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Team Edward Rules All

Yeah, here is where you roleplay!

6/2/2012 #1
Nona Decima Morta

Rosalie: (looking with narrowed eyes at Bella from her hiding spot across the street behind a bush and muttering under her breath)

"Stupid girl. Tripped over the fourth branch in ten minutes. This is no fun stalking her!"

6/3/2012 #2
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: I swear that I heard someone breathing a second ago. Whatever it was made me fall on my face again. Where is Edward when you need him? Damn, I'm talking to myself again!"

6/3/2012 #3
Nona Decima Morta

Rosalie: (pulling out her mobile and dialling Jane's number)

"Must tell Jane whats going on. Once this bitch is dead, destroying the other Cullens would be easier. Especially Edward. He would be too heart broken to fight back!"

(laughs evilly)

6/3/2012 #4
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: "I really have a feeling that something up with Rosalie. Note to self- ask Edward to read her mind for me.

6/3/2012 #5
Nona Decima Morta

Rosalie: (softly)

"Jane, its me. I've been following bitchy Bella for the last half an hour and all that she's been doing is tripping over branches at four branches per ten minutes and muttering to herself quite unattractively. I can't lip read, but I'm sure she's been saying the word 'Edward' at least a hundred times already. Remind me why we're wasting our resources stalking this clumsy oaf instead of plotting how to ah, remove Edward."

6/3/2012 #6
Nona Decima Morta

Jane: (In her private suite in Volterra, drinking a blood sundae and talking lazily)

"Rosalie darling, I admire your stalking skills, but be a bit patient. Yes, I agree that we're wasting our ammunition on that piece of shit and it would be better planning how to eliminate Edward, but trust me on this. Once Bella's dead, Edward will be powerless and most likely in depression. The Volturi hates the Cullens (especially Edward and Alice for rejecting their offers in joining them), and would love to see them all destroyed. Think about it, if we destroy the Cullens, I'll be promoted to their closest advisor and given the highest position in the Volterran Court, and you'll be in high favour with them too! I admit that you're way more attractive and beautiful than me, so think about it. Maybe Aro will take you as his wife. Yes, I know he's married to Sulpicia, but there's been rumours that she's having an affair with Felix, so he might put her aside and remarry. If we act out our plan to absolute precision, you'll be Queen of Volterra before you know it!"

6/3/2012 #7
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: "Okay, this walking around in circles is pointless. I have no I idea where the hell I am and I'm really starting to think I'm being stalked." *whips out phone* "Edward, come pick me up, I give up this game."

(I'll be Edward for today)

Edward: "I didn't make up a game"

Bella: "But you said in the letter

Edward: "I didn't write a letter."

Bella: Crap!

6/3/2012 #8
Nona Decima Morta

Rosalie: (still on the phone with Jane)

"Right...hold on a sec...Bitchy Bella's on the phone. I think she's talking to Edward. What's our next move? Got it. I'll get her distracted. Yeah, I know the perfect person to do that. I'll ring you back later."

(Dials Alice's number)

"Hey Alice. I'm kinda worried about Bella. I didn't mean to be spying on her, but I'm walking the same way with her but on the other side of the road. I think she's kind of depressed. It'll be a good idea if you take her shopping today."

6/3/2012 #9
Nona Decima Morta

Alice: (surprised at Rosalie's call)

"I don't blame you for watching Bella. I've been a bit worried too. She's been tripping over more often and knocking over more vases these days. At least three of Esme's prized vases have been broken this week. Of course I'll take her shopping! I'll be there in two seconds! See ya."

6/3/2012 #10
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: *recieves incoming call from Alice* "SHOPPING! Are you serious!!!! No way in hell i am going. Nuh uh. Edward will keep me company" *wink wink*

6/3/2012 #11
Nona Decima Morta

Alice: (pleading and slightly offended)

"Come on Bella! I haven't been shopping in a long time with you! I promise I won't make you try on every clothes like last time! Please, please, PLEASE WITH A CHERRY ON TOP!!! I really need a shopping companion! What are you scared about? I can fight too!"

