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This is the first RP thread for us.

Our story begins during a normal day at Umesato Junior High, and follows our characters and their actions. What will happen? We decide.

5/30/2012 #1

Ryuji continued to pay attention to the current subject: Mathematics. Sitting at the window seat, he was copying what the teachers was saying, as well as what was currently on the board.

"So as I was saying, if you do the reciprocal of 2X both side, you divide the expression by 2. Thus, X is equal to 12.5. Any questions class?" asked the teacher. Ryuji had a full understanding of the subject, so his questions were far and few. Thus, the teacher continued with his lecture, as Ryuji began to dose off looking out the window. He embellished himself within his own thoughts; about brain burst and his mother; about how he would one day become level 10 to save his mother.

He audibly muttered the phrase 'brain burst' to himself, loud enough for those sitting around him and not paying attention to the lession as well to hear.

The teacher then noticed Ryuji's inattentiveness, and decided to exploit it. "Mr. Ayasaki" Repeated the teacher until Ryuji was pulled out of the fathoms of his mind. It is unknown to Ryuji how many times the teacher mentioned his name, though hwe assumed a fair amount due to the current displeasure that radiated from the Teacher.

"Yes, sir" Said Ryuji, springing out of his seat.

"Pay attention next time son" retorted the teacher, returning to the lesson.

Ryuji sat back down, and once again began to concentrate on the lesson.

5/30/2012 #2

Daisuke was sitting down in his seat trying his best to copy what the teacher said, he was not paying attention.He was great in all other subjects, but Mathematics was just way to confusing. Too many numbers with too many formulas, it is nothing like History where after is happened, you can't change it.

He eventually just zoned out and started to stare at the ceiling. He was just about to close his eyes and take a nap when he heard Ryuji say Brain Burst. He would of never guessed that somebody in his class would of Brain Burst especially Ryuji. He knew exactly what to do for the two of them to be alone.

He pulled a piece of paper even though its obsolete. He wrote down a few random words and threw it at the other. " Sorry Ryuji! " He exclaimed as loud as he could hopefully getting the teachers attention.

5/30/2012 #3
Cinderella Girl626

Samantha sat in her classroom as she looked out the window. It was a boring day so far. Most of the students, the upperclassman we're busy talking about their plans on the internet and playing games. She on the other hand was pretty tired and certainly wanted to just get the classes over with so she could relax at lunch. She had been a bit concerned lately, thinking about Brian Burst.

From graphing since last year, she could find that many more burst linkers we're appearing and partaking in Brain Burst. It wasn't all too bad. She was able to get new enemies to fight and beat, but with this many burst linkers active, the secret could begin to spread and become public knowledge. She needed to hurry and get to level 10 as fast as she could. She wanted to become the strongest. And by doing so, meet the creator of Brain Burst and learn the reason for it.

And sitting around in a classroom wouldn't get her anywhere like this.

5/30/2012 #4

Getting hit in the head with the paper ball was one thing, but the teacher's reaction was another.

"I want the two of you to stay after class. And I aspect no more interruptions, is that clear?" He said calmly, returning to the lesson.

Ryuji was surprised at what had happened; more so than the teacher calling on him before. "What the hell is this guys problem?" Ryuji thought about the one who had just thrown paper at him; one 'Daisuke'. He hardly knew the fellow classmate, so what would be his motivation for throwing the ball?

Ryuji brushed off the act soon after, taking notes on the math. He was not looking forward to the meeting after class with the teacher, but there are much worse thing that the teacher could have done. At least this will prove to allow Ryuji to tell his voice.

5/30/2012 #5

Daisuke grew a dark smirk. By the end of school day he will be just another step closer to becoming level 10 or how he would put it, god. He quickly smacked the smile off of his face and mouthed the word "sorry" to Ryuji.

He continued glaring at the clock, not even paying attention to what the teacher had to say. While staring at the clock, he formulated a plan to get the teacher out of the room so the two of them could talk. He started to jot down some strategies on another piece of paper." I hope Ryuji is a half way decent challenge. " He muttered it to himself not really caring if anybody else heard him.

5/30/2012 #6

Makoto, unlike the others, had no concern about Brain Burst and was concentrating intently on the lecture the teacher was giving. His hand moved furiously across the paper in front of him as he was copying the notes he was writing into his neuro linker. All the same, though, he was dead quiet.

His eyes were fixed downward on the paper, though he wasn't following what he was writing. He was using his neuro linker to help him write notes and listen to the lecture at the same time. He wasn't at all concerned with the issues his classmates were dealing with.

5/31/2012 #7

Near the closure of class, Ryuji began to fiddle with the pencil in his hand, wanting the class to be over. He knew he would receive some sort of scolding, but he still questioned why Daisuki threw a paper at him. The paper had been all but lost, rolling under a few desks beside him.

"What could have been so important?" Ryuji questioned to himself mentally, before his pencil fell out of his hand. The pencil rolled near Makoto, a student in his classroom. Ryuji was unable to reach the pencil, so as such, he asked Makato to retrieve it for him.

"Oi" Ryuji began, whispering loud enough to gain Makato's attention. "Could you please hand me my pencil?"

5/31/2012 #8

"Dammit" Daisuke thought to himself, he couldn't let anybody interrupt his plan. He needed to act fast, he needed to make sure the teacher did not see Ryuji talk to Makato.

" Sensi, I can't really read your handwriting, do you think you could re-write it for me? " He asked in the nicest tone he could. He figured his teacher would, knowing that he was almost failing that class. Hopefully it would distract him long enough for Ryuji to get his pen.

5/31/2012 #9

"Sure," Makoto replied simply as he leaned down, picked up Ryuji's pencil, and handed it to him. "There ya go."

