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00New Update00

Its that time again everyone! We've have amazing Role Plays, we have amazing role players, and amazing talents here on the forum! I want to expand the forum, with expansion means more moderators!

I Know that one of our old moderators had to leave so now I think its time for some new ones! Alright Im going to choose two new moderators besides Drac (DracQueen30). The two newest moderators will be Alice (AlicediAngeloDaughterofHades) and Cub (Cublove)! I will send a PM to the both of you to add you to the moderators list and a list of rules.

Another new topic to role play in! The forum has grown tremendously over time! We are the number one vampire forum here on Fan-Fiction! Will the growth of the forum means we need new members, I will be sending a PM to all members later this week about how I would like to gain more member of the forum.

Alright guys, cant wait to role play! Lets keep up the amazing work! Also I have a few new rules I would like to start to teach new members.


1) All role playing must be keep PG-13 or either time skipped or continued over PM

2) Your are allowed to use profane language (cuss) ass long as you dont Ofend any of the members

3) Please check the Important Annocment Topic often, it will be updated at least once a week

4) Do not control other role players characters, they belong to only one person


9/25/2013 . Edited 9/25/2013 #1
Aye aye abbey cant wait for some new blood
9/25/2013 #2
((I know I'm excited! xD)) ((anyone here?))
9/29/2013 #3
9/29/2013 #4
((Sorry Drac, ha to go to a family reunion. Still here?))
9/29/2013 #5
Yeah. Imma create a new character. Hold on
9/29/2013 #6

It took Key a moment to realize what exactly he was looking at. He had never seen himself either. He blinked then chuckled. "we look nothing alike."

9/30/2013 #7

Rage sluped against the tree and laughed hard. "Of course ot"

9/30/2013 #8

((Anyone here?))

9/30/2013 #9

(Just got home. what's up?)

Key would have rolled his eyes if it had mattered as he slumped down with his friend leaning against him. "well sorry. I haven't seen anything till now. I didn't even know what color you were." she pointed out.

9/30/2013 #10

(( I have to send you a PM soon about being a moterator though, what about you?)) ((Wanna RP?))

9/30/2013 #11

I am game. I would love to help in anyway I can.))(Sure!)

9/30/2013 #12

((Alright, and if I disapear then I have switched locations and will be back soon :P))

((Who do you want to RP with?))

9/30/2013 #13

Um... Simon and his new pet? I forgot her name though. XD)

9/30/2013 #14

Rage smile. "I wish I could show you more but that takes alot out of me."

9/30/2013 #15
((Haha alright)) Lupa sat in a tree her hair hanging in her eyes as she stared down at the ground. She hummed lightly to herself.
9/30/2013 #16


(Hey Drac!)

Key chuckled. "You have shown me more then I have seen in my whole life time... I can't thank you enough."

9/30/2013 #17
((I don't really know, I can't remember her name.))
9/30/2013 #18
(Hey cub) (Hey abbey) Rage smiled, "no problem"
9/30/2013 #19

(Isn't Simon the name of your angel? I was talking about the hunter chick I was playing that he took on as his new house guard.)

9/30/2013 #20
((I think that was
9/30/2013 #21

Thaaaaat explains it. ok then scratch that idea... how about we go a head and do the parent thing with Drac? we did start it but we never got to continue it because everyone got busy.)

9/30/2013 #22

"How about... I try to return the favor a bit?" He suggested blushing a bit before moving and kissing Rage again deeply.

9/30/2013 #23
((All right :))) Abbigal stood on her porch watching the forest.
9/30/2013 #24
(I have no idea what u r talking about abbey) Rage grinned and depended the kiss.
9/30/2013 #25
(Sorry cub. What are you talking about?)
9/30/2013 #26

(Just for he sake of a group roleplay I am going to time skip Rage and Key and also move them to Key's room. Figure that would be an awesome way for Rage to meet the parents. XD)

Roy walked up behind his mate. "You feeling any better?" he questioned her softly.

Key was dead asleep curled into his new lover.

9/30/2013 #27
Abbigal sighed running a Hand through her hair. "Yeah, a little."
9/30/2013 #28
(Oh yeah) Rage didnt sleep at all. He just watch key sleep. For some reason he thought it was the cutiest thing he ever saw.....he thought that was strange but he shrugged it off. Rage moved in a Better position trying not to wake key up.
9/30/2013 #29

Roy sighed. "You are hard to believe you know..." He said then turned. "Hey Rosa! Wake your brother up!" He called. He normally didn't bother with waking the kids but it was already way into the day.

Key only cuddled more into Rage nuzzling his chest softly and subconsciously taking a deep breath taking in the others sent.

9/30/2013 #30
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