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Any takers?

9/13/2013 #9,661

Please ignor last post. ment for another forum

9/13/2013 #9,662

Jackal grinned back and put up his hands. "Have fun... I will just watch." he said then teleported away.

Key blinked seeing the image. the first thing he ever saw. he stepped back in surprise. "w-was that you?"

9/13/2013 #9,663
((Hola sorry I haven't been on, can someone catch me up on what's happened?))
9/13/2013 #9,664

(yo. um. not much to tell. Key and Rage are about to go to Key's place so Rage can meet Key's parents.)

9/13/2013 #9,665
((Aww _, wanna RP??))
9/13/2013 #9,666

(oks. who?)

9/13/2013 #9,667
((Hmm, I don't know. Who would you like to RP with?))
9/13/2013 #9,668

hmmm Demona?)

9/13/2013 #9,669
((Sure :3)) Kozko sat on his bed and books laid strone around te room. His green eyes scanned the words as he flipped pages.
9/13/2013 #9,670

Demona knocked before pushing the door open before blinking when she saw the mess. "sorry to bother you. Are you busy?"

9/13/2013 #9,671
Kozko looked up and blinked before a blush danced in his cheeks. "Oh, no I'm not." He replied before marking the page he was in and setting the book to the side. "What's up?"
9/13/2013 #9,672

Demona smiled a little and stepped into the room. "well you had been in here for a while. and it seems you are working really hard on something. I was wondering if you wanted some help or needed a break." she replied.

9/13/2013 #9,673
Kozko smiled and slipped off his bed, "A break sounds good."
9/13/2013 #9,674

Demona grinned then reached out and took his hand. "come on then. we can go out and play a while."

9/13/2013 #9,675
Kozko grinned, "All right!"
9/13/2013 #9,676

Demona giggled as she walked heading outside. She looked around then smiled as she saw a swing. "how about that?"

9/13/2013 #9,677
Kozko grinned, "Yeah, looks like fun!"
9/13/2013 #9,678

She laughed then looked at it a moment before getting an idea. she jumped on it standing up. "come on. if we stand there will be enough room for us both."

9/13/2013 #9,679
Kozko raised an eyebrow and chuckled. "All right."
9/13/2013 #9,680

Demona grinned and helped him up so they were standing facing each other. she then leaned back and started swinging giggling as they started to get higher.

9/13/2013 #9,681
Kozko laughed and leaned to the side, helping her swing.
9/13/2013 #9,682

she giggled as they swung. "oh! big brother seems to like you by the way." she said with a smile.

9/13/2013 #9,683

"Yes," rage said.

Wrathteleported back home.e

9/13/2013 #9,684

Key grinned. "wow... I have never seen anything... but I am glad the first thing I saw was... wow..."

Lilly was sitting on the couch again hugging her legs her head on her knees. she sensed her husband and lifted her head slightly before relaxing again.

9/13/2013 #9,685

"Have you been crying?" Wrath ased.

Rage gave a wolfish grin. "I would be happy to doit again but it is a bit exhausting. "

9/13/2013 #9,686

Lilly blinked then shook her head. "Its nothing... how was your time out?" she asked changing the subject.

Key chuckled. "Maybe later. I am happy with what I know now."

9/13/2013 #9,687
((Sorry mum needed me, if I dissapear then my phone has died :/)) Kozko tilted his head, "he does?" He asked. ///// Abbigal sat on the porch of her and Roy's cabin twirling a pocket knife in her hand.
9/13/2013 #9,688

Demona nodded. "yes. he doesn't sense any threat from you. Not yet anyway. He will protect you. Especially from your meany brother." she said with a smile.// Roy stepped out and looked at his mate. "are you alright?"

9/13/2013 #9,689

"It was enlightening. " wrath said sitting beside her.

"Lead the way key."

9/13/2013 #9,690
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