Vacation is Over RP
Students from three high schools on vacation have found the island overun by the walking dead and must work together if they want to survive.
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First off, if you haven't read the Rules, PLEASE head on over there and check it out!

Okay, now that you've read the rules, you're ready to make your character...

But wait! First you have to pick a school! There are three schools that went on this doomed vacation. Here is a short description of each:

1. Benzin Boy's Academy - An all-boys school with a campus on every major European country. If your character comes from this school, you come from the campus in London, England. The school has a long history of both great academic prodigies and rebelious pranksters. Many boys decided to go on this trip to take a much-needed break from the stressful London school life. Upon awaking, you find your chaperones and many other classmates gone. You have only seen the students from the other schools, and do not know their names or anything about them.

2. Novyi School for Girls - A small, seclusive school for young girls nestled in the Japanese countryside. There is a large diversity of students at the school, coming from nearly every country in the world. The large majorty of students are brought in for their genius, though those with promising talents may also attend to attune their gifts for fame. If your character comes from this school, she comes from a wealthy background (or has accumulated wealth in some way to be able to attend the presteigous school). Upon awaking, you find your chaperones and many other classmates gone. You have only seen the students from the other schools, and do not know their names or anything about them.

3. Chanter High School - A large, public co-ed school in Buffalo, New York. This school is your average high school with a variety of students with many ethnicities and monetary backgrounds. If your character comes from this school, he or she can be in any grade-level of high school. Many students from this school enjoy partying and having fun. Upon awaking, you find your chaperones and many other classmates gone. You have only seen the students from the other schools, and do not know their names or anything about them.

There they are! Now here's the actual character form. You must complete all aspects of the forum to be approved, though you may choose to keep certain things confidential for the sake of plot.





Grade (High-School only):


Brief History (may keep classified):

Outter Personality:

Private Personality (may keep classified):

Greatest Asset (mental or physical):

Major Flaw (mental or personal):

Other (alergies, conditions, etc.):

Please fill this out as a reply comment and feel free to PM me with any questions.

**It may take me two or three days to read over and accept your form. Please be patient!**

Also, please wait for me to accept your form before RP-ing.

5/30/2012 . Edited 6/8/2012 #1

Name: Ceren Fahri

Gender: Female

Age: 17

School: Novyi School for Girls

Grade (High-School only): Junoir (11th)

Appearance: Ceren is 5'11, quite tall for her age and gender with long, straight auburn hair. She has a pale olive complexion and is thin with practically no muscle. Her eyes are grey-blue and have a glassy glaze.

Brief History (may keep classified): She was born in Instanbul, Turkey, and was recruited into Novyi for her obvious modeling talents. Her family did not spoil her, though they had the money to; They preferred their only daughter grow up as self-reliant as possible. She was a moderately good student at Novyi, though she would miss large chunks of school for international modeling jobs. She does not have many friends and keeps to herself, mostly.

Outter Personality: Ceren is the one many look to, by default, in difficult times due to her cool and unconcerned expression and calm attitude. She is the best friend of many girls, though the feeling is not mutual on her part. She is also nurturing to those younger than her.

Private Personality (may keep classified): She may seem on top of all her responisbilities, though Ceren breaks down quite often when away from the pressure people put on her. She will also become quite callous and unforgiving if she thinks she is not trusted by someone.

Greatest Asset (mental or physical): Ceren's outter appearance gains her much attention, though she brushes it off humbly. Her beauty may give others hope in dark times and her calm body language soothes the nerves of those around her.

Major Flaw (mental or personal): Ceren cracks easily under pressure (though she never shows it in public). When alone, Ceren spends most of her time worrying and in tears. She refuses to admit that she cannot handle all the responsibilities handed to her and will rarely turn down an opportunity to lead.

Other (alergies, conditions, etc.): Ceren watches her weight, being a model, and will become ill if she consumes fatty, greasy food.

5/30/2012 #2
The Cat Died Nobly

Name: Eleanor "Elle" Lawson

Gender: Female

Age: 17

School: Chanter

Grade (High-School only): 11th

Appearance: She has medium length dirty blonde hair that is naturally straight. Standing at 5'4 she isn't particularly tall and is rather slim. Her eyes are navy clear blue and her skin has a slight tan.

