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I made a diffrent character subbimsion topic because to me the otherone seemed cluttered :3 hehe just submit your character and wait for my to accept it

Full name:


Description:(Hair color, eye color, tatoos, height, weight, percings, ect.)

What your character is:(werewolf, witch, human, ect.)




Special abbilites:(Only if they have any, not needed)


Thats realy it if theres anything I forgot please put it. If I think its okay Ill post except below it =)

6/10/2013 #1

Full name: Fang Okami Moonflower

Age: 17

Description: Fang stands at 6'1" in her human form. She weighs about 123lbs in her human form. She is lean and most of her heigh comes from her legs. Her skin tone is a basic tan. She had long deep red hair that ends just below her waist. Her hair is styled where her fringe covers her left eye. The tipes of her hair are a midnight black. Her eyes are a bright forest green. She has four tattos. One is a small wolfs paw under her left eye. Her other three are feathers that flow along the back of her shoulders. In her wolf form Fangs fur is the same deep red but her muzzle, paws, and ears ar pitch black. In her wolf form she weighs 143lbs and is 5'7" tall.

What your character is:werewolf/wolf shifter

Personality: Her personality will pe unfolded as she meets others.

Likes: Her likes are unknown as well.

Dislikes:She dislikes anyone who thinks the can relate to onthers feelings. Like when someone has gone through heel there whole life, or have been abused, beaten or forgotten. She refuses to belive that one should pitty another for being diffrent or unlike them. She loaths the very exsistence of sterio types. She thinks humans are the worst and usually hold a deep grudge agianst them. She dosnt like vampires or witches just because they usualy enjoys others pain, sorrow, and sadness.

Special abbilites:Fang is able to visit others past, present, and futures. She is able to make others see anothers past present and future as well as her own. She can also feel anothers emotions if she has formed a strong bond with them. Almost like a mates bond, and conection with one another.

Bio/History: Fang was abandoned by her pack when she was thirteen because of her powers. She is now a no,ad who travels all around.

7/15/2013 #2

Full name:


Description:Yuki is a slender female , she stands at a height five in a half feet. She weighs 100 pounds. She has long flowing bright red hair. She has black long eyelashes. Yuki has pale snow white skin. She as a light muscle tone. Her eyes are an emerald green with a Celtic cross under her left eye. She has black lip stick on and a dark purple eye shadow. Her toe and finger nail are painted black. She wears a furry black necklace around her neck. Her outfit consists of a long black dress with long sleeves that extend well past her hands, with a single slit in each one. She also wears two thin chain belts that criss-cross around her waist.

What your character is:Vampire

Personality: Yuki is Nervous and shy she is cowardly when threatened and try's to avoid others all together she is a trickster and a thief but knows when she'll get caught.

Likes: frozen sweets



Dislikes: blood

her birthday


Special abbilites: Yuki can projecting illusions on to others or objects

Bio/History:Yuki was born in Iceland to an American family they named her Salina, but every one called her Yuki for her love of the snowy winters. she grew up in a average family .until her 16 birthday when her parents were killed and she turned into a vampire.

7/17/2013 #3

Yuki is accepted!

7/17/2013 #4

Full name: Jye Sung


Description: Jye has long black hiar, with purple eyes. She Wears a long crimson red dress

What your character is: La Sayona

Personality: She is Calm and relaxing



her ability


Dislikes: unfaithful man

being dead

Special abbilites: change her appearance and project illusions of fear and terror

Bio/History: unknown

7/21/2013 #5
June is accepted :)
7/21/2013 #6
*Jye darn you auto correct!!
7/21/2013 #7

Name: Rebecca Black

Age: 18

Species: human

Hair Color: Black

Eye color: blue

Likes: loud music and going to clubs

Description: (you are going to have 2 find out because I dont even know myself.)

