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A Final Fantasy VIII community with an emphasis on Rinoa and Squall; however, all relationships are welcome. We encourage both readers and writers, past and present, to come together and just have fun! A place to talk about not only the game, but also writing, art, and everything under the sun. However, politeness is mandatory. We are not here to bash; we are here to celebrate. *Home of the 'Where I Belong' challenge, August 2012
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As of August 1st - it is best to read this thread http://www.fanfiction.net/topic/111506/67860859/1/ as it has the most up-to-date list of question of answers that expands greatly on parts of the guidelines.


Staff Information (If you have a specific question contact the person listed)

Ashbear (aka Eternal Tiet) and Emerald-Latias - Co-Founders / Admins

Niqsta - Twitter Community / FFnet forum mod

Summoner Luna - Live Journal Community /FFnet forum mod

Ronin-ai - DeviantART Community

PDestrucity - Owner of FVIII-II partner site / Web

Alessia Heartilly - Italian Rep.

ChrisVIII - French Rep.

Kate Lorraine - At Large


"Where I Belong"--- Guidelines for the Squall and Rinoa challenge. (Updated/new info will be highlighted in green below) Last edit- (6/13/12)

We all started somewhere and, for many of us, Final Fantasy VIII was our first fandom. Even as several have moved on, we invite everyone to return to remember this part of their past. We are asking for current, former, and especially new writers and artists to come together this August and celebrate our roots.

*Stories should be at least 2,500 words long.

*They can be chaptered, but should be posted as complete and not in-progress.

*Rinoa and Squall relationship need to be central to the plot.

*Stories/Art must be posted between August 1st to August 30th to be included in the challenge.

*Genre doesn't matter - romance, comedy, drama, AU, or anything else (except death of Rinoa or Squall.) We want the relationship aspect to end on a positive note, but you can add as much angst and drama as you want to reach the end. It doesn't have to end in sunshine and bunnies, but we're trying to celebrate the strength of their relationship, we know there could be problems. *cough* Now I'm waiting for someone to literally end it with sunshine and bunnies… that could be quite entertaining… And slightly more Selphie-esque.

*Any rating goes! Just try to keep in the bounds of ffnet (*Note this has become more important than ever as ffnet has been removing stories, bios, and summaries that break the TOS). If you are posting the story to A03 – then pretty much like we said - anything goes.

*You may post a companion piece one-shot for a current fic of yours, but it must be completely stand-alone and not require any background knowledge of the said fic (we do encourage linking to your story at the end, however).

*Although the stories are not being written for reviews, we encourage that if you submit something that you read and comment on as many other entries as possible. This is about supporting other Rinoa/Squall writers past and present.We're like a dysfunctional family from around the globe!

*If you cannot write, no problem! We strongly encourage you to draw, make icons, podcasts, audio media, wallpapers, or fan vids. Whatever your talent is, we want to reflect on the past with Rinoa and Squall. (Kurse you Ultimecia)

*Because we want you to really think (and thinking is fun!) you can submit three stories and as many pieces of visual/audio media that you want. (This may totally be a ploy for me to get new Squall and Rinoa icons, but maybe it's not… time will tell!)

*If you do make icons, please do not use fan art without the artist's permission. We'd also like that you do give permission for people to use them as avatars as long as they give proper credit. It's a way to get your work out there. (Again, this is not so some of us will have more icons *cough*)

*Stories will be added to the C2 "Where I Belong" on ffnet or the collection on A03. You may post at both places; they will added at both.

*(6/05/12) You may write in any language! We don't want to limit someone hesitant to write in English. We understand that often it is easier to comprehend what's written rather than the opposite. That is why native language doesn't matter; however, it may make it more difficult to receive feedback but, at the same, you could very well be encouraging others. We will gladly add any language to the C2. Personally, it would be great to get a variety of writers interested in the challenge.

*As far as art, there will be a master list on LJ, DW, and the Where I Belong ffnet forum. Also, they maybe uploaded to Facebook or Tumblr coummunites. I am trying to work something out where everything can also be archived at a single website. More information will come, but I wanted to give everyone time to start drawing or 'viding.'