Brief History (may keep classified): She's an army kid, so she has moved around a lot, but her parents still spent most of there time in America. Her older brother is currently in college at Stanford, so she doesn't see him much anymore. She's never stayed anywhere long enough to become good friends with someone, but most people find her pretty good to be around.

Outter Personality: She is rather loud and fearless, being a bit wreckless and not thinking before acting. Not much at all scares her and she can adjust to situations pretty well, but she has trouble being serious in most situations.

Private Personality (may keep classified): She doesn't like getting close or personal with anyone and has big trust issues. When she does care about something or someone she's very protective to the point of being slightly possesive and has a big jealous streak if she finds someone she cares about enough.

Greatest Asset (mental or physical): Her dad taught her a lot about basic hand to hand combat and is very skilled with a gun. She can take care of herself without much help.

Major Flaw (mental or personal): She isn't the type to take anything or take a matter seriously and think it through. She jumps into things without any stratergy what so ever. Also, she can't bring herself to trust anyone or rely on them at all.

Other (alergies, conditions, etc.): None

5/31/2012 . Edited 6/4/2012 #3

Approved! :)

Thanks for joining! I'll put up the major RP thread today and hopefully we'll get more characters.

5/31/2012 #4
Just call me is that a cookie

Name: Kenneth Rodriguez

Gender: Male

Age: 18

School: Chanter

Grade (High-School only): 12th

Appearance: He has short black hair that is usually spiky or messy, he has hazel colored eyes and a tanned skin complexion. He is about 6 feet tall and has an average build. He normally wears black and white sneakers, blue shorts, and a black shirt with a image of a cross on the front in silver when he is not in school uniform.

Brief History: Ken is used to living in big cities since he moved around with his mother and older brother between New York, Chicago, and Boston. His father left the family after he was born and his older brother disappeared a number of years ago. Since then doesn't let himself get too comfortable with other people.

Outer Personality: Ken likes to be a bit of a joker keeping any situation light. Usually found making jokes even at inappropriate times just to keep everyone's hopes up it is usually seen as annoying by other people even if it does provide a relief from other serious matters. Even with the joking around he usually points out things that make sense, just in a more round about fashion than most normal people would.

Private Personality: He is more serious than he lets on although he does like to be sarcastic and flippant about most situations. Ken does like being friendly to other people but he worries that if he gets too close to someone they'll end up abandoning him.

Greatest Asset (mental or physical): He used to go to a shooting range with his brother so he knows a bit about guns. He doesn't have any training in fighting, but he has good reactions and is capable of dealing with most situations.

Major Flaw (Mental or personal): His major mental flaw is that he is reckless and willing to put himself into danger to help others. He also feels as though whenever he has to look for someone to support there won't be anyone there.

Other (allergies, conditions, etc.): No allergies or anything like that but he is extremely scared of water. He knows how to swim but grew terrified of swimming after he almost drowned when he was 12.

Um if you need me to change anything just let me know @.@.

6/4/2012 #5

Lovely! Go ahead and read what we have so far on the RP (if you havent already), and drop in when you feel is a good time! :)

6/4/2012 #6
The Crimson Nutcase

Name: Dorian Brooks

Gender: male

Age: 17

School:Benzin Boy's Academy

Grade (High-School only): 12 th

Appearance: messy dark brown hair that allways covers his eyes, a nearly allways slightly lopsided happy smile, is 6 ft 1, fairly average build, often wears what ever he feels like..mostly just bright colours and relaxing pair of shorts and T shirt and sandals.

Brief History (may keep classified):a fairly boring childhood, he never did really anything interesting just got on with life and kept moving forward. his father was a boxer and he was fairly interested in that sort of he started training with him daily. soon gaining a large amount of speed and power in his fighting style but he only really stuck to boxing, along with that he started to show his intelligence and near genius level brains he was accepted into Bezin, keeping up with his boxing as he got through school.