7/22/2013 #8
She's accepted :3
7/22/2013 #9
Full Name: Abigail Victoria Regent. Better known as Abby. Age: 18. Description: She's 5"11 and while she's quite a big girl, she's very curvaceous. She has fair skin and redish brown hair. She has a pair of batwings tattooed onto her back. AAAAAAAAJ3k/hzFEBPAuQ1E/s1600/witch_by__simosi.jpg Might I just point out, she doesn't dress like that XD She prefers long flowing skirts, corset tops, a cloak and of course, her steeple hat. What your character is: Witch. Personality: Bombastic and east going. She's very sexually oriented and enjoys the finer things in life. She's creative, eccentric and unafraid to speak her mind, accompinied bi her ever present dry sense of humor. She can become depressed or anxious easily and she's most dangerous when she's either angry or psychotic. She has a distinct sadomasochistic streak. She loves cats. Likes: Cats, sex, hot guys or girls (she doesn't mind), singing, dancing, music, art, chocolate, accomplishing new spells. Being complimented on her achievements. Dislikes: Bullies, weaklings, cheaters in relationships, people who abuse children or animals, water, getting up early, the dark. Special abilities: She's one of the few immortal witches. Bio/History: Abby had a fairly normal life. With two exceptions. One, her father beat her and walked out on her family at a young age. Secondly, her best friend, a vampire man, was only visible to her. Everyone she told dismissed him as an imaginary friend but she firmly believed he was real. She had no other friends, was under an enormous amount of pressure especially after her father left and was constantly worried and depressed as a result. Then came the day when her vampire companion became fully visible to everyone. He told her there was a way she could be free from the burden of reality. She could become a witch. She accepted and he had her transformed. She lives in Mysterious now in an abandoned manor in a particularly dark and creepy part of town. She's always open to visitors. Be warned may never be seen again.
8/29/2013 #10
Full Name: Bianca. Just Bianca. Age: 14. Description: 5"7 and very slender and pale. She has white hair and red eyes. She wears blue thigh high boots, a blue steeple hat, blue corset top and a tan, blue and cream striped mini skirt with blue and white stripped arm wear. She sometimes wears a short blue cape. The outfit looks better in the link XD me%20girls/1473329748_l.jpg Personality: Friendly and outgoing yet quiet and contained. She's very creative and imaginitive. Relationships matter a great deal to her to the point sometime of obsession. She can be cruel and malicious when she's angry which isn't often and is extremely unpredictable. She can be obsessive over things she likes too. Likes: Cute animals, cute kids, sweets, cute or pretty little things in general, being right, being with the people close to her, going on group outings. Dislikes: Show offs, spiteful people, being cold, centipedes, vegetables. Special abilities: Another immortal witch. Bio/History: Bianca has absolutely no memory of her life since she was eight years old. Her earliest memory is waking up after falling off the roof of a two story house to be taken to the hospital by the two people she knows as Abby and Stellan. She soon found out who they really were and became a witch soon after them. She's been living with them ever since.
8/29/2013 #11
Full Name: Count Stellan Carlyle. Age: Looks anywhere from mid twenties to early thirties. He's actually 1000. Description: Well over seven feet high and while he's quite muscular, he isn't built like a wrestler. His skin is snow white, his knee length hair is black, he has a pointed nose, long eyelashes and full lips and around his eyes is all dark and smoky. His eyes are cerulean blue but can turn red. He wears a lot of black clothing, especially denim and leather. ara_Uchiha_by_KarlaFrazetty.jpg What your character is: Vampire. Personality: Loud, careless, obnoxious, bombastic, doesn't give an f. He hardly seems to take anything seriously and seems to live simply to gain entertainment out of everything without so much as a thought for anyone else. He can change from this into an intimidating, serious authority figure in mere seconds though. He's insane, bloodthirsty, sadistic and full of his own importance. He's firmly homosexual, harboring a deep hatred for women with the exception of his friend Abby, and tends to chase and flirt shamelessly with any male to take his fancy. He loves partying and alcohol, especially vodka and sake. He also has a deep voice with a distinct Transylvania accent. Dislikes: Women, descrimination of any sort, malicious gossip, judgemental people, sunlight, oatmeal, werewolves, animal blood. Special abilities: Does being able to sprout huge bat wings count? XD Bio/History: One of the oldest and most powerful vampire families is the Carlyle Dynasty. They live in Norway though they originated from Transylvania. The family is very dark and ruthless. During his childhood, Stellan was forced to witness horrific crimes, take part in black magic ceremonies and be subjected to the family's stern traditions. His mother, a power hungry career oriented woman, beat him regularly and his father, a shady alcoholic, raped him every day for centuries on end. It's no wondering that he was condemned to the asylum for vampires at a young age. He escaped after a while and ran, having been banished by his family until he either improved or the banishment was lifted. He encountered Abby soon after and remained with her for years. They share a very deep powerful bond. It was at his behest that a powerful coven of immortal witches accepted her and Bianca. He lives with them in their abandoned manor in Mysterious.
8/29/2013 #12
(Immortal witch? All my witch and warlock characters are 'Immortal' I don't think you have to specifically put that. I believe all our witch characters are like that)
8/29/2013 #13
((Ah okay sorry lol. I just thought I better mention it in case.))
8/29/2013 #14
(Nah it's cool :P I would exept your characters, but I'm not sure if I have that power :P So we will just have to wait)
8/29/2013 #15
Sorry it took so long for me to reply, been at cheer practice. Both characters are excepted :)
8/29/2013 #16
Yay! Thanks :D
8/29/2013 #17
Go ahead and join us on the Role Play when your ready.
8/29/2013 #18

