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8/6/2012 #8,671

Tyler: *Smiles and kisses her forhead.* Hey baby

8/6/2012 #8,672

eric:*runs to the end of the woods reaches a cliff.* "well crap" abbigal:*ga!* "giggles"

8/6/2012 #8,673

Aaron: *Not looking up* Entari: *Landing behind her* HEllo

Tyler: I wuv my little girl.

8/6/2012 #8,674

Lucia: well... I really want o go to the circus Maximus

8/6/2012 #8,675

abbigal:*reaches for her dad* aaron:*crying* "i dont know what to do...." *takes out her cell phone calling beatrice.*

8/6/2012 #8,676

eric:*grins and just before she reaches him he does a back flip off the cliff.*

8/6/2012 #8,677

Entari: *Looks at her* That won't be nessiary. *Looks at him clossing his eyes, taking to him in his mind.* I know what its like to lose someone. Hes greving. Give him time. *Opens his eyes as the charms goes down, walking over to the man on the ground. Giving him a hand up, looks at Luna.* Can hyou get us back to his house?

8/6/2012 #8,678


8/6/2012 #8,679

Lucia: I don't really care what you think. Can we just go already?

8/6/2012 #8,680

Karson: *In the parlior waiting for his mistress.*

8/6/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #8,681

luna:"pick up beatrice pick up"

8/6/2012 #8,682

eric:*lands in the water diving deep* {sorry guys but i am logging off for the night. good night}

8/6/2012 #8,683

Entari: *Suporting Aaron with his arms.* Will you take us back to his house witch?

8/6/2012 #8,684

(Oww ok :( Bye!!!!!)

8/6/2012 #8,685

Entari: *Sighs seeing the witch is not in the condition to do anything.* *Reviels his dragon form taking off into the sky with Aaron in his arms.* *Lands at his house hours later and turns back to his human form, letting Aaron walk into his house by himself Entari follows him.*

8/6/2012 #8,686

Entari: *Setting Aaron down on a bed he summoned up in the common room. He appears to be asleep.* Hello vampire.

8/6/2012 #8,687

Entari: Hes fine vampire. Though I have to give you credit. I never knew a single vampire could do this much to a man without laying a fingure on him. *Tunes to faace her* I don't think he'd want to see you right now.

8/6/2012 #8,688

(Getting any posts now?)

8/6/2012 #8,689

Entari: *Sighs as he looks at her.* Well we are selfs never truely know how were going to react untell it happens. *Shrugs* For what it's worth I'm sorry. My older brother hated me to for what I am.

8/6/2012 #8,690


Lucia:*chuckles* I would love to seehyou Try! *follows Nero*

8/6/2012 #8,691

Entari: I'M sure it wont happen with him. He seems alot more exepting than most of his kind... Though I don''t know about his sister. How were you going to ease him in to it?

Kyle: *Walking around the city seeing a girl playing.* (Love the new character!!)

8/6/2012 #8,692

Lucia:*hides her mind with a invisible wall and thinks: he's actually kinda cute despite him acting like a jerk* *follows him to the tent*

8/6/2012 #8,693

Lucia: *sits down next to him* well I actually just moved here from Italy because I have been looking for my mate for many centuries and I believe he is somewhere in Rome

8/6/2012 #8,694

Lucia:*growls and watches the performers*

8/6/2012 #8,695

Lucia:*looks at him* what?!

8/6/2012 #8,696

Lucia:*rolls her eyes* yeah like you would ever get any girls to date you

8/6/2012 #8,697

Lucia: whatever *watches the performers*

8/6/2012 #8,698

(I would like for everyone to move to the Night Crawlers 2 please. This Topic is now full =)

8/7/2012 #8,699
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