Outter Personality:Clam, overly relaxed, happy, friendly, very optimistic, he is happily blunt about everything he is asked, very glass 1/2 full guy, very carefree.

Private Personality (may keep classified): he care's a lot about his friends more then he lets on, has alot of feelings bottled up that could just explode at any point/

Greatest Asset (mental or physical): his boxing and brains

Major Flaw (mental or personal): has alot of feelings bottled up that could just explode at any point, a few small things could make him flip

Other (alergies, conditions, etc.):


Name: Ayumu 'Arcade' Adder

Gender: female

Age: 16

School:Chanter High School

Grade (High-School only): 11th

Appearance: short black haired pony tail with blonde streaks oin the sides of her pony tail, has a two headed coin ear ring in her right ear, the coin is lucky to her. average build, fairly pretty but doesn't really stand out,

Brief History (may keep classified):a japanese girl who's mother was american and father was from japan. she lives in england with both her parents but often vist's her fathers home county during the holidays so can speak both english and japanese very well, she is a little bit of a raver

Outter Personality:happy go lucky, confident, believes in luck, friendly, a short temper if she is pushed, likes to bake, loves to gamble even if she wins or lose's

Private Personality (may keep classified): she isn't as confident in private, never really forgives anyone, loves loud rave music and bright colours she makes sure to hide this

Greatest Asset (mental or physical): Her speed

Major Flaw (mental or personal): her strong belief in luck, a very addictive personality

Other (alergies, conditions, etc.):

6/4/2012 #7

Both characters are great, but if you read the rules, we're only having one character per user for now. It would be completely fine if you just picked one for now and brought another one in later when things get moving, if that works for you. :)

6/4/2012 #8
The Crimson Nutcase

all righty then, sorry

i'll flip and coin and see what one stays :D

6/4/2012 #9

No worries! I'm sure we'll be bringing in multiple OCs soon, I just want to get things rolling. Let me know which you decide on!

6/4/2012 #10
The Crimson Nutcase

i pick the boy then,

6/7/2012 #11

Alrighty! Feel free to jump in the main RP when you find an oportunity that suits you. I'll let you know asap when I decide to open up multiple OCs.

6/7/2012 #12
Name: James Gender: Male Age: 16 School: Chanter HighSchool Grade: 11th Appearance: At most James is 6 foot to 6 foot 1 with an athletic physique. His natural Haifa color is a sunny blond but he has dyed his hair many colors although the most recent color is dark brown. His eyes are a normal grey color and his skin is a creamy tone. He is currently westing a faded red Coca Cola shirt, with dirt khaki shorts, and blue airwalks. Brief History: It was recently discovered in his childhood his father tested on him due to his immunity to HIV, but this had no affect on his childhood besides his interests being more on the Human Anatomy than friends. James had recently moved to New York from AUstralia with his mother and elder sister due to his parents divorce. Besides being intelligent James is also interested in football sadly due to a accident on the field he had to quit early. Outer Personality: James is more of the silent and reclusive type although you may be lucky enough to catch mutter a joke or include sarcasm. People often compare him to an old man since he often complains of loud noise, and is able to remain calm even in the most stressful situations. Private Personality: James is a rather paranoid person, and he refuses to easily trust a person but is willing to if it increases his chance of survival. James is also willing to abandon and betray anyone if it is for his life. Greatest Asset: He took boxing after being told he could no longer take football which makes him high in hand to hand combat. Major Flaw: Due to a football accident his left ankle is his weakest point causing him to be a rather slow runner. He also hates to admit it but he is also bad at channeling with decent human emotion, so don't cry on his shoulder it'll be awkward. Other: James has a terrible fear of the dark ever since his elder sister locked him in the closet for a whole day when he was six Here ya go, damn it's hard to type on an iPad! Sorry my pad can't space all the crap
7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #13

Hehe, don't worry, we all know ipads can be annoying! XD Character is great, feel free to jump in when you like or, if you prefer, I can steer the plot for everyone to find you.