*(6/05/12) Art will have a home at Final Fantasy VIII-II Tetrius Veneficus Bellum website by PDestrucity – because of ffnets rules about linking, please click on his bio to get the page until we can figure something out. It's a great site with a ton of gifs, artwork, and information. There will be a special area for our challenge! Thank you Pete! You may still submit art and a story, so this is a great chance to cross-promote your work!

*For more information questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. On ffnet you can PM either Emerald-Latias, Ashbear, or Eternal Tiet or visit our new FFVIII forum, Where I Belong. On Live Journal, contact ashes_and_wings. Tumblr users can get any information from Emerald-Latias (username is written as emeraldlatias on there). Facebook users can go to the Ashbear page by Alessia Heartilly; we are inviting our Italian readers to be a part of this, so your story may be translated. If you don't have access to any of those, you can email me at ashbear at gmail dot com.

*When you upload your work for the challenge (written work must be marked complete and published dates must fall between the 1st to 30th) please use one of the above contacts to let us know. The main form of communication will most likely by the ffnet forum - more detailed information will follow, if needed. Also, if it has been 24 hours and your story was not added to the C2 or A03 collection, try contacting us again. Art information will be announced at a later date. Again, ffnet is probably the easiest form of communication, but we do not want to exclude anyone who does not have a fanfiction net account, nor do we expect you to make one. This is for everyone!

*Also, please pass this information to other writers/artists. Not everyone has the same followers, tastes, or fans and that is more than understandable. We are a small community but would love people to get together at least for the month of August to celebrate Squall and Rinoa!

*(6/13/12) When you post your fanfic, we ask that you mention somewhere in the body that it was written for the "Where I Belong" challenge. It does not have to be in the summary; in fact, it may be preferable that it's placed in the author's notes at the end of the fic – the reason is twofold. One, some people see it listed beforehand and skip works because they believe prior knowledge is necessary (besides liking Rinoa and Squall, no other prerequisites needed. But, trust me, this tends to be a common thought for new authors) Second, they have already read the fic and then you can list the C2 and encourage them to read more Squall/Rinoa stories. If it's at the beginning they may forget but, if you remind them at the end, for people (like me) with the attention of a fruit fly it's easier to remember. But again, it's up to you, we like to keep these as guidelines and not rules. (Wait, I'm puttin' my mod hat on - Squall and Rinoa must be in it, that's a rule. Darn it )

*(6/05/12)For those of you on Twitter, you can now follow the Where I Belong challenge for updates and quick announcements. This will also be a good way to spread the word further to other writers and artists that may not check the forums. Here is the link to our twitter account: https://twitter.com/#!/WIB_FF

*Most importantly, have fun! Remember we're here because we enjoy the relationship between Squall and Rinoa. Don't bash other characters or ships - we're all fans of Final Fantasy VIII and should respect each other. ('Cept Odine, he is an evil man who deserves to be punished for his crimes and his fashion sense, but I digress.)

...Wow, this really seems like a lot, but it really is easy! Please, think about being part of it! ---- For some reason the link showed up down here. I don't want to mess with it as it wouldn't show up with my luck, but this is the link to Pete's Final Fantasy VIII-II Tertius Veneficus Bellum

6/1/2012 . Edited by Eternal Tiet, 8/1/2012 #1
Eternal Tiet

I am testing this account (Ashbear's secondary) and also adding a link. ;)

*The "Where I Belong" C2 is listed under this account, Eternal Tiet, but please feel free to add/subscribe to the feed. It is empty for now, but stories will be added starting August 1st. It would also be a way to remind yourself to post once the fics start posting! Here is the C2 link.

