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Let's set some ground rules:

Keep it PG unless the thread is listed as mature. Some swearing is aloud on the main threads, but please, don't curse every other word! The post will be deleted.

Nothing negative, guys. Just cause you're having a bad day, doesn't mean everyone should.

Mary-Sue's and God-Mods will not be accepted here. Keep powers toned down, and no "One Hit Wonders". One upmanship is ok as long as you know when to quit.

Try and keep track of any and all characters you play as. The admins will help with this, but don't think we'll shoulder all the responsibility.

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Tsuki Silverbane

To chat!!

6/2/2012 #2

And OF COURSE all rules below on each page.

6/3/2012 #3


Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu/Marty Sam:

1: She is stunningly/unusually beautiful. Oh she may deny it, claiming to be a "plain Jane" and modestly deflecting any compliments on her looks, but everyone else in the story will be sure to drool all over her. Mary Sue is perfection incarnate - perfect hair, perfect eyes (the kind that "sparkle like jewels" or "pierce into your soul"), perfect skin, perfect figure, gorgeous gowns/snazzy leather warrior outfits, cool-looking weapons, etc...though she may bear a striking resemblance to the author of the story. And she sometimes shares the author's name (that includes middle, last, nicknames, acronyms, etc.) Mary Sue could easily be described as an "author's pet" or a self-insert

2: She has multiple special abilities or skills (like she can somehow "wield a blade" really well without years of training and experience...unless, of course, she's been trained by the best since age four). There's nothing she can't do or excel at, everything gets handed to her on a silver platter, and her Speshulness knows no bounds. She could be a shape-shifter with Super Powerful Shiny Magic and a wow-the-crowd singing voice, or a genius computer hacker who can play the flute and violin, has a black belt in karate AND can recite encyclopedia excerpts on a dime, or a half-angel warrior princess who sends the Bad Guys buggering off just by going all "echo-y voice and holy light" get the idea.

3: Going hand in hand with the above, she's always being uber-heroic, rescuing random people and saving the day.The fate of Life, The Universe and Everything depends on her. Without her Speshulness to aid the Good Guys in the epic battle, the Bad Guys are sure to win and the world is utterly DOOMED.

4: She's kind and virtuous (unless she's an EVIL Mary Sue) and has no big character flaws of any kind.(And no. Clumsiness and/or a feisty temper do NOT count; they're far too generic and only serve to make her look "cute".) She's usually either a "sweet angel" type, "mysterious woman" type or the "rebellious princess" type.

5: At least one character falls immediately/insanely in love with her, and vice versa (usually the hottest guy. Go figure.)

6: All the good characters in the story just seem naturally drawn to her (especially children and fuzzy animals). She's popular where it matters. EVERYONE likes her. Except the Bad Guys, of well as any unimportant characters who serve no other purpose in the story than to be annoying and/or jealous of her utter perfection.

7: Sometimes there is a prophecy or legend about her.Usually it says something about her Speshulness, an all-important destiny, Twoo Wuv written in the stars, blah blah blah...

8: She is portrayed as being cooler/more mature or more important/powerful than everyone else in the story.Though on the flip side, she could also be portrayed as the poor, defenseless, yet ever courageous damsel-in-distress. Everything's always either about her or her love-interest. She doesn't know the meaning of "teamwork" and she steals the spotlight from everyone else.

9: She often has a tragic/angsty/mysterious past and her love interest has to "heal her wounded heart" or something. If she doesn't have a tragic/angsty/mysterious past, she always finds SOMETHING to angst about...and of course, her Twoo Wuv always rushes to comfort her. Oy.

10: She is so darn perfect and 2-dimensional that it's annoying and boring. She's either so perfect, so weird or so lacking in personality that the readers can't relate to her or grow to truly care about her as her own character. Strip away the beauty, the magic powers, the all-important destiny and the love interest and what do you have underneath? Virtually nothing. Now that we've met Mary Sue, let me introduce you to her lesser-known cousins! Yeah, that's right...she has relatives.

Meet Gary Stu, the boy version of Mary Sue!

He can be all of the above, as well as being the muscular, uberly-hot guy who's always saving the damsels in distress, bravely fighting the Bad Guys, hacking into computers like an expert and diffusing the bomb that's hidden in the wedding cake with the pair of pliers he just happened to have in his pocket.

Last and definitely least, there's Marty Sam.

He's closely related to Gary Stu, only he's a lot more sensitive and angsty. Usually he has a dark, super-tragic past (like his alcoholic dad beat him as a kid or something) and he's always throwing melodramatic pity parties about how miserable and wretched he is. He swoons over the beautiful girl of his dreams and goes on and on about how he's such a HORRIBLE MONSTER who's oh-so-unworthy of her. He can be every bit as hawt as Gary Stu, OR he can pull a Hunchback of Dotredame routine, i. e. so ugly that his beautiful love interest can't help but take pity on him and fall in love with him for his "beautiful, broken heart".

(( I admit, I did not write this on my own, credit goes to - The one there's named Dearheart. It is really helpful, so, even if she might never get to know about this, thank you so much! ))

7/3/2012 #4

I've been thinking lately and I was wondering... Is a character a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu/Marty Sam if they only have ONE of the traits listed above? For example, if a character has a tragic backstory does that mean they are automatically a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu/Marty Sam? Let's say another character had a prophecy about how she would one day save the Universe (in terms of original stories and not fan fiction), would she be a Mary-Sue?

2/10/2013 #5
Tsuki Silverbane

A typical mary-sue/gary-stu has one of those traits and almost nothing to cancel it out. They're basically perfect in every way.

2/10/2013 #6

Well, basically Caleb has a lot of weaknesses and other problems, and despite his backstory (which is something I want to remain a surprise for my stories) he is usually very happy. I've recently added the idea of him being insane, which could explain why he acts so randomly, but might be scrapped later on.

2/11/2013 #7
Tsuki Silverbane

Uh, mental illness might not be the case. Maybe the happiness is a front?

2/11/2013 #8

Once again, this is currently something that I'm still working on. Caleb sort of blocks it out by being a goofball, but I'm not enough of a psychiatrist to explain it and it be correct. In a longer version (and this is still beta content) Caleb becomes greatly upset when he learns this great truth (which I STILL want to keep a surprise for anyone who will read my future story) and is painfully reminded of it unless he's making a joke, so he has learned to, in a way, reject reality adn continuously make jokes, which causes him some problems. Once again, not a psychologist. In the rp's I'm doing now he's like this because he is insane without any sort of dark past. He is insane, because he didn't fit in, and can't fit in, because he's insane. It's a vicious cycle, but Caleb tends to keep it underwraps, hidden by his own insanity. There's really no need to continue replying to this, because I've gotten what I need from this in terms of the rules and regulations, but if you really feel that I'm still not getting it, please send me a PM.

2/11/2013 #9
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