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #14
Avis B

Name: Avis B Cannon

Gender: Male

Age: 17

School: Benzin Boy's Academy

Grade (High-School only): 12th

Appearance: 5 foot 11 inches tall with a stocky build, green eyes and brown messy medium to short hair. Wearing black compression shorts as his under garments, along over the top of that he has black dress pants that are held up with a worn black leather belt with a silver clasp. He wears a tan rolled up sleeve dress shirt with a chest pocket. On his feet he was wearing tan men's Dockers shoes that worn like dress shoes.

Brief History (may keep classified): Avis originally from Perth, Western Australia, had grown up in his early childhood without of a mother which she died after childbirth. Avis's father who was from Britain decided it would be a good idea to move back to London where Avis could work to become one of Benzin Boy's Academy great academic prodigies aside from the rebellious students there. Enrolled to Benzin Boy's Academy Avis had stuck his head in the books trying to maintain an above average grading, but still sitting at the average grading even til his last year in the academy.

Outter Personality: Avis from the people's view is cheerful, lonely, outgoing, with a friendly attitude but still a plain average guy.

Private Personality (may keep classified): Avis had always worked by himself from school projects because of group choices to his part time job where he was the only person who could work at the time on the roster. He is able to work on his own not needing help to get the work done, but he would take anyone's help if they offered as he wouldlike to have some company.

Greatest Asset (mental or physical): Since Avis is able to work by himself he can work effectively giving people a sign of relief for those around him that need rest.

Major Flaw (mental or personal): Avis' left shoulder has been dislocated many times from pranks gone wrong in Benzi Boy's Academy, to the point that he can dislocate his left shoulder if he tried to run through a door. Overworking is one thing that Avis tends to do while helping other people with their and his own work, running himself out of energy by the end of the day.

Other (alergies, conditions, etc.):

7/20/2012 #15

Name: Alex J. Ambrose

Gender: Male

Age: 16

School: Chanter High School

Grade: 11, Junior

Appearance: 5'10", 180 Lbs., Black hair, Brown/Gold eyes. Keeps his hair short. צור לחימה tattooed around left wrist. Wear two bracelets on his right arm. Once is a metal with the Yin Yang symbol and the other is a leather band that reads 'Jeremiah 51:20'

Brief History: Born in Burbank, California, he's moved to Denver, Colorado then to Buffalo, New York. In California, he studied Martial Arts, earning a black belt in Tae-Kwon-Do and Krav-Maga. In Colorado, he learned about firearms, leading his to prepare himself for enlistment into the Marine Corps. His parents retired to Buffalo, NY and sent him to Chanter High School.

Outter Personality: His main trait is that he doesn't work with anyone he thinks is an idiot. If anyone says anything stupid, he won't hesitate to say so. He also hates wanna-be-leaders and gangsters. He stays calm most of the time. The only time he loses his temper is when anyone insults the Marine Corps. Very bad at social situations.

Private Personality: N/A

Greatest Asset: Knows martial arts, guns and military strategy. Despite his size, he's pretty strong. A minor tinkerer. He also know Guerilla warfare.

Major Flaw: Tends to insult people without meaning to. Bad at reading social situations.

Other: N/A

7/21/2012 #16

Great job! Both are approved! :) Go ahead and join the RP when you're all ready. Since there are so many new members, we can have them arrive at the Lighthouse (where the others are now) seeking refuge. I'll post a good opening for everyone to come on in :)

7/21/2012 #17
Is it alright if my OC get's thermal googles like in 'The Expendibles'?
7/21/2012 #18

Yes, just let everyone know how he got them in the main RP if the topic comes up! :)

7/22/2012 #19
Undead Paradise

Name: Luke Turnbull

Gender: Male

Age: 15

School: Chanter High School (I kinda like this 'school' thing)

Grade (High-School only):9th

Appearance: Build: small, Weight: 100 lbs, Hair color: brown, Hair style: somewhat emo, Eye color: brown

Clothing: Top: Black Tee shirt, Logo: "Rise against heart fist" Bottoms: Worn blue jeans, Shoes: grey converse, Accessories: Hats: N/A Wrist wear: studded wrist band (right wrist)

Brief History (may keep classified): classified (due to that he rarely talks)

Outter Personality: Very quiet... bout it

Private Personality (may keep classified): classified (due to that he rarely talks)

Greatest Asset (mental or physical): Smaller size get into small gaps

Major Flaw (mental or personal): rarely talks

Other (alergies, conditions, etc.): (i'm gonna assume this can inclued fears) A couple irrational fears: Statues that look like angles (hope somebody gets that) an spiders.

