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One B.A. Human

Hola amigas! My name is Landon, but you can call me whatever you want. I'm just a good ol' southern male (17yr old) interested in some rp. Clean cut unshaven with short black hair, dark skin without a tan and chicano with one. Chibino pointed me this direction, and I'm ready if you girls'll have me.

11/20/2012 #31
Hey good to meat you. The second male to join our girls club
11/20/2012 #32
One B.A. Human

Oh yeah?

Hey, is that a bronze statue over there?

11/20/2012 #33
Its true she has
11/20/2012 #34
One B.A. Human

Mostly good things, I hope.

11/20/2012 #35
One B.A. Human

So, should I go make a character?

11/20/2012 #36

Hi, um I asked to join because I love supernatural creatures and this roleplay looked so cool.

I have black hair and grey eyes that change to an icy blue in some lights.

I love anime, my favorite being Black Butler. Im new to fanfiction...kinda joined today so...

Hope to meet all of yall soon :D

12/11/2012 #37

Nice to meet you guys!

Oh! I forgot to introduce myself as well. My name is AngelicTeddy, but you can call me AT or Teddy for short. I love to surf the web, draw, play video games, and read books/comic books. I dislike centipedes and deep waters in pools. For movies, I like Sci-Fi/Comedy/Action.

Again, it's nice meeting you all!

12/11/2012 #38

Ello. My name is Cubby. I like to have fun and just relax. Some of my fave things to do is go out and window shop at random stores. I killed hours at Home depo once. Lol!

12/16/2012 #39

Nice to meet you. I am Dani.

12/16/2012 #40

*bows* Nice to meet ya.

12/16/2012 #41


12/16/2012 #42

I'm sorry to ask I know its an annoying question. However where is the roleplay taking place right now?

12/16/2012 #43

Oh! It's taking place here:

12/16/2012 #44

Thank ya kindly to you and Dani. w

12/16/2012 #45

Oh, you're welcome. :) I hope my character gets to meet yours as well.

12/16/2012 #46
Hi! I'm 16 and live in New Zealand :) I like Batman, Higurashi, Adventure Time, M*A*S*H*,Bonanza, David Bowie, comics and video games. I love cats, top 10 lists and documentries on the supernatural. I'm 5"11 and I'm a big girl, sadly. However, big girls have big curves so...*wink wink* XD I wear glasses and have auburn hair and fair skin.
8/28/2013 #47

awww t looks like the fourms dead that's a shame, I know I never stock around, but that was because of real life stuff, well ill be fallowing the fourm if it gets resurrected

6/28/2015 #48
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