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Lilia x Undertaker

Name: Kindra Nicholson

Age: 28

Sex: Female

Villain name: Angel of Darkness

Bio: Kindra was abandoned by her when she was 10 on the streets. When she was about 21 she was attacked by some thiefs and was left to die when a man saved her and offered her to be his apprentice which she accepts. By the time Kindra is 25 she learned how manipulate shadows and dark magic.

Weapon of choice: A staff with a crystal

Powers: Shadow manipulation and Dark Magic

Outfit: A long black dress with a black cloak and black high heels

Appearance: She has long dark red hair and ice blue eyes.

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Name: Eir Lokisdaughter

Age: 19

Gender: F

Parents: Loki

Appearance: Eir is a true beauty. She has long, silky black hair that sweeps beside her hips, topaz colored eyes that sparkle with mischief, and sharp features. She is the kind of girl that men swoon over. She usually wears either black mortal clothes or a simple blue shift with many bracelets and a bronze belt.

Personality: She's a true charmer. Very smooth, very sweet. However, she's also full of mischief. Usually she's a flirt, and funny. However, she can be extremely cold and cruel, with no mercy. She can get anyone into any mess and get anyone out of any mess. She inherited her father's silver tongue as well as his magic.

Powers (if any. If none, then list weapons here): She inherited her father's powers. Ice, can do tricks, illusions, people believe her every word, some say she's pure energy, can do magic.

Bio: When she was born, Loki saw potential in her. She was trained in evil and in her father's powers for years, until he deemed her ready and sent her down to Earth to wreck havok.

Other: N/A

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Lilia x Undertaker


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Kasumi lynne
Name: Mephis black heart Age: 210 looks 20 Sex: female Villian name: demon of fury Bio: daughter of the demons black-heart and mephista and grandchild of hell-lord mephisto, after her fathers death at the hand of ghost rider(Johnny blaze) and imprisonment of her mother by dr.strange she trained in her demonic abilities under her grandfather mephisto. Gaining his taste for evil she began to occasionally go to earth and torment the mortals persuading people to do her bidding. Weapon of choice: demonic abilities Powers: she has the power to taint people and steal their souls making them puppets to her will. She also has the ability to shapeshift and raise fellow demons. Outfit: she tends to shapeshift but when she isn't she wears a tight red outfit that shows off her "assets" she also wears a crown made of flames
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Villan name:Piper.

Bio:Pete was in the training center of sheild studying the human respones to musical notes and music itself using this he practiced with a high tech flute to control humans but S.H.E.I.L.D took his research of such a thing away as it was not considered a etichal thing for a hero to do so he ran away and got his research back by using his flute to mind control the agents and make them kill themselves he ran off to a old military base and began his research again using humans from a nearby town as test subjects.

Weapons of choice:Flute which uses high pitches and low notes inorder to control a human physical movement,Two dual daggers.

Outfit:A simple Black outfit and cape with a hat that has a feather in the band.

Triva:His name and way of controlling people is like the Pied piper from folklore he even states he is the modern version of it,His music cant affect Hulk because hulk has no interest in listening to the sounds but it works on bruce banner,Its effects are hit and miss on Thor where the music can control him for a brief moment or not at all.

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Name: Keirai Jones

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Villain name: Mindseye

Bio: SHIELD agents killed her parents when she was 5 because of her mothers abilities. She was put into care but was never adopted. She trained in secret and ran away when she was 16. She is seeking revenge for what they did to her family and will never give up

Weapon of choice: Twin revolvers and long knives

Powers: Can read and manipulate people's minds when they look her in the eye.Only manipulate, not change; she can implant ideas not force people.

Outfit: A light blue skin tight bodysuit with silver trims and black sunglasses

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