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Okay I love the Avengers movie so much! Join OCs are allowed
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Lilia x Undertaker

1. Swearing will be allowed I just need to turn the filter off but please put a * if you are saying the f-word

2. No god-moddding!!! Unless your OC is an Asgardian keep your OC powers keep to a minimum please

3. Wait til I or a moderator approve you before you start to RP

4. You need to be on at once a week if you disappear your OC will removed from the plot and your character will given up to another RPer

5. Don't post too fast I hate when people do that. It cuts me and other Rpers off and you practically cut us from the storyline and I will not tolerate that.

6. OCs I will take: Avenger OC, SHIELD OC, Villain OC, and a normal citizen OC. As for Asgardian OCs I will allow them but note they cannot be more powerful than Loki or Thor

7. OCs must be human at least otherwise I'm not accepting them

8. This isn't a next generation RP so please don't be posting kids to the heroes. This RP takes place a year after the movie.

Penalties for breaking rules:

First time: Warning # 1

Second time: Warning # 2

Third time: Final warning

Fourth time: Banning for a month

Post "I love the Avengers" if you agree to my rules

6/6/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #1
Avenger 22

"I love the Avengers"

6/6/2012 #2

I love the Avengers

6/6/2012 #3

I love the Avengers.

6/6/2012 #4
Iridescent Embers

I love the Avengers.

6/6/2012 #5

I love the Avengers

6/8/2012 #6

I love the Avengers!

6/9/2012 #7
I love Avengers! X3
6/9/2012 #8
Kasumi lynne
I love avengers! :D
6/25/2012 #9
Clover Mathews

I love the Avengers

6/25/2012 #10

''I love the avengers''.

8/8/2012 #11
I love the avengers.
8/8/2012 #12

I love the Avengers

1/18/2013 #13
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