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Company Name:

Company theme color:

History and goals(how it was Created):

6/8/2012 . Edited 1/11/2014 #1

Faction/Team name: Vexar

Faction/team Color: Green

History: This Faction was recently created by a man named Dr. Rick Jenson after he left Core-Tech with the knowledge of the Cores and Monsuno in mind. Dr. Jenson went to his own hidden lab facility, where he continued his research on Monsuno, and his search for the Artifact. The team is currently made up of three kids that the Doctor had taken in at a young age and raised them as his own.

These three got their Monsuno cores from the Doctor and makes his dream of finding the Marker their goal. Using the lab as their home and base of operation, Team Vexar search for the lost city of Ureh that contains the Marker. Protecting the world and humanity from those with evil intentions are secondary. But most of the times, it comes first.

6/8/2012 . Edited 6/8/2012 #2
Kai Asakura

Faction Name: Truth Seekers

Faction Color: Silver

History: A team that was at first developed as a side branch to Core tech industries until one day they had an idea that didn't match with Core techs goals and so they decided to split themselves. Their goals are to find the real truth behind monsuno essence as well as the past and future of monsuno. Most of their works involved cloning, mind alterations and DNA testing on subjects in order to make a that'll help them discover what they want to know.

One of their subjects: Kohjiro Amanoah was a recent awaken from one of their abandoned labs as ell as the holder for their most prized/Potential Monsuno they created. They are currently trying to recruit others to their cause as well as get info on the other factions.

6/27/2012 #3

Team Name: Sirian

team color: Gery and Green

History and goals(how it was Created): to stop exprmetation on munsono

12/8/2012 #4
Darius - Cursed Beat

Faction/Team Name: The Dark Monarchy

Faction/team color: Black and dark purple.

History and goals: The leader,'the dark king' was an experiment made by DR EMMANUEL EKLIPSE to create the ultimate Monsuno fighter but The king rebelled and escaped before destroying his EKLIPSE monsuno. Years later he has gathered up a group of Six (in order of power), Himself,The Dark Ace, The Dark Jester, the Dark Queen, The Shadowed Knight, The Black Jack. There goal is to rule the world using Monsuno and to destroy THE EKLIPSE ORGANIZATION. The illegally make Monsuno.

P.S. Oc's need to be made for all the monarchy except the Dark King, (The Dark Ace and The Dark queen must be female).

1/11/2014 #5
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

The Dark Queen, reminds me of Medea, I can just see her running around as the dark queen lol. Could I make the Dark Ace?

1/11/2014 #6
Darius - Cursed Beat


1/11/2014 #7

Alright. I'm sure Rusty will be happy to provide. What we also need is a foot soldier team that appears often with evil plan of the day and stuff.

1/11/2014 #8
Darius - Cursed Beat

k we could call them the dark legonairies

1/11/2014 #9

That'll work.

1/11/2014 #10
Evieee - PapaOfSalem

Company Name: 'The Keepers' the formal name that the company goes by.

They're referred to several others, 'Purgance', and 'Loyalists'

Sponsorship Company Name: S.Industries, founded by Alan Stein.

Company Theme Colour: Grey/White

History and Goals(how it was Created):

The keepers were a faction, aligned with S.T.O.R.M briefly and the founding leader was a member of S.T.O.R.M. The keepers disagreed with the tournaments, wanting Monsuno's to be free and have their own life, and they saw these tournaments as cages. The keepers tried to negotiate with S.T.O.R.M but it failed, resulting in the keepers breaking off their alliance to them. That was three years ago, and since then, they built several companies under the guise of sponsorship companies, making money off ads/merchandise produced by Monsuno. In reality, the keepers use this position as a means to invade tournaments and bring them down from the inside, while pretending to be innocent.

The keepers sponsor teams, merchandise, tournaments and other devices associated with Monsuno. They fund the projects and get the money back with additional interest, making them quite rich.

The keepers don't force Monsuno's into partnering up with them, its mutual agreement and built upon trust. The Keepers illegally made the Monsuno with pure essence that they stole but yet they make sure the Monsuno is not harmed in the process. The keepers are working on devices where a person can freely communicate with their own Monsuno, and taking a step towards Monsuno having rights.

The keepers want to keep peace and keep Monsuno's from entering tournaments; they usually steal people's cores, using various devices that transfer the essence into their own core, arguably gaining control of them.

This is a mere experimental device and has yet to be perfected.

( I thought we could do with some environmentalists. Cx )

1/12/2014 . Edited 1/13/2014 #11


1/12/2014 #12
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