Avengers: The Next Generation
All of the Avengers are dead after a brutal attack from a mysterious new villain. It's time for the heroes' children to take up the challenge of being on a team and filling in their parents shoes. ALL OC ROLEPLAY! More info inside!
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Any announcements you'd like to make! If your leaving for any amount of time, please say that here!! And any other things, like changes to a character or an idea you'd like to share that wouldn't go in the plot area. Any requests for anything or like, a challenge or something.

PLEASE DON'T MINDLESS CHAT IN HERE! That's for the chat topic :)


6/7/2012 #1

I guess, what time tomorrow? I'm free all day.

6/9/2012 #2

Posting this as a general notice, and KA, I'm sorry if this doesn't quite fit here:


It is defined as determining the actions and/or dialogue of a character you do not own/control. This includes going into/revealing/examining the thoughts/feelings of characters you don't own/control.

This has been happening on-and-off with a few players since we've begun, and I'd rather nip it in the bud before it gets any worse. Please stop directly controlling characters you have not claimed/do not own unless you have express written permission from the owner/player to do so, and have alerted the Moderators.

6/10/2012 . Edited 6/10/2012 #3

Thank you for posting this; I now understand exactly what god-moding is :)

6/10/2012 #4

It fits fine, thank you for posting it :)

6/10/2012 #5

Hye guys, just wanted to tell you that AlwaysOrange73 is out for the week at golf camp, and I'm volunteering at Habitat for Humanity tomorrow and almost every Wednesday in the forseeable future, so if anyone wants to temp for either (or both) of us tomorrow, you all have my express written permission to do so, just don't make me do anything stupid. :) Thanks.

6/12/2012 #6

Attention all!

Due to the events of real life (school, illness, time zones and such), which take priority to the Internet, MysticMayhem will be unable to join us for a while. Until their return, KA and I will keep referencing their OC and possibly some of their actions (dialogue, however, is not likely) in order to make it easier for MM to be able to rejoin us when they can. We also encourage everyone else to keep Elle Romanov in mind, and mention/reference her every now and then.

Thank you for reading!

Your Lovely Mods,

KA and TCA

6/13/2012 #7

I'm just going to say this here because I'm going to be gone and this is where I'm supposed to put that. And this is my last post for the night, because my dad got home and now wants me to watch a movie with him. *sigh* I leave you to read about my friend-problems XD

Tomorrow at around 1 o'clock ((my time)) I'll be going to a friend's house for a sleepover because a lot of things got messed up when I went over to that other friends house a couple days ago. You see, these two friends of mine don't really like each other and with my one friend from a few days ago ((Let's call her A)) she kind of told the other friend ((we'll now call her B)) that they weren't friends anymore ((they actually pretended to be friends....)) and then I got kinda pulled into it and somehow me and B weren't friends anymore and I felt horrible....so I texted her today and tried to make things right and luckily B is still friends with me and so we planned this sleepover and I really need to go because for me it sorta signifies that she really does still want to be friend even through all of the crap that A put her through.

Well, since I'm still talking about this, I'll just keep going. Not everything happened because of A though, and not everything happened because of B. So don't blame anything on A or B, they both were complete jerks to each other and I don't like the things that were said and that they faked being friends for so long. *sigh* I have a lot of friend-troubles and I have for...a long time to say the least. WHY ARE INTERNET FRIENDS THE ONLY FRIENDS I HAVE THAT DON'T CAUSE A LOT OF FREAKING DRAMA???

......Sorry for my little rant-thing. I don't really talk to anyone about things like this do when I explained I was gone...that came out. Whoops. See you tomorrow a little before I leave!

6/25/2012 #8
Akira Minato

Alright. So I'm going to my Nana's for a sleepover tonight. Then, on Friday we're headed to Oregon for the weekend. I might be on a little on friday, and a little on sunday night, but your best bet is Monday. Anyone is free to temp me while I'm gone, Loki, Clint, Natasha, and Davyn are my characters, plus I'm Temping Clarissa for K.A. unless she's back on the forum.

6/28/2012 #9

Tomorrow morning, I'll be leaving for a week-long vacation with the family. Internet access will be sparse and unpredictable, but I will make attempts to post when I can.

6/29/2012 #10
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