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Welcome to the year 2102. Percy Jackson and Co. are now the heroes of great stories that we tell here at Camp Half-Blood and their achievements made CHB what it is today. It's a completely different story for us to write, so come be a part of the Next Great Age!
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Until we have an actual decided and agreed-on plot, you guys can just randomly roleplay here. XD

Once we DO have a decided plot, I will make a new topic for it and the roleplay (with the plot) shall start over (from the beginning or very close to it) in there. We can still continue in here as if the other roleplay doesn't exist. :P

6/9/2012 #1

It was early morning, about 6:30 am, at the beginning of summer and the weather was perfect. Well, at least by Simetra's standards. It was a cool 54 degrees in the New York island and the winter goddess's daughter was enjoy a refreshingly cold walk in the woods with her bow in one hand and a quiver full of arrows on her back.

6/10/2012 #2

Cami stumbled along th uneven forest floor. "Why didn't you tell me there was a sphinx?" She hissed.

Ajax grumbled. "It was underground! I can't smell right underground!"

6/14/2012 . Edited 8/11/2012 #3

Simetra immediately had her bow and arrow pointed in the direction of the voices. "Who is there?" she called levelly. "I have a weapon and am not afraid to use it."

6/14/2012 #4

"A demigod and satyr being chased by a sphinx!" Cami called back. "Help would be appreciated as we have no weapon!"

6/14/2012 #5

Simetra wasn't convinced, but she shifted slightly in the brush until she could see the two— weapon still poised. "Convincing disguises you have, but you could still be lying. Where is your so-called sphinx?"

6/14/2012 #6

((GTG sorry. :/))

Cami cursed and whirled in the direction the sphinx was crashing through the trees. "Right there!"

6/14/2012 #7

((Okay, see ya later!))

Simetra leapt out of the brush and instinctively swiched into battle mode, rapidly shooting two arrows at the Sphinx.

6/14/2012 #8
((Ugh, mobile FF is HORRIBLE.)) Cami swore profoundly. "A weapon would be nice too!"
6/15/2012 #9

"Don't have one," Simetra muttered curtly as she tumbled to the side to avoid the sphinx's nasty claws.

((Care to control the sphinx?))

6/15/2012 #10


The sphinx hissed, "You and your friends will die slowly and painfully, let me assure you. You will rot from the inside out."

Cami narrowed her eyes, grabbed a snow globe out of her pocket, and, on instinct, threw it. The snow globe grew and grew until it encased the sphinx, which let out a horrible shriek before dissolving into gold powder. The snow globe shrank to normal size and Cami was suddenly absolutely starved and energy-less.

6/15/2012 #11

Simetra watched with her eyes wide as Cami singlehandedly defeated the sphinx... with a snow globe. She quickly snapped out of it and flicked her wrist again, causing her bow to return to its bracelet form. "How did you do that?"

6/15/2012 #12

"No idea. It felt like the right thing to do?" Cami shrugged. "Anyway, got some food? I'm starving."

6/15/2012 #13

"I can take you to the Big House," Simetra offered. "But it's only 6:30 am: no one is awake yet. It would be wise to get out of these woods, though." She inclined her head in the direction of the Big House. "Are you coming?"

6/15/2012 #14

Cami nodded in relief and grabbed Ajax, who had fallen unconscious a few seconds ago after seeing Cami kill a sphinx with a snow globe.

6/15/2012 #15

Simetra blew some stray strands of her white hair out of her face and took out her bow once more in case another monster decided to attack. She walked silently and sure-footedly, making sure she could always hear the footsteps of the two behind her.

((Another monster or straight to the Big House?))

6/15/2012 #16

((Eh, your choice. If another monster does come, it's up to Simetra to kill it, Cami's drained with no weapon.))

Cami dragged Ajax along, swearing at how much he weighed and how little energy she had left.

6/15/2012 #17

((I would, but I is too lazy. XP))

As soon as they were in the Big House, Simetra not-so-courteously yelled out, "CHIRON, WE HAVE SOME NEW CAMPERS!"

A few crashes and a thud later, the centaur stumbled into the room.

"What is the meaning of this racket?" he asked.

((I guess I'll control him for now...))

6/15/2012 #18

Cami stepped up. "Hi, I'm Cami. My unconscious satyr friend is Ajax. I killed a sphinx with a snow globe. Got any food?"

6/15/2012 #19

Chiron was unperturbed. "Nice to meet you, Cami; I am Chiron. We will be serving breakfast in two hours at around 8:30, but if you are that famished, we can get you something to snack on. Have you any idea who your godly parent is?"

6/15/2012 . Edited 6/15/2012 #20

"Nope," Cami replied, popping the 'p'. "Probably some goddess though, I knew my dad. And yes, I am that starving."

6/15/2012 #21

"A goddess, you say? And how exactly did you dispose of this sphinx with a snow globe?" he inquired. And then he told Simetra, "Go fetch our guest something to eat and drink from the kitchens, Simetra?"

She nodded and walked out the door in the direction of the kitchens.

6/15/2012 . Edited 6/15/2012 #22

Cami shrugged. "I pulled the snow globe out of my pocket, threw it, it got big and encased the sphinx. The sphinx dissolved into gold powder and then the snow globe shrank back to its normal size. I think the powder might still be in it, if you want to see it." Cami offered the snow globe to Chiron.

6/16/2012 #23

Chiron accepted the snow globe. "It seems like just a normal snow globe," he muttered to himself. "And you say it grew to encase the sphinx?" He had a suspicion who Cami's mother was, but wasn't entirely sure.

Then Simetra walked back in with a sandwich and a grape juice. "Chiron, I think a Hermes kid thought it amusing to replace Dionysus's supply of Diet Coke with grape juice," she said, handing the food to Cami. "I suggest we do something about it before he finds out."

6/16/2012 #24

Cami nodded and gratefully accepted the food and drink. She devoured a quarter of the sandwich in one bite and chugged down the grape juice.

6/16/2012 #25

((You can choose when she gets claimed.)) Chiron nodded, switching into his thinking mode.

6/16/2012 . Edited 6/16/2012 #26
x Death by Torchwood x

((I kinda wanna join the roleplay, but Sherlock isn't really a morning person. Plus, I'll probably not be able to reply again in a month or whatever. XD))

6/16/2012 #27

((Kenzie! What do you mean a month?))

6/16/2012 #28
x Death by Torchwood x

((My mom wants to block FF and everything from my internet access, and I really don't know when she'd let me on again. Maybe a month, maybe the rest of the summer, but then maybe in just a week or a few days. :/))

6/16/2012 #29

((What?! Why?))

6/16/2012 #30
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