Clash of Six
A crossover RP idea I had the idea for. Newcomers welcome. Submit any character from any series, uncover the mystery and fight for your team!
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A tower behind the castle's door opens mysteriously by itself. An inscription by the door says a wizard lives in it. There is no "only three may enter" warning on this entrance.
7/7/2012 #1

Grabovsk: Morshu, go see what's going on at the tower.

(Morshu heads off to the Tower.)

7/10/2012 #2
(I'm back!) Inside the tower is a winding spiral staircase. It has candles on the surrounding walls. However, every third candle bracket is upside down.
7/25/2012 #3
Allen Bedillion Trahurn


The dark entity arrived just as a man entered the tower. Curious, he (or it) followed, stepping through the entrance just as the man climbed the staircase. Looking up, Enderman teleported just ahead of the man.

8/2/2012 #4

Morshu has now neared the tower and enters it.

8/2/2012 #5
At the top of the tower stands a statue of an old man. There is a desk with many papers on it. Amongst them is a book that looks similar to those found in the bases, coloured black
8/13/2012 #6

Morshu: What could be going up there? (Begins looking for stairs.)

8/13/2012 #7
There is a long staircase. There are candles along the way whose flames glow a strange shade of blue
8/14/2012 #8
Allen Bedillion Trahurn


Mid-flight, Leonard saw a large tower behind a castle. He doesn't pay any mind to the castle - something doesn't seem right about it - and lands by the tower, reading the inscription on the door.

"Wizard, huh? Maybe he can help me with my little problem, here," he said, scratching his chin as he took a couple of steps forward, "can't hurt to try." With that said, Leonard steps inside the tower.

11/9/2012 #9
Inside, there is a spiral staircase, lined with candles. Every third candle bracket is upside-down, and the flames are a strange blue colour
11/10/2012 #10
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

"Well this certainly bodes well," Leonard said aloud to no one in particular. He lifted his goggles from his eyes, since it was darker in here, and revealed his light green, glowing dragon-like eyes. He took a few steps toward the staircase.

"Guess the only way forward s up."

11/10/2012 #11
At the top of the tower stands a statue of an old man. There is a desk with many papers on it. Amongst them is a book that looks similar to those found in the bases, coloured black, and a note written in red ink in the statue's hand...
11/10/2012 #12
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

"Well ain't this just a peachy place," Leonard said, stepping forward and rifling aimlessly through the papers on the desk. He picked up the book and turned it around lazily in his hands before noticing the note in the statue's hand.

"Oh, message for me old man?" he said mockingly, reaching forward and taking the note.

11/10/2012 #13
The note reads: "I appear to have turned myself into a statue. If you could enact the ritual on page 431 of the book on my desk, I might be able to get free. Many thanks, The Wizard" Quite how he wrote this while he was a statue remains a mystery
11/11/2012 #14
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

"Right..." Leonard muttered, tossing the note aside. He turned back to the desk and grabbed the book, looking it over. With swift fingers, he opened the book and began flipping through the pages, stopping at 431.

11/11/2012 #15
The ritual mentioned on this page requires for four ingredients (labelled as Emeraldblood, Black Ape Horns, Nectar of Harzalot and Univorn claws) to be laid out in a particular way on a brimstone table at midnight The wizard has large supplies of Nectar of Harzalot and Univorn claws. There are also several bottles with labels that read "Emeraldblood", but they all appear to be different colours and consistancies. No sign of any Black ape horns, or at least not anything labelled. There are a set of horns on a shelf, but they're brown, not black
11/12/2012 #16
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

Leonard looked at the items and the ritual with a grimace. Of course it wouldn't be easy. It never is with wizards. Maybe that old man he met could help. Probably not. Still, he decided he would skim through some of the neighboring pages to see if there were any concrete details. If not, he would look through the papers on the desk. And finally, if that failed, he would just guess and hope for the best.

11/12/2012 #17
There is a ritual on the next page with an illustration depicting Emeraldblood (apparently it's supposed to be clear and green), and the papers on the desk have an illustration of a "Black Ape". While its horns are not black, they are a different shape than the ones on the desk. Also, a dark-coloured rock table is visible through the window in the front garden of Greystone Castle.
11/13/2012 #18
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

Leonard grumbled, stepping over to the shelf and finding a bottle of the Emeraldblood he would need. Then, he looked back at the picture of the Black Ape.

"If I were you...where would I be...and what about this Nectar of Harzalot? Whatever..." he said quietly, going back to the book and flipping through its pages, looking for anything that might give him more of a clue.

11/19/2012 #19
There is a page from another book slotted in, which appears to be a book on exotic animals. This page features the Black ape on one side and a creature called a Purple Devilbeast on the other Apparently, the ape is found in swamps like those surrounding Grey Team Base. This is also where Purple Devilbeasts live.
11/19/2012 #20
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

"Well then," Leonard said, pocketing the piece of paper (as well as the picture of the Black Apes, for future references), "I guess I'm going hunting. Then, he stepped up to the window, kneeling on the sill. He put his goggles back over his eyes and, with only a single look down, leapt out, letting his spectral wings unfold as he began to plummet, giving him a lift. Not far off he could see a grey colored building, what he took to be the Grey Team Base. Without hesitation, he altered his path and began to fly toward it, draconic eyes open for any sign of life in the swamps below.

((Future posts from me will be in Grey team base topic))

11/19/2012 #21
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

Leonard landed neatly on the window sill, letting himself back into the Tower with relative ease. He made his way to the bookshelf and looked for anything that might help him learn what a "Univorn" was and how to get it's horn. This time he hoped it would be close by: he was getting tired of looking for things.

12/18/2012 #22
The book from which the page on the Black Ape was taken has a page on the Univorn. It resembles a kind of cross between a horse and a lion with a long, zigzagging horn and wings. Apparently, they live in the forest (near the Forest Path), and are very rare and intelligent, but they are not to be crossed, as they are by far the most powerful creatures (naturally living) on the island. In another book, possibly the wizard's journal, he mentions having befriended one...
12/18/2012 #23
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

"Befriending a on earth could he do that with something so...volatile. Whatever. Let's see if I can't find some more info..." Leonard muttered to himself, scratching his head before looking back into the journal.

12/18/2012 #24
Below this entry, it mentions that the wizard had been allowed by the Univorn to keep any of its shed claws (???), but that he kept most of them in the castle, on a shelf in the "Portal Room". In the next entry after this the wizard excitedly describes plans for a new experimental spell... There are no entries after this one
12/18/2012 #25
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

Leonard ripped the page unceremoniously from the book, being somewhat careful so as to keep from harming it too badly.

"Well, looks like I'm going castle crashing, now," he muttered to himself, and he was off, back out the window and towards Greystone Castle.

12/20/2012 #26
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

Leonard dropped into the tower once more, grabbing the book and all the materials he'd gathered, and flew down to the altar, where he prepared the ritual. He would wait until tonight and, hopefully, it would be a full moon and he would be able to make something happen that could get him home. If not, he knew that he would be severely pissed.

"Maybe I'll go kill more of those devil things if this doesn't work," he said as an afterthought.

12/28/2012 #27

Hello, I'm back...what's been happening in my absence?

12/28/2012 #28
(Basically, Leonard has been going out gathering items to try to complete a ritual that should restore a wizard who turned himself to stone back, hoping to get some answers). Night falls, and the full moon rises.
1/3/2013 #29
Allen Bedillion Trahurn

Leonard took a deep breath and closed his eyes, focusing. Then, taking all the patience he had learned from helping the gnomes work in the factories of Bristle, he began to work, following the instructions in the book to the letter.

1/3/2013 #30
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