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False Shepard

"I had through the day Leonard and I stumbled upon the White Knight was where it all began, where the wheels of a cruel destiny had begun to turn."

"But that's not quite right, is it?"

"Fate's design for us began for us long, long ago, in the Dogma Age, and we have been dancing helplessly in her web ever since."

"A year ago, Grazel named himself emperor of a reborn Yshrenia. He proclaimed the entire world his enemy, and brought the fires of war to all our gates."

"In the flames and the chaos, I sought patterns, I sought answers – unaware that, far to the west, another great land had been torn up at the roots."

7/28/2012 . Edited 8/6/2012 #1
False Shepard

#The Archduchy of Faria#

Standing behind his lines of men the commanding officer of the group exhaled slowly as he waited, he was the last line of defence against the Red Army. Before he could get out yet another word an explosion rocked the streets as the roar of the Rebellion charged the Resistance with drawn weapons a battle broke out, shield against shields as men fell left and right. The Captain found himself overwhelmed as he was pushed back against the staircase, he blade held out just inches from his face as he pressed back against them. Where there they? The General and his two officers?

The whistle of a lance interrupted his thoughts as the sudden thud of his attacker falling back, dead, surprised him. The sounds of battler were interrupted with a neigh of a horse, he quickly took the chance to look behind them, smiling at what he saw, General Scardgine upon his steed, charging into the fight with his sword drawn.

"Archers!" the CO of the Red Army roared as his men lined up bows drawn but unable to fire as a red light streaked through the blades, burning the wood and allowing the General to jump in on horseback, cutting down a dozen more men but the sound of marching that started to echo.

"Spearmen!" one of the foot soldiers shouted as the General looked around, they weren't going to win this fight. Summoning a burst of magic he shot it skywards.

"Retreat! Fall back an regroup!" he shouted to the men as one soldier ran up to him. "Faelwen! Tell Hawke to retreat!"

"Sir!" Faelwen responded before running off, Scardigne snarled slightly before redirecting his steed and returning back to the tower.

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False Shepard

Swift and true he marched through the halls of the tower, his two officers in pace behind him as he pushed open the doors.

"Ban Lorias, the Western Ward has been lost." Scardigne spoke firmly, Lorias never looking away from the window has he watched the Western Ward burn.

"I see it." he responded softly as he turned to face a younger Farian in the room. "So it seems, that the Archduke's death was what he needed to break the country apart."

"In the end." Colonel Faelwen spoke. "It burns down to racism, Nanazel is against us siding with Balandor, then there is the topic of Yshrenia."

"We haven't figured that one out yet." Hawke cut in, Lorais looked at the hooded Officer.

"Yet the information you have received has been valuable to all us. However, the battle will soon be upon us, General, Officers, I must ask you to escort Miu out of the city. Father Yggdra has placed his trust in you, now into your hands I place our future." Miu slowly looked up as the words registered, protest quickly coming to mind she stood up but Lorais had his hands upon her shoulders in an instant. "I know you wish to stay, but your Grandfather insisted that you remain safe. Remember, you are the only one who can carry on in his place."

"Ban Lorias..." Miu finally spoke. "I can never be the kind of leader that he was." she bowed her head slightly but Lorias never granted her with an answer as he turned to the three at the door. "Watch over her, General Scardigne."

"With my life." Scardigne responded slowly as he turned to the other two. "Split up, we'll regroup on the Lost Forest." he stopped in front of Hawke. "I trust you'll have sound judgement." he spoke as Hawke's head moved slightly before she nodded.

7/28/2012 #3
Forever Free Evergreen

#Somewhere in the skies between Balandor & Faria#

Leonard couldn't shake this bad feelling he was getting that was slowly creeping over his nervousness over where they were going. Just a scant few hours ago, Eldore had shown up at Rapacci's Winery to tell him that Cisna had wanted to see him. When told that she wanted him to go to Faria and speak with a man known as Father Yggdra, a man Eldore knew from his time, upon being told by the spirit of Queen Mureas within herself.