6/1/2012 . Edited 6/1/2012 #2

Hi everyone ! this challenge is a GREAT idea and I'm all excited !!!! I'll think of something to participate, probably a 1-chapter short story... but who knows ? Once inspiration strikes, pages are sometimes piling up quickly ;)

I'll link the forum to my profile once I figured out how to do it, so as to help spread the word :)

6/2/2012 #3

Thanks Chris! I hope you can do it - it will be awesome. And we're taking any language so go wild... Well, okay, don't go too wild as it should probably be a language you speak it. I'm waiting for someone to try Al Bed or Klingon. Actually, just for fun, I shall give the intro in both of those:

(Original) We all started somewhere and, for many of us, Final Fantasy VIII was our first fandom. Even as several have moved on, we invite everyone to return to remember this part of their past. We are asking for current, former, and especially new writers and artists to come together this August and celebrate our roots.

(Via Al Bhed translator) Fa ymm cdyndat cusafrana yht, vun syho uv ic, Vehym Vyhdyco JEEE fyc uin vencd vyhtus. Ajah yc cajanym ryja sujat uh, fa ehjeda ajanouha du nadinh du nasaspan drec bynd uv draen bycd. Fa yna ycgehk vun linnahd, vunsan, yht acbaleymmo haf fnedanc yht yndecdc du lusa dukadran drec Yikicd yht lamapnyda uin nuudc.

(Via Klingon translator - it notes that it only does key words. Sorry if I offend any native 'Klingon' speakers. o.O) maH Hoch 'ej vaD law' vo' maH ghaHta' maj wa'DIch 'ach ghaj vIHta' Daq maH Hoch Daq chegh Daq qaw vam vo' chaj maH 'oH vaD 'ej [especially] chu' 'ej Daq ghoS tay' vam 'ejmaj

6/5/2012 . Edited by Eternal Tiet, 6/5/2012 #4
Eternal Tiet

Just so everyone knows, I'm reposting Niqsta's announcement - I added it to the main info, but that it was worth repeating (or maybe re-repeating!)

For those of you on Twitter, you can now follow the Where I Belong challenge for updates and quick announcements. This will also be a good way to spread the word further to other writers and artists that may not check the forums. Here is the link to our twitter account: https://twitter.com/#!/WIB_FF

6/5/2012 #5
Rosa Heartlily

I'm really hoping to give this a go. No idea what I'll write, yet, though LOL

6/10/2012 #6
Arami Heartilly

I'm really excited about this, found out about it on LJ and already have something in the works I have been thinking about doing for years.

6/11/2012 #7

Yep, this definitely sounds like my cup of tea. Will most definitely think of something to write, would be sad if writer's block decided to attack me for that though. ;)


6/26/2012 #8

I am so sorry, I was off the internet for a week. I did see your post on LJ too and felt horrible; it was just an odd situation. Putting that aside, welcome aboard! I'm so glad to have you and honestly glad the word on LJ is getting out there. I know so many people aren't on there anymore but one of the mods, SummonerLuna, still is and she encouraged me.

I really do want to get this out to as many people as possible; I don't want to limit to people who read my writing (or one of the mods, or even the great friends who have mentioned it in their profile) I want to reach people who may not even read ffnet - like only on LJ, Facebook, or tumblr.

I'm glad the word is getting out there. And welcome. ;)

6/26/2012 #9

*Does the Cactuar dance* Okay, not really, that's much more daughter when she was three or four... haven't thought about it in a while, but I doubt at 13 I could get her to do it. Darn, now I miss those days.

And yay! Glad you're on board; I figured it was your cup of tea. I think the one thing that means the most is that the relationship needs to end on positive note (bittersweet is okay too) but it's to relive what the game creators wanted, to show a love story - through plot holes and all. But plot holes are what fanfiction is for, right. ;)

I'll hope you can avoid writer's block too, I'd truly love for you to take part. But thanks for the support either way, you're awesome. XD

6/26/2012 #10
Kuchiki Jeanne

Okay, I realize I forgot to post here. /insert fail smiley here/

I'd like to reiterate my interest in this challenge, and shall make time for it. It's gonna be my reward after my major exams.

That said, I'd better get going. We have lab class next. See you around!

6/28/2012 #11

*dry* It's five am and I woke up with Squall and Rinoa ten years later in my skull, and then checked my email to find an invitation to this challenge.

