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Thank you for stumbling across my once wonderful RP forum. Those of us who started this have moved on and one very beloved mod is probably dead. You're welcome to poke around and say what you'd like in the open thread, but I can't promise you'll get a reply. Thank you and have a nice day.
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This is for when RP1 fills up. Let's keep it up, we are awesome! :D

7/10/2012 #1

(RP2!!!!!!!!!!! xD)

7/10/2012 #2
Fennis Ursai


7/10/2012 #3
Fennis Ursai

(I'll be back in about 2 hours guys, the lawn need to get mowed)

7/10/2012 #4

(Hold on RP1 is not finished yet. It goes over 10000 posts!)

7/10/2012 #5
Beethoven Not Mozart

(That was the shortest rp1 ever... O_O but now, I'm being kidnapped and taken to the pool. I'll be back in a few hours, guys. Byyee:)

7/10/2012 #6

(K bye Maggz)

7/10/2012 #7

Orga: (Sees Archeron come in) Ooh! Pretty elf lady! Shut up! We ain't allowed to talk with the customers!You shut up! I smash you!

Wrathion: (Goes to the window with Bridgette inside, sees her and his heart sinks) I think I remember you in a song.

Bridgette: A horrid man burns me alive and they make a song about it! You humans are all the same!

Wrathion: I'm not a human, I'm a dragon.

Bridgette: You are!? Maybe you can kill him then, please you have to release us from this hell!

Beatrice: Stop talking with him! We're not allowed to talk, only to scare!

Itharius: Hmm, that sounds a bit risky. I suppose we could, but you can't go near the Black Dragon Shrine. It's too dangerous.

7/10/2012 #8

(Topic locked until we finish RP1 for real this time xD)

7/10/2012 #9
Beethoven Not Mozart
Caelra: Well I can't go to Stormwind, technically, and see Syrena. (looks at him) Is everything okay?
7/26/2012 #10
Beethoven Not Mozart
Caelra: You just seemed tense for a minute... And yes, technically I'm not allowed in Stormwind. (sighs in annoyance)
7/26/2012 #11
Beethoven Not Mozart
(damn headache... I'm off to be now, Michaela. Sorry :()
7/26/2012 #12
Fennis Ursai

(morning all. I must say I have luck and an awesome dad for letting me have this back X))

7/27/2012 #13

(Hey guys, stupid storm :l Yay RP 2 :D)

7/27/2012 #14
Beethoven Not Mozart
7/27/2012 #15

(Hey Maggz :D, just working on my fan fic over here.)

Rivet: (He wakes up and looks down at her, he smiles.)

7/27/2012 #16
Beethoven Not Mozart
(Ooh nice! I'd still be asleep if my cousin hadn't called me ._.) Syrena: (nestled into the pillows, still deeply asleep) Jazz: (wakes up and coughs over and over for a minute)
7/27/2012 #17

(Lol awesome.)

Rivet: (Becomes worried and goes over to her.) Hey there sweety, what's wrong?

7/27/2012 #18
Beethoven Not Mozart
Jazz: (holds her arms out to him, slightly feverish, continues to cough)
7/27/2012 #19

Rivet: (He picks her up and starts to become really worried, he feels her forehead.) You have a fever, this isn't good at all. Syrena! Jasmine is sick.

7/27/2012 #20
Beethoven Not Mozart
Syrena: (wakes up and rubs her eyes and looks at them. Quickly jumps out of bed and goes over to them) Jazz? Whats wrong? (feels her head) She does have a fever... Jazz: (nestles into his arms and sighs, her throat raspy. Coughs again)
7/27/2012 #21

Rivet: I...I don't know what's wrong with her, she just started coughing. Can you heal her?

7/27/2012 #22
Fennis Ursai

(morning maggs)

7/27/2012 #23
Beethoven Not Mozart
(Morning Kevin:) Syrena: (shakes her head) not of she's sick. It won't do anything... But if she has what's on my mind, I'm going to kill myself... (sighs and pulls out her bag, digging through it) Jazz: (the coughing slowly begins to die down, but the fever escalates. Cries softly and hides her face in his chest) Syrena: (sighs softly in relief as the coughing fades)
7/27/2012 #24

Rivet: What do you mean? Is this something that's genetic or something?

7/27/2012 #25
Beethoven Not Mozart
Syrena: No, no, it's not, but it's an illness called Whooping Cough. If older kids or adults get it, it's simply just having a really bad cough, but when newborns get it, it can be fatal. (finally finds the vial she was looking for in her bag. It has a greenish blue liquid in it)
7/27/2012 #26

Rivet: Whooping cough? Oh god, I could have given it to her too. We should get her immunized when we can. (becomes guilty.)

7/27/2012 #27
Beethoven Not Mozart
Syrena: Even if, she can only get it once (takes off the cap in the vial and sticks a dropper into it, sucking out a small portion of the liquid into the dropper and goes back over to them) but I could, hopefully, just be over thinking this and she just has a chest cold (trying to reassure them and looks at Jazz) Okay Jazz, this isn't going to taste good, but you have to drink it. (sighs and sticks the tip of the dropper into her mouth and squeezes it out) Jazz: (coughs and cries at the taste)
7/27/2012 #28

Rivet: It's okay baby, it'll all be fine. (smiles a bit.)

7/27/2012 #29
Beethoven Not Mozart
Syrena: (sighs in relief) She'll be okay... (runs her fingers through her hair) Jazz: (snuggles into his arms and sobs quietly, her throat feeling a bit better)
7/27/2012 #30
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