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The World of Monsuno so vast, wide, and filled with hidden mysteries. Create an Oc with it's own Monsuno and explore it!
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In this era, Monsuno was revealed to the world and are now a world wide franchise, wielded by nearly everyone. As available as trading cards, Monsuno cores with Monsuno in them can be found in every store. However, the danger levels these creatures posses are too much of a risk. And as such, only people registered by S.T.O.R.M and given a license by them are allowed to own Monsuno. Anyone who wish to by Monsuno from stores, will be required to present their I.D. To get a license, one must be at least 6 years old, run positive in the background check directed by S.T.O.R.M, and fill out a survey made by them. This organization also act as the police force when it comes to Monsuno.

Core manufacturer organizations such as Eklipse and Core-tech act as the producers of Monsuno. They create the creatures and cores before shipping them out to stores to make profits and they are monitored by S.T.O.R.M, however it is likely for these organizations to perform shady deals and business while they aren't looking. Their factories also can be raided by bandits or mercenaries. As such, Monsuno can not only be used for sport, but also as weapons.

A leader board system was made by the United Monsuno Federation with some assistance from S.T.O.R.M: A union made by the owners of the largest Core Manufactures, called Mon-Tech. This system was created alongside the rules of the Monsuno sport.

Mon-Tech: It shows the listings and places of registered Monsuno users, determined by their BP(Battle point) score along with the Monsuno they own(which is also included on their license. A Monsuno Master must scan their license card on the core in order to register the Monsuno as theirs). It also shows the list of registered teams and their places on it, also by BP. Losers lose BP if they wager it, which the winners gain. It also contains a database of known Monsuno and which manufacturers have produced it.

Tournaments are held around the world with various things used as prizes. Winning these tournaments grant large amounts of BP to Monsuno Masters individually and collectively if it's a team type tournament.

Monsuno Masters: Registered Monsuno users.

Battlefields: In a attempt to avoid Collateral damage, Battlefields were made by S.T.O.R.M. Cube objects in portable mode. Built with a area scanner to scan any licenses of Monsuno Masters that are held up that are participating in the brawl, and the surrounding . Once registered by the cube, it expands into an invisible barrier that protects surrounding structures and bystanders from stray fire or Monsuno that were knocked away.

The Time limit on how long a Monsuno can stay out of it's core is removed, but activated as a fail safe if the Monsuno goes rouge somehow.

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Rose Skull

(can i just say nice story so far and can you P.M me what we are doing i got a little confused in that part Thanks)

5/26/2013 #2
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