name: Anna Lynn Wayland

age: 16

Description: height:5.5; hair:Blonde just below butt;perfect hour glass figure;blue eyes,ivory skin; a smiley face on left wrist; pierced ears. Great style.


personality: I am a very easy going person; but I am very protective and love neon blue.. I'm a little on the weird side and love making random facts of the day and weird convos

likes: Books about supernaturals,movies,funny people,guys,scary things,and sports.

dislikes:I hate mean people and people who tease others. I hate it when someone post a fanfic and doesn't update regularly.

abilities: I have telekinesis.

History: I was a foster child for most of my life and was rejected by many until I turned 16 and dated a vamp who bit me and left me and now I'm beautiful and live with other vamps. I love it.

9/26/2013 #19

Character accepyed. Rp with us anytime. Just jump in.


1) keep it PG-13 if you want to go beyond do it through PM

2) no controlling or killing off other peoples characters.

3)....Im making this up. Exept for 1 & 2 they are real. Im sure they are on here somewhere. Have fun. Cant wait to see what odeas you have.

9/27/2013 #20

Name: Lay

Speacies: human

Age 22

Bio: perents are dead. She moves to a new town with the money her pearents have left her.

Personality: pretty much scared of everything.

(I know its short but I just really wanted a new character.)

9/29/2013 #21

Full name: Liza V. Hellsing

Age: 17

Description: 5'9' slender 119lbs long snow white hair and dull dark crimson colored eyes. She wears a black T-shirt under a long black overcoat and an even longer crimson red trench coat over that. She wears black cargo pants and boots. she has white gloves with blood red pentagram and other symbols on them.

What your character is: human

Personality:lixa is vert itemadatine and old though she has a temper when people think her to young to handle things and she becomes irrated and frustrating.

Likes: music


organic sparkling apple cider



vampires( does not hate just does not trust)

those who dis respect the dead

Special abbilites: the gloves were made to piece through the toughest of materials and stop a vampires regeneration abilities

Bio/History: At the age of ten her father died leaving her sister akaiyuki in charge of the manor and hellsing family. For 5 long years, until a vampire attacked the home resulting in akiayukis death leaving Liza the sole heir to the hellsing family.

1/22/2014 #22

Liza's accepted :)

1/22/2014 #23

name wilson a. dalace

age fifty two

description tall sender mand with short curled back white hair. he wears an ordaniary butlers outfit with cobat boots and black leather gloves and a shashka on his side

what your charecter is a wight

personality wilson is a calm quiet formal and level headed

likes classic thing



dislikes disrespect



abilitys imortality


master swordsman ship

bio the only thing worth knowing is her ass sevrved the hellsing family for four generations and is very good at his job

1/26/2014 #24

Wilson is accepted

1/26/2014 #25

Hi, this is my first time on rp so I'm not sure what I'm doing

Name: Caterina Alionushka Bartowski

Age: A lady never tells

Description: Short and bony. She has dark brown hair and eyes. Is usually frowning. Young looking and rather athletic.

