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Spieces in the mix:


Color scheme:


Core manufacture:

How Obtained:

List of known attacks:

6/6/2012 . Edited 1/11/2014 #1

Name: Spike

Species Mix: Polar bear, Sabretooth tiger, Dragon

Owner: Ren Bartin

Color scheme: Dark Green/Red. dark Green fur, red colored back crystal spine spikes and claws, underbelly is light tan, the eye is light green.

Appearence: His head is the shape of a polar bear head of a polar bear with fangs of a Sabretooth, body is similar to a Kom resemblance to a tiger's, bear/tiger mixed legs and long red bladed claws that's ready to tear a new one. Red crystal blade spikes run along his back, a long Komodo dragon tail with crystal spikes on the tip. All topped with a muscled bound physice He is bigger than most tigers and bears, but the same size as Lock.

List of Known Attacks:

Vex Pulse: A blast of green energy is launched from Spike's mouth.

6/10/2012 . Edited 1/11/2014 #2
Lightning Chaos4445

Name: Crater

Species mix: Alligator and gorilla

Owner: Brendon

Color scheme: olive green scales a brown patch of fur on his chest and green crystals comming out of his shoulders and tail and green eyes

Apperance: Has the body build of a gorilla but instead of fur its scales and its green his head has the gorilla dome shape but alligator snout his chest has brown gorilla fur and his shoulders are armored and have green crystals coming out of them he also has a long alligator tail with green crystals coming out of it he is also taller than most gorillas but not king kong sized.

6/10/2012 #3
Spectacular Super Nova

Here goes!

Name: Ferer

Species mix: Phoenix, Cobra, Lion

Color Scheme: Bright Orange with Red and Yellow streaks, Yellow mane, Long white fangs and Long tail.

Appearance: His entire body is shaped like a lion, but has Red Phoenix Wings on his back, Long white fangs hanging outside of his mouth and a long snake-like tail. His fur is fire orange, with red and Yellow streaks that make him look like fire when he walks.

6/12/2012 . Edited 6/12/2012 #4

Either it's main color is red, blue or green, it helps to distinguish what faction manufactured his core.

6/12/2012 #5
Spectacular Super Nova

Oops, his main color is red, sorry ;p

6/12/2012 #6

So it's a Eklipse Monsuno....Cool. Accepted!

6/12/2012 #7
Spectacular Super Nova

Wait so I'm on the bad team? XD Again? LOL!

6/12/2012 #8

Not necessarily. When it comes to Eklipse, you can be on any team. Holders of Eklipse Monsunos are most mercenarys.

6/12/2012 #9
Spectacular Super Nova

Hmmm, I don't know... Making her bad would actually be more fitting truth be told. XD And sorry if I'm a little, or should I say, A lot dumb at this. I barely learned about this a few days ago :\

6/12/2012 #10

She won't be bad for long :D

6/12/2012 #11
Spectacular Super Nova

Lol, That's true XD

6/12/2012 #12


Spieces in the mix:snake,eagle, t rex

Owner:Seth(or Sereth)

Color scheme:green scales on back section, yellow mid section, yellow eyes, green and tan wings with red crystals spiked out of its head

Appearance:it has a scaled body of and eagle with large wings and the head of a t-rex with a horn on it head (if you have trouble look up Pao Kai, it looks like that......sort of)

Core manufacture:vexar

List of known attacks:white lightning!, Lightning claw, talons of justice, horn of light and more to come.....

6/13/2012 . Edited 6/13/2012 #13

(Man, I hope I do this okay...)

Name: Arkael

Species in the Mix: Crow, Chameleon, and a biiit of Throny Devil Lizard... (Hope that's not too uncreative.)

Owner/Controller: Kamella Sendrey

Color Scheme: Mostly of it's body is black, with cracks and crystals protuding from it, looking somewhat similair to hardening lava. It's head is like a crows, but it's feathers are ruffled wildly and follows a thin line of feathers from the back of its neck to the tip of its curled tail. Most of its attacks are fire-based and at times, it can disappear into its surroundings.

