Clash of Six
A crossover RP idea I had the idea for. Newcomers welcome. Submit any character from any series, uncover the mystery and fight for your team!
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Sign in your character(s) on this sheet to join Black Team, the team of BADASS. This is also where Black team can generally chat, discuss strategies, and/or engage in general tomfoolery
5/27/2012 #1
My team of badass shall be these four legends! They are: Spawn, Scoprion, Samus Aran, and Solid Snake! How's that for a badass team?
5/31/2012 #2
That's a pretty badass team! Since I have four fully assembled teams now, I should be starting this story/game very soon!
6/7/2012 #3
No movement from black team so far. How are things going?
6/15/2012 #4

Since this one hasn't been updated I guess I'll choose my four badass characters I know:

Terezi Pyrope (Homestuck)

Dave Strider (Homestuck also)

Kanji Tatsumi (Persona 4)

Soul "Evans" Eater (Soul Eater)

Are these guys ok?

10/15/2012 #5
Indeed they are!
10/15/2012 #6

awesome! So now what should I do?

10/15/2012 #7
Well first of all... Four people wake up in an unfamiliar building. There are rooms with each of the people's names on them, along with four others labelled with other names and one unlabelled door. There is also a desk with a book on it, but the book appears to have a metal clasp holding it shut and an indent in the cover in the shape of an unfamiliar emblem
10/15/2012 #8

Ah okay then :)

Kanji wakes up in an unfamiliar room which he had no memory of how he got there or when. All he remembered yesterday then after that nothing. "Damn..." Kanji said, rubbing his head. "What the hell happen? Did I drink or something? And where am I?" He looks about the room then decides to check and see where he was as he left the room. Of course he wasn't alone as he saw Terezi sitting on a chair in the lobby. "Hey do you know where we are?"

"1F 1 KN3W 1'D S33 WH3R3 W3 4R3." Terezi said with an unamused tone. "THOUGH 1 C4N T3LL W3'R3 SOM3WH3R3 OUT OF NOWH3R3."

Kanji wished he knew where but he sees no windows whatsoever. "Figure..."

10/15/2012 #9

A while of being out from their base as beginners luck. The team gathers around to discuss things of their possibly next move.

10/22/2012 #10
There is a knock on the door of Black Team's base...
12/5/2012 #11

Soul was reading a book when he heard the door knocked, then he turned to Dave who was jamming to the songs. "Hey Dave, someone's at the door!"

"Quiet dude, I'm listening to some Enimem right now." Dave said. "Why don't you go check out who it is, maybe whoever started this whole mess send us some Dominoes."

Soul rolled his eyes and got up as he walked to the door and answered it.

12/5/2012 #12
At the door is what appears to be a tall man in a long coat and a wide-brimmed hat. "Greetings", said the man. "I have an important message for Black Team. A choice to be made, one could say. May I come in?"
12/5/2012 #13

"Sure, come in." Soul said as he let the stranger in. There was a few items scattered around the floor, possibly belong to Dave. "Sorry for the mess, Dave and I have been getting a few items in different places while our pals did who knows what." He then walked up to Dave and slaps him across the head knocking the headphones off his head.

"Dude!" Dave shouted.

"We got company, he said that we have to make some sort of choice."

"Oh boy..." Dave removes the headphones as he paused the music.

12/5/2012 #14
The man walked in and sat down at the table, withdrawing two small boxes from his coat and setting them on the table. One has an engraving of a tiger, the other has a butterfly with eyes on its wings.
12/5/2012 #15

"What are these?" Dave asked, looking at the boxes. "Some sort of things to help us or something along with that?"

12/5/2012 #16
"Something like that", said the man. "In each of these boxes is an item that will help you on your adventures. However, at some point in the not too distant future, you will have to give up one of these items in its box. The choice you must make is which item to give up". "Feel free to open the boxes and take a look at the items, test them out even", the man went on. "Be aware, though, while the boxes can be opened and the items retrieved, the boxes will only open and close once. After they are opened, the boxes will lock upon being closed again".
12/6/2012 #17

Soul and Dave looked at each other. "Well...what do you think?" Soul asked.

"Well if we go ahead and open them, they won't open up and the items we get will be permanent. Unless we save them in case of emergency then we're all cool here." Dave said.

12/6/2012 #18
"Glad to hear it", said the man, standing up. "Well, I really must be going. Good luck to you on all your endeavors!" He walks over to the door and, with a swish of his coat, he is gone.
12/6/2012 #19

Soul looks at Dave again. "Well he was helpful."

Dave carefully place the boxes in a safe place for later. "Now we just wait until Terezi and Kanji come back then we'll let them know about the situation."

"I agree." Soul leaned against the wall and looks outside. "Now that I think about it, I wonder what the other teams are like."

"I don't know, but let's be careful that it isn't our friends or enemies. I can't go all God Tier on their ass since I lost my God Tier powers for some reason."

"Maybe coming here drain some of our power and we have to slowly build them back up."

12/6/2012 #20
Shortly after Terezi and Kanji arrive back, a loud stomping sound is heard. What could it be? It sounds like it is heading for the mountains around the back of the base...
12/20/2012 #21

The four heard it and looked at the direction of the noise. "Dude, what the fuck was that?" Dave asked.

"A shadow maybe?" Kanji said.

"WHY DO YOU 4LW4YS SUSP3CT3D TH4T 1T'S 4 SH4DOW?" Terezi asked Kanji

"Hey I dealt with them before!!!"

" think it has a soul?" Soul said, drooling.

"Doubt it." The three said.

12/20/2012 #22
From the black team base's window, what appears to be a large robotic dinosaur is visible. Kanji and Dave find it oddly familiar... (if you wish to follow this particular line of the story, it's on "Windswept Mountains"
12/20/2012 #23
(BTW, did you see the message on OOC?)
2/5/2013 #24

yup :)

2/5/2013 #25
(So you can have one or two more characters if you like :))
2/12/2013 #26

Well for right now I'll choose one more and that'll be

Aranea Serket:

Also are characters allowed to visit other team bases except the one that they don't like or is that against the rules? Because I thought I can have Aranea visit some team bases just for visits and such.

2/12/2013 #27

You can go to the base (it's assumed to be hidden, but you can get to them by either following someone or if the character has some ability to allow them to see the base from afar), but to get into the base itself, you have to be invited in by a team member. (In other words, you can be on the Base topic, but you can't enter the base itself unless you're invited). Does that make sense?

2/12/2013 #28

yeah :)

2/12/2013 #29
Just Monika Only Monika

time to RP

Dark Link(Legend of Zelda)

3/3/2013 #30
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