Despite this sounding like a simple trip, Leonard's gut told him to seek out a few friends of his on the offset that they wound up in trouble. The first was Yulie, who gladly jumped at the prospect of getting away from her paper work. While she sought out Alastor, who was eslewhere in the castle avoiding a beastgirl who was eager to study his Knight, Leonard left the castle and was fortunate to come across Zai.

With the team assembled and currently waiting in the Shahgna(sp?), all they could do now was wait until they reached Faria. And pray that they still did not hold them responsible for the death of their leader.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #4

-Greydall plain or somewhere convenient-

Ryan was flsutered. He had been on his way to Balandor when he noticed the Shagna was flying away from Balandor. Coming to the assumption that was where the others were Ryan flaged the ship down and now was trying to get it to slow down.

"Stupid pricks could have bothered to remember I'm a part of the team too." Ryan muttered angrily to himself before he slammed his palms into the ground where he was thus causing an pillar of earth to shoot out of the ground with Ryan hitching a ride on it. Upon reaching his desired height Ryan vaulted off of the rock pillar into the air and aimed a Drilling air bullet to help propel himself higher as he finally reached the air space of the Shagna. Gravity went into effect this moment and pulled Ryan to the ground or in this case the roof of the Shagna much to Ryan's displeasure.

"Never again." Ryan groaned in pain as before getting up off of the roof of the Shagna and heading towards where hopefully an entrance would be to this flying metal death trap.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #5

"So anyone know what Faria is like?" Yulie asked crossing her arms, she was very pale as they were up in the air but she was taking it better then Jin who was petrifyed

"Its a large city with a maze-like forest around it." Zai answered then blinked, how did he know that?

7/29/2012 #6
Forever Free Evergreen

"it's rumoured that the forest contains all four seasons, a quarter for each" Alastor supplied wrapping a comforting arm around her shoulders. "The forest is littered with small villages while the main city is in the centre of the forest. I think"

7/29/2012 #7
False Shepard

Eldore chuckled softly as he stepped away from young Rocco.

"Both of you are correct." he answered as he turned to Zai. "Reckon you're remember a few things?" he asked boy.

7/29/2012 #8

"I..." Zai mumbled as he clutched at his head where his scar was hidden by his shorter hair, "I don't know, but my head does hurt..." Zai then noticed Yulie and Alastor were in very close proximity, if he hadn't seen it he wouldn't have belived it... but he'd seen it coming. Yulie now had her head on Alastor's shoulder, sighing as she started to calm down, she was in her white robe with the red band around her upper arm.

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Forever Free Evergreen

"You going to be okay?" Leonard asked the hammerhead.

7/29/2012 #10

"I'll be fine." Zai waved off "....And just so you know...called it." Zai grinned as he remembered that his hunch for them being together for another adventure in a year was spot on.

7/29/2012 #11
Forever Free Evergreen

"What?" Leonard asked confused.

"He said that we'd be adventuring again at the winery a year back" Alastor explained for him.

"We're just here to see someone. No adventuring, I'm afraid" Leonard told them.

"Dont count your chickens just yet" Alastor said noticing something happening down below them on one of the moniters. Looked like some sort of chase.

7/29/2012 #12

"What are they riding on?" Yulie asked as she couldn't make out what the chases were riding on...

Zai was staring at one of the riders...the pain in his head made him clench his teeth as it got worse when he stared at the green haired girl....

7/29/2012 #13
False Shepard

#Faria - 15 Minutes Earlier#

"Hurry mi'lady." Scardigne spoke quickly as he stopped to spare that moment, Miu was having trouble keeping up with his longer stride.

"General." Miu started softly as she held her bow in a white knuckle grip. "I..." Scardigne stopped her with a hand on her shoulder, she frowned softly, her elders really needed to stop doing that.

"Faelwen and Hawke will be waiting for us at the gate." Scardigne spoke. "We must hurry." he turned as Miu closed her eyes in a silent prayer before moving to catch up with Scardigne.

