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A Place for fans of the game to hang out! Rp may come later if we get enough people.
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Fuzzy Teeth

Introduce yourself!

5/30/2012 #1
Evenin'. My name's Kerreb17, as if that weren't obvious enough. I've written one Skullgirls fic to date, and I have another in the works. Hope that everything goes well here! Also, pardon the odd spacing as I am posting from my phone most of the time.
5/30/2012 #2
Fuzzy Teeth
Names FuzzyTeeth as you can see. Admin here, and I have a skullgirls fic in the works as well.
5/30/2012 #3

Hello. The name's Blargus or if you prefer, I'm "Muffin man". Also workin' on a fic.

5/31/2012 #4

Hey! I'm Starborn its a pleasure to meet everyone! I just finished my first Skullgirls Fanfiction. Actually that was my first Fanfic i've ever written!

6/1/2012 #5

Welcome to the fanfiction world. :)

6/7/2012 #6

Hello, everybody!

I'm Itanu, as one may gather, and I consider myself an avid Skullgirls fan, and a sucker for good reading, including fanfiction. So when I saw Skullgirls with it's own category on this site, I squealed.

I'm working on a fic, but more on that in the designated topic of this forum. Thank you for setting up this meeting place, Fuzzy Teeth, and it is an honor to meet some of the many fellow Skullgirl fan(fiction)atics here.

6/7/2012 #7
Fuzzy Teeth

Hahah no thanks are needed bro. MikeZ and his crew set up a wonderful world for.

6/7/2012 #8
I'm aeon3valefore. I have been in fanfiction for a while but never learned how to make them here. ; So I have some on my youtube account. Same name. Just been on writers block for a while. I just discover the world of skullgirls recently and I enjoy the game and the fanfiction. note: I only have the demo of the game.
7/22/2012 #9

Ah, I see. Well, Aeon3valefore, on behalf of the Skullgirls fan-community, and the community as a whole (I know you said you've been here a while, but I still want to greet you to this group): Welcome! We look forward to interacting with you, and to seeing what contributions you intend to make.

I have been in fanfiction for a while but never learned how to make them here.

Pray tell, is this still an issue? If you're still having trouble with that, we'd be happy to help you out via PM.

11/20/2012 #10
Thankyou for your acceptance itanu. :)
11/21/2012 #11
Bloody Angel X

Sooo... hello! Bloody Angel X, here. BAX is much preferred. Been floating around Fanfiction net for a LONG time. Used to have around 20 or so stories. Dropped them all a while back, and haven't done much writing since. Been trying to shake off the webs, scrape off the rust as it were, but there you go.

Skullgirls is something that caught my interest the moment I saw a small blurb of it in the corner of a gaming magazine article. Been following it ever since. I'll admit I... have not yet been able to play it. None of my gaming platforms are connected to the internet, so that's momentarily beyond my reach. Which makes me grrface! :(

11/27/2012 #12

Alright, well here goes nothing...

To get the worst parts over with first, I don't actually own a copy of Skullgirls; I learned about the game when a friend got me hooked onto it. On the other hand I'm looking forward to a Steam version being made available in the future.

My experience with fan fiction began when the same friend tried to convert me to the "Brony" fandom a little while back, which led to me making a story or two on "" (A safe haven for MLP-related fiction).

As of recently I've been drifting away from that community, I realized that the only reason I posted on that site was to justify my own writing abilities above other stories I deemed inferior. As of now, I'm writing a fic about Skullgirls. Here's hoping for the best.

5/15/2013 . Edited 5/19/2013 #13

According to the text at my computer screen, my name is MarioKong. I really like Skullgirls. And Peacock. I haven't written any fanfics yet due to a lack of skill and patience.

9/5/2013 #14
Bloody Angel X

Wow. I forgot this place was a thing. XD

I have since finally managed to get myself on PSN and snag some Skullgirls for myself. Though I admit I feel a bit impatient with the extra characters that are supposed to be in development. I ALSO admit I've fallen a bit out of touch with the development process, and haven't been trying very hard to keep up. I know two characters are funded and I think a third got chosen with like some kind of Egyptian pharaoh motif. Which is a bit worrisome for my OC gallery...

Was REALLY hoping to see Black Dahlia as a playable character, though.

9/6/2013 #15
Percy Anther
Well, I'm ge3b0t. I'm new here, and probably speaking to a dead forum, so bleh. Working on a few stories, none posted.
10/1/2015 #16
Hiyu, I'm hanging tree 8, but please call me tree, since I heard of skullgirls it was pretty much a gate way to gaming but its my absolute favorite game, any way its nice to meet you all and I hope we can hang out with each other, sadly skullgirls isn't very known
10/31/2015 #17

Hello, I am Ragnarok-TheCrimsonReaper. I am currently writing a Skullgirls Fic but i have come across the Dreadful writer's block. It is my sincere pleasure to be here in this site.

4/7/2016 #18
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