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Nixi Stasia

I don't care what anyone says! Clive is adorable even though he kidnaps Flora and tried to destroy the world...

But seriously, he did it for a good reason and I love him so much. Everyone calls me crazy for wanting to date an animation but really? All of my friends have crushes on RPatz and Taylor Lautner and they will never get them so really which is the weirdest???

I'm going slightly of topic but who gives a damn?!

Clive is also really mature and stuff, and I'd love to date him. Maybe that's why he ends up with my OC Lilly in the end????

6/3/2012 #1
The Mocking J

I completely agree!

I thought Luke was adorable, I thought Future Luke was hot.... but when Future Luke took off his hat-- all I could think was I'M IN LOVE!!!

I felt so sorry for him when he got knocked out in the mobile fortress and I cried at the bit where we find out he was the orphan who lost his parents in the fire. T_T

You know the bit where he shouts "IT CAN'T END THIS WAAAAY!"

I was like "Why does the game have to end this way? You're not in any of the other PL games!"

6/3/2012 #2

Oh my gosh, yes! Clive is so hot! I also cry(d) when I see the part where Hershel is hugging him and little Clive is like, sobbing his heart out. Oh my god, heartwrenchingly sad! TTOTT


6/3/2012 #3
The Mocking J

So, would everyone choose him over Layton, Anton and Descole combined into one???

6/3/2012 #4

Oh, no way! But I kind support DescolexLayton just because it's so...weird and unexpected. But Layton would have to be all "No way is this ever going to happen!" and act all hard to get! XD Sorry for being a pervert!

6/3/2012 #5
Traveler in Time
I'm sorry, but I troll professionally. I don't really see why all you girls get so worked up over him! Lol, it's not like he's the guy who played Gale on the Hunger Games movie...(Non Homosexual) And I should be ready for three enraged girls to try to kill me, as if my sisters didn't try hard enough :P
6/3/2012 . Edited 6/3/2012 #6

No no, everyone is entitled to their opinions here! :)

Ooh, Gale is super cute! Love him!

Clive is very good looking (I think) and I feel so sorry for him. I would be best friends with him!


6/5/2012 #7
I always wonder like what it would be like if I was Clive's friend, like what are you supposed to say to you friend if something like that happens and then they plan world (well London anyway) domination (destruction)? Where I wrote destruction I was thinking what's the word?? Destroy age??
6/7/2012 #8
The Mocking J

I love Gale too (a bit more than Peeta!)

7/8/2012 #9

If you don't mind me saying so, Gale is scaryyyyyyy...... And back on topic, whenever I think about Clive, I remember he's ten years older than Luke who is at least a year older than me, so... wait what was I saying? Scratch that, Clive seems like a nice person to have as a friend. According to Spring, he's actually really sweet and kind at heart. Layton said so too in his journal.

8/27/2012 #10
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