Manufacturer: Dr. E. Klipse

List of known attacks: (Kam's not a avid battler) Meteor Spin, Magma Rift

6/20/2012 #14


6/20/2012 #15
Kai Asakura

Name: Pegatinius

Spicies in the mix: Pegasis

Owner: Kohjiro Amanoah

Color Scheme: A mostly greyish-silver body with dark streaks on the wings and main body.


Core Manufacture: Truth Seekers

List of Know Attacks:

Shining Blitz: Wings fold up to body as it charges at opponent with an aura around it.

Aura Dive: Flies up and swoops down on opponent as fast as it can

Silver Liner: Fires a focused beam of light over to the opponent.

Name: Rayzer

Spicies in the mix: Gazelle, Lion, Wined creature.

Owner: Kohjiro Amanoah

Color Scheme:Dark blue and Grey.


Core Manufacture: Core Tech Industries

List of known Attacks:

Glacier Fang: His teeth freeze over as he tries to bite the opponent

Pierce Gaze: Stares down the opponent into a state of fear so that they don't move(Practically never works)

Dual Speed: Runs around the opponent at a speed until it starts to look like theres double of him, which is where he'll strike them.

Name: Flarex

Spicies in the mix: Leopard.

Owner: Kohjiro Amanoah

Color Scheme: Red, black and gold.


Core Manufacture: Eklispe Industries

List of know attacks:

Flame riser: Coats body in fire and charges at opponent

Fire Hydrent: Spits a fire ball at opponent

Hope they don't seem overpowered or anything like that.

6/27/2012 #16

Name: Jack-blade

Species in the mix: Jack Rabbit, Wolf, Monkey

Owner: Ren Bartin

Color scheme: Green eyes, Silver fur with a green tint on the underbelly, Dark Green fure on the upper part, green fur on the tail with two silver horns on either side of the body.

Appearance:The Body structure of a Monstrous slim Simian with claws of a wolf with blade like claws. It's able to stand on two legs and move on all fours. He has a long tail of a monkey. The head of a fierce rabbit with long ears and no buck teeth. He also has silver spikes on the back of his body.

7/11/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #17

Name: DireWolf

species in the mix: wolf, black panther

owner: Hasan

Color scheme:Red body with yellow underbelly

Appearance: it looks like a wolf.....a shadow wolf or

core manufacture: Eklipse Industries

list of known attacks: claws of shadows, defiance, Shadow call and moonlight

7/11/2012 . Edited 7/13/2012 #18
Come on man, name it after your cat.
7/11/2012 #19

you want me to name him Jerry?

7/11/2012 #20
7/11/2012 #21
Spectacular Super Nova

*Snicker* Seriously?

7/11/2012 #22

Name: StrikeTiger


Owner: Seth

Color:silver and blue

Appearance:(banana)....nah its a big tiger with a sliver body yellow underbelly and icy blue eyes that pierce the soul

core manufacturer: Core-tec industries

list of attacks: shining force, pillar of light, tiger strike claw, defiance(defensive banana), Aura shock, flash step(bleach)

7/13/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #23
Cinderella Girl626

Name: Caster

Spieces in the mix: Snake, fish, and dragon

Owner: Samantha Kisaragi

Color scheme: Light blue body, golden plate armor with rubies and sapphires, and a golden crown adorned on it's head.


Core manufacture: Vexar

List of known attacks: Aqua Pulse- Shoots stream of burning water at enemy.

Avalon- Creates a gold shield around someone which heals their wounds.

Dagger Cut- Tail becomes sharp like metal and slashes at opponent.

Lightning Javelin- Shoots a lightning bolt from it's wings.

Burning Wave- Shoots stream of purple fire at enemy.

