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Ralph'The Ninja'Knight

Name: Matthew la cross



Appearance: Rip gray jeans with cross angle on it with a Tee that say Life is ok, but you must follow your heart to find your dream!, On the winter He Wear a Sweetshirt with black angels wings with Sweetpants with Swords going though hearts, And for the spring and summer you see him with a dark jacket with gray tee and a mix of jeans and shoes, Winter is dark black boots

His Hair is Part Black and Part Purple, the hair is very long. Also on his hand there is a gray-blue watch he have that was one of the gift that his sister bought him . Also He have a Rosario necklest which he bought for himself, it is a sliver cross with a red dot on it. He have it on allmost everyday, becouse his sister bought it for him

His monsuno form is: A Black Warrior with Armor with Black Lighting into the Chest. One sword on it back with Hidden wings on it back as well. There are skulls and crossbows on some two on the arm and one big one in the back where the sword is resting on. The helmet is made after a skull of the reaper that is cover most of the face. only the fuse Dragon/Warrior eyes are out to see. Which is a dark red color to it. it can look were on him but it fit how everything about it. The sword was made out of Stone a good way to start. The Sword's bottom is top off with a lighting with skull thing on it. And finaly The Sheff is in the back so the sword can rest when he is not using it.

List of Monsuno: He is one

Bio: once a worker for Elikpse one of the major things in the city's was planing to make a human that turn into a monsuno and use that to take over the world. But one day when he was geting something to eat, he overhear them talking and then his drink fall down and they hear it and starting to run from them. But one worker knock him out and drag him into a lab and starting to change into something else a monsuno. His body turn into a dragon like warrior with armor and broke out from them and left. Before he work for Elikpse he run a small time comic book writer and drawer with his hit Kamen rider Monster and the travel warrior and the people's love the comics

Faction: For now none but he will take offers

Other: he can control his change

1/18/2014 . Edited 1/18/2014 #61

Name: Augustus 'gus' Draisey


Gender: male

Appearance: (but without the necklace)

List of monsuno: shifter (the one that shapeshifts in the cartoon) and justifier

Bio: Son of the assistant of John Ace, Oliver Draisey. Oliver was fired because he gave his son a shifter core. Oliver couldn't look after Augustus so he put him into foster care. On Augustus' 13th birthday a parcel came through the post for him. It was a second monsuno core. That night, Gus ran away from the foster home, went to his dads house and got all the equipment and set off.

Faction: core tech

Other: none

8/8/2014 . Edited 8/11/2014 #62

Name: Tsuna (Tsunako) Kurayami


Clothes: an ocean blue shirt, a lotus flower headband, and a white skort.


Monsuno name: Nightfall

Mother: Charlemagne

Father: Dr.Michael Kurayami

Fraternal twin: Jason (Jackson)Kurayami

Bio: was harshly raised byCharlemagne till meet team Core-Tech and joined up with them.

Faction: Core-Tech

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How old is that?

9/25/2014 #64
I meant to put 15, i was half asleep so i didnt know
9/25/2014 #65

Edit it then!

9/25/2014 #66
I meant to put 15, i was half asleep so i didnt know
9/25/2014 #67

Name: David Kalahan

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Appearance: David has tan skin with cerulean blue eyes and greased hair tied into a pony tail with a metal Sharp tied in his hair. He has a burnt symbol of a tribal Phoenix on his back when he bonded with Alistar. He where's the traditional Masaru necklace that is a black steel dragon talons. Kenji clothes consist of baggy black pants with a black tank top tucked in and black steel boots specially made for him and black gloves with knuckle guards.

List of Monsuno:

Black-out (A Black bullet with six fiery tail feathers)

Bio: David was born and raised in a small village where everything was a steady life and really no trouble. He had no trouble making friends or blending in with the village. Up until his seventeenth birthday life was good until he was banned from his village for bringing home a monsuno which is forbidden from the village feeling they are a nuisance and shouldn't exist in the first place. He sighed and packed his bags and left the village with his best friend Black-out. After that event he has been travling around the world doing mercenary jobs for faction and other people having yet to find a reliable group.

Faction: None yet

(If any):

Faction: None yet


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