"I just don't understand..." she spoke out. "None of this makes any sense!"

"Hush now." Scardigne told the Farian heiress as he stopped, his could hear the sounds of a battle, the sing of Faelwen's archery then the cries of men as they fell to Hawke's favoured tomahawk. When they faded he slowly moved out into the open, Miu staying close to the shadows as he saw Faelwen inspecting the field while Hawke shifted through some of the bodies. While Scardigne did not approve of stealing from the dead, Hawke only took crystals from the men, which were rare to come by and she often didn't find any.

"General." Faelwen saluted. "Lady Miu." Scardigne raised his hand and the Colonel relaxed slightly.

"How bad was it?" Scardigne asked, he was answered by Hawke who chucked her broken katana before moving away from the group, his eyes narrowed as he raised his guard slightly. "I see."

"We need to keep moving." Faelwen spoke as she looked to the west, Lorias tower was moving. Miu took the moment to look up at what Faelwen was looking out before making a sound. Suddenly Scardigne had a bad feeling in his gut as he turned around, his own katana at the ready as a massive Gigas leap over the rooftops axe failing wildly."

"Lady Miu!" he roared as he caught the heiress and moved out of the way to dodge the blow. Faelwen reacted with a couple arrow shots to distract the beast away from the General, but the shouts of men distracted them both.

"There they are!" the red army shouted as the charged them, Faelwen moved between the General and the men and raised her left hand.

"Heed my call!" she roared. "Bahamut!"

"Like that will work!" Ban Nanazel spoke as he stood between them, smirk upon his face. "A dragon by that name does not exist." he turned to his men, "Kill them all!" before the men could react a dragon's roar echoed through the night, Faelwen blindly charged at Nanazel before jumping off, firing off a couple more arrows to throw him off before landed on the back of a massive black armoured wyvern who shot through the group. Scardigne timed his movements, grabbing onto Miu before reaching out, grabbing Faelwen's hand before landing on the back of the beast.

"Hawke?" he asked, confused, Faelwen smirked.

"It takes teamwork." she responded as they took off into the Lost Forest.

7/29/2012 #14
Forever Free Evergreen

"Some sort of summons" Alastor muttered unable to pin the creature.

"Should we help them?" Leonard asked.

7/29/2012 #15

"I say yes." Zai said imediately then blinked at his own answer

"I agree, they could tell us where Father Yggdra is." Yulie answered, Jin was starting to slowly come out of his petrifyed state.

7/29/2012 #16
False Shepard

#Lost Forest - Presently#

He didn't think such as thing was possible. He knew of Hawke's ability, after all they were once the same. But to unlock these kind of powers. Scardigne didn't say anything anything as he spared a glance over his shoulder while holding Miu close to him, Nanazel was still chasing them on horseback, his men drawing bows before firing. One managed to pin Faelwen in the shoulder between the plates of her armour as she cried out.

"Colonel!" Scardigne shouted as the archer pulled the arrow out of her shoulder and swiftly healed it with her magics but before she could react another hail was upon them. Swiftly Bahamut threw them off onto the ground and blocked the hailstorm but with the rider gone the transformation broke.

"Hawke! Are you okay?" Scardigne shouted, the woman, who's hood had fallen back momentary shook her head, revealing who she really was.

"I'm fine." she spoke before drawing the hood back up. "They'll be upon us soon, if we can get to a clearing..."

"The Black Wyvern can take them out." Faelwen finished for her, Scardigne thought for a moment before nodding.

"Understood." he looked at Miu, whom was a little surprised herself, but was already aware of Hawke's ability to transform into an Incorruptus. "Lady Miu?" he asked, the young Farian nodded.

"Let us go."

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #17
Forever Free Evergreen

"Rocco, get us down there" Eldore told the young papitaur at the controls of the ancient bird.

"Aye-aye!" Rocco replied as he pressed down on the control yokes bringing them down from the heavens towards the forest.

7/29/2012 #18
False Shepard

Cliff Edge.