7/20/2012 #24

name: uniblade

Species in the mix: eagle, horse and tiger

owner: J.C

color scheme:black with yellow eyes

appearance: like all STORM monsuno, this monsuno looks almost machine like. it on all fours with a body of horse, the claws and legs of a tiger and the head of a horse eagle (sorry if it is not that specific).....oh and it has wings that double as blades

Core manufacture: STORM

list of know attacks: Driftblade, ForceStrike, burst blast,Aerial Ace,(still thinking but i think this is enough to get started on)

7/25/2012 . Edited 7/25/2012 #25

Name: REXus....Spieces in the mix: Lion, tiger, bear, cheeta, wolf, wild dog... Owner:jj van der sandt...

Color scheme: red fur and the wavy hair of a lion. crystal claws and long teeth....

Appearance: all of the animals mentioned before mixed together with red fur and red lines...

Core manuture: Eklipse...

List of known attacks: psychic blast...

8/7/2012 . Edited 8/8/2012 #26

Name: Lashwairth

Spieces in the mix: viper, komodo dragon and Dragon fly


Color scheme: has yellow eyes with a Grey body with two yellow spirals runing over it and yellow insect wings with grey vains

Appearance: has the head and body of a Viper but the jaws and theet of a komdoo dragon and a pair of legs wich are form the komdo it has Dragon fly wing and eyes

Core manufacture: Storm

List of known attacks: Counter lash, and wraiths call

12/8/2012 #27
Name: Sevizian Species in the mix: Snake and cat Owner: Alexei "Snakeyes" Valence Color Scheme: Black and yellow Appearance: a large, black snake with cat-like, yellow eyes. It's covered in blades Core Manufacturer: Storm List of known attacks: Dark Shock, Venom Cannon, Razor Whirl, and Venom Shield
1/3/2013 #28

Name: Vulcan

Species in the mix: Stegosaurus, Dragon,

Owner: Ren

Color scheme: Red, orange, reddish orange

Appearance: Except, has long claws.

Core manufacture: Eklipse

How Obtained: Ren won him in a Monsuno match against an Eklipse Monsuno user.

List of Known moves:

Flame Blitz-Fires a large fire ball from mouth.

Bombardment: Fires explosive flares from the wing-like body parts like missiles.

Burning claw: Slash opponents with his long razor sharp claws.

Note: It

1/11/2014 . Edited 1/11/2014 #29
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Name: WolfBreak

Species in the mix: Wolf, Lion and Bear.

Owner: Scarlet Moore

Color scheme: Red/Black, Wolfbreak has black fur and crimson eyes; his tail is a mixture of these colours.

Appearance: Wolfbreak takes on the appearance of a large wolf, having a strong body resembling that of lion mixed with bear-like qualities. Wolfbreak has long robust legs, coated with thick layers of muscle and can be flexible. Wolfbreak has a set of jagged crystals aligned along his back, taking on the tone of black and he has another crystal attached to his tail, forming a sharp spike. Wolfbreak's claws are also sharp, tinted with a crimson colour but the tips are marked off with black. In addition to being a wolf, he has a set of razor teeth, and is gleaming white.

Core manufacture: Eliskpe

How Obtained: Wolfbreak was given to Scarlet by her older brother.

List of known attacks:

Red Mirage – All the crystals on Wolfbreak's body begin to light up and blinds the opponent, and its body being enveloped in a blinding red light. The light lasts for a few seconds and doesn't exceed longer than ten, making it one of the easiest moves for Wolfbreak to perform.

Crystallized Shield – To deflect damage, Wolfbreak uses a crystallized shield that surrounds him in a shape of a red sphere.

Heavy Impact – Wolfbreak launches into the air, jumping up and slams his opponent with his back, using his crystals as a weapon.

Lighting Claw – He slashes at the opponents with fury swipes, using his claws. He also has a similar version with his tail, dubbed Lightning Slash, similar to how Lighting Claw is performed but with the use of his tail. This is his most common move.

Note: Wolfbreak is an aggressive Monsuno, battle oriented and hungry for fights. Scarlet has lost control of him sometimes but he will obey.

1/11/2014 #30
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