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This is where you roleplay for the college of winterhold.

6/7/2012 #1
Olfrey entered the hall of elements and listened to a lecture about Frost Atronachs. Spear, his pet, sat down next to him, creating a patch of Frost.
6/10/2012 #2

Phinis Gestor began to survey his students. He'd never done this before, teaching that is. Normally Toldifir was in charge of this sort of thing... But he thought, since today was a conjuration lesson on frost atronachs, then the conjuration trainer should help.

He noticed someone coming in. Was he a breton, or a nord? He couldn't tell. Probably a half-and-half. He clearly knew what he was doing; he had a pet frost atronach beside him. He wasn't here to conjure one then. He wanted to know more about them.

"Good morning, class," he said. "Today, we will learn about frost atronachs. We will learn to conjure them, the pros and cons of using them, and discuss the use of them as guards in the chill. Does anyone know how to conjure them?"

6/10/2012 . Edited 6/10/2012 #3
Olfrey picked up Spear, his half-Nord blood resisting the immense cold. "Phinis, this is Spear. He is my pet Frost Atronach. After conjuring him seven times he declared himself as my servant. Now he follows me around. It drains my magical forces significantly, but, hey, he keeps me safe. Frost Atronachs need no sleep; therefore he protects me on the cold roads at night."
6/10/2012 #4

Phinis nodded. "Interesting." And it was, for him. Frost Atronachs usually didn't communicate. "So he guards you. They do make good guards, as the Jarl of Winterhold knows. He uses them as guards in the winterhold prison, known as the chill."

"Tell me, Olfrey, how do you and Spear 'talk'?"

6/10/2012 . Edited 6/10/2012 #5
"The main way is through gestures. He does, have a limited vocabulary: Chill, Cold, Ice, Help, Winter and Protect are the only words I've heard him say. He often talks (in sign language) about fleeing from a terror. Anyway, what are the cons of summoning Frost Atronachs?" Olfrey was genuinely interested. By now some mages had gathered. Olfrey placed Spear next to Phinis so the mages could see him.
6/10/2012 #6

Phinis smiled. "The most obvious con of a frost atronach is that they are very vulnerable to fire. That's a big problem against a pyromancer or flame atronach."

6/10/2012 #7
"Is there an enchantment for my warhammer to help me kill fire enemies?" Olfrey asked politely.
6/10/2012 #8

Phinis knew nothing about enchanting, but he knew who did. "Speak to Sergius. He's our resident enchanter."

6/10/2012 #9
Olfrey left the hall, Spear in tow, when he encountered Segius.
6/10/2012 #10

"Let me guess. You want enchanting help," he said.

6/10/2012 #11
Olfrey was tentative. "Yes. Could you enchant... no, I mean... how can I enchant a warhammer to kill flame atronachs easily?" Spear also spoke. "Frost... protect frost!"
6/10/2012 #12
(gtg for 30 mins or so, WILL BE BACK!)
6/10/2012 #13

(I've gtg too)

6/10/2012 #14

Sergius frowned. "No. I know of no such enchantment. I'm sorry, but there isn't anything for me to help you with."

6/11/2012 #15
"How can I protect Spear from fire? We all know how common fire magic is! Do you want Spear to die? Do you?" Olfrey was very angry now. Spear hit Olfrey. This caused him to calm down; the extreme cold bit at his flesh.
6/12/2012 #16

Sergius was genuinely scared. "Calm down. There isn't an enchantment, but... there might be a spell."

6/12/2012 #17
Olfrey walked away from Sergius. Faralda stood in the Hall of the Elements.
6/12/2012 #18

Faralda noticed the boy approaching her, and felt the sudden urge to talk about Mirabelle Evans.


Faralda noticed the boy approaching her, and wondered what he could want. She felt it was courteous to wait for him to talk first.

6/13/2012 #19
"How can I kill Fire Atronachs easily?"
6/16/2012 #20

Faralda wondered. It was obvious why he wanted this knowledge. He had a frost atronach looming behind him.

"There should be scrolls of banish fire atronachs. Or enchantments. Did Sergius tell you there wasn't one? He likes to mess with newcomers."

6/16/2012 #21
Olfrey ran to Sergius again wealding his warhammer. "Die, Sergius!" He screamed.
6/17/2012 #22

Sergius ran out of the hall of attainment. "It was a joke! A joke!"

6/17/2012 #23
"Sergius, you are a liar. Hey, you, what's your name?" Olfrey shouted, pointing at J'Zhargo. "Do you think we should keep this idiot alive? I think we should kill it! Die, Sergius!"
6/17/2012 #24

J'zargo had dealt with many lunatics before. He just kept walking like olfrey wasn't there.

6/17/2012 #25
Olfrey poked J'Zargo in the belly. "I need your help. Follow me."
6/17/2012 #26

J'zargo was mad at this boy. "That one played a joke on you. So what? J'zargo thought it was funny."

6/17/2012 . Edited 6/17/2012 #27
Olfrey started rolling on the floor for no reason in front of J'Zargo, flailing his arms crazily. Spear was dancing, occasionally letting loose an ice spike.
6/17/2012 #28

(This is getting very unrealistic)

This confirmed J'zargo's thoughts that this boy was crazy.

6/17/2012 #29
(I know, I was planning to have Olfrey's lunacy developed) Olfrey stood up. He recited the famous poem 'Kolb and the Dragon'.
6/17/2012 #30
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