crush on her for a long time. He doesn't have a paid job, but helps out where he can. He has tried countless times to get an act in Cirque de Cartes, but he always gets the same response. "You're just not cut for it, kiddo."

6/16/2013 . Edited 6/17/2013 #10

Uh... This really seems like a needless 'goffic' character, if he's working in the circus, where's the pizzaz? Everyone in the Cirque De Cartes have really colorful and stand outy outfits, if you're making a performer for the circus, think big.

Plus, all I'm getting is like, oh this dude plays with a hoolahoop. And with attractions like Cerebella and Gigan clowns, I don't think he would be a good preformer. So may wanna redo him.

6/17/2013 #11

Well, I could remake his outfit, sure. But I don't mean Hulahoop in that sense. What I mean is "spin around and let the blades form a hoolahoop of cutting death" sense.

6/17/2013 #12

Well, at least he has his clothes edited. And I could change it too with his job in the circus, if that's what you'd like.

6/17/2013 #13

righty o, Just research circus acts and also, the Cirque De Cartes is a card-themed circus. 03598c66f/tumblr_mipewhfvg71qe1yemo2_1280.jpg offficial art of all of the 'main' preformers and the ringleader.

So I really wouldn't recommend with a circus character unless you want them to be a minor act.

6/17/2013 #14

Well, I'll just change it to "old friend of Cerebella's" then.

6/17/2013 #15

Edits are made!!!

6/17/2013 #16

There's no rule against posting more than one OC here, right? I'll confess that I've been using this forum more as a workshop to fine-tune my OCs before I consider adding them to my fic. Anyway, here goes.

Name: Angelo "Poliziano"

Age: 58

Personalty: Calm and collected, chooses his words carefully. A brilliant mind in regards to philosophy and academics, but as a result he's prone to the pitfall view that his opinion is the only right one.

Looks: Oiled, greying hair. Distinctive jawline, cleft chin. Bony nose. Slightly greasy complexion. Good posture. Turtleneck, suit jacket, suit pants; a gentleman. Makes use of a walking stick; he has a slight hobble.

Fighting Style/Powers/Weapons: (Not available; no fighting abilities to speak of.)


The character is based heavily on Angelo "Poliziano" Ambrogini (1454-1494), who was reputed to have been somewhat of a child prodigy, and a brilliant scholar - becoming multilingual by age ten, and publishing literature by the age of eighteen. According to the internet, Lorenzo de' Medici was Poliziano's largest patron - giving him a prestigious position at the University of Florence and welcoming him to the family as a tutor for Lorenzo's children.

A bio is currently still in development. However, to summarize, a more modern take on the Tuscan Scholar is to imagine him as the 'Consigliere' - Counselor - for the Skullgirls Medici family. As such he would be a direct representative of Lorenzo regarding family matters as well as a trusted adviser on important matters. Furthermore this connection would also make him a guide and supervisor to Vitale.

8/27/2013 . Edited 1/9 #17

Name: Bandido (May change if I get any better ideas...)

Age: 5

Personality: Bandido suffers from both kleptomania and narcissism, leading him to continuously steal private objects from high-security areas, while making sure he is captured by any eventual cameras. After a successful robbery, he sends a video tape to the victim, the police and TV which shows him with the item he stole while boasting for insufferable amounts of time. He has a desire to always be wanted, known and feared. He thinks of himself as the greatest master-thief of all time, as well as untouchable, despite his 456 arrests, all of which were caused by his massive ego.

Looks: Bandido is a creature made out of a kangaroo, a rabbit, a weasel and a monkey. He is about as tall as Peacock, and his body structure more or less that of a monkey standing upright. He has a very long and pointy nose (think Spy vs. Spy) rabbit ears pointing down, kangaroo feet and a tail with a hand on it. He wears a red sweater, grey pants and a 20s gangster hat.

Fighting Style/Powers/Weapons: Extreme agility and speed, as well as strength in his legs. On the other hand, he is very weak in his upper body and cant take many punches before he is sent to the ground. He never really bothered with learning any kinds of fighting moves, since, in his own words; "I am already the greatest master-thief of all time!" Most of the time his fighting style consists of cheating, cheap shots and boasting.

Misc: Bandido was created at one of the Anti-Skullgirl Labs. He escaped almost immediately after being completed, stealing a professors wig in the process. Bandido is a chain cigar-smoker, and his tail-hand is often seen casually flipping a coin.

9/5/2013 . Edited 9/5/2013 #18
Bloody Angel X

Name: Dinomight

Age: 24

Personality: Aggressive, proud, impatient, quick to anger and prone to violence. Completely lacking in class, grace, refinement, delicacy, and some would say femininity... which kind of embarrasses her. She would love to be a classy lady in a frilly ballroom dress schmoozing with the upper class elite, but her natural behavior and knee-j*** reactions are utterly contrary to this. Her pride won't let her admit this, and she tends to react defensively. Though, in her case, defensive becomes aggressive REAL quick.

Looks: Boasting an Amazonian build, Dinomight looms well over six feet, nearing seven feet tall with well developed musculature; powerful and defined, but not overly large and bulky (proportionately, anyway) She is mostly a dark green, though her face, throat, chest and belly are significantly lighter, almost a lime color. Her hair is dark red, shoulder length and generally unkempt, her eyes green, and her ears pointed. She has a horn on her forehead, as well as bony, spur-like protrusions on her forearms, elbows, knees, shins, knuckles and collar bone. There are Godzilla-esque ridge plates on her back, and she has a reptilian tail with four stegosaurus spikes on the end. Clothing consists mostly of shorts, t-shirts and the like, making it seem like she's going jogging or doing some other kind of exercise. Modified to accommodate bones and plates, of course.

Fighting Style/Powers/Weapons: Perhaps unsurprisingly, pure, unapologetic brute force. Dinomight relies almost exclusively on her body's Jurassic strength, bony plates, horn and tail. There is very little style or technique involved, coming off more like a bar brawler or street fighter than martial artist. Strikes, tackles, body slams... that kind of thing.

Misc: Unfortunately, a background for the character escapes me. There are potential ideas, sure, but I'm always dissatisfied with them. I'm reluctant to go the "Lab Experiment" path because the game has some of that already, and it seems a popular choice for other people's OC's, but I also wanted her Thunder-lizard-ness to be fairly unique, so that she's relevant and not just one of many dino-people. So it kind of floats in Limbo, there.

9/7/2013 #19
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