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Meme Yuno
thanks and no need to apologize I had other things to do, plus if I wanted I could have easily gotten your attention
6/27/2014 #31
Meme Yuno
Full name: Unknown only known as O.N-42 Age: looks to be 11 years of age Description: Long white hair, her wyes are a bright silver with what looks like words all in different languages circling and around her pupil in three circles. Her se is always a wide mocking grin. She wears pure white skintight bodysuit with red patterns, she has a long, white coat with the zipper constantly zipped from her neck to above his navel with long bell sleeves. She also wore knee-length white pants her toes stick out of her, just as her heels. What your character is: Unknown immortal Personality: O.N-42 has a fond obsession w anything that comes her way she constantly refers to other as toys. To her the world is a play thing she Does anything she wants until she loses interest, when loses interest will state a rhetorical question." You now what I do to toys that do not amuse me, I break them" then said interest usually destroyed or killed. She tend to cause mischief in others life's. then would sit back and watch events unfold. Likes: anything that tend to interest her Dislikes: anything that has not amused her or lose her interest Special abbilites: O.N-42 has the ability to infect her targets with a secondary identity, these I identity will then become a voice in there head urging them to let them out or w to act, usually they are violent and sadistic, manipulative and cruel. The secondary identity will frequently try and take over the persons mind when every they can usually during times when they are overwhelmed by emotion but it can happen anytime. The infected persons will power and mental stability depends on how well they can fight there secondary identity. The infected person also gains the ability of the secondary identity. list of ability's secondary IDs may have are: powerful telekinesis, manipulation of elements, Magic, shape shifting ect. Bio/History: the life of O.N-42 is unknown comes from a research lab that discovered the device that s was trapped in. Thats realy it if theres anything I forgot please put it. If I think its okay Ill post except below it =)
6/29/2014 #32

Well your characters name is about the only thing, will we be able to get to know her name as you role play or will she just go by Unknown?

7/1/2014 #33
Meme Yuno
Peaple know her as O.N-42, but I may revel her name yes
7/2/2014 #34

Alright, in that case your character is accepted :)

7/4/2014 #35
Rocket elite 101

Full name:Patrick Daniel Ruth


Description:medium dark brown hair,grey eyes ,wears glasses ,6'5, 225lbs, strong built ,white skin color black T-shirt ,black faded jeans, black sneakers

What your character is:Psychic /human

Personality:quiet type has few friends ,sarcastic ,witty ,great sense of humor,bashful

Likes:hot food

Dislikes:supernatural encounters like being stuck with a witch

Special abbilites: is able to see the future, anyone who comes within contact of him he sees their past

Bio/History:Pat was not a normal child he freaked people out as he was in middle school he ran into a vampire witch made him scared supernatural things

7/12/2014 #36
Patrick it accepted :)
7/12/2014 #37
Rocket elite 101
Cool I didn't expect to get accepted
7/13/2014 #38
Well sure you could go into more detail but I prefer learning about Simone's character through role playing :)
7/13/2014 #39
Rocket elite 101
Wanna rp then?
7/13/2014 #40
Rocket elite 101

Wow it's been awhile since I been here

3/18/2015 #41
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