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Nice Nice Accepted.

1/11/2014 #31
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Name: Redshade

Species in the mix: Hummingbird and Scorpion.

Owner: Scarlet Moore

Color scheme: Red/Green, Redshade has red eyes, crystallized green feathers and a long red tail, mixed with specs of red.

Appearance: Redshade takes on the appearance of a large hummingbird, with crystallized green feathers, expanding out to a 14ft foot radius. The feather themselves are crystallized, glazed over with a crystal-like green substance. Redshade's tail is that of a scorpion's tail, extending forth downwards and is the main source of her attacks. Redshades chest is the same, having scorpion-like attributes, having an armoured chest, plated with a red shell. Redhsade's beak is rather small and has one crystal located on top of its head.

Core manufacture: Vexar (Is that alright? )

How Obtained: Redshade was given to her by Vexar

List of known attacks:

Rapid Hurricane – Redshade spins around on one spot, flapping its wings rapidly and creating a small hurricane, launching it.

Venomous stinger – Redshade swings her tail down on her opponent, stinging them with her large stinger.

1/11/2014 . Edited 1/11/2014 #32

Yup! Vexar is not only the name of the team Ren Scarlet and Seth are in, but also one of the leading Core Manufacture companies.


1/11/2014 #33
Darius - Cursed Beat

Name: Takaraibay

Spieces in the mix: Crocodile, Boa constricter, Many other species of Lizard

Owner: Red Silverland

Color scheme: Black and Purple


but replace the red with dark purple.

Core manufacture: The Dark Monarchy

How Obtained: Was made by him.

List of known attacks:

Red Eraser: He charges up a small red ball in his mouth which is then released as a huge laser beam.

Daimond Scale: Temporlally turns his scales industructable smashing anything that hits them away like peas.

Razor claws: Front claws grow 50 times longer.

Other: Takaraibay is a creature that's instincts control his actions and will attack anyone he sees as a threat it takes alot to befriend but will do anything for Red.

1/11/2014 #34


1/11/2014 #35
Darius - Cursed Beat


Spieces in the mix: Falcon and pteranodon

Owner: Red Silverland

Color scheme: Black and dark purple


Core manufacture: The Dark Monarchy

How Obtained: First Monsuno he made, also the weaker one of his two.

List of known attacks:

Dive bomb: He soars up high into space before diving down towards the enemy with the speed and power of a meteor.

1/11/2014 #36


1/11/2014 #37
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Name: Dark Wisp

Species in the mix: King Cobra, Boa Constrictor and Rattle Snake.

Owner: Ace

Color scheme: Black/Dark Purple, the base of Dark Wisp's body is purple, with a few portions of its scales black in colour. It has light violet eyes and with a long purple tail, striped down with black markings, marking down towards the tip of the tail.

Appearance: Dark Wisp has a large head of a king cobra, with an expandable hood, widening its head whenever it engages in battle. Dark Wisp has a set of glinting white fangs, protruding from the gums and always bared on display. Dark Wisps body is that of boa constrictor, long in length and uses it to suffocate his victims, using its heavy body mass. Finally, Dark Wisp has a tail of a rattle snake, shaking whenever it moves and rattles with every twitch of its body. The tail was a sharpened purple spiked crystal on the end.

Core manufacture: The High Monarchy

How Obtained: Illegally made for her.

List of known attacks:

Heavy Swipe – Dark Wisp launches itself into the air and swipes at the opponent, using her tail with a heavy force.

Burning Spit – Dark Wisp spits out poisonous balls of energy, the poison drains the Monsuno of energy.

Burning Ram – Dark Wisps head is covered in a burning purple energy and rams the opponent.

1/11/2014 . Edited 1/11/2014 #38


1/11/2014 #39

Name: justifier

Species in the mix: Harpy eagle, inland taipan and great white shark.

Owner:Augustus Draisey.

Colour scheme: blue(main) gold(extra)

Appearance: a large blue creature with the body of a great white shark (and tail) the fangs and head of an inland taipan and feet/claws and wings of the harpy eagle. The last row of feathers and the eyes are gold

Core manufacture:core-tech

How obtained: given to by his father

List of known attacks:

Super wave smash: lifts his tail high and when it hits the ground, a small tremor is followed by an unmissable wave that charges in the direction the tail was pointing.

Fangs of justice: his fangs double in size and go blue, he flies up high in the sky and plummets into the enemy, sinking his teeth into the Unfortunate opponent

subterranean strike: digs under the ground and attacks from below

Crash landing:flies out of sight cloaks himself in a blue light and crashes into the enemy

Tail bat: reflects most attacks by using his tail to bat them away

Aura of protection: creates an aura that is impenetrable. It lasts for 10 seconds

8/12/2014 . Edited 8/12/2014 #40
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