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I absolutely love this pairing I just think Kise is so hot and sometimes adorable. He's like a teddy bear to me lol. I love Kuroko and his almost teasing attitude when it comes to Kise x3. I like that they also have a mutual respect for each other's skills. I also fell in love with this pairing because of some fanart I found on zerochan xD The pictures were just oh so cute. I don't mind Kuroko with others, but just something about him with Kise makes me giggle like a crazy fangirl xD.

6/14/2012 #1

OMG I found another KiseKuro supporter :D I love them soo much

7/12/2012 #2

Yay, finally I love them so much, too. Lol There's not too many of us KiseKuro fans. They're mostly KagaKuro or AoKuro D: I don't mind those two, but KiseKuro is definitely my favorite

7/12/2012 #3

Yes Oh god, yesterday's KiseKuro day was a blast So many KiseKuro pics on pixiv & tumblr, I died of nosebleed. XD


These were soo cute

7/12/2012 #4

D'awww so cute 3 I especially liked the first one. I find anime boys with cute ears to be the cutest thing ever. xD

7/19/2012 #5
That's how I fell in love with them! You are so right with both of them. Out of all the the GoM I love Kise the most. He is just so funny! And hot... We need more KiKuro or KuroKi lovers. Personally, this is my pairings ranking: 1: KiKuro (Of course) 2: AoKuro (Because the fanfics are cute) 3: AkaKuro (Because Akashi's scissors are so cool...and the fanfics) 4: MidoKuro/MidorinKuro (Forgot which one it is...He is so cool! And weird but that makes him funny! His parts in Our Treasure are the best. Definitely a tsundere) You may be asking 'What about KaKuro and MurasakiKuro?'. I say Kagami is only a brotherly figure. He annoys me. I don't hate him though. Murasakibara...has only food on his mind. Kuroko isn't included. But I'll write a KuroKi one-shot! When I finish up KnB fic on my laptop. See you later!
8/18/2012 #6
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