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Wrath dodge stopping backwards. Then he attacked his blade aimed for his arm
9/26/2013 #9,901
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Chaos felt the blade sink into his arm. In his rage, he grabbed wraths other arm pulled him closs then used all the force he could summon and headbutted him.
9/26/2013 #9,903
Wrath was about to attack again till someone from behind him grabbed him and threw him across the room. Rage glared at chaos, "I will not let you kill my father. He done, cant you see that." Rage waved his hand in the direction of his father and black chains appeared binding him to the floor.
9/26/2013 #9,904
Chaos stood. "He has indangered my existance. That will not be tolourated. He will return my mother, or he will die." He glared at Rage. "And I'll kill anyone who gets in my way."
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Rage eyes turned black. "As you can see he is bound. He will not be escaping. And I will make sure she doesn't bother you ever. As for my sister she is free...cant you feel it?"
9/26/2013 #9,906
Chaos glared one last time, before turning around and walking towards his mother. (So rp diffrent people tell Cub gets here?)
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(Sure) "Zalden I still want us to be friends. Nothing betwee us has to change."
9/26/2013 #9,908
Zalden nodded. "Is that all? I'm sorry, but I don't have time." He turned away from here. "I'm going to join a pack. I have finally decided, it would be better to be amoung my own kind. I think you should do the same."
9/26/2013 #9,909

"You know I didnt ask for this. If I could be human again I would." Kayla said

9/26/2013 #9,910
"I know. But it doesn't change the fact. Your a vampire. And thats ok. We don't pick what we are. We can pick our actions though. And I have come to th conclusion that it would be in my best interest to stay with my kind." He smiled a bitter sweet smile and turned to leave.
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Kayla reached out and grabbed his arm. "Zalden wait...."

9/26/2013 #9,912
He stopped, not turning back to look at her. "Is there something else?"
9/26/2013 #9,913

What shewas going to say got caught in her throat by the sound of his detached voice. She let him go. " sorry I bothered you." Kayla said then turn and hurried out of the ally

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Zalden froze. His first impulse was to go after her. But it wasn't his right to anymore. She chose- no, she realised she didn't love him. And that was ok. It hurt, it still hurts, but he had to stop. He had to forced himself to stop, before she killed him. He could no longer chase after a phantom future that had died long before it had a chance to live. Letting only a single tear fall down his face he whispered. "Fairwell Kayla. I'm sorry I couldn't save you." He briskly walked back to his companion, and they left the bar soon after.
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(Reading this makes me want to cry. )

(Idk were 2 go from here lol)

9/26/2013 #9,916
(I know right??? I have no idea myself. Is there anything left for them?) (Monica and Torture?)
9/26/2013 #9,917

Torture laid in his bed staring at ceiling. He felt like the world was ending. He could feel souls entering purgatory at an alarming rate.

9/26/2013 #9,918
(Perfect quote for this: "Not every story can be a love story. And not every love story can have a happy ending.") Monica was in the area. She was hired to hunting a wolf, that had been tormenting the people her. She had found and killed the best, but even with a silver danger, she didn't get out onscathed. The water had indeed healed her, but she close were torn and bloody.
9/26/2013 #9,919

Tourture realised he still had not eaten. That water girl had gotten away from him. He frowned at the memory. The girls powers were quiet annoying but what got to him the most was that he still did not know her name. Tourture sighed. Got lut lf bed and decided to go hunting. He was looking or a quick meal so he decided he would feed on souls. He sensed a wolf due to die any moment so he followed the smell of his impending doom. Little did tourtue know that he and the hunter were foing after the same dog.

9/26/2013 #9,920
Monica spend 35 minutes serching for the best. 15 minutes fighting and killing it. Then 10 minutes trying to cover up the damage. Grumbling under her beath: "Dam jackasses. I need more money if I'm also the clean up crew."
9/26/2013 #9,921
Torture found the lingering soul a few feet away from the body. He absorbed it into himself. Torture was so focused on his mean he had not notice the bounty hunter
9/26/2013 #9,922
Monica however did notice. On a split second desicion, he desided to leave thebody, and quickly, ran out of the area.
9/26/2013 #9,923
Torture appeared in front of her his eyes becoming a pale blue. "To slow cutie. I see you"
9/26/2013 #9,924
Im going 2 bed. Night
9/26/2013 #9,925
(Night night) Monica sneered drewing her knife. "not you again!"
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Anna: Hi, im new here and Im a vampire... I need a little help.. What is this?

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(Hello :0 I'm alice soon to be mod hehe. So... Are you rping when you asked that question or do you need help?)
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Lust looked at her son and gave him a sad smile before pulling him into a hug. "I'm so sorry..."

Key chuckled at the other. "You miss me much?" he joked before reaching out a hand and stroking Rage's face softly.

(ello all.)

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Chaos put one arm around her. "Lets return home mother." His face was blank.
9/26/2013 #9,930
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