Please fill this out as a reply comment and feel free to PM me with any questions.

7/25/2012 #20

Accepted! :) Come and join us at the Lifeguard Tower when you're ready.

Also, is the Angel Statue thing from a creepypasta? I think I head a story about it once...

7/25/2012 #21
Undead Paradise

close but no dice, Doctor who's weeping angles... fucking scary as shit

7/25/2012 #22
Undead Paradise

thers two things i should mention... I'm not the best err... rper? idk how you say it and second, i can never figure out how to jump into an rp... so yeah

7/25/2012 #23

RPer, is the most correct term I can seem to find, lol. And that's okay, a lot of us here are new. Is there any specific way you'd like tour character to arrive? Running from zombies, spying on the group, etc.

7/25/2012 #24
The Strongest Nine

Name: Willy Bennet

Gender: Male

Age: 18

School: Benzin Boy's Academy

Grade (High-School only): 12

Appearance: Willy isn't the tallest standing at only about 5'9 with an extremely thin build causing him to be compared to a twig rather often. His dark brown hair is cut down in a tidy hairstyle, about 1.6 centimeters in length both on the sides as well as on top the bangs are combed to the side giving him a geeky look. Above his dark blue eyes sit a pair of round glasses, since they're extremely powerful to accomodate his horrid vision his eyes seem slightly magnified.

Brief History (may keep classified): Willy was never considered cool in his school, not even in the slightest, in fact he was actually one of the many that tended to be shunned by those that considered themselves cool. He was one of the primary targets for bullying and as such as over the course of his school time continued to stop interacting, or interacting as little as possible, with his fellow students. His life seemed to be going through a time of supposed hell, but he pulled through and now he was put into a more physical form of the psychological hell he had been feeling.

Outter Personality: On the outside Willy appears to be bubbly, it's his front to protect himself from any harm that may come if he allowed his true personality out. But one thing that continues to show in both the outter as well as inner personality is the genius mind he has available to him. Even though he's bubbly it's obvious that Willy is easily bothered as well as obviously being someone that loves video games.

Private Personality: On the inside Willy is an extremely pissed off person, rage and anger being his only psychological manifestations that seem to exist. The fact that he hasn't gone insane yet surprises even him, without realizing it he has turned into a full fledged sadist enjoying it when others have pain inflicted on them. When he "accidently" hurts someone he gets quite a thrill from this and will undoublty enjoy watching the undead suffer just as much.

Greatest Asset: Willy is without a doubt a genius, someone capable of rivaling the greatest mililtary leaders in strategy as well as tactic, his love for RTS games had brought this odd trait on, this as well as his knack for ingenuity is a god send when you want to build a weapon from a pile of scrap. His second greatest asset is being able to emotionally detatch himself from any person he encounters.

Major Flaw: What he has in mental strength he lacks in physical, Willy is probably one of the weakest people that inhabits his entire school, mostly due to dispising Physical Education and/or movement. He'd much rather play a video game.

Other: Not exactly the most physically fit, being among the lowest 10% when it comes to Physical Education. Allergic to evergreen trees, not much of a factor here but it is still an allergy. And has rather bad eyesight when not wearing his glasses.

7/27/2012 #25

:D Sounds like a great character to add to the bunch! Approved, and feel free to join up in the main RP.

7/29/2012 #26
The Strongest Nine

Much appreciated

7/29/2012 #27

Oh gowd sorry I was a little gone for a while, my new job sucks! Any who I was just wondering where most people are at so I could just roll in! XD

8/3/2012 #28

The lighthouse

8/3/2012 #29

woot thanks!

8/3/2012 #30
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