6/3/2012 #12
Team Edward Rules All

Bella *sighs* "Only if Edward comes too and you hold all the bags. Why do you want me to go so bad anyway? It's just shopping!"

6/3/2012 #13
Nona Decima Morta

Alice (appearing next to Bella)

"Come on! I'll kidnap you if I have to! This is a GIRL'S shopping day! Do you really think Edward will want to go to all the jewellry and accessory shops with us? I won't mind holding the bags, but Edward can't come! We haven't spent any private time together at all for the last few weeks!"

6/3/2012 #14
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: "How the hell did you even know where I was? Oh right, phycic. But really, that fast. Were you the one stalking me?"

6/3/2012 #15
Nona Decima Morta

Alice (laughing and pulling Bella into her car)

"Of course I stalk you! I stalk everyone with my mind! You're not the hardest person to find, you know. Your routines are quite simple! Which shop would you like to go to first?"

6/3/2012 #16
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: the one which I can get out of the most quickly

6/3/2012 #17
Nona Decima Morta

Alice (driving at ninety kilometres per ten minutes and looking puzzled at Bella)

"Get out of? What are you talking about?! The Volturi will never go to shopping malls to kidnap humans! They're too lazy for that!"

6/3/2012 #18
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: "Its no secret that I hate shopping. I just wanna go back to Edward" *moans*

6/3/2012 #19
Nona Decima Morta

Alice (sighing and looking at Bella, annoyed)

"Seriously! You have no life! No wonder you sink into depression twice a week! What do you have? OED? Obsessive Edward Disorder?! It's driving me nuts! I hate to say this, but now I'm kinda agreeing with Rosalie! There's no point in you having a life if all you can think about is Edward 24/7! What happens if Edward dies? What'll you do? Commit suicide to join him?!"

6/3/2012 #20
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: Pretty much, yeah! And hey I do other stuff....like....like read Wuthering Heights and Romeo and Juiliet! Ha!"

6/3/2012 #21
Nona Decima Morta

Alice: (stopping the car and taking Bella's phone-they're at the borderline of Forks and Sequim)

"I'm not bothered shopping with a stupid, lifeless girl anymore. By the way, if Edward dies, you can't see him in the afterlife anyway. Once vampires die, they have their own special Heaven where humans can't go to, and no, I'm not turning you into a vampire! Have a good life!"

(Pushes Bella into the rapid torrent of a river and watches her drown trying to swim)

"Next time you want to live, DON'T PISS ME OFF!!!"

6/3/2012 #22
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: Alice why are you smiling evilly. We're not even there yet. (your previous thingie was in Alice's imagination)

6/3/2012 #23
Nona Decima Morta

Alice: (continues smiling evilly as she drives to a shop)

"I'm just *cough cough* thinking of how to get rid of those Volturis. Come. This is a great shop."

(Pulls Bella into the old, dark shop)

6/3/2012 #24
Team Edward Rules All

Bella: "Uh, Alice, are you bringing me into a fortune tellers shop? Is this supposed to be a joke?"

6/3/2012 #25
Nona Decima Morta

Alice: (silently pulling out a syringe)

"This woman has lovely jewellry which she gives out after a fortune reading. She's also a veggie vamp. Go and admire that ring over there."

(With Bella's back turned, Alice stabbed her arm with the syringe, injecting her with anaesthetic)


6/3/2012 #26
Team Edward Rules All

Edward: Alice, what the hell did you do to her? Locks her up in a cellar and tends to Bella.

6/3/2012 #27
Nona Decima Morta

Jane: (In the fortune teller's shop with a lockpick. Frees Alice)

(Softly) "Come Alice. You'll have a better time with me rather than waste your talent here. Come, you won't regret it."

(Jane and Alice escapes the fortune teller's shop without Edward or Bella knowing)

6/3/2012 #28
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