Scardigne exhaled slowly as he and his Officers looked over the edge, the only option they had was pushing Hawke off the cliff edge and praying that it would be enough to flee, or to fight Nanazel's men.

"End of the line." The Red Captain's voice broke the silence, the group turned around and saw the Red Army leader standing there, bows drawn. Faelwen responded with her own, but Scardgine only has his katana and Hawke, her one tomahawk. "Surrender now, and I'll spare your pathetic lives." he allowed a moment of silence. "Unless, of course, you'll wish to meet the same fate at Lorais?"

"No!" Miu protested, her voice weak from where she stood behind Scardigne. "He was just protecting me!"

"My patience is at an end! Aim for the girl!" The Captain shouted as Scardigne growled, his two officers moving to stand between him and the red armyl. "Fire!"

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #19
Forever Free Evergreen

His words were drowned out by the roar of the Shahgna's engines as it suddenly rose up from below the lip of the cliff. As all eyes remained rooted to the machine, no one noticed the five people jumping off and now standing between the red army and Scardigne and his group.

7/29/2012 #20

(Now is a good time as any to post I guess.)

"Hi there." A voice called out from behind the red army.

"Were the good guys." Ryan finished with a confident smile on his face.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #21
False Shepard

Nanazel snarled as he looked around the new comers. The General was still pushing the young girl back, but his Officers, and the newcomers, all had weapons draw.

"Kill them! Kill them all!" he roared.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #22
Forever Free Evergreen

Spells quickly left Alastor's scepter taking down the archers while Leonard drew his blade to defend himself against the red armoured Farian suddenly upon him.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #23

"Too slow." Yulie muttered as she put her fingers to her lips and whistled a high note, out of the shadows sprang Jin in his full size form at the archers at the back of the group, Zai then charged at them with his hammer drawn and started hitting all in his way. Yulie them matirealized her bow and started shooting the red farian's in their throats with deadly accuracy.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #24

Ryan charged forward and slammed a whirlwind sphere into the back of the lucky red army archers who Jin, Yulie, or Zai hadn't killed yet who had been focusing on Alastor and left his back exposed. "Good to see you again by the way Alastor." Ryan told the mage.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #25

"You owe me 500 gold Ryan!" Zai called to Ryan as he remembered the bet he made with him, he then blocked a sword swing for his neck and bashed the red farian's face with a glowing green fist.

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False Shepard

Grateful the two Farian officers took off into the battle. Hawke charged in, her tomahawk singing and killing the first Red Army foot soldier it came into contact with before stealing his sword, dual wielding again she cut down several more before ducking down after hearing a set of rushed footfalls. Faelwen jumped up, and landing on Hawke's shoulders pushed off the Warrant Officer as if she were nothing but a mere vault. Magic charging in her fingertips the usual blue glow of her bow shone violet for a moment before she fired off a black shot straight into the ground. Soldiers within 6 feet of the area of impact found themselves attacked by their own shadows before being picked off one by one by the Spell Archer.

Seeing that Miu would be indeed safe Scardigne stepped forward, drawing his own blade, but the numbers had already dwindled down to the Captain and just a mere handful of men.

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Forever Free Evergreen

"Where have you been hiding?" Alastor asked Ryan pointing his scepter at the remaining red Farians. The tables had turned on them.

7/29/2012 . Edited 7/29/2012 #28

"On top of the Shagna. You guys could have let me in, or did you not hear me knocking?" Ryan asked.

7/29/2012 #29
False Shepard

"You little shi-" The Captain shouted as he pulled a card from his pocket, the blue aura glowing but before he could continue it was shot out of his hands and two more of his men killed by Hawke sneaking up behind them. Snarling he turned to the attacker and saw Faelwen with her bow drawn. "Bitch!" he shouted before throwing a charged fireball her way, Hawke dove knocking her down as Nanazel pulled out yet another card, his supply, limitless.

"Avendi!" he and his last man roared.

7/29/2012 #30
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