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6/5/2012 #1

Marcus: *out hunting, needing to feed, open*

Abbey: *on patrol in wolf form,open*

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #2

Midnight: in woods sitting on a tree branch, reading a book under the moonlight. Open

6/5/2012 #3

Marcus:*sees Midnight* *not seen her before* *walks over to her* Hello.

6/5/2012 #4

Midnight: Falls out of tree. So absorbed into her book she didn't notice the vampire that snuck up on her.

Gets up from ground and glares at the unexspected guest.


6/5/2012 #5

Marcus:*smirks* I havne't seen you around here. Are you from the City Coven? *asks her courious*

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #6

Midnight: still glaring and picks up her book from the ground.

"No. Just passing by."

Turns and walks away muttering angrly to herself. Annoyed the vampire intureuppted at a good part in the book.

6/5/2012 #7

Marcus:*grabs her shoulder* *hisses* Waite! *points tword the shadow in the forest in front of them*

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #8

Midnight: What!? she hisses back, eyes flashing red

6/5/2012 #9

Marcus: *looks at her eyes then back at the shadow witch was Abbey in her wolf form* *curses under his breath*

Abbey: *steps out and growls at both of them*

6/5/2012 #10

Midnight: crouches in defensive stance and pulls out a silver dagger and attakes the wolf

6/5/2012 #11

Abbey: *dodges and phases back to human in mid air* *canines still long*

Marcus:*sighs and grabs Abbey by her arm only to be kicked in the groin*

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #12

Midnight: Looks back at the lycan hisses and runs for safty.....Leaving her book behind

6/5/2012 #13

Abbey:*phases back to wolf and runs after her*

Marcus:*runs ahead of Abbey and pulls Midnight into a tree with him*

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #14

Midnight: Bites the vampire on the hand. Struggling for him to let her go so she could run. Scared of losing her life

6/5/2012 #15

Marcus:*growls and pulls his hand back* If you fallow me you will live. I know this werewolf, she can't cross over into the City Covne's territory. Thats the only place you'll be safe.

Abbey: Cirlcling around them*

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #16

Midnight: hisses at the wolf. attempting to read her mind but can't. read the vampires mind... she can trust him. Follows him the the City.

6/5/2012 #17

Marcus: *nodds* Also I would ask the City Coven's leader if you could join. *looks at Abbey* The pack of werewolves here dosn't tolerate nomads. *starts to jump from tree to tree*

Abbey: *perks her ears hearing them* *growls at the mention of the City Coven* *fallows hoping to catch Midnight*

6/5/2012 . Edited 6/5/2012 #18

Midnight: roles her eyes as the vampire jumps from tree to tree. stays on ground and runs. Hears the wolf behind her and throws a few silver dagers at her. one knife impels her in the sholder. turns around and follows the other vamp to the city

6/5/2012 #19

Marcus: *cringes as Midnight stabs Abbey* *keeps jumping until he reaches the city* *jumps down and runs for the City Covens Head Quarters, the Blood Bar*

Abbey: *phases back to human and pulls out the dagger, cursing Midnight* *runs after them on foot*

6/5/2012 #20

Midnight: curses under breath when notices that the wolf still hasnt slowed down. Follows the vampire into the blood bar. Pulls out her last dagger getting ready to throw.

6/5/2012 #21

Marcus:*shakes his head at Abbey* Trust me werewolves are persestent. *nods tword Abbey* Looks like you pissed of the Alpha. *closes the door and walks to the center of the room*

Abbey:*stops five feet away from the blood bar* *growls and runs back to her teritory*

6/5/2012 #22

Midnight: "She's the Alpha?" follows the vampire and looks around the strange room

6/5/2012 #23

Marcus:*nods* She may look young, but she's older and tougher than she looks. Her parents were killed so now shes the Alpha. *looks around and walks to an entercome and pushes the botton labled M*

6/5/2012 #24

Midnight: Glares at the vampire, eyes red.

"How do you know so much about her? Everything was fine till you showed up then she appeared.

Then realizes she dropped her book while she was being chased.

6/5/2012 #25

Marcus: *glares* We were both on their territory, so they chased us off. *looks of at the door and sighs as Vance; the leader of the City Coven comes out*

6/5/2012 #26

sighs in frustration and stick head phones in ears, turns music up. " thank you for saving my life then...l

6/5/2012 #27

Marcus:*growls and grabs her earphones and turning her to face Vance*

Vance:*narows his eyes at both of them*

6/5/2012 #28

Midnight: "hey!" trys to grab head phone back.

6/5/2012 #29

Marcus:*throws the ear phones in a trash can* Vance this *turn to Midnight* Who are you?

Vance:*looks at them couriously*

6/5/2012 #30
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