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Here is were all Role Players introduce themselves.

6/2/2012 #1

Hi my names Abbey Im the creator of this forum. I have blond hair and blue eyes. I love to play sports mosty track. I have an annoying sister and a dog. And my e-mail is

6/2/2012 . Edited 10/20/2012 #2
Hi I a vampire
6/4/2012 #3

Hi I'm Fabia. I have brown hair and dark brown eyes. I love playing sports and hanging out with my friends.

6/9/2012 . Edited 6/9/2012 #4

Hey my name isLayla I have dark brown hair and brown eyes and I love to surf read and hang out with my friends. I am also 13 years old and go to school with Giselle :)

6/25/2012 . Edited 10/15/2012 #5

Hi i've been looking for a vampire rp for awhile on i hope these place is still active and suits me. My name is Diana by the way.

7/31/2012 #6

(Nice to meet you. I'm Alice. Can't wait to RP with you. SO go make your character!)

7/31/2012 #7

Welcome Diana :) Im glad you disided to join the RP. Okay Ive got school so I'll be back in the afternoon tp role play. Please feel free tomake a character :)

8/1/2012 #8

Hi. I'm Giselle, I'm 13, and I have green eyes and brown hair. I'm a anime fan, and I love horror stories.

And I go to school with Layla. (I'm the one who got her on fanfiction.)

9/26/2012 #9

Hi, my name is Alexe. I have black hair and brown eyes. i love sport, reading. And a super-annoying sister.

9/26/2012 #10

Ha i now my emial yes different but please just call me Nena and i'm look forward to rping with you all

9/28/2012 #11
Twilight Twitches

Well...... I am Eden but you can call me Twitch

.I am 13 and a lazy bum.

I love video games and Basketball .

I love burgers too !!!!!!!!!!!

I am addicted to twilight .

I love my best friend and can talk to her for five hours on phone without any break .

I love all these things ...and I can't live without them

Oh !!!!!!!did I mention I love to sleep . I can sleep for 25 hours without taking any sleeping pills .

Yeah...that is all I can share :DDDDDD

10/15/2012 #12

Haha your not a dork Nova!!!

11/4/2012 #13
My name is Aaron. My little sister Alice has been bugging me about joining this RP form. So here I am :)
11/19/2012 #14
Haha :) Welcome to Mysterious Aaron :D Glad to have you on the forum!!
11/19/2012 #15
Also I'm 17. Male. Curly blonde hair (super curly. It refuses to stay down!) People tell me my eyes are as blue as the sky. I dont mean to brag but my body is very toned. got to keep in shape. And i'm tane as hell. I love the sun. Surfing helps with that.
11/19/2012 #16
Hey shadow. But it was really my nagging sister lol :)
11/19/2012 #17
*rolling on the floor laughing* ALICE!!! HAHA!!
11/19/2012 #18
Haha. Yeah the annoying little pixy who lives in my house. So whats up?
11/19/2012 #19
Eh, nothing :P just boredd. U?
11/19/2012 #20
Me and a few friends were plaining to go surfing but a storm rulled in so thats out. Its pooring down rain so I'm stuck inside. Just listening to my music being bored in my room.
11/19/2012 #21
Ah :P
11/19/2012 #22
Yep but such is life. Sigh. Well what are you going to do lol.
11/19/2012 #23
I have no life so idk :P
11/19/2012 #24
What? no life? Well why not?
11/19/2012 #25
Exactly what I said, I have no life! Jkjk :P I just have no life!
11/19/2012 #26
So you just spend all day online? I can respect that.
11/19/2012 #27
Pretty much :P Ikr!!
11/19/2012 #28
Haha you sound like my kind of person. So wanna RP? I have a character ready and Ill post him when I get my labtop back. So can we go from here?
11/19/2012 #29
(Sure :) (Meet me ib the Mysterious RP countinues :)
11/19/2012 #30
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