Species: Human(as far as we know)

Personality: Caterina is grumpy most of the time, but always has a solution to the problem at hand. Is incredibly loyal... to herself.

Likes: Comfort food, cats, t-shirts with funny slogans

Dislikes: Spagetti, frauds, most people

Special Abilities: Fortune telling. She is always right. Always.

Backstory: Caterina' s family fled Poland during the WWII, but she was born in the United States. She stirs up trouble where ever she goes. Caterina has pissed off a lot of people and will probably upset some more.

If this character is ok, could someone tell me where to start?

5/1/2014 #26

Sorry for the long delay in replying, but Caterina is accepted :))

6/8/2014 #27
Meme Yuno
Full name:Kurisutaru Hex (name she uses Yuki Yuno) Alias: Serpents Employer Age: 17 Description: Kurisutaru is a slim figures girl weighting at 119 pounds and at a height of 5'8. She has short should length black-blue hair hanging in strands around her head then resting at her shoulders. She has gorgeous crystal blue eyes but rarely do they share her thoughts and a perfect white smile that most never see. Her clothing is plain and as her face share little about what she is like. She wears a thick black long sleeved shirt with a long black high collared jacket. She has on below that is long baggy black jeans and black and white snickers. When masked as the Serpents Employer she dons a black high collared, bullet-proof and fire resistant trench coat with a crimson interior and a Japanese Kabuki Mask. Under her right sleeve is a sleeve-gun with a silenced Type 94 Nambu 8 mm Pistol, under her left sleeve is the same mechanism of the sleeve-gun but with a long bladed dagger attached instead of a gun. What your character is:Human Personality:Kurisutaru also anti-social in which she rarely interacts with others unless business is involved. Business as she puts it is her fundamental why of reasoning with other many times she will state. " I am a woman of contracts and agreement, for someone to achieve or gain something they most give or provide something on equal terms". These is how she does everything if someone is in need of her help and is not in any immediate danger she will take the time to come to an agreement with these person in return for her help that person most provide something for her. These way of doing things make some see Kurisutaru as selfish and heartless. But it is the contracts and agreements that also make her so determined and reliable, because she has never broken her contracts and always fulfilled her side of the agreement. These some factor makes Kurisutaru an ungodly enemy though she is loyal and reliable to her end of the deal if anyone that breaks their part or goes back on paying her. She becomes very unkind and will quickly make sure the other person and anyone that person is associated with understands there is a cost for betraying her. Kurisutaru is very intelligent and has fondness for anything that tests the mind rather then the body, She thinks of a fight as a game of chess or shogi, but even though these fact gives her the uncanny ability to think multiple steps head of an opponent and can formulate plans accurately well evaluating her teams strengths and weaknesses, She finds herself unfit as a leader for the lack of physical ability. Her reasoning and decline to anyone that ask is simply stated " If the king does not lead in battle, how can he expect his soldiers to follow". Likes: chess and shogi Dislikes: Special abilities:Peak Human Condition Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant Tactician Manipulative knowledge of poisons and toxins highly skilled at optioning information Bio/History: Nothing is known about Kurisutaru the person but that she was the daughter of the wealth family Hex and would inherit the Hex Corporation the largest PMC and weapon manufacturer in the world, But her and Family was killed and the syndicate took over the Corporation that was until five years ago when the board men all disappeared and a woman known as Yuki Yuno took over expending the corporation even farther in to bioweapon research and information broking. Then the Serpents Employer appeared taking contracts for anyone that pay, but would never go back on a contract even if offered a higher pay. only thing known about her is that she favors using toxins and making her kills looks like accidents or suicides.
6/26/2014 #28
Meme Yuno
I apologies for the way the app looks id fix it but my computer refuses to let me be on desktop mode her ive clicked came back and it puts me back onto mobile
6/26/2014 #29

Its alright :) I apologize for not answering earlier, Kurisutaru is accepted :)

6/26/2014 #30
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