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False Shepard

Balastor Plains

The end was near.

They'd been riding hard for days, he knew his men would tire out if they continued, but he didn't care, he wanted this. Turning around the bend they rode up the hilltop, coming to a stop at the peak of a cliff, just off in the distance they could see the outline of a castle on the horizon.

"General." a short, and for a lack of a better term, chubby, balding man adorned in a decorated red jacket attracted his attention. "I give you Balandor." the general didn't say anything, his hidden gaze fixed upon the kingdom, the man chuckled, seemingly understanding the silence. "Yes, General, I do believe that tonight's celebration would be one to remember."

The team of five upon the cliffside remained in silence, until the general raised his hand, signalling them to continue onwards to Balandor.

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Forever Free Evergreen

"As you can see, General, we are all set to begin our entrance" Belcitne proclaimed waving a hand at the huge beastwain and two dozen of his most lithe men that had donned clown suits as the five returned to the bulk of their force. "By my calculations, most of the guards in Balandor shall be lulled into a false sense of security when the moon reaches it's zenith. That shall be when the real show begins!"

Belcitane grinned maniacly(sp?) as he gazed again in the direction of Balandor. It had taken a week of planning, but now, the fruits of his labours were about to be unleashed. All he needed, was the invitation to enter, which a messenger had already gone on ahead to procure.

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False Shepard

General Dragias did not respond swiftly as his gaze slowly roamed over the small army before them. Belcitane seemed so sure of himself that this plan of his was going to work he hardly had the heart to chuckle.

"Then see that you are allowed in the city." the General finally spoke, his voice cold and demanding. "You only have one chance Belcitane."

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Forever Free Evergreen

"One chance, is all I need, my General" Belcitane bowed before jumping off his horse with an agility not commonly found in a man of his shape and walked off towards the wain where he entered through aside door.

When he reappeared in the crows nest of the wain, he was now sporting a grey overcoat a top hat and a fake round red nose.

"Let us make a knight to remember!" He cackled as the troops entered the secret compartments of the wain where they were to remain until the signal.

The show was about to begin.

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False Shepard

Dragias didn't respond as he turned his head slightly.

"Shapur, you are with me, we shall await this day out elsewhere from these shenanigans." he turned away, the Farian following him silently.

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Forever Free Evergreen

The sound of an approaching horse caused all heads to urn in the direction of the sound. Seconds later, the messenger Belcitane had sent earlier came into view, halting directly before the beastwain.

"They've granted us permission to enter, Sir!" He called out to the mad clown.

"Excellent!" Belcitane grinned. "Let's get this show on the road.

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Forever Free Evergreen

"Ladies and gentlemen! Young and old of Balandor! In the name of the Marcus Revellers and in honors of the Princess' coming-of-age ball, I give you wonders a-plenty and sights unlike any!" Belcitane called out to the gawking and gathering masses as the beastwain slowly trundled in through the gate.

"Step right up, the Marcus Revellers have arrived!" He announced over the explosions of confetti while on the decks below him his troupe began balancing act fire juggling displays and acrobatic dances. He actually had to control his face to prevent it from breaking out in a mad smile as the thought came to him: This was just too easy.

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With Dragias and Shapur...

Deniodon rode silently next to the general and his flunkie. He really didn't want to be here. It was all he could do to stop himself from sliding his sword into Dragias's back.

That was the problem.

Ever tried being near your worst enemy? Even worse, having to defend your worst enemy? If Dragias died, Cyska died. and that was not a risk Deniodon could run. so, he had to defend him with his own life. That was the obscene beauty of Dragias's plan ; if Dragias was killed, by anyone, Cyska died. so he couldn't lift the blade himself. on the contrary, he had to lift his blade against those who would attack Dragias.

Swaying from side to side, perched on the horse's back, he watched as Dragias rode on.

' One day you will die. And by all the Gods, I shall be the one pushing the blade in. And i shall savour it.'

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Forever Free Evergreen

Belcitane glanced up at the moon as the show continued. By his reckoning, he only had another hour to wait. It was a shame really, he enjoyed this sort of thing. Next to plotting ways to capture and kill people, that is.

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