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I was thinking about this as I made my fan-kid, wouldn't it be cool to have your character in Homestuck? I though "Maybe I should make a fan fiction with the fan characters in Homestuck style!". Turns out, I need other characters for it and I don't want to make a whole cast. Submit your character, saying if they are an ancestor, "beta", "alpha", troll, guardian or whatnot. I can only take so many characters in each part so please be as detailed as possible for a higher chance to get in.
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Pot of Doom

This one is a lot easier than the other two. Basically, you say what the guardian looks like and what their interests include. You don't have to be extremely detailed, though, because this is a minor-ish character. Pretty much the same with the lusus. What kind of a lusus is it? Is it rude to it's troll or does it not give a care in all Alternia?

The entry style will still be as if it's a character introduction.

6/1/2012 #1

You have a name but Quin only really calls you COUSIN or cuz. His parents are ALMOST ALWAYS AWAY so you decided to keep him company. He's an alright guy and you TROLL OTHER PEOPLE together on many occasions and even each other. while you are like quin in alot of ways you seem to have more experience but that's probably because your a year older. you also seem to be EXTREMELY CHAOTIC even for your family. while Quin uses the shieldkind you use the spearkind to wield an awesome naginata. you two constantly spar,and while Quin's goal is to beat you your goal is to ANNOY THE HELL OUT OF HIM to test his skills (and his patience). You might be over dramatizing a bit but you sense a terrible time is upon you, so a long time ago you told quin that if anything ever happened to you that he can have your spear.

you look alot like Quin except your hair seems to CHANGE STYLES depending on how you feel. People aren't sure if your just messing with them or not and your not obliged to tell them.

6/14/2012 #2

You're name is MS. INGOTUM, but your daughter Alex just simply calls you MUM or when she's slightly peeved at you, EVIL MOTHER. It's not very creative, you admit, but it still hurts your feelings. After her father ran away and left you a SINGLE MOTHER, you made sure that you would teach your daughter how to be strong, mentally and physically. Of course, this is not going as you have planned, with her zoning out and her disinterest in sports, which has you in an almost permanent mood of grouchiness. This in return makes you feel extremely tired and as result, you have to make your daughter take on more and more HOUSEHOLD CHORES. When you do feel in a better mood however, you make sure to clear out Alex's schedule and teach her a few self-defense moves, no matter how much she doesn't want to. After all, you never know WHEN you'll need it.

You're daughter looks very much like you, but the only really big difference is that you are much TANNER and that you're eyes are a BRIGHT GREEN. It's a shame she has her father's nose......

7/10/2012 . Edited 7/18/2012 #3

You are MARPUS'S LUSUS, KANGAROOMUM. You try your best to look out for him, but he always seems to be busy and you really don't like to bother him. In your opinion, if he's so worried about how bad his psychic abilities are, he should just work on them more and he'll be fine. Of course, being the adolescent he his, he never listens to you. You do try your best to help relieve a small amount of his stress in any case and help him out when he does his "secret hobbies" by organizing his different colored yarns and helping him pick out what new album to listen to that day. Sure, you can seem somewhat overbearing, but your just doing your duty, okay?

7/11/2012 #4
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