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Pheonix:*sits him down* "dizzy?"
8/5/2012 #8,371

Katie: whatever *shakes his hand away and runs away to the park*

Jonathan:*kisses her on the cheek where she is blushes* your so cute

8/5/2012 #8,372

Griffen:*shakes his head no even though he is a little dizzy*

8/5/2012 #8,373
Pheonix:*smirks* "I guess I need to work harder." *starts spinning faster*
8/5/2012 #8,374

Raven:*blushes and looks down*

Luke:*growls and runs to where he saw the stripper* *growls at her and grabs her by her throat and drages her outside* *breaks her neck and burns her body* *growls one more time thinking Kaite will never forgive him* *runs onto Coal's land hoping he'll kill him* *because he couldn't live without Katie*

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/5/2012 #8,375

Griffen:*starts getting dizzy*

8/5/2012 #8,376

Katie:*sits at a bench and starts crying,she loved him but she was just not good enough for him she thought*

Jonathan:*grabs her chin gently she's he is looking at his face* your the most beautiful girl in the world

8/5/2012 #8,377

Pheonix:"want me to stop"

8/5/2012 #8,378

Raven:*Blushes* Aww.

Luke: *growls thinking he's so stupid* *hits his head on a tree*

8/5/2012 #8,379

Griffen: yeaaaaah

Katie:*continues crying*

Jonathan: Its the truth *smiles*

8/5/2012 . Edited 8/5/2012 #8,380

pheonix:*stops then falls back on the floor still holding his son.*

8/5/2012 #8,381

Griffen:*laughs and hugs his dad*

Maddie:*goes down stairs and watches TV*

8/5/2012 #8,382

pheonix:*hugs his son back*

8/5/2012 #8,383

Luke:*takes out a note pad and pen* *starts writting to Katie* Dear Katie Im sorry. I shouldn't have been so stupid and ahould have killed that human. I love you but your so perfect, and Im so stupid. You deserve beter than me. Im sorry, for everythng that I did. This will be the last time you have to listen to me. I should just burn in h*ll like the demon I am. Im better done for then undead. I will always love you Luke* *seals the letter and makes it apear beside her*

Raven:*blushes* Your so sweet!

8/5/2012 #8,384

Griffen:*smiles* I love you daddy

Maddie:*watching tv down stairs*

8/5/2012 #8,385

Jonathan:*smiles* thanks!

Katie:*reads the note and immediately stands up and runs looking for Luke tears streaming from her eyes still*

8/5/2012 #8,386

Raven:*hugs him*

Luke:*sits down at a sunrise waiting for the sun to turn him to ash* *tears streaming down his face*

8/5/2012 #8,387

Pheonix:*smiles* "I love you too son"

8/5/2012 #8,388

Jonathan:*holds her tight*

Katie:*sniffing out his scent racing to find him*

8/5/2012 #8,389

Griffen:*smiles* good

8/5/2012 #8,390

Raven:*cuddles agianst him*

Luke:*leans his head on his knees thinking he's was being such a jack a** to Katie* 8wishes she would forgive him* *clenches he teeth as the sun burns his arm*

8/5/2012 #8,391

Pheonix:*sits uP and sits on the couch with maddie*

8/5/2012 #8,392

Katie:*appears in front of him* what the h*ll are you doing!!!!????? *pushes him out of the sunlight*

Jonathan: *smiles* so what do you wanna do babe?

8/5/2012 #8,393

Maddie:*watches the tv* hey love

8/5/2012 #8,394

Pheonix:*kisses her on the cheek.* "hello maddie"

8/5/2012 #8,395

Luke:*pulls her with him* *moving them both away from the sun and in shadows* *looks at her* Sparing you from being stuck with a jack a** like me.

Raven: I don't know what do you want to do?

8/5/2012 #8,396

Maddie:*still watching the tv*

Griffen:*playing on the floor with his toy*

8/5/2012 #8,397

Katie: your not a jack a**! And what!? You were gonna kill yourself???!!!

8/5/2012 #8,398

Jonathan:*thinks* I'm kinda hungry we could go eat somewhere?

8/5/2012 #8,399

pheonix:*sits, watching tv too.*

8/5/2012 #8,400
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