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Seth saw that with only a tiny bit of hp left deathwing would only have one attack and he said "deathwing claws of justice!" and deathwing charge at its full sprint bearing its claws at Uniblade

7/26/2012 #1,141

both mosuno collided forcing them both back into their cores "nooo!....thats it i'm calling in the big guns" JC then sent out a message from his infolink "what do mean she's busy fighting a kid.... a kid!.... fine send for reinforcements then" only moments after Storm soldiers popped up and were ready to capture them. "Jason why aren't you in uniform"

"the storm uniform is terrible! besides bad stuff happens to elites who wear it.....remember that Chase kid"

the random soldier had to agree "don't remind me.... i got my butt kicked and then i was demoted"

7/26/2012 #1,142

Seth was stunned by the instant apperance of the STORM troppers "guys i have the best plan to get of situations like this....................RUN!!!"

7/26/2012 #1,143
Spectacular Super Nova

(Yes!! I'm finally back!! X3)

Alex's eyes widened, and made sure everyone was following before starting to run off in a random Direction.

7/26/2012 #1,144

Meanwhile, in another part of town. Ren had done something so epic, that he had to sleep for 2 days inside a hotel room he rented. Yes, it was that epically ridiculous. Last time He ever tangoed with a torpedo, and a grenade....

8/23/2012 #1,145
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