He looked at his classmate with his usual empty expression.

5/31/2012 #10

Ryiui received a cold-feeling from talking with his classmate. He felt there was something amiss. Something seemed to be troubling the lad. "Are you alright" Ryuji asked, hoping to find the source of the problem.

5/31/2012 #11

"Yup, same as ever," Makoto replied. "No need to worry about me."

He went back to finishing up his notes, writing just as fast as before.

5/31/2012 #12

Ryuji passed off the cold feeling, and decided to instead go back to completing his work. If the lad did not wish to speak to him, there would be no point in forcing him to. Ryuji started to pay attention to the teacher, and taking notes when available.

5/31/2012 #13

He glanced at the clock noticing that only a few minutes were left in the period, so he decided to choose which strategy he liked the most. Knowing that Ryuji was the silent type he went with the strategy of his opponent being red.

" Be on guard Ryuji, I wouldn't want this fight to be a snore. " He once again muttered to himself, but this time he spoke just a bit louder. He did this on purpose of course, hoping the Ryuji would catch on to what he was planning.

5/31/2012 #14

Anaya continued to type tiredly at her computer screen, taking notes of what her teacher wrote down and said as her other hand held her cheek in place. It wasn't that class was boring that she was typing so lazily , though it was, but she had been up late last night playing online games once again and blogging with friends. Before she knew it it was the middle of the night and she had only five hours to sleep.

She sighed and rubbed her eye with the hand cradling her cheek. She'd go on the school's online network to wake herself up.

5/31/2012 #15

Ryuji was far too focused on his notes to here the comments, but he felt an odd hostility between him and Daisuki. Continuing to pay attention, the period flew by, and the bell rung, signifying it's end.

5/31/2012 #16

" Come on Ryuji, I don't want sensei to be more pissed- " He stopped for a second and bites his tongue. " Sorry for the language! " He walked over to the teachers deck and waved for Ryuji to follow him.

5/31/2012 . Edited 5/31/2012 #17

Ryuji follows Daisuki, slightly peeved that this man would cause him such dismay. He, however, kept his cool, following the lad.

5/31/2012 #18

" Sensei, I know this will sound very odd, but in my family when two people are in trouble you lock them in a room together for 5 minutes. We would gladly go into the closet, if you are okay with this." He hung his head low acting like he was sad at the fact he was in trouble.

5/31/2012 #19
Anaya stood from her seat and a group of boys walk to the teacher's desk; what weird creatures boys were. She would have gone up with them and asked what they were doing, but her shyness overcame her and after sometime of contemplating Anaya decided against it. She grabbed her bag and headed to the door, deciding on going to the library and perhaps Bursting Ouy.
5/31/2012 #20

Makoto looked over at Ryuji and Daisuke speaking with the teacher. He merely shook his head at how odd the two were.

The teacher, though, seemed rather confused at the proposition the two had come up with as a solution. "Um... I dunno, sure, if you want. You guys are outta my hair now, so do what you want," he said.

Makoto managed to catch wind of the response and let out a stifled chuckle. It was then that he noticed Anaya leave; he hadn't spoken much to the girl, but he thought that she was polite at the very least.

6/1/2012 #21

"How about no" Ryuji said, disagreeing completely with the suggested idea. "I am not going in a closet this this man" This idea seemed stupid to Ryuji, as it was completely against any form of orthodoxy. "What would you even suggest something so weird, weirdo"

6/1/2012 #22

" So we can talk about a certain game Ryuji. I hear it can make your brain burst. " He gave the other a playful smile and hoping that the other got the hint.

6/1/2012 #23
Anaya opened yhe library door and gave a nod to the librarian she knew well now a days. Usually she was in the library to be online or read a book, hardly ever to study, that was boring. The schooler took a seat where barely anyone was sitting,put her bag on her chair and opened up the virtual screen transmitted through her Neauro Linker.
6/1/2012 #24

Akane arrived late in the day because of the move, she checked in with the faculty and got a schedule before starting to explore the school. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail using a red ribbon, she had the school uniform on and she wasn't wearing her neural linker.

After a while she found the library and decided to go in, she entered and looked around then decided to sit down for a little bit, taking a seat at an empty table near where Anaya was.

6/1/2012 #25
Anya shifted her eyes to the girl who had sat next to her; she must have been new since Anaya had never seen her before. Would she greet this girl? Anaya nodded slightly to herself, determined to get over her initial shyness and make a friend. But did this new girl speak Japanese or English? She'd try both; "*Hello*-" she said in Japanese;"-Hello" she theb said in English. ((Asterik is Japaenese since the Italics lag my browser for some reason))
6/1/2012 #26
"Burst linker?" Ryuji asked nervously, staring at his classmate. This came as a shock to Ryuji,, as he did not reAlize what he had done to give away his position. He knew that his opponent would burst link soon for a challenge, so on par with this, he waited for the challenge.
6/1/2012 #27

Akane turned and looked at Anaya, she was a bit confused as to why she was saying hello in two different languages but shrugged it off as nothing, "hello..." she replied in Japanese.


6/1/2012 #28

He looked at the others funny face and pulled out a cable from his bag and connected it to his Nuero Linker. He reached over to Ryuji and connected it to his. " Burst Link! " His internet sprite appeared inside of the Accelerated World. " Hey Ryuji? Are you ready for a killer fight? "

6/1/2012 #29
Anaya smiled and flushed slightly in embaressent; so this girl spoke Japanese. She then opened up her translator application and typed up a few words she wasn't so sure how to say. " Are you new to school? I've never seen you here bfore." She said her Japanese in an English accent.
6/1/2012 #30
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