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SSJ God SS Juuhachi

I know that there are alot of people who like the John/Claire and Andrew/Allison but in my mind they just don't work. Not to say the whole ' opposites attract' doesn't or can't work but I just think for this particular movie it was very clique and think that John Hughes should have placed them with the ones who they had the most in common with emotionally. What do you think?

4/23/2010 #1

Actually, I really like Allison/Bewnder and Andrew/Claire. They're almost the same stereotypes, so it only makes sense.

5/20/2010 #2
Lucifer's Garden

Yep, I am definitely an Allison/Bender enthusiast. Andy and Claire bore me to tears - I've tried my hand and writing them, but their characters just do nothing for me. I feel that Bender and Allison are a lot more fun to write, especially together. I can see them having a very natural, mutually affectionate relationship, whether it be romance or strictly platonic. And of course, gotta love Brian. I have yet to write anything for Big Bri, but I just adore his character in the movie. :3

7/18/2010 #3

Yeah, I felt it was a little cliche too. But I still think the couples are better that way just because I have hard time buying the Allison/Bender and Claire/Andy pairings. I feel that the they're too much the same and it felt unrealistic that they would be attracted to one another. Not to say the original couples would work out. I think out of the couples Allison and Andy might have the most chance at a relationship but Claire and Bender would come with a lot of complications. Also I felt like in the movie as much as Andy and Claire were in the same group I don't think they completely understood each other. For instance, even though he defended Claire at first Andrew started to disagree with her the further into the day. Also I don't think what Andy thought of Claire was as important to her as what Bender thought. And with Allison/Bender I felt that they understood each other but there was no romantic chemistry between them. I think they would have a really good friendship though.

3/9/2011 #4
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