Clash of Six
A crossover RP idea I had the idea for. Newcomers welcome. Submit any character from any series, uncover the mystery and fight for your team!
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Grabovski: No company? Then who made you?

6/20/2012 #61
Mata Nui

"Um.......... Me Grimlock don't really know." said Grimlock.

6/20/2012 #62

Grabovski: We can discuss inventors later, would you kindly allow us to take that monster our resident mad bomber killed so that it may be examined?

6/20/2012 #63
Mata Nui

"Me Grimlock don't care what you do with creature. Take for all me Grimlock care for." said Grimlock.

6/20/2012 #64

Grabovski: Good, oh and do you know of anyone who might be able to give me a better idea as to who made you and these...Autobots and Dinobots?

6/20/2012 #65
Mata Nui

"Um not really. Optimus Prime said that being named Primus created us transformers" said Grimlock.

6/20/2012 #66

Grabovski: Interesting, where is this Prime character?

6/20/2012 #67
Mata Nui

"Eh why you want to talk to prime." said Grimlock.

6/20/2012 #68

Grabovski: Because if somebody can make an AI advanced enough to actually think for itself, I could improve the Cat Catcher so that it's even more powerful than it has ever been before.

6/20/2012 #69
Mata Nui

"Fine me Grimlock call him up." said Grimlock as he used his built in com to contact Prime.

A few minutes later a red semi truck arrived and transformed into a robot.

"You requested to speak to me." said Prime.

6/20/2012 #70

Grabovski: Interesting, your speech is constructed better than the other one, are you a superior model? And more importantly, who made you?

6/20/2012 #71
Mata Nui

"Please excuse Grimlock speech problem. It is the result of experimentation by the decepticon Shockwave who made him as he is today. As for my creator I have non. I am Optimus prime as you maynk now. Grimlock and I are robotic organisms for the planet cybertron." said Prime.

6/20/2012 #72

Grabovsi: What do you mean by robotic organisms? I have never heard of such a thing?

6/20/2012 #73
Mata Nui

"Unlike most machine that you are familiar with we cybertronians have souls and personalities just like you. We drink energon to sustain ourself just as you would eat food." said Prime.

6/20/2012 #74
Grabovski: Very interesting, do you have any idea why we're all here then? I would sure as Hell want to know why I am not home, and among a rather bizarre fgroup of creatures like you and the offense.
6/20/2012 #75
Mata Nui

"Unfortunatly I do not know. I too have been trying to find out why we are here. Perhaps if work together we may be able to find out why." said Prime.

6/20/2012 #76
Grabovski, very well then, although would you kindly provide me with with a large amount of scrap metal...if you have it that is.
6/20/2012 #77
Mata Nui

"That we can provide." said Prime.

"Does that mean me grimlock gets to smash something." said Grimlock.

"yes Grimlock it does." said Prime.

Grimlock laughed in joy as he transformed to his dinobot mode and began to head back to the white teams base.

6/20/2012 #78
Grabovski: Bring as much of it as you can, I need a lot of metal to build another Cat Catcher.
6/21/2012 #79
Allen Bedillion Trahurn


"Yes, I suppose it can. We may be stuck in Blue Base tonight regardless," then, with a sup smile, "and I'm glad my force wall spell held up so well." The older man then raised a hand up and put it against the unseen barrier, enjoying the intangibility of it. Then, with a snap of his fingers, the air seemed to shift, the dome surrounding the base dissolving within seconds.

"One thing I would like to know, however, is that plane we were on. It wasn't the Ethereal for sure, nor the Shadow Plane. Care to divulge?" he asked before proceeding to the door, a large metal thing with archaic looking runes on the surface. The runes seemed to glow faintly in the moonlight.

((Hurray I get to describe the base!))

6/21/2012 #80


Now a litle more than on-edge, Akri growled at Argath's overly-cheery tone. SOMEOME could have obviously used a little more time in the battlefeild. "Like I said, I'll tell you later." Back towards the base, the teen edged back, and thenw when he was sure that no monster could get at his exposed back, he turned tail and sprinted into the Blue Base, shutting the door beghind him as fast and as hard as he could.

6/21/2012 #81
Mata Nui

"You can count on us." said Prime as he transformed into his semi truck mode an drove off tword the white teams base.

6/21/2012 #82

Grabovski: (Blinks) Hey, where's the metal I need?

6/21/2012 #83
Mata Nui

"Come back here in an hour we shall have it for you." said Prime.

6/21/2012 #84

GRabovski: Goo, in the meanwhile I shall try to identify the monster we killed.

(If Adrogoz would be kind enough to provide some information about the creature that I can use to describe what I found after dissection I'd appreciate it.)

6/21/2012 #85

Grabovski: Prime, I need the metal as quick as you can get it, we have a means to ensure the end of our behemoth problem.

6/21/2012 #86
Mata Nui

"I'm on my way.dare plied Prime as a few minutes later a semi truck rolled up with a trailer.

"Here is all we could spare." said Prime as he took out five crates of scrap metal from the trailer.

6/24/2012 #87

Grabovski: Good, now could you try to catch a Behemoth for us? I'll draw out the blueprints for the Cat Catcher and make it while you try to get one of the beasts.

6/24/2012 #88
Mata Nui

"I'm sure Grimlock could." said Prime.

6/24/2012 #89

Grabovski: Good, take Power Girl with you to ensure you can catch the beast alive.

(Would you kindly be willing to try this angle out Mata Nui?)

6/24/2012 #90
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