...Yeah, I think I'm in ;)

7/2/2012 #12

Ooo, I love this idea! Totally gonna try and write something for it. Might look in the depths of my computer for one of my many currently un-used FanFic ideas and see if one is salvageable as a short story. :)

7/2/2012 #13

I randomly checked my email account that I dont really use anymore that my FFnet account is under, and saw this, so figured that maybe its fate. ;)

Well, maybe not fate, but I thought Id look into this. Sadly kind of flamed out on The Ultimecia Affair, but I could probably get into this.

A few months ago, I was actually thinking about posting either the epilogue to what wouldve been the end of "The Ultimecia Affair" or a cool part of one of the sequel's I started to that was centered on Squall and Rinoa, but was pretty sad and somewhat sappy.

Anyway...Ill probably throw something in. Thanks for the invite Ashbear.

7/2/2012 #14
Mayonaka no Ame

Hi everybody,

I too just saw Ashbear's invite in an email account I check rarely. Count me in please! I'm still semi-active here and would love to meet some other Squinoa fans :).


7/2/2012 #15

@ mayonaka no ami..

Oh, please yes! Possession is one of my favorite stories (please finish it?? pretty please?). welcome! the more the merrier!

7/2/2012 #16

May (almost typed Mayo there :P)

Once again to reiterate, glad to see you on board. I think this fandom has been waiting for your come back (well I have at least). I may be pushing it, but hopefully once this Challenge is over (or possible before it starts) we might see something for Possession? ;) *fingers crossed*

7/3/2012 #17

Mayonaka, again we are so glad to see you here. The spirit of the challenge is to bring people back for one month, no matter what else has happened in life; this fandom has been a part of all of us in one way or another. We're looking forward to seeing your contributions, no matter what they may be - art, graphics, writing, or anything else. I had no idea your major was video graphic design, it just shows everyone how much a single game can influence your life. ;)

7/3/2012 . Edited 7/3/2012 #18
Caleb Nova

Yes, it is I, the guy no one remembers who wrote a moderately popular FFVIII story that (assuming I'm even remembering right) featured Squall and Rinoa at least some of the time. I am intrigued by the idea of a writing challenge, mostly because I've never done one. I'd like to say that I'll rise to occasion but I usually have trouble rising from my seat or from my bed or just rising in general, really, upward motion is so unnatural. I was built to recline (or wallow, whatever).

Perhaps my artistic (barely-functioning, self-absorbed, self-destructive) brain will come up with something despite an absence from this fandom that can only be described as insurmountable. But even if I can't rise, perhaps I can mount things. This is normally the part where I'd say that sounded less gay in my head, but it didn't. I just said it anyway.

Hello, Ashbear. Still ashing and bearing, I assume?

7/8/2012 #19

Hello Caleb! Yes, some of us remember you as you are not easily forgotten nor is your 'moderately popular FFVIII story that featured Squall and Rinoa at least some of the time.' But . Your review about playing with your action figures under covers will forever remain... weird. But that's is what we love about you. ;)

And yes, I suppose I am both ashing and bearing, as only you could state it. I am often thankful that I did not put my son's nickname first as then I would have been "Bearash" and that's only one keystroke away from a rather telling typo. I tell this to you, because you bring out that side of me - and not the bear ash side, mind you. Of course anyone who reads my reply will now worry about me, if they haven't already. It is great to talk again!

I am glad you are intrigued, I was hoping to reconnect with people. If nothing else, seeing so many friends in this forum and via PMs make the effort well worthwhile. I hope that life is treating you well - and maybe you can rise, or mount or whatever.... Yep... I tried, but I feel so dirty after this reply now (at least I didn't mention the action figures there, but I digress) I better end it before all respect is lost for me. I am sure that Erica, one of the mods and a friend - at least before I typed this, is going to have a field day with this response.;)

All kidding aside, glad to see another first-gen author back!

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #20

Terrible puns are my kryptonite. So is clever wordplay. I think I like you, good sir. (And Kris too, I suppose. ;D)

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #21

And the poster above this is that "Erica" of which I speak. She is a second generation Dork; of proud and noble heritage – strong in the way of the whale. She spends her entire existence residing in a cave creating MS paint drawings that will inspire future generations*; they bring that single anime tear to my eye.

I need more sleep and less Monster energy drinks, need I say more?

*I have removed the words here as I think with the conversation at hand, they would so be taken out of context. *crap now I said at hand*

7/8/2012 . Edited 7/8/2012 #22

Surely at this rate you have more energy drink than blood coursing through your veins, no?

7/8/2012 #23
Alonia Everclear

I have that song from Sesame Street running through my head. One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn't belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others...

That would be me. Hi :D

I have never written a Squall X Riona fic. I've enjoyed reading a few but back in the day it just wasn't my thing. But I had this really lovely PM from Ashbear the other day inviting me to this wonderful challenge. And you know what? I'm up for it. I'm looking forward to taking on a new challenge in Squall and Rinoa and seeing what I can do with them. I have grown so much as a writer since the days I wrote FFVIII fan fic as I am sure everyone else has. It's going to be great to see how everyone has come along since then. Really looking forward to this.

Edit: Wow it looks like I should have put this in the ye olde introduce yourself thread. I think I'll go do that now.

7/15/2012 . Edited 7/15/2012 #24
Rosa Heartlily

Well, I have notes... No idea how long this is going to be, but it will be more than 2.5k, that's for sure. I've got quite a lot of leave booked during August, so hopefully I'll be able to get this thing written.

I'm actually quite excited - I've never written Rinoa and Squall as central characters before (mainly 'cos lots of people do and I'm contrary) but I think this is going to turn out quite well.

I'm also on my millionth replay of FF8 at the moment, just to really get myself in the mood :D

7/24/2012 #25

Great job! I'm glad it'll be longer than 2.5k... hopefully that means you're really enjoying it. It sounds like you are. ;) Really, it's so awesome you're doing this, I know how this is different for you (and Alonia who only EVER wrote Seifer/Quistis) who aren't used to writing Rinoa/Squall as central characters. But I think that's why it's almost a 'challenge in a challenge.' Or we can go all Inception and the story you're writing is about Rinoa and Squall writing the biography of Cid and Edea. Now that would be confusing.

Thanks again for taking part. I do know it was semi-short notice, but I think it timed out fairly well. If you give too much time, people tend to forget, too little and it's difficult. With schools being out, August seemed like a good bet for everyone. Plus, Squall's birthday, so it worked out perfectly. :p

Seriously, thank you. You've been so supportive of all of us over the last 11 years. It's hard to believe how much we've changed and how our little ones are no longer so little.

7/25/2012 #26

Aww man....I just realized my story kind of "violates" one of the rules. Nothing too bad, but I just noticed a certain rule in there I didnt see before. If I take it out though, it kind of deflates the story a bit IMO. Oh well...Ill try to find a work around.

7/26/2012 #27

Okay, I didn't know where to ask (or I am just not looking hard enough OTL), so I'm going to do it here if that's okay...

*Rinoa and Squall relationship need to be central to the plot.

About this rule, I'm planning (or at least I'm going to attempt) to do one of those 'anime' parodies you can find on YouTube, but for what I'm doing, it's a little bit more 'Rinoa-centric'. Squall will be in the video too (I promise), but really, the song is about a girl and her feelings towards the guy she likes. Is that alright?

7/27/2012 #28

Erm, I'm not sure why that wouldn't be okay. But I'll let Ashbear answer that.

What I will say is this:


Lol, okay, gonna take the rest to PMs, or the intro thread :D Nice to have you back.

7/27/2012 #29
Kate Lorraine

I tried to start mine today but it quickly turned into Squall obsessing about getting a dinner reservation at Per Se. Then I started to describe his leather jacket as being lined with gingham and instead of a gunblade duel him and Seifer compared to see who had a slightly better manicure. Squall impresses Rinoa by telling her about that time he was in the Conde Nast building on business with the CEO of Apple and he made eye contact with Anne Wintour for 2.5 seconds in the elevator. I stopped short of the part where he starts killing hookers for fun.

Maybe I should just sit this one out and help out in other ways than...ahem...writing.